a little premisecuous

Can I tempt you into a bit of…


… ‘premisecuity’?
Go on, you know you want to.

Let’s start with clothes on & then see if we can progressively…


… undress ‘this thing’.
(See last post if confused)

~  ~  ~

Knowing that every argument is
built on a premise as its ultimate foundation
is what gives us
the opportunity to…

look for & recreate
the structure of other people’s arguments

in our own minds

And in case you’ve forgotten, premises are the strokes…

… used to build up to the climax
of a conclusion.

Or put in a less saucy way;

“A premise is a step in an argument put forward

toward establishing some conclusion

Please note that this is toolonginthisplace-play-philosophy, & it will be probably be as flawed as I am, but that doesn’t mean it lacks potency.

So if premises were objects we might explain them this way:

Say you have a goal of making money by selling me cupcakes. Now they’re not going to magically appear on their own – you have to provide the ingredients (premises) & put them together…

… in a way that supports their desirable (to me) entry into this world (conclusion).

However I might be a bit fastidious & like fresh free range eggs & organic flour. You on the other hand might be a cheapskate who wants to offload out of date ingredients & has no qualms about presenting your cupcakes as top quality.

The result may look great but the ingredients (premises) may be seriously flawed.

My question to you is: “Would you want to know?”

If ‘Yes’ then read on. If ‘No’, then adios.

Me: “So Alex, Why might it matter to see the ingredients, behind a dodgy…

…covid cupcake?”

Me: “Ummmm … because the outcome stands to leave life as we know it changed forever?”

Me: “Righto I’m with you, I think you hit the icing on the cupcake!”

As I’m partial to agreeing with myself when I make sense, I think it’s wise to…

… inspect the
foundational structure & integrity
of this thing.

“A foundation is the lower portion of [a] building structure that transfers its gravity load to the earth

A tall building must have a strong foundation if it is…to stand for a long time.”

And I do think the changes, controls, mindfuckery, & confusion being enacted during Covid-19 SEE-2020 are designed to create the foundations of something planned to ‘stand for a long time.  I’ve coined, but not minted, SEE-2020 (Social Engineering Event/Experiment) as it seems more appropriate + 2020 because that’s the year we’re in & as an ongoing request for (2020) clarity.

When you’ve been in this ‘game’ awhile, you (hopefully) develop a little insight. You may lack facts & you will be both aided & handicapped by your ability to recognise patterns. For instance you may think you smell a rat…


… when in actual fact it’s an evil hamster. Nevertheless your instincts are working. You know something is off & you’re willing to look further & ask questions.

So how would you rate ‘SEE-2020’s performance?

I’d give it a 10/10 for showmanship & audience participation, and…


…4 /10 for plausibility.

Just before completing my last article I was reading an intriguing little book about an historical NZ mystery. This showed up on page 28:

“These aircraft were disassembled & shipped to New Zealand … arriving on 12 October 1918. An immediate start to assemble … was made  … However, a worldwide influenza epidemic affected a number of the staff  … with the result that [the plane] was not ready for a trial flight until January 3 1919

That’s it! In one short paragraph one of the deadliest epidemics ever (estimates vary 25 -50 million or higher) takes its course & everyone deals with it, then goes back to normal (well as normal as it’s ever been).

Question: “Why have so many, so righteously & vigorously embraced ‘this thing’?”

Premises are [the foundation not just of trivial arguments, but also of the most important political, spiritual & ethical debates we have – the ones that shape the way we live – & they’re not always as easy to uncover as straightforward statements like…


… ‘all politicians are untrustworthy’. Some premises are so good at sneaking under our radar that not only do we not notice them, we actively embrace them. The tragedy is that these premises … are an invitation to think as little as possible

This process – of learning to look past the exact words that come out of someone’s mouth so that we can make out the rule they’re implying – can be made more difficult [because] some generalisations have become so familiar …[and] lure us in with their …


This is true! … no wait, this is true!

… seemingly ancient & comforting wisdom

once we become accustomed to breaking down an argument into a chain of premises, we can start to notice the premise with the most important role…not the exact words … but the rule or principle that those words try to express… Knowing…that both it & it’s crucial parts…are usually hidden…helps us to find &…

use by

…’demolish the point on which falsity depends‘.

Question: What made a worldwide audience all agree to chow down on…


… the same bizarre-flavoured covid cupcake? Let’s have an inexpert go at unveiling the premises behind this universal swallowing.

The most dangerous [premises] are the ones we’re seduced into thinking that no reasonable person could object to…who has anything bad to say about the grand ideas…


… for which people have died, & on which whole civilisations & societies are built?

The accepted argument as I see it goes something like this:

out break

  • There’s an epidemic (premise)


  • Everyone is at risk (premise)


  • Therefore it must be halted (conclusion)


Hmmmm… it sounds reasonable, and yet thoughts of holey condoms &…


… holding back tides does spring to mind.

But what about the hidden premises that allowed this thing to put the world on hold with incredible ease.

It’s funny how things work.

I asked for a clarity conversation with someone and…


… it was not given.

