The Unity Religion v 23 chromosome freedom

Plans are afoot in Auckland to turn it into the world’s ‘most liveable city’.


This is a prime example…


of the Unity Religion at work.


What is Unity Religion?

A mindset that says one way of thinking is enough.

A mindset that says one way of being is enough

It has the look of togetherness & shiny health.

So what exactly does a liveable city ‘look’ like? Apparently you see lots of people riding round on bikes (despite the fact that it rains a lot, is extremely hilly & very spread out).

In the Unity Religion, the media priesthood get behind an idea (no matter how nuts) & send out wave after wave of imagery until the new vision looks familiar & ‘normal’.


At the moment there is a very vocal push for cycling friendly policies from Auckland Council and for some astonishing new projects that will pour millions into cycleways and the bizarre proposal to clip a cycleway onto the Harbour bridge.

As you will see, the bike spotting freaks as Cycle Action Auckland and Transportblog are talking out of their arsewhen they try and say cycling is an important commuter mode in Auckland

The push of cycling is one small part of an agenda I call the ‘Fitness Cult’. This cult ‘fits’ extremely well into the new Unity Religion:

fit (n.1) … “the fitting of one thing to another;” c. 1400 …



... “to marshal or deploy (troops);” … From 1580s as “be the right shape.”.

A fit is also a paroxysm which is not considered healthy in any way.

At the heart of the Unity Religion we see an IMAGE of togetherness …

created by people wearing

closed ears

… similar ‘uniforms’,

business look

… acting in similar ways &

cyclist vu

performing similar activities.

The Unity Religion
revolves around
this look.

It’s camera reliant.

It is an illusion of togetherness that actually prevents togetherness because it is based on looking and acting a certain way instead of building bridges to each other.

Touch and feel – the realm of the heart,
do not belong
in the Unity Religion.

Let’s look at the sacred relics of the Unity Religion and how worship is performed.

Members must choose
to look …



easter isle




the lads


Members must choose

blood suckers

to open


themselves up

The Jeckyll of Hyde Park & the Lady of the Lake (Part I but also Parts IV of 'Fair Phantom' & 'like sky blue air')


cauldron fodder

‘modified & re-worked’

pill oh


Members must choose


to attend

dropping pennies




peas in a pod


And they must choose to adopt








no matter how



The Unity Religion demands that its members choose to sacrifice aliveness & its accompanying spontaneity for the …


… ‘look’
of uniformity.

The unity Religions creates smaller unified clusters or lumps …

lump (v.1) … “to put together in one mass or group”.

… sticky masses of …


… market-modified behaviour.

Recognisable signs that a lump is active include immaturity and lack of discernment.


Chump Lump: The new …


… babytalk – the words & intonation suggesting a young child is being included in a conversation.

Comedy Lump: The super-silly ..


… cringe-making, sarcasm-cruel, sexually-confusing & degrading comedy genre (directly related to the Chump Lump).

Green Lump: The eco-green …


… organic super-health cult – a marketing dream quite possibly driven by food giants like Monsanto corp.

Info Lump: The daily information overload of …Earing the news

… same-themed trauma.

New Age Lump: The belief of a dream existence created by wish-filled, …

new wage

… self-improved thinking.

Architect Lump: The adoption of super-sterile, sharp angled, human-unfriendly architectural norms to …


… homes & public buildings .

These lumps are everywhere. To locate them look for high visibility displays, listen for critical or sensational promotion & notice that sticky, gloopy feel which tells you that ‘unity’ is being created. Then stay well clear of it. It is dangerously yielding …

quick sand

& very unforgiving.

So where does that leave us?

I think there’s another way. A very practical, viable alternative.

Introducing …


… 23 Chromosome Freedom.

We will be taking a serious-playful look at how things may actually work. And how we can harness this for a different kind of life, even amidst the destruction & decay going on around us..

23 Chromosome Freedom
says that by ourselves we are
not enough.

23 chromosomes are half of what it takes to make something …

baby love

… new & fresh & vital & alive.

We ARE creators,
but only when we join
with another/others, an idea or a project.

