Being in Tokyo

‘One of those taking your brain out and whisking it in a blender before pouring back into your skull’ experiences.

Went sight seeing today, not expecting to see too much, but was quite surprised. Tokyo is packed with the same symbols we see all through the western world. Will have photos shortly.

It was good to see David Icke in the flesh. For me it was the first time I’ve ever been in the presence of someone who voiced out their truth – I’ve read countless books, but there is a great power when people use their voices.

When people speak what they truly believe, I am strengthened.

Don’t tell me what to believe. Instead, let me know that you have the courage & conviction to speak out about the fire in your soul, and you empower me to speak up too.

That’s the gift I get from the blogs I love.
Thank you bloggers

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Setting off

I’m heading off to Tokyo shortly to hear a talk by David Icke.
His books played a large role in helping me to wake up.
This is the first time for me to be amongst people of my of ‘my own kind’ – although there may be some language difficulties as my Japanese is non-existent. It’s a long way to travel, but the feeling was strong.

Sometimes it seems like the Southern Hemisphere is being left out of the picture. HOWEVER I would like to draw attention to an upcoming event which I’m trying to find out more about.

ROCK2WGTN is a rock concert to be held over Easter weekend in Wellington (capital of NZ).
This will be unlike anything we’ve ever had here before see:

One site quotes “This Easter will see an event never before experienced on the planet at any place at any time!”

Bands playing are Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, White Snake, Alice Cooper, Poison -plus NZ bands Sonic Altar, The Valves & Symphony of Screams.

WETA Workshop Studios -Film & TV special effects – most notably Lord of the Rings, will be designing and build the sets. It’s going to be one ‘hell’ of a production.

Wellington is located in the centre of NZ. If you drew a figure 8 – Wellington would be pretty much at the centre. It is located on a fault line. Among other things it houses our parliament – the Beehive. I’m still trying to find out more about this event, but it doesn’t feel good to me – especially being held over Easter.

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Finding the door

“I’ve been dozing and dreaming too long in this place
what drew me here once has long gone without trace”

When I was a child I was fascinated by the story of Rapunzel, about a girl kept prisoner in a tower by a wicked witch.

I associated with many elements in the story at the time, but when I look back over my life I have found too many actual recurrences of being closed away in a tower (buildings, relationships, jobs) looking out at the world in a dazed state, but not knowing where to find the door.

Well enough’s enough …and I have done ‘enough’ impossible things in the last few months, to state my intention of ‘vacating the premises’ – home, wherever or whatever you are, I’m on my way.

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