And yet the act of asking, as suggested by the ‘good book’, did live up to its claim. I did indeed receive. When my companion could not or would not join in, insight filled the void & it did so by referring me…


…  back to the good book itself.

Now I’m not religious, though I did ‘do time’ at a Catholic school as a child. No matter what your views are on the Christian religion, you cannot deny that it is the bedrock of the Western World.


Capitalism doesn’t give days off for good behaviour.

So let’s begin assembling the…


… chain of hidden premises


…from a religious standpoint.

Let’s wonder if the governmental commandments re the management of Corona Virus Covid-19 See-2020 were piggy-backed in on a god father. In fact…


The God Father.

After all, why waste a successful sales pitch that’s been doing the rounds for thousands of years

  1. “I am the LORD thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me”

Ahhh the ‘oneness’ theme…

one govt
One leader (per country) – calling the shots

breaking news

One news source (mainstream)

one cause
One reason – a virus

one cure

One solution – a vaccine.

Hot on its heels comes Number 5 on Commandment list:

2. “Honour thy father & mother: that thy days may be long upon the land”


What self-respecting son or daughter could object to this one, especially in parts of the world where parents & grandparents are revered?

“Covid-19 kills an estimated 13.4% of patients 80 and older, compared to 1.25% of those in their 50s and 0.3% of those in their 40s”

This also ties back quite nicely to Commandment Numero Uno, where SEE-2020 has super-sized many leaders into strict but caring parental figures. Many…


… new moms are leading the way.

Following vigorously behind is Commandment number 6:

3. “Thou shalt not kill”

stay home

This is a…

not kill

potent one which
has been used…

go home

… intensively.

Next comes a commandment that would have proved troublesome if valid alternatives were presented:

4. “thou shalt not bear false witness”

If alternatives were recognised, then the power of the one voice in power would be seriously undermined. Alternatives might include dodgy technology, but would also encompass cutting edge science which is discovering whole new ways of looking at the body as well as the mind-body connection. Mainstream medicine in whose hands treatment has been placed, may be criminally behind on this knowledge.

Last but not commandmently least, in case you might have missed it is:

5. “Thou shalt not covet” … sound it out.

And by not coveting Coviding, what should we be doing?


Ahhh I see we should be ‘uniting’:

Uniting might be a tad difficult given the instructions to
separate & isolate.


And fighting SEE-2020 is not really feasible either…


… since it tends to require contact. I’m presuming you don’t have access to military craft, that of course would be overkill anyway.

Gotta love this premise stuff.

So is uniting more about…


… the copycat first Commandment to get behind & grant authority to, the One in power (i.e. your govt)?


These masked images must have created great confusion to our subconscious.

On one level they suggest that people have been gagged – although they did it to themselves. Looked at another way they seem to have something to hide. Or yet again that they are afraid for their lives. Watching these masked people scurry about in a beautiful NZ autumn has been a mind fuck indeed.

And on a symbolic level gagging & bondage (lock down) subtly suggest…


Masked & …


… locked down

… the swelling BDSM industry.

So let’s turn the covid protocol back on itself:

When you find a premise that’s suspect for any reason … start by asking a question that isolates it, & clearly holds it up for examination … [otherwise] we fail to notice when we’re purposefully being offered a confusing mess of options so that there’s nothing concrete for us to question

Remember that, it’s really useful. I’ll relist the book this is taken from at the end.

Continuing with our chain of premises as best we amateurishly can, let’s stay with God a tad longer. Can you work this one out?…


C———- is —- to G———

You got it! Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

And if you stay home, what have you done?

You have saved lives. Sure you’re a ‘hero’ but in the bigger picture you are even more. You have risen up onto the same platform…


… as THE greatest SAVIOUR.

Not only have you been washed clean & baptised sanitised, you also get to eradicate years of guilt by…

very clean

becoming like he
who has not sinned.

I think we’re closing in on the major premise behind all this.

We’ve been ‘scared witless’ all our lives haven’t we? Hasn’t there ALWAYS been something to be afraid of?


Something very BIG…


& very BAD!

Behind pretty much every news story is the same message:


You are in danger / under threat.
Your society is in danger / under threat
Your world is in danger / under threat

So what’s the major, number one, overarching hidden premise to this thing in my opinion? I think it reads like this:

Death is stalking you

And I think that’s why Jaws came to mind in my last article. Originally I thought the hidden premise was we are vulnerable (weak, unsafe, defenceless) but that changed when I reread this. The message we are being given is much, much stronger than that.

It’s interesting that the very people who are scaring us to death seem to be the same as those promising to serve & protect us. Where have I seen that before?


For a long time now there’s been a comprehensive (& I think subliminal) campaign to magnify the need for safety. It’s infiltrated itself into every age group…


… & into every area in our lives.


Hey its sounds caring, I know! And once again who dares fault it?

It’s worth noting here how THE NEED for SAFETY has been…


linked with…


Yet another reminder of
your relentless grim stalker?

Now an interesting thing about being safe is the implications of the word.

This is…


… a Safe.