To realise that we can only ever be/bring half is extremely humbling.

AND freeing.

To realise that any greatness we achieve in this world comes only by meeting another (person, idea) in the middle removes any chance we ever have of reaching pedestalised fame or recognition by ourselves. And thank sanity for that.

Real freedom comes by understanding that
our power lies in our choices.


And that it is up to us now to choose who & what
we will join with,
as well as what we would like
to create with them.

This small article is an intro into to the following podcast which is too big to tackle alone or through. So my partner Michael & I invite you to join us on a fascinating road that has been oh so cleverly disguised.

Click here to listen:

I will post a list of the researchers & books mentioned in the podcast shortly.

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are you ok?

I got up very early this morning …

early rise

… planning to finish part ii
of my Unity article.

Instead I found an email in my inbox from a good man,


… Ellis Taylor,
asking if I was ok because I hadn’t written anything
for awhile.

I owe a debt to Ellis.

Back in 2008, before toolonginthisplace was up and running he made a comment that women needed to step up & begin speaking out. That little sentence was the last little push I’d needed to get me going. Up till then I’d hesitated from a feeling that women weren’t welcome on the ‘truth’ scene.

The other day Matt Delooze, another man from my early writing days posted a parable (he too has been silent for a long while).

For me this created a small constellation-relationship which I am choosing to meet with this article.

Although I have not been very productive in this place over the last year, I have been on a path of immense growth & change.

I have been learning how to do ‘relationship’.

I have learned that everything, absolutely everything in this world …


… is about relationship.

How we are in relationship with each other & with this plane. How relationship has been pushed & pulled & crushed & fucked up & how because of that we have become puppets that jiggle & twitch to others tunes. (Stay tuned for part ii of Unity Dismembering)

I believe that if we can embrace & re-learn what relationship is, we can change the course of the world.

So I would like to answer Ellis & offer some thoughts that I hope will be of use.

First off I am ok. In many ways I am more ok now than at any other time in my life.

Last year I chose to ‘reset’ my life.

Up till then I’d had a black belt in suffering, povertying & being alone.

I’m pretty sure you have a similar kind of belt.

The underlying structure we live in makes it so.

It has worked like this for eons:

Vast numbers of children being born into …


… cruel conditions without the support or kindness they need. Yet the very nature of childhood means that they are also filled with vast quantities of life (which it is impossible for them to stifle.) 

So they have to find ways to let all that life out – or they’d go crazy.

Thus they re-frame their cruel worlds into an adventure game where they can be the hero. They make up rules that allow them to change the perception of the ugly hand they have been dealt (as well as to protect perpetrators & traitors).

Turning ‘their lot’ into a game makes perfect sense because games …


… are what children do best. The child’s new & improved world allows them a sense of power & mastery. It gives them a world that finally makes some sense.

This spectacular re-framing has allowed countless children for countless centuries to reach adulthood reasonably intact.

Sadly from then on this same survivor-adventure story dooms them because it does not have a built-in self destruct button once its goal is achieved – Elvis never leaves the building & the fat lady never sings.

My childself adventure plan allowed me to be the hero of pain tolerance – whether physical, mental emotional or spiritual.

Because I could do pain so well, my superpower was to not only endure my own pain but also take on that of every person I cared about. My childself decided …


… to take up arms against all that caused of suffering,
especially lies.

I didn’t grasp the destructive implications of childself stories when I chose to ‘reset’ last year – I just knew that my old world was a cold & brutal place & it was killing me. I was really tired from trying to save the world while neglecting myself. So I upside-downed & inside-outed my life by spending three months in the States. This was a real challenge for me.

Where I had, for so long, lived alone I chose to enter a relationship. Where I had lived so poorly, for so long, I chose to live rich. Living rich is far harder than you might think & well worth a future article.

I see now that what I have been doing over the past year and a half is dislodging my childself’s …


… survivor-adventure game.

That game was hard-wired into every part of me – mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.

Just as your childself’s survivor-adventure game is hard-wired into you.

What’s required now is to unlearn our childself game strategies & learn new ones. We’ve stayed too long in the womb of the past & it’s killing us.

