The test of time

A bit of tooing & froing via email with a man I greatly admire led to a comment this morning that he thought the 14 year old he had once been would probably have approved of who he’d become.

I really liked the sentiment & tried it out on myself. Hmm …yep not too bad, now that I’ve come out of the closet & chosen to question the questionable. Then I went one step further – a 14 year old is heading toward ‘grownupsville‘ – the drive has been somewhat curtailed. So… what would my 7 year old self have to say – that was different – oh f**k, hang my head in shame. Ok well not all bad because at least I got off my sleeping ass & went to Hawaii, Sydney & Japan – but now what – 7 year olds don’t settle for what you’ve done in the past they want to know what are we going to do now, and a whining “I haven’t got enough money” is just not going to cut any mustard.

My 7 year old self would be inventing new locations, drawing pictures, playing games, using make-believe to create many worlds – she would be horrified to think that I no longer do that -inconceivable that I should forget how to play.

All too often we spend our time trying to impress others, in truth I never stopped before to think if who I have become would have impressed the full on little person I used to be.

June 26, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Very thought-provoking, WW. My own child is in the transitinal state between childhood and adulthood. She’s becoming more aware of herself as a part of a whole rather than a unit on her own. A healthy balance is required which society doesn’t currently address. We’re encouraged to solely be a part and forget the unit. I’ve tried very hard to teach her how to preserve her unit. Only time will tell whether she’s taken that on board.Your article makes me think of the film “Harvey” that we were talking about before.

  2. wise woman replied:

    Thanks BenYes indeed I remember Harvey.Society is ‘hell bent’ on removing our sense of play which seems to be inextricably linked with the energy of chilhood. I love to see people light up when something has rekindled that play – I’m reminded of a get together at my sister’s house a little while ago where I was having a pillow fight with my neices & nephews, then another ‘grown up’ joined in & even my serious older brother found it just too irresistable – & god how good it felt.

  3. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Well done! Glad you enjoyed it.Somebody in a newspaper said: “We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.”

  4. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wise! Nice! I think I mentioned to you how Robin Williams stated in an article I read the Healing Powers of Play…yep, we need to feed that left side of the head!Thanks for the inspiration as of late! Very grateful!Be well!

  5. wise woman replied:

    Thank you MichaelYep healing powers of play is right. I’ve long thought that we need big playgrounds for adults – there’d have to be lots of flying foxes & swings in trees – I wonder how easy it is to do that Tarzan swinging from tree to tree thing, & what would it be like to swing on a trapeze and big swimming pools with waves and … well you know what I mean

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