It’s designed to keep things contained under lock and key.

Funny how the word ‘lock down’ was the designated term to keep everyone ‘safe‘.

Roget’s thesaurus gives the following synonyms for lock down:


‘Holding cell’  ‘Isolation’  ‘Solitary’

Once the idea of death stalking you (& your loved ones) was established, it was pretty easy to sell the idea of  ‘invulnerability’ at home. You could be safe (at last) locking the world out. Of course that’s only one side of the coin bars.

And you could also BE safe by going virtual & taking your body out of the equation. Your weak, mortal body.

Now I think the ‘death stalking’ premise has a deadly sleeping partner…

no fair


You see it’s NOT FAIR that you are under all these threats. After all you are a member of the ruling elite species on this planet. You are a HUMAN BEING & as such you have the RIGHT to be SAFE.


And who provides these RIGHTs?

Yep back we go in a circle.

“So Alex what do you do? How do you fight something as scary & unreal as Jaws?”

Hmmm…. “A better question might be, “Why would you?”

Maybe we could look at this differently. Bear with me, this will sound strange at first.

What if the hidden premise, death is stallking us, is kind of true & that’s why it has been so powerful?

What if we consider that like many animals on this planet, the majority of humans are akin to prey animals:

“The term prey refers to an animal that is sought, captured & eaten by a predator”

Ok not eaten, at least not literally, but hopefully you can get the gist. I no longer think that all humans can be lumped together, & that it may be very wise to consider that a percentage of the population could be rightly classified as predators and zombies:

“Psychopaths make up 1% of the general population … [they] appear to view the world & others … as theirs for the taking”

Whoops am I scaring you more than mainstream media & the conspiracy movement combined?

Give me a little longer so we might put some…


… huff & puff back into both our thinking processes & zombie/predator-ass-kicking abilities.

Consider this:

What if recognising that you are a target (prey) in this world could actually give you back your mojo, your fight, your gusto?

And what if waiting for a saviour, for fairness, or your rights is the thing that puts you into the hands of predators?

In the book How Animals Talk, the author who spent a lifetime observing animals in the wild, outright rejected the idea that (prey) animals live in fear of their lives. Rather he noted they lived, on the whole, relaxed, graceful & alert.  I do like the sound of that:

“…my eyes followed her, noting with pleasure her graceful poses, her unwearied alertness, her frequent turning of the head to one distant spot where she had left her fawn…”

What if the more alert you are the more alive you are? And we should be alert because truly at any time anything can go wrong. Check your history & you know it’s true. But the thing is we’re made for this. We have super adaptability to heal & deal with even the harshest of events.

So what if instead of crying not fair, you expected ‘not fair’? What if, when things turned to custard, you took prompt action when possible or chose a different dessert?

I dare you to look back on the unfair in your life & see if some useful new outcome didn’t come from it?

What if we choose to become alert to the venomous & the walking dead among us?

If we are (akin to) prey animals, then evolutionarily speaking we must be well-geared to defend ourselves:


Living in this world requires expertise & attention.  Learning the language of the untrustworthy may be necessary so that we can protect ourselves & make wise decisions.

Who knows, perhaps I’ve got my premises all wrong here today. Perhaps I’m too suspicious of the motives of those in power. Nevertheless, I think the ideas here are valuable, not because what I think matters but because how you think, matters. And you may not have thought about your thinking in this way before.

~  ~  ~

All text in this colour from: The Six Secrets of Intelligence – Craig Adams

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reasonably playful

Something has been put into place.

Something so sleek
it positively reeks

get ready

… Executive producers.

~  ~  ~

In an atmosphere of doom, gloom & righteousness, I’d like to insert a little play.

I believe that play is one of the essential elements of this reality, & that it upholds & supports life. I will be basing today’s argument on that premise. By playing I will be bending rules & using poetic licence.

Are you game?

Some background.

In a recent situation where a complaint needed to be made on behalf of a family member, I asked my son who has studied law, for advice.

He replied:

“You should always write as though it’s going to be read by a completely indifferent 3rd party who’s going to decide the issue for everyone…


… without really giving a shit”

Me: “But will that sound serious enough to get the job done?”

“It’s not about sounding ‘nice’ just reasonable. Like you’ve looked at the situation from both sides and are forced to conclude you are right and there is no argument to the contrary

From the internet:

“As a rule of thumb, the question to be asked is “what would a reasonable person do/have done in the circumstances?” “

I reckon this is a fairly good example:


“Generally … you’ll find the courts interpreting it to take into account normal practices in your geographic area … between you and the other party. If one party looks like they’re trying to unjustly enrich themselves or is asking for something that people just don’t agree to in the real world, it’s probably going to be unreasonable”

So now I’d like to present my reasonable argument for my opening picture & statement.

Years ago I made the decision to stop watching ‘the News’. It would leave me feeling sick & why would any sane person seek that? Any guilt felt for shirking the ‘responsibility to be informed’ quickly dissipated on observing that the world continued to revolve.

Whatever ‘news’ I’ve heard since then has filtered down…


… like second-hand smoke
from those around me.

