Thou shalt not…

Lochnagar Crater at end of WWI

Despite the date at the top of this post, it is July 1 where I live & as such it is the Memorial Day for the Battle of the Somme. There will be ceremonies at Lochnagar, Thiepval et al on this day to reanimate the energies from 92 years ago.

It was Lochnagar I was thinking of this morning – that open wound in the body of France that will that be surrounded by remembrance rituals today. It seems likely that the bodies of German soldiers lie within it. The remains of a British soldier was found in the land just behind the crater in 1998.

Because the ‘dates’ of events seem so important, I feel it may do some good to send a little soothing energy to areas caught in the glare of their ritual days. So this 1st July please feel free to send some kindness to this area in France.

I played around with some ideas this morning until I came upon the one that was right for me – how did I know itwas right- because it made me laugh out loud. I imagined that this mine was never detonated, what made me laugh was the image that then popped into my head of a load of squirrels removing all the explosive to make the land & the men safe.

One of the things that got left out of the second edition of my last article was mention of the enforced SILENCE & sombreness that envelops all these memorials. Two minutes silence – what is that about? What is the silence for?

This reads “Let silent contemplation be your offering” – the same words appear at the ANZAC Memorial in Sydney

I believe there is some kind of magic in our words, perhaps silence is needed because we might say something that would break a spell. It was the ‘word’ that was there in the beginning we are told. Remembering the power of names, I wonder whether our words – spoken from the heart – could help to break this spell that we are under.

I have also wondered what might happen if someone laughed within the walls of the Douaumont Ossuary. I have a friend in England who has a magnificent laugh, a great booming ‘Basil Brush’ affair – I love it, makes me feel good. Have you noticed how little laughter there is today & how few real comedians there are?

So my offering for healing today is a little gentle humour & the words “laughter & peace to all”

Additional: Ben from HPANWO posted this on his blog today – somehow feels relevant to the whole feel of my musing as to a ‘hundred years war’ (in last article) against humanity – perhaps I should have gone back to 1908!

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  1. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    That’s a very positive thought to counter the ritual at the crater. If we all do it we can cancel out the ritual.

  2. wise woman replied:

    Thanks BenI was thinking today about all the time travel movies there are about how people must not mess with time – if they change something it will cause devastation – but I wonder…I think maybe we do need to play with time – in our very powerful imaginations. I would never have taken my trip last year had I not ‘played’ with time & pretended it was something I’d already done – I was too stuck in ‘reality’ so yes I’m very pleased that this crater never happened & that this part of France is whole :)

  3. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    There’s clearly so much more going on that first impressions tell us. I’ve added another comment about the crater on the “Harvest of Fools” article.(BTW, do you get Matt Delooze’s newsletter?)

  4. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Great point, we should probably consider also (after we take a deep breath, step back, and look at it again) what “effect” they desire the monument to bring about, and then provide the “reverse” to it. I.E. they want you to be somber and silent, so as you said, we smile and laugh! Your definitely onto something wise great work!Sending some serenity vibes your way.

  5. wise woman replied:

    Hi BenThanks I’ve gone back & read it – will answer here, if that’s ok. I agree, there’s much more to it – all the books say the same thing, it becomes a kind of hypnotic suggestion & ‘believable’, that’s why you’ve got to keep up the practice of ‘questioning’ or you start to accept things & not hear your senses when they say wtf – I’m glad to see your senses are working fine :)Thanks MichaelActually – I did something like that in Sydney last year – I was there while the annual Marathon was on – big event – I noticed how the track was past all the monuments, buildings, churches etc & I was reading Matthew Deloozes latest book so it really hit home – all that energy channelled along a specific path, with ambulances (& all their symbolism)waiting to pick up anyone who ‘carked it’ – to cut a story thats getting too long, short – I strode purposefully against the flow singing ‘Caravan of Love’ under my breath – great song, great words.and thanks for the vibes.

  6. Devin replied:

    When you think of all of the innocent women and men and children killed in the ‘games of slaughter’down through the ages-it makes you wonder how humans ever thought of themselves as ‘civilized’-or is ‘civil’-‘ized’part of the problemsending blessings to you from AZ to NZ!-Devin

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