Why are made to engage in remembering the past over & over?remembering alseep

Is it for the same reason that
every avenue to life is blocked or detoured?

Because each & every ‘living’ human
is as unstoppable as
a herd of stampeding buffalo …


…  all you can do is get out of their way.

The pathetically weak forces that run this world know all about this.

Their only strength lies in the fact that
they are about …

half a day

… half a day ahead of us.
And that’s all.

We are so close to them, yet they’re just that little bit ahead of us.

That’s why they can’t rest for a moment. That’s why programming has to be done 24/7 on every level from entertainment to food to pharmaceuticals to schooling to family programming to wage-slaving & on & on.

When humans begin to …


… unhook from the past
their wildness begins to stir.

We’ve got to get our wildness stirring again.

We have to remember we are grown up now & all sorts of freedoms & knowledge are available to us now. We don’t need the childself survivor game any more.

And truth be told
it’s downright boring.

What isn’t boring
is our future potential.

Yes these are scary times – but so was childhood. If we survived that we can absolutely navigate any current minefields.

So this past year I have been working consistently with learning to be in real relationship to life – in many different ways. Without relationships we are empty shells. We come alive through a miriad of relationships & that is why Unity is so destructive.

My childself superpower involved a total lack of relationship – it was all about ‘going it alone’. Sometimes the feel to go back to being alone can beckon like a drug. But I can no longer ignore the real pain that comes with that survivor-adventure story – & I am now able to see it is no longer necessary for my survival.

I think it is vital to find out what rules run your personal …


… childself survivor-adventure game.

My childself survivor story also featured a huge pay-off. If I kept going it alone & taking on everyone’s pain there would come a day when all I had endured, all the people I had ‘saved’ from suffering, every last drop of pain would be acknowledged & honoured. There would be a true heroic recompense.

What rewards you factored in to your story?
Because all adventure stories have to lead to treasure you know.

That treasure is the child’s version of heaven.
Yet it is a dream.

A dead dream.

As long as we keep holding out for that dream (& I know so many who are) things can never be ok in our lives.

Are you ok?

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dismembering unity ~ part I

This article begins in my home town of Auckland but quickly spreads out


… to cover the globe.

I once read a description of life as living in a dark closet with a cobra – the moment you lose awareness, it strikes. I think it’s safer to live with awareness of this dangerous companion than to slumber in the soporific haze of ‘unity’.

Let’s begin.

~  ~  ~

Auckland is a sprawling city in the north of the North Island of New Zealand.


By world standards it’s fairly insignificant due to its isolated location & small (for a city) population of  1.4 million.

Thus the fast-paced changes that have been going on here have both peaked & irked my curiosity.

These changes would be labelled

I’m 98% sure the ‘improvements’ are part of a plan that has not been given the go-ahead, but seems to be going ahead anyway.

This plan’s proclaimed aim –
“to turn Auckland into the world’s most liveable city
is contradicted
by its title –
The Unitary Plan.

To bring out the best flavour in today’s post we play out an old idea that the unified modern world was crafted into existence …


… around 500 years ago.

While past civilisations built giant structures …


… to harness power, this nouveau version sought control from a microcosmically different angle.

Its master builders knew they needed a different kind …

archie tect

… of architecture to achieve their plan
of global gloopery.

Interestingly the modern word ‘architect’ dates from the beginning of this new world.

architect (n.) 1550s … from Greek arkhitekton “master builder, director of works,” from arkhi- “chief” (see archon) + tekton “builder, carpenter” (see texture).

Ok let’s see texture because it holds a clue:

texture (n.) early 15c., “network, structure,” … from PIE root *teks- “to weave, to fabricate, to make; make wicker or wattle framework

So we’re looking for something
shape able

Something like the magically woven twine Gleipnir, that imprisoned Odin’s nemesis,


Fenrir the Wolf,

Hmmm could you mean … some kind of fabric?

Yes I do.