A few months ago this smoke started…


… to thicken.

Apparently there was a fearsome disease ‘out there’.

I continued to uphold my no news policy (by switching off or vacating vicinities as required).  But the smoke kept pouring in. Over & over a word tumbled…

vir us

… from trembling lips

And like it or not
a picture began forming…

out break

… in my mind.
Wow, this ‘thing’ must be BAD!

Finally the day came when the thing broke through to my life.

During a session with my down-to-earth physiotherapist he asked if I had “stocked up on toilet rolls”. 

you cant be serious

you cant be serious

you cant be serious

This question, coming from a level-headed source flushed a long-developing image into full view. Holy fuck this thing’s a…

oh shit

Flesh eating virus with a rash encircling the head (corona) and it causes people to slowly dissolve on the inside & shit themselves to death”.

I jest you not.

My physio’s tongue-in-cheek question had unleashed what my mind had been formulating based on months of emotional cues & clues from second-hand fear in the world around me.

He then explained it was a flu.

Flu or not (let’s not go there at this time), my point is that my body senses had registered a ‘massive horror’.

So, I ask, if there is a policy of concern for public health & well-being, was it reasonable to instil a…


… Jaws-like panic
into the population?

“A scare machine that works with computer-like precision … You feel like a rat being given shock therapy”

Was it reasonable to market a ‘malady’ with the slickness of…

fear it

… an advertising campaign?

“Universal spent $1.8 million marketing Jaws, including an unprecedented $700,000 on television spot advertising … [they] “devised & coordinated a highly innovative plan”…


… for the picture’s marketing …
The studio & publisher agreed on a…


title logo …”

Not long after NZ joined the universal lockdown, I went for a bush walk. On this day I was treated to a multiple (land based) synchronised-swimming-performances as walkers approaching me literally…


… dived off the path.

I had my camera with me & was playing with double exposures. Having taken a shot of a ‘warning’ sign, I was looking for something fun to add to the image when an oncoming woman jogger spotted my potentially virus infested body & executed a perfect…


… 180º turn,
whereupon I seized the opportunity
to snap a shot of…


her disappearing derriere.

Now while that was one small funny moment for ‘(wo)man’, I can’t help but see it as a giant act of terror for mankind.

Because the actions taken have left both healthy & sick, young & old…


… in a state of shock.

“Emotional & psychological trauma is the result of extraordinarily stressful events that shatter your sense of security, making you feel helpless in a dangerous world … it can leave you feeling numb, disconnected…


… and unable to trust other people …”

Interestingly …

“isolation only makes things worse”

Like Jaws, the movie, we are shown fear & fatalities

be afraid

… without getting a good look at the thing itself.

“It speaks well of this director’s gifts that some of the most frightening sequences in Jaws are those where we don’t even see the shark”

In many ways this thing is…


… as much a phantom. There is nothing for us to sink our teeth into.

Now deception, trickery & misinformation
can really do your head in.

head in

Your senses tell you something’s up & your mind is going crazy looking for answers while the other party is offended denial & innocence incarnate.

When this happens you need a different tool because the desire to jump up & down & launch into outrage can be quite overwhelming. And it just doesn’t work. What’s more you might be wrong. It can happen. Being reasonable means being open to that possibility too.

So where do we stand atm?

First off, we have factored in the law, via play.

After all we are bound by it in this world. Whether that’s because we all agree to abide by it or something more, I don’t know.  I do think the law is bigger & craftier…


… than I can imagine &
quite possibly tied to…


… something more universal, but I don’t have evidence. However I would be remiss if I didn’t address my case to that too.

So back to jumping up & down. One thing the law doesn’t bow to is outrage. Remember the ‘law’ is that...

“… completely indifferent 3rd party who’s going to decide the issue for everyone without really giving a shit”

When the incident that opened this article occurred, my sister ‘did protest too much’. The outcome was not effective.

Those who’ve been researching for long enough, may have noticed, that resistance seems to be integral to…


 the very thing it
to fight.

We may even have gone so far as to give
strong consideration to the idea that
mass protest
has a…


… sacred (& altogether sneaky)
part to play for
the ‘other team’.

Now if the opposing side ‘plays’ sneaky games that suggests…


… that we can too.

We’ve probably all watched enough law shows to have seen the apparent unfairness of the legal system. Cases can be thrown out on the slightest technicality. Charges can be dismissed.  It’s not necessary to argue every avenue, only to argue one particular one successfully. You choose your battle.

“Just using plain English say what you are unhappy about and give names places and dates and say that if it happens again you will have to raise your complaint to the authority and you will have to find out which authority that is”


So I suggest that scaring witless the people you are supposed to be protecting, is a reasonable argument to make. Especially considering how it affects the immune system:

People who are older or already sick…


… are prone to stress-related immune changes … the immune response was down even 18 months later

“Chronic activation of the stress systems can damage our cells & upset many of the body’s functions. Our immune system bears the brunt. Although psychological stress is not pathogenic … the damage it causes to the body’s cells triggers an immune response that makes us more susceptible to a foreign pathogen

Now supposing it’s possible to play by the rules as suggested here, more is needed to get things working in our favour.

