In de headlines again

I see NZ has hit the headlines again, this time with a kiwi winning the Indianapolis 500.

Just a few days after noting the NZ – India / Indiana combination we can now add to the that – India / Indiana / Indianapolis – what it means I don’t know but at least your ability to spell & pronounce longer words must be improving.

I wonder what my friends who like to look closer at sports will make of this.

May 26, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Did you see this in the news too?Indianapolis has been awarded Super Bowl XLVI, which will be played on Feb. 5, 2012Odd things are afoot!

  2. wise woman replied:

    It seems to be a year for names & numbers repeatedly endlessly – building blocks perhaps?I’ve been wondering since I saw a Youtube vid on Gavin’s site (about buildings in Dubai) how much of this is just to rattle us – get us thinking ‘Oh my god what does it all mean’ & ‘there’s so much of it what can we do?’ & maybe that’s what we’re being fooled into thinking. Could it just be an elaborate show & are our reactions causing the fallout from it?

  3. aferrismoon replied:

    I don’t think its for ‘us’ I think it’s for the people who make it and take part in this type of life, always stressing, must DO something, constantly active. These sorts generally have little understanding of people who are not ‘obviously’ productive.The problem arises when they start some new ‘project’ and then start to worry about what will happen, thus making them invent crazy laws and programmes to deal with the possibility that something might happen if it all goes awry.This English depends on the ‘CONDITIONALS’ , would, if and the super-mad WHAT IF.They’re on automatic compulsive-obsession, its treatable , but they have to ‘build’ things and fill space. Monotheism in a business setting.The article is very well written and the relationship with your son bodes well for us all.Cheers

  4. wise woman replied:

    Your description of people who are not ‘obviously productive’ brought forth a sigh of relief – what you refer to has become virtually an obscenity, a thing to be greatly ashamed of – doing ‘no thing’, or at least ‘no thing’ worthy of a cash reward or a write up in a magazine – without value according to those that have placed dollar signs atop all human activity. Production = reduction. Creativity comes in bursts of ecstacy & humour – you will never see it or it’s progeny on a production line. Well said – you have certainly not been supping on cold pease poridge

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