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By working in conjunction with a number of books that have almost magically appeared over the last few months Michael & I have both made tremendous …


… leaps in our awareness & ability to shape our own lives.

Shaping our own lives

surely has to be
at the heart of any good
we can do in the world.

Yesterday we joined forces to consolidate these ideas for ourselves & at the same time create …

new ideas

…  possible new points of view for you.

I hope you will join us.


Or listen to our podcast below:

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pulling you pushing me

Over two centuries ago, the effect of color depth perception was first noted by Goethe … in which he recognized blue as a receding color and yellow/red as a protruding color. He argued that, “like we see the high sky, the far away mountains, as blue, in the same way a blue field seems to recede … One can stare at a perfectly yellow/red field, then the color seems to pierce into the organ”.” Wiki


Please note:

This article has nothing to do with red or blue pills.

My intention, is to broach
the topic of …


… smouldering eyes
& foreheads.

How crazy is that?

If you’re a man please bear with me, I’m hoping you can follow this train of thought & add to our gallery of smoulderers with some simmering females.

What does smouldering mean here, today?

communicating suppressed or half-suppressed feelings, esp of anger, desire, etc” – Collins Dictionaries

A person who smoulders has strong sexual or romantic feelings but does not express them” – Cambridge Dictionaries.

So we’re talking about something intangible – you can feel it, but not see it – unless perhaps someone asks a silly question.

So …
I’d like to know if you see what I see
when I say that I sense ‘something’
coming out of
the foreheads
of famous actors.

Romantic fiction would have it that …


it’s eyes that smoulder,
but dammit I swear I sense something


… from their brows.

Just for fun:

browse (v.)  mid-15c., “feed on buds”.

bud (n.) … perhaps from Old French boter “push forward, thrust“.

This brow that I’m seeing, seems to get switched on in rising stars.

Descriptions of the sensation include
seeking you out
pulling you in

It seems this brow can also get switched off. Perhaps the loss of charisma in a star is not caused by ageing but rather the de-activation of the brow magnet.

Humour me please by having a look at some images of stars I once found very ‘attractive’. Relax your eyes & have a gander at the lineup below.  See if you can see / feel a pushing out from the brow in the younger images while there is a flatness in the same area in the latter ones.


 James Darren


Randolph Mantooth


 Keanu Reeves

Here’s one further image NOT on my once-fancied list
but displaying an excellent set of
brow-pushout formations


 Notice the characteristic
flatness …


in later years.

Fire creates smouldering.

Fire is red & yellow

One can stare at a perfectly yellow/red field, then the color seems to pierce into the organ”.”

There seems (to me) to be something penetrating / piercing …


in the brows of stars.

We can look into the brow chakra another time, for now just try taking a look at the ‘stars’ you once hungered after (or still do) & see if you sense a little something extra in their brow area.

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The Health Benefits of 2% Doubt

In this brave new world where many people now question the nature of this reality it is easy to get lost in a …


… ‘fascination of revelation.’

Therefore I invite you to join me for a short time-out to reconnect with your crucial sense of ‘doubt.’


What do we really, truly know about what’s going on in the world versus what experts/investigators/seekers tell us?

We’re pretty sure big things are happening right now. Strange things, exciting things, unexplained things. Things that make us hope and things that make us fear.

So how do we deal with the …

con fusion

… uncertainty of these things?

We seek out information and answers from others – expert or enthusiast, embodied or spiritual – who appear to be reading the same book as us but are a few chapters further ahead.

From our earliest days we have been taught the importance of …


… having answers.

As we grew up we were told that even if things couldn’t be explained, answers were still out there. Deciding what something means is a universally revered pastime.

Thus I feel it is necessary to issue a health warning:

Answers may seriously …

dab news

… damage your health.

I used to believe everybody and everything that promised a wonderful future. I so wanted to believe that good things were happening in this world.

If there was a dollar for all the answers and ‘truths’ I swallowed, there’d be a lot of dollars in my bank account.

But one day my wonder-bubble burst …

what's up

… I’d been lied to.

From that moment on I began to question information. No matter who supplied the information or how much I admired their work I held 2% doubt.

Since that time my sense of play and irreverence has increased tenfold. The information I uncover is often quite spectacular yet no matter how intriguing, I hold back 2% doubt.

It’s almost as if the universe can’t handle the fact that
I refuse to swallow 100% of even the juiciest tidbits
and so …


… keeps offering more and more.

Some months ago I read a book. I brought all of me to that reading (less 2% doubt) and from it came an idea that sparked a new business. This business could never have been created by the author of that book, because it is rooted in my personal history.

In return I would probably not have created the business
without meeting and reading
that book.

What 2% doubt does, is allow you to bring yourself and your history and your questions to any new information.

It allows you to agree or reject, word by word, sentence by sentence, until a healthy relationship is formed.

From that relationship can come a future …

let's try this way

… you never dreamed of.

Look there’s too much weirdness in this world, too many incongruities, too many initiated secrets for us to think we can find the truth or the answer. The tables constantly turn and another sleight of hand pulls yet another …


… rabbit from another hat.

Perhaps what we are really seeking is a finely tuned brain. In the same way we seek a finely tuned immune system. (I think the two are synonymous).

I encourage you to try out 2% doubt – it is not disloyalty or ingratitude, rather it is a way to meet …

let go

… new experiences or information
with strength and honour.

Please feel free by starting with this article. I actively encourage you to question what I have said. Perhaps I have been tricking you. Or perhaps 2% doubt allows you to turn on your immune system by reminding it that you would like it to watch out for you


… every moment of every day.

~  ~  ~

We’re going to be looking at the incredible power of receptivity before long.

In the meantime this article has been brought to you
via a lack of receptivity.

I was asked to write some articles for a publication a while back & then never heard back, so like the wedding feast in the bible I’m throwing this article open to my readers. It also explains why there are no swear words.

Many thanks to the magnificent Humanizenz site for the pics they loaned for this article, ie thanks Max & myself :)

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start from home

Humans wish other humans happiness –
its what we do.

happy wishes

If we’re not doing that –
something is fucked up.

fucked up

I guess something is fucked up.

However today
Sinead, Michael & I …


… wish you all happiness.

We had a nourishing conversation earlier &
all are welcome to listen.
see below

Meanwhile Max has been busy on Humanizenz
he made a fun pic …

no salt

… for the enjoyment of all –
it’s what humans do
if things aren’t fucked up.

Even if things are fucked up
we can still do many things –
but we do need to start
from home.

Hugs & best wishes to all


Or listen to our podcast below:

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satyrdaynight evil – podcast

Join Michael & I as we delve into the murky
satyr-driven world


of comedy
& warn of the perils


wishing upon a satyr.


Or listen to our podcast below:

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