Because for one thing, this thing, has a worldwide diplomatic immunity.  Yet all the while, like Jaws, it is feeding on the flesh & blood of its victims (I wasn’t too far off with my flesh eating virus image).  Take away the ‘death toll’ & this thing would starve to death – very quickly.

But how can we possibly play with something that falls under…


… the protective immunity of a
world wide death toll?

I would like to suggest that it is our nature & our job to do just this.

Many years ago I read something that rang true:

“We are the thinking part of nature”.

If that is so we have our work cut out:

The basic predicament of all living creatures is to be born into a game whose rules they did not decide, & to play it with a mind they did not create … the more we understand the tool that orients us in the world & allows us to survive in it, the easier & the richer our lives become

So to live in accordance with our nature, which is surely what we are here to do, let’s consider that there needs to be a dramatic increase in our ability to use our thinking processes well. To live smarter & play more inventively.

We may need to consider
doing a reboot here.

“It sucks being a beginner again … But unless you are willing to do that, unless you can let yourself feel ok about going through the awkward stage, you can’t grow. You will always be…

… stuck in the past”

Anyone else been too long in this place?

An idea that really made an impression on me follows.

The idea is that our minds are brilliantly geared to recognise patterns & in particular to understand the pattern of language:

One of the miracles of the human mind [is that] before children can easily tie their shoelaces … they speak in fully formed grammatical sentences … just as birds leap from high-up nests and flight comes to them like something they always knew but can’t explain, so our gift comes to us. Language is human flight

Here’s the rub.

Some ‘gifts’ require a trade.

In the Little Mermaid, such a trade is made.

mer maid

She wants legs
& so trades in…


… her voice.
That didn’t end so well.

What if
when humanity developed…


its capacity to understand language,
it traded in


… intelligence.
That hasn’t worked so well.

It is alarming to consider the prospect that, in the fundamental way in which we work out how the world works, we are … naturally ill-equipped and frequently wrong…

ill equipped

… Our mind’s natural tendency to misread realityno matter how many times we are wrong, we rarely, if ever, notice why … We not only fail to notice when we’re looking at the broad horizon of reality through binoculars that show us only part of it, but we also point those binoculars in the wrong places

Think of your mind as thoroughbred horse, a magnificent & powerful creature with the tendency to…


… bolt at the drop of a hat.

Without proper training minds run wild, which is great fun for them, but hazardous to anyone…


… in charge of them or caught in their path.

We stumble through life failing to notice its patterns because

not always

what seems to be true on the surface is what our minds suggest to us is most convincing

Being an effective thinker matters very much, especially if you are someone who is willing to pay attention to what your eyes see, your ears hear & your heart longs for & rebels against.

We all want to see through peoples words & to make out the structure of the argument that’s behind them

So it seems there are rules to thinking & it works the same for all of us:

The way we think has a fundamental & fixed structure, & it is one that we can understand

Thinking isn’t random; it has rules

Imagine you received a book but didn’t know how to read or a car but didn’t know how to drive. These gifts would not be much use without that knowledge. But learn to read & drive (though not at the same time) & new worlds await.

So to think well, we need a vocabulary of thinking:

without being able to talk about what goes on inside our heads it’s difficult, if not impossible, to harness the power of our incredible minds … The first step towards changing the way you think is to realise that we need more than a finished portrait of intelligence: we need the ideas that explain intelligence and show us how to sharpen it

Consider that one of the main reasons a ‘conspiracy theorist’ is so maligned is that there are really no words or ideas to explain what we’re about. Due to being labelled nutters by the opposing team & not having created a lexicon of our own, we all fall under one


… distrusted
& dubious…

not a nut

… umbrella.

This is sad considering how much good will & caring for humanity there is within this group. And yes there are some nutters too, but show me any section of society where they don’t exist?

So returning to our play we’re going have a go at incorporating a little philosophical thinking into our mix.

Please be advised that my knowledge on this topic
equates to


as opposed…


… to this.
It’s lucky that play does not require traditional expertise.

Introducing (philosophical) premises.

Painting a very simply (& probably sinful) picture, let’s consider premises as a thought implements found in a…


… philosophers toolkit.

A good philosopher can conduct an autopsy on a ‘conclusion’ by uncovering its premises to ascertain if it met its ‘end‘ legitimately or fell victim to the foul play of omission or deception.

For a layperson, a premise is:

“a statement or idea that you accept as true

And an argument is:

“a series …of premises … intended to determine the degree of truth of … the conclusion

The classic example of a philosophical argument reads:

  1. All men are mortal (First premise)
  2. Socrates is a man (Second premise)
  3. Therefore Socrates is mortal (Conclusion)


In this case the conclusion, unlike the man, reached a fair end. No deceit was involved.

However, this is not always the case. Premises can be implied & are often hidden. There are so many things we all take as true that we never question them.

Consider for a moment how jumping to conclusions has impacted your life, especially for the worse. How often should the results of your own thinking have come with hazard signs & safety equipment???

