The effect of the media, at least on me, was brought home very sharply this morning as I caught the tail end of the news as I arrived at work.
Six teenagers & their teacher on an outdoor education trip have been killed while canyoning. I feel gutted and close to tears, while on the other hand hearing about the fire (see previous post) days after the event left me unmoved. Driving to work this morning I was actually constructing a comment on this to add last night’s post, as I was worried it may have sounded flippant.

The students aged 16-17 were part of a 40-strong group on an outward bound river trip with the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre near Turangi, in the North Island.
Finding Edmund Hillary turning up yet again has somehow added to the distress.

So one dead and seven injured in a fire & another seven dead in a flood.
Are we looking at events called up by the dark ritual carried out in the willing town of Wellington over the equnox. I think so.

April 15, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. aferrismoon replied:

    It does seem odd how different ‘deaths’ affect us, which deaths connect with us , which ‘don’t’The kids , at least to my mind, died taking a risk with their own lives and not with someone else’s, neither were they killed criminally. The name Portia + Water = A Water-Door [ apologies if this seems a bit insensitive considering your feelings]In Finnegans Wake Joyce refers to Wellington as Willingdone, some thing like ‘here’s the Willingdone on his white horse’White Hearts balance the Darkness


  2. wise woman replied:

    Yes I know gotta keep things in pro-portia-n.I spent yesterday trying to figure out why it bothered me so. My son is actually away at outdoor camp this week, and I had previously worried about him because of how much rain & storms we’ve had after a real dry patch.Mostly I’ve decided it is the method of delivery by the media. They seem to cast some sort of spell, dragging out the entrails of story slowly & it rather seems, with glee – I felt like a rabbit caught in headlights. I’m quite sure that had a colleague told me about it I would not have reacted thus.There is for me the additional feeling that something dark has been stirred up here.Last night I got caught again in the glare of a radio station at a video shop, and they were commenting on what a spate of bad things have been happening here – the same day as the flood, a man & his work klled when struck by lightning, and as of yesterday 2 girls in 2 different cities have gone missing. Now DJs are not known for their perception, so for him to comment so, highlights my sentiments I feel – we have a small population & are rather isolated, so we tend to notice things nationally.


  3. aferrismoon replied:

    One good way of ridding oneself of the permeating effects of misery-media is ‘screaming’. If this bothers your neighbours do it into a pillow, also be careful not to hurt your throat.About 6 times leaves u with little sweat and a lot of ‘shit’ cleared.I also do ‘fake’ Maori chanting – Tanakia Wata Kia Mata wanakat a heera – or something, but with the ‘poise’ of the maori, shaking the hands, sticking out the tongue. Doesn’t have to be Maori , ‘fake’ North American Indian chats or Japanese. The different cultures seem to chant for different chakras.My Mum would have rung up the Camp if she’d heard the news. Women seem to resonate with all women when another loses a child[ of any age].Men seem to accept ‘death’ more easily [ at least outwardly] . For me the media ‘worries’ the women who them get the men ‘to act’. This proves useful when new safety measures or something are set up, but proves negative when the community is made overly ‘secure’.One Pit bull Terrier in Britain killed a child, the next day the Media wanted Pit Bulls , as a species, banned.Its the WHAT IF gameSomewhat oversimplified perhaps.For me I tend not to visit blogs etc., that permanently go on about ‘subjects of hopeless and enduring fear’, despite their best intentions. It sticks !The link u sent me didn’t work, though I got to the main page.Cheers


  4. wise woman replied:

    Thanks – the spell is broken.I think it was a mix of your post yesterday, my response and the up beat words I found on another site.It’s why I avoid the media, but something I think I need to look into a bit more.You already have a screaming mate in NZ. It is my preferred method of release – but i go out in my car as I can really let loose. One step down from that level is to sing along really forcefully with good emotive songs – altho I do tend to end up with a sore throat as you mentioned. I never thought of doing aggressive physical movements – that’s a good idea, though perhaps not while driving :)One other thing I’ve found very helpful is a rattle, in my case it’s just one of those shaker things they use in music, but brilliant when I’ve been around someone negative, I just rattle all around my body wherever the energy feels off. I’ve used it on other people as well to good effect to.


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