You see fabric is a powerful creation:

fabric (n.) late 15c., “building; thing made; a structure of any kind,” … to fit together

And a textured fabric, created by magicians, is doubly so:

text (n.) late 14c., “wording of anything written,”… literally “thing woven,” from past participle stem of texere “to weave, to join, fit together, braid, interweave, construct, fabricate, build” …

dream text

… An ancient metaphor: thought is a thread, and the raconteur is a spinner of yarns — but the true storyteller, the poet, is a weaver

For today’s play we consider the idea that the English language was crafted as the  fundamental unit of architecture in the plan to unify humanity into one cohesive substance.

The plans for takeover were visible …

Engdustrial Strength Languish - (re-threaded, re-woven, re-stitched)

 from the start.

Let’s fast forward 500 years & check out Auckland’s Unitary Plan to see the English melding pot at work:

For the first time in our history, we have a shared vision – to be the world’s most liveable city – and a single plan to deliver this vision for all of Auckland and its people.

The Auckland Plan will guide Auckland’s future over the next 30 years”

“[It] will be the rulebook that shapes the way Auckland grows. It will set out what can be built and where, in order to create a higher quality and more compact Auckland while still providing for rural activities and maintaining the marine environment.

Mmmmm Unitary Pie providing 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of “oneness, sameness, agreement.”

Let’s look at the forebears of the English word unity:

unit (n.) 1560s, “single number regarded as an undivided whole,” … Popularized in John Dee‘s English translation of Euclid, to express Greek monas

Apparently Pythagorean Greeks conceived the idea of Monas/Monad as:

unity, arithmetical unit,” … from Greek monas … In Leibnitz’s philosophy,”an ultimate unit of being” (1748).

Of unification interest:

The suffix –monas is used in microbiology … and is intended to mean …


… “unicellular organism“.

Before we take a modern look at Monas, we need to look at its inceptor.

I found it very strange
to find this very strange man …


popping up at the beginning
of unity.

Introducing John Dee.
One of the founding fathers of the unified world &
as coincidence would have it,
son of a textile merchant & “gentleman sewer“:

John Dee (13 July 1527 – 1608 or 1609) was a mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher, imperialist and …


… adviser to Queen Elizabeth I.

He devoted much time and effort in the last thirty years or so of his life to attempting to commune with angels in order to learn the universal language of creation and bring about the pre-apocalyptic unity of mankind

Dee played a prominent role …


… in plans to colonize the New World … and consulted the angels quite often about the venture … He had a farsighted plan for the new (or rather restored) British Empire … Dee associated the new empire and the New World with the new age

his scrying, publications and political activities were all part of his grand scheme to unify the peoples, religions, and languages of the world through universal knowledge

And surprise, surprise:

Dee is even said to have influenced the English language

Let’s return to Dee’s unit(y) penchant for a moment:”

The Monas Hieroglyphica (or Hieroglyphic Monad) is an esoteric symbol …


… invented and designed by John Dee … The Hieroglyphic embodies Dee’s vision of the unity of the Cosmos and is a composite of various esoteric and astrological symbolswe may never know the full significance of the Glyph

We may not, but it appears others do. Let’s take a fast boat to Indonesia:

Indonesia … consists of 17,508 islands … scattered over both sides of the equator … [It] has at least 150 active volcanoes, including …


… Krakatoa and Tambora,
both famous for their devastating eruptions in the 19th century

Indonesia’s eruptions rocked the world & led to the birth of monsters:

From a previous toolonginthisplace article:

On April 10, 1815, for the first time in about 5000 years, Tambora erupted” 

“… probably the largest eruption in historic time”

We recall that Tambora’s ejaculation had a seminal influence on the world of literature. After an extended pregnancy & a Year Without a Summer, Mrs Shelley & Mr Byron proudly announced the birth …


… of twin boys

Meanwhile even longer ago …

The eruption of the Toba supervolcano, approximately 70,000 years ago, was one of the largest eruptions ever, and a global catastrophe … [The] Toba catastrophe theory (if true, could have eradicated 60% of human population)

Let’s just say that Indonesia
is a powerful place.

So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised to find John Dee’s beloved Monas …

mon as

… in the heart, of the heart
of this powerful place.