Let’s do something different.

Look for the premises behind this thing.

Premises are to a deduction what foundations are to a house: the strength, solidity and reliability of the entire structure depends on them“… if you were trying to sell a house that you knew to be built on foundations that were not absolutely solid


what would you do to improve the chances of a sale? In this scenario, you could try to obscure, to conceal & to cover up those fragile foundations. But those who understand the ingredients out of which deductions are built are more likely to notice that premisefind the heart of the argument… find the hidden premise... The premises of a deduction are at its heart, but the heart is almost always hidden deep in the body of the argument

The conclusion all of us are living at the moment is lockdown.

Two groups are duking it out. Don’t they always?

In one corner we have:

  • the death preventers (including all traditional medical believers)

And in the other we have:

  • the destruction of life as we know it preventers (including conspiracy theorists)

Thus we have another ‘lockdown’ in place.  That’s the last thing we need.

My playful, probably unrealistic & hopeful question to you is, what if the entire house of card could be brought tumbling down if we could see the premises behind the Covid-curtain?

Yes I’m a conspiracy theorist & yes I have refused shares…

death star

… in their death star.

The moment I was presented with an alternative explanation, life flowed freely through my veins again. I don’t even care if that reason is valid because it’s life that matters to me. This whole article is about life. I choose to stand with life.

There’s way too much to this thing reeks of death. And not just of lives.

So we need tools. Ones that work for us. Ones that smarten us up.

I think every thinker worth their salt should be able to answer the question “What are the premises that are driving this thing with its unprecedented licence to shut life down.

Forget about winning & losing or not losing. Who wants to fight Jaws?

You reject the urge to fight by offering your own claim or argument [and] instead find the premise & force them to water it down


When you see the reality of something fearful it can lose much of its power to intimidate. Don’t underestimate what comes from seeking & seeing:

We think of debates too often as if they were karate: where the aim is to fight fire with fire … Judo in contrast, places the emphasis on using the force of your opponents attack against them. Instead of attacking as they run at you, you simply step to the side, leave your leg sticking out & watch them tumble into a confused heap

So here’s your homework or mission, whichever you prefer:

What are the premises that allowed a nasty bout of the flu to shut down the world? (Remember we are looking at the official & accepted story – we want to find our way to the heart of that story).

I’ll come back with what I’ve come up with in a wee bit. Meanwhile think about it. Feel free to leave comments if you wish, but it’s really a personal exercise for you.

“You can play any game to win & not lose, as long as you know it’s a game”

As a final note I think it matters to balance this article out with a quote from a book by another philosopher called “Stop Being Reasonable.”

We live in two worlds or perhaps between two worlds. There’s the outer law encrusted world in all its overarching justice where reason must prevail.

But there’s also the wild & emotional inner world we personally inhabit, & here funnily enough, reason is nigh on useless:

And when you have changed your mind about something close to you, was it because of a rational argument, or was the process something stranger and more difficult to map – like a subterranean rumble you weren’t aware of until it was over, or a single moment in which the old facts cast a new shadow? Most of us learned long ago that changing our minds about something that matters … is far messier than any topiaried argument … In that space, reason & logic don’t work the way we’re trained to think they will. Language doesn’t even work

When the big, scary things happen in the outside world, we get triggered into reacting emotionally in a system where reacting emotionally fails to make things better. So it’s about working with the laws of both our worlds.

Our inner worlds require something different & as it’s here we operate from, it may just be smarter to keep dragon slaying to a legal minimum (plus whack it over the head with a wooden mallet once in a while), while we get on with strengthening our inner core & world.

Back with my premise suggestions soon & happy to read yours.

~  ~  ~


20200427_095551 (2)

By seeing through the eyes of another, unfamiliar topics may be enriched greatly. I would call these creations play, though they are serious works.

Quotes in this colour from: The Six Secrets of Intelligence – Craig Adams
Quotes in this colour from: Stop Being Reasonable – Eleanor Gordon-Smith

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back in the saddle

So much for getting on with life!

I’m super glad I did what I did last year, with lots of travel & learning & fun. Not sure how it will all pan out now, but no matter what, I intend to keep my life moving with …

… play.

Despite it’s apparent simplicity, play is so complex that even after decades of study no one can really explain what it is.

Among the things it doesn’t involve is fear, fighting, protesting or proving.

However it does seem to be instrumental in maintaining the flow of life.

That is what I’m interested in.

And I just don’t think it looks …

… like this.

Btw (at least some of) the mechanics of play is also understood …

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they do” – Dale Carnegie.

… by those who have spent a great deal of time setting up the ‘operation’ that is now in place.

So keep a questioning mind at all times.

New article underway including my personal funny story of the coroner flu.

In the meantime as toilet humour seems quite fitting these days,
here’s a few images created with toilet rolls …

“Those who play rarely become brittle in the face of stress” ~ Stuey Brown, MD

“Sometimes you have to drop the rake & play in the leaves” ~ Dougie VSoske

“Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play” ~ Heraclitus

“Play is the only way the the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold” ~ Joey Chilton Pierce


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fallout virus

I live in New Zealand & last month an ‘event’ …


… occurred here, which probably most of you know about.

