Is that a number I see before me

I know, I know what on earth has a little country at the bottom of the world got to do with anything, but I can’t let a good synch go by.

Hillary Clinton was voted for by 1919 delegates.

1919 – how many times have I come across that this year.

1919 was the year the Hillary Clinton’s mighty namesake – Edmund Hillary -was born – all of 88 years ago. Two numbers that have been bouncing around like cats on a hot tin roof all year.

With 88 as the number for total control I can’t help wondering if a message is to be noted, & have we really seen the last of this iron lady?
Perhaps it’s simply that full ceremonial numerological significance must be maintained to the very end.

June 5, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Well there’s no such thing as coincidence, WW! Names like “Hillary” have meanings whether they’re first names or surnames.I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Queen Hillary, the Illuminati High Prietess. Some newspapers in the UK are claiming she’s offered her services as Obama’s vice-president. If she is I bet you she’ll be wearing the trousers! She certainly was when her husband was in the White House.

  2. aferrismoon replied:

    A golden find. Must agree with Mr. Emlyn-Jones.Also they both climb HILLS, as the Whitehouse is sometimes known as, or Washington politics in general.Apparently Hillary’s mother could have been inspired by Edmund Hillary’s name, but others say its doubtful, nevertheless I typed in Edmund Clinton and it was the 3rd or 4th hitCheers

  3. wise woman replied:

    Hi BenYes I’ve seen that too – I’m staggered by how much people buy into this – it’s as if following politics shows how intelligent you are – thank god I’m thick – I’m sure you are too :)AferismoonGood one on hills – it is a very fortunate name n’est-pas? I had a re-look at the name Edmund – means protector of prosperity – but couldn’t help noticing the ‘mund’ is very like ‘mundi’ = world – then we have people who climb the ‘hill of the world’ – both have been ‘conquered’.cheers for that

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