Merdeka Square … in the center of Jakarta, Indonesia [is] considered the largest square in the world … At its center stands the National Monument,

monumental square

… often called Monas (Monumen Nasional).”

The official story:

The National Monument (Indonesian: Monumen Nasional, abbreviated Monas) is a 132 m (433ft) tower … built to commemorate the struggle for Indonesian independence.

We might say that it is Indonesia’s ‘Statue of Liberty’.

If we look from a Deloozian point of view, we find what Matt has shown we will always find:

The paved plaza surrounds the monument often host …


…  national events such as military and float parades, as well as civic demonstrations. … It is surrounded by important government buildings such as the Merdeka Palace, the National Museum of Indonesia, the Supreme Court and various governmental ministries.

Listen to the way of the words in its inception:

President Sukarno began to contemplate the construction of a national monument …

It’s funny how Frankenstein-genesis explanations are never far away from the beginnings of these death-remembering monumental structures. I’m reminded of the words of the Vimy Ridge Memorial architect Walter Seymour Allward:


 “I dreamed I was in a great battlefield. I saw our men going in by the thousands and being mowed down by the sickles of death…  Suddenly …I saw thousands marching to the aid of our armies. They were the dead. They rose in masses, filed silently by and entered the fight to aid the living. So vivid was this impression, that when I awoke it stayed with me for months. Without the dead we were helpless …

Let’s return to the (official) story of the monument designed to “remember the struggle of Indonesian heroes fighting the colonial domination.

President Sukarno began to contemplate the construction of a national monument comparable to the Eiffel Tower on the square in front of the Presidential Palace …

Obviously such a heartfelt monument would be respectfully designed …

Sukarno …  wanted the monument to be in the form of a linga (penis) and yoni (vagina) … The towering monument encapsulates the philosophy of Lingga and Yoni … the lingga phallic symbol, representing masculinity, positive elements, and daytime and the Yoni the female organs symbol, representing femininity, negative elements, and night

Ahh yes sex and death the two favourite components of plain sight hiding.

Of interest, but without getting tied up in knots over it:

The undeniable fact is that the Monas sigil has found its way into a huge number of Rosicrucian works  … to a point, indeed, where it seems to be the secret sign used communally by Rosicrucians who have ventured to reveal themselves openly

Now let’s have …


 … a little wordplay.

Of interest:

Monasnto was  founded in 1901 by a man who was a symbolic woman  – John Francis Queeny.

You may recall …


John Dee & his Queenie, Elizabeth.

 Other potential Monas hidden in plain sight:


 Mona(s) Lisa

There are a number of claims that Mona Lisa was either a self portrait by Leo or the replica of a young lover & pupil, Gian Giacomo Caprotti da Oreno, better known as Salaì – this would give us another combination of male & female tied togther  in one symbol / sigil.

If true (& we’re playing so stay relaxed) we would find a similarity between monasanto & monas lisa in ‘corrupted fertility’ – a woman who is really a man cannot conceive.

And a seed that is infertile …

not pregnant

… cannot conceive either.

There are other interesting monas out there if you want to play further (forget ye knot your 2% doubt).

Dee is said to have coined the name ‘British Empire’. The British Empire has been the vehicle for a unique kind of unification over the last 500 years.

Conquest was achieved by seeding the English language throughout the world. In my opinion there is something in the language that makes it extremely potent. I really think we have not understood this.

I really think we need to.

It seems far more practical to presume that the ‘angels’ used John Dee for their own plans. Angles & Angels are incestuously close:

English (n.1)  “the people of England; the speech of England,” noun use of Old English adjective Englisc “of or pertaining to the Angles

angel (n.) 14c. … from Latin angelus, from Greek angelos “messenger, envoy, one that announces

The works of ‘Shakespeare,’ like the British Empire, were envoys for the English language:

William Shakespeare’s plays have the reputation of being among the greatest in the English language and in Western literature … they have been translated into every major living language, in addition to being continually performed all around the world.

The world is coming close to being conquered via ideas & concepts transmitted through words & the English language seems to have been a most potent way to do this.