Unfortunately, acquiring that knowledge may have been detrimental to your health.

“Incubation is the time it needs for a virus to settle inside a body…


… PLUS the time that is needed for eggs … to hatch”

In this post I take the stance that media outlets are the incubators & spreaders of the snowballing world-wide ‘Sudden Atrocity Syndrome’ & suggest that the very real & intended victims of these ‘Mass‘ …


… sacrifices …


… are the congregation
who watch

The ones who get killed & maimed are the seriously unfortunate actors who step briefly into the…


… scorching limelight
of a much bigger stage.

The real goal is the highly contagious disease comprised of dread, fear & hopelessness that is unleashed in the …


  ensuing fallout.

Anyone lured into the media vicinity …


… of a Sudden Atrocity, especially within the first seven days of detonation will be infected to some degree.

The closer to the centre/time & location of the ‘blast’, the worse the effects of …


… radiation.

Symptoms include the inability to stop talking about the event & watching constant reruns plus an insatiable need for updates. Those infected will also experience an inexplicable sense of …


… connection to or ‘oneness with’ the ‘blast victims’, a little like Stockholm Syndrome.

The only known effective treatment is to disengage as quickly as possible from all further input & seek someone who can administer …


… a bloody good slap or kick up the arse – to dislodge the poison that has been ‘swallowed’. Such a person is hard to find & certainly worth their weight in gold. Send donations to tooshortofmoney@blahblah.com :)

Seriously though, every sacrificial, religious mass killing partaken in, surely dirties the soul.

What difference is there between watching televised footage of slaughter
versus …


… watching ritual sacrifice?


If there was no media coverage these barbarities would not exist.

The terrorist media is in the same business as Hollywood.

Both seek to  …


inflame & milk …

… human emotion.

There is a toxic & invisible commandment in the world that most can’t see.

It says that it is your duty to ‘keep up with the news’. To stay …

current events

abreast of ‘current events’.

Why is that?

What can you do for traumatized people a thousand miles away …


… except watch.

Now I am well aware that there are those that feed off this stuff. We are not all alike in this world. Imho there are different human-like ‘species’ here. There are those who would gleefully chow down on popcorn while sitting …


… or knitting
in the front row.

I don’t write for them. This work is for those currently being terrorised by the media.

Is it possible to NOT watch the news? Could there be something better?

I think there is.

I stopped paying attention about 15 years ago & have yet to be…

current events

… incinerated by lightning or caught off guard. If there’s something I need to know, I hear of it when I need it.

By choice I still know very little of what happened here in NZ.

On the day in question I was clued into ‘something media-big’ by neighbours having their radio turned up so loud it made its way into my bedroom. Being aware of how infectious this stuff can be, especially when ‘fresh, I shut my window.

Later that evening an infected person tried to engage in conversation about the horrific events. I agreed ‘it’ was awful & exited. Every time someone tried to talk about it, I would leave. I assiduously avoided all forms of media esp in the first week. Even after a month I am still clear of infection.

Right from the start I knew there would be plenty to see, should I choose to lift up rocks, but the closeness of the infection site made it unwise.

Nevertheless a few things have stood out without being sought.

Like the word ‘Noor’ (as in Koh-I-Noor diamond).


Noor means light. Here at toolonginthisplace we don’t revere the light or fear the dark. We ask questions.

A recent in-the-face headline in a supermarket newspaper stated that Prince William, heir to the throne, is coming half way across the world to NZ collect trauma revenue pay his respects:

“He will be visiting Christchurch on behalf of the Queen, to pay their respects to the victims of the mosques terrorist attack … Prince William visited New Zealand in 2011 following the Christchurch earthquakes

This charmed prince is ritually perfect for the role:

Prince William was born on the Summer Solstice or 21 June, 1982. Just one month later a horse sacrifice takes place in the outskirts of his Kensington Palace garden”

“Lets return to the idea that a sacrifice of horses took place to reign in the newborn sun-king-to-be, in 1982.

blown apart

This event happened a month minus a day after his birth & a few weeks before his christening on August 4, the date that lives in infamy as the opening to ‘The Great War’ in 1914.

… The thing is, eleven men & seven horses were slaughtered that day. It seems that the Hyde Park ritual was performed by remote control which means that someone close by, chose the moment, pushed the button & watched

Toolonginthisplace has a number of articles on the strange affinity of the royal family and death.

Anyway enough of this lest I will join the ranks of purveyors of fallout virus.

Here’s something to think about.

Prior to the NZ sacrifice, I was living according to my ‘health’ regime which requires abstinence from all ‘News’ sources. Yet it may be argued that I was presented with as much knowledge as was needed, on the day

A couple of months ago I was on an international Air NZ flight & noticed a strange choice in the movie selection:


What was a movie about a horrific mass murder on our shores doing here, when Air NZ & NZ tourism pride themselves on displaying all the wonders of clean, green, wholesome NZ to travellers?

