Spectacular poultry

Yesterday, tired & shagged out after a long squawk (sorry that’s Monty Python), I mean a long day at work I visited my local decompression chamber aka the library, in search of a book with the ‘aha’ factor.

I found one on fantasy art which looked interesting, and then settled a little reluctantly for a book on shipwrecks, as there are a few more I want to look into.
It was Thursday, which for my son & I has been TV/computer free day for the last six years or so. Sometimes if I find an interesting book I will read out tidbits while he creates extraordinary things with Lego, infact that is how I came to be interested in the Lusitania.

I was turning slightly disheartened towards the checkout, when my gaze fell upon the ‘aha’ book my soul was seeking – we recognized each other in an instant. Without further ado I stepped forward to claim my prize, returned the shipwrecks to the murky depths of the shelf & made my way merrily to the counter.

So what was this extraordinary book you may ask why Extra Extraordinary Chickens of course.
I have been working hard on a new article & it’s not a light hearted affair & I’ve been tired at work where good conversation is in short supply & what I needed was delight & laughter.

I took this gorgeous book home whereupon my son & I roared with laughter & exclaimed with delight over the amazing world of ‘show chickens’ – I kid you not.

Now I know how tiring it is staying awake & ’hearty’ in this era of concocted drudge & gloom so I thought I would bring some of the delights of the chicken world to you.

Be excellent to each other & party on dudes.

June 19, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Oh My Goodness, that is so awesome! And guess what Wise…this is a synch wink at me! Where I work, I walk past a photo of a “show chicken” in a cubicle everyday! I kid you not!!See…not all synchros lead to the negative! I am sure your and your son’s laughter created some very positive vibes that was sent out into the ether of Mother Earth.Excellente’ thank you for taking the time to make me smile!Peace my friend and be well!

  2. wise woman replied:

    Thanks Michael Very glad you enjoyed – am working on some ideas about laughter.Actually I had a synch with your blog – the fantasy art book I got out had the picture of your ‘titan’ in it & titans are something I’ve been finding all year.Party on my friend

  3. annemarie replied:

    I saw the title and went ‘not interested’, scrolled down …then I saw the photos and Spectacular Poultry it is! Wow, who’d a thunk :)ta ww,

  4. wise woman replied:

    Glad to be of interest Annemarie :)

  5. Atlantean Times replied:

    I seen an episode of HIGFNY resently where they had this story about a female chicken or a hen that suddenly changed sex and became a male cockerale..it was a blast i nearly split my sides laughing..the important bits didnt change but the hen developed male plummage and started to crow in the morning…

  6. wise woman replied:

    Gidday GavinYeah I heard about that – a sign of things to come! Interesting post time you had 3.33Hope you are well

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