I think it changes the shape of our brains or how they work.

Quite possibly it created the …

environment host

… right environment for Unity
to breed.

Quite possibly the English language has made us …


… perfect hosts.

 There are group entities/unities developing & growing quickly now.

Unity is like a diamond with many facets/faces –
the thing to remember is its still only one diamond
(or one elephant in the lounge)
despite the angle you are looking from.


For those willing to maintain 2% doubt about Oneness,
& many of the other …


… ‘good’ things
we are being sold
I will go deeper into unity & where it’s lurking in part ii.

Groups of people thinking in the same direction create information based energy structures called pendulums. These structures will eventually begin to develop independently. Pendulums create their own laws and make people obey them … people don’t realise that they are unwillingly acting in the interests of these pendulums.

A Pendulum puts on good-looking and attractive masks, it covers itself up with noble aims and plays on peoples emotions in order to justify its own actions and win over as many adherents as possible

~  ~  ~

 Text in this colour from John Dee’s Five Books of Mystery: Original Sourcebook of Enochian Magic  ~ Joseph H. Peterson

Text in this colour from Shakespeare’s Secret Booke: Deciphering Magical and Rosicrucian Codes ~ By David Ovason

Text in this colour from Transurfing ~ By Vadim Zeland

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A podcast for us & you

By working in conjunction with a number of books that have almost magically appeared over the last few months Michael & I have both made tremendous …


… leaps in our awareness & ability to shape our own lives.

Shaping our own lives

surely has to be
at the heart of any good
we can do in the world.

Yesterday we joined forces to consolidate these ideas for ourselves & at the same time create …

new ideas

…  possible new points of view for you.

I hope you will join us.


Or listen to our podcast below:

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pulling you pushing me

Over two centuries ago, the effect of color depth perception was first noted by Goethe … in which he recognized blue as a receding color and yellow/red as a protruding color. He argued that, “like we see the high sky, the far away mountains, as blue, in the same way a blue field seems to recede … One can stare at a perfectly yellow/red field, then the color seems to pierce into the organ”.” Wiki


Please note:

This article has nothing to do with red or blue pills.

My intention, is to broach
the topic of …


… smouldering eyes
& foreheads.

How crazy is that?

If you’re a man please bear with me, I’m hoping you can follow this train of thought & add to our gallery of smoulderers with some simmering females.

What does smouldering mean here, today?

communicating suppressed or half-suppressed feelings, esp of anger, desire, etc” – Collins Dictionaries

A person who smoulders has strong sexual or romantic feelings but does not express them” – Cambridge Dictionaries.

So we’re talking about something intangible – you can feel it, but not see it – unless perhaps someone asks a silly question.

So …
I’d like to know if you see what I see
when I say that I sense ‘something’
coming out of
the foreheads
of famous actors.

Romantic fiction would have it that …


it’s eyes that smoulder,
but dammit I swear I sense something


… from their brows.

Just for fun:

browse (v.)  mid-15c., “feed on buds”.

bud (n.) … perhaps from Old French boter “push forward, thrust“.

This brow that I’m seeing, seems to get switched on in rising stars.

Descriptions of the sensation include
seeking you out
pulling you in

It seems this brow can also get switched off. Perhaps the loss of charisma in a star is not caused by ageing but rather the de-activation of the brow magnet.

Humour me please by having a look at some images of stars I once found very ‘attractive’. Relax your eyes & have a gander at the lineup below.  See if you can see / feel a pushing out from the brow in the younger images while there is a flatness in the same area in the latter ones.


 James Darren


Randolph Mantooth


 Keanu Reeves

Here’s one further image NOT on my once-fancied list
but displaying an excellent set of
brow-pushout formations


 Notice the characteristic
flatness …


in later years.

Fire creates smouldering.

Fire is red & yellow

One can stare at a perfectly yellow/red field, then the color seems to pierce into the organ”.”

There seems (to me) to be something penetrating / piercing …


in the brows of stars.

We can look into the brow chakra another time, for now just try taking a look at the ‘stars’ you once hungered after (or still do) & see if you sense a little something extra in their brow area.

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