Not long after that a book jumped out at the library.  Though not looking for anything remotely like it, I followed the urge to get it out.


So before this event took place, I was already reading a book (obviously with regulation 2% doubt) that included info on dealing with terrorist situations & had begun implementing some useful changes in basic awareness & safety.

On the day in question (15th March) I had a ‘random thought’ to look for a cartoon to send to some favourites to “Beware the Ides of March.”

All in all that was a reasonable amount of prior warning from non-traditional methods. Based on my proximity to the event (1000 km by road) this was more than adequate.

I will continue to work on strategies to improve my inner & outer security as well as to be there for those I care about. Whole new worlds of opportunity are opening up on this one & hopefully there will be another article before too long.

The main thing is you have to work with what you’ve got. You do not have to run out & get the book I read. That showed up in my life, at that time & was good enough.

If you reduce the terrorist attacks on your own nervous system …


… via the media & become attuned to your own life, you may well find that what you need at any given time, is close at hand.

One more thing.

This world isn’t fair & can be actively hostile. This may have a lot to do with balancing forces & returning to a status quo that we do not really understand.

It is super wise to be aware that anything can be good for a while but then become a threat. That’s why you have to stay switched ON & keep engaging with your awareness.

Edward de Bono gives a good example with salt – a little is good, actually quite a lot is good – but at some point it does becomes toxic.

Is salt at fault if you overdo it?

Always keep a look out for the point where good things may be turning toxic & stop or change direction. Don’t leave it too long or too late. This is an ongoing, never-ending responsibility for this life & most probably the next.

And its worth the effort.



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quantum questioning

This post is a small addition to last weeks large post on diamonds.

I was contemplating at work how I would condense…


… the whole topic
of diamonds.

My eye was caught by the machine lights in our factory.


Which led to the thought that diamonds are about rainbows …

“The most magnificent feature of a diamond is it’s brilliance—also known as the “sparkle.” … what sets diamonds apart from other gemstones. …twinkling star-like… the beauty of diamonds is reflected in the light that it captures

… & covenants (of the heart):


Abrahamic traditions see it (the rainbow) as a covenant with God not to destroy the world by means of floodwater. Whether as a bridge to the heavens, messenger, archer’s bow, or serpent, the rainbow has been pressed into symbolic service for millennia

Some time during the week I came across a book on Quantum Mechanics.

After receiving some mild teasing from ‘normal people’ about my recent diamond article, I was left with a feeling of frustration. But when I started reading the book on quantum maecanics (Beyond Weird) the ideas presented had a sense of familiarity & I had a sense that the work I’m doing here (& I’m not the only one) is somehow a form of quantum mechanics.

The quotes below may be useful in how you view your own research & questioning.

As a further part of this very loose & unproveable quantum idea, I’m including a few pics of things that showed up during this last week.

“… the equations aren’t why quantum mechanics is perceived to so hard. It’s the ideas. We just can’t get our heads round them. Neither could Richard Feynman … His failure, Feynman admitted, was to understand what the maths was saying …. what they said about the real world”

“the current best guesses  about … what real quantum theory might look like, if it existed … would unsettle most if not all we take for granted about the deep fabric of the world, which appears to be a far stranger & more challenging place than we had previously envisaged … a place where we are forced to rethink our ideas about what we mean by a physical world”


While being held up (not literally) in a shop yesterday, I wondered if there was something I was supoosed to see. I wandered to book shelf & found this – ‘The Truth about Diamonds‘ ( a novel), beside a pink heart.

“Quantum physics defies intuition … it is baffling & surprising, & right now we could say it remains cognitively impenetrable. But that doesn’t mean it is hard in the way that … learning Chinese is hard … we might better regard it as a beguiling, maddening, even amusing gauntlet thrown down to challenge the imagination. For that is what is indeed challenged”

“What has emerged most strongly … is not a theory about particles & waves, discreteness or uncertainty or fuzziness. It is a theory about information …”

“Quantum mechanics seems to be about what we can reasonably call a view of reality

“Even the term ‘quantum’ is something of a red herring, since the fact that the theory renders a description of the world granular & particulate … rather than continuous & fluid … If we were naming it today, we’d call it something else”

“the apparent oddness, the paradoxes & puzzles of quantum mechanics, are real. We cannot hope to understand how the world is made up unless we grapple with them”

This morning, there was a lack of seating at a local cafe so I had to choose a less than perfect table. As I sipped my coffee a woman directly in front opened the newspaper. As I don’t read them & so would never have seen this:

In the SUNday STAR
we see a PUBLIC “request”
for …


… Lucy’s help & a very interesting “Thou shall not Pass” sign. The not is in a faded colour & ‘not’ so easy to see.

It’s really important to keep asking questions rather than deciding you ‘know’ what something means. It also means seeing & acknowledging what you don’t want to see.

I could never do this work if I settled for answers. I write in a dramatic way with the intention of stretching out & upsetting your world view. Not to provide answers.

Never be sure that you ‘get’ what’s going on. That’s a killer


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