With a sting in it’s tail

Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed a strange little phenomena – from time to time when I’m reading, the letters in words seem to rearrange themselves & suddenly I’m confronted with something quite different.

Two words in particular have stayed with me.

One day the word empire became vampire – I paid attention because it seemed to convey a truth – think of the British Empire – a monster that sucked the wealth & resources out of many a foreign land.

The other word that struck me, though in a slightly different fashion, was the word money – that devastating little word that runs backwards, forwards, sidewards & everywhichwaywards through our lives. The little word that seems to hold more power than almost any other.

Somehow when I looked I saw the word venom – ‘money’ reversed – no, no silly, it ends in a y not a v you cry, observing my embarrassing mistake, but no I saw venom. The letter Y with the sting in it’s tail removed is a V – and in this case it doesn’t matter that the sting was removed because the poison is contained in the word itself.

So lets have a look at venom:

“c.1220, from Anglo-Fr. and O.Fr. venim, from V.L. *venimen, from L. venenum “poison, drug, potion,” perhaps ultimately connected to venus “erotic love” (see Venus), in which case the original meaning might have been “love potion.” The meaning “bitter, virulent feeling or language” is first recorded c.1300″

I’m sure you’re not so different from me when it comes to money – especially if you’re on the trail to wholeness – probably not particularly interested because somewhere in that whole caboodle something is missing – the satisfaction of exchange that comes with sharing items or services similarly valued. The swapping of goods for coloured paper or coins or bits of plastic is lacking in all sensuality & I’ve got to a point where sensuality is becoming very important – for me that means the essence of what it is to be a human being as opposed to a machine – all the things that make us different from machines – that’s our sensuality – laughter, kindness, chatting, touch, imagination, friendship are just a few.

Somewhere along the way one or many spells have been cast. When I saw the etymology of the word venom, I felt that I was looking at one of them.

The power of words. So how often do you wish for more venom, & how much would it take to make you really happy?

A love potion & a drug – what do you think? It’s funny in a way to think that this drug, whose caress we must endure, even if we loathe it, is what we slave away for week after week so that we can hand it over to others to feed their habit. You can’t even buy the recognised forms of drugs either, prescribed or obtained without this seductive & conscienceless philtre.

Is this why people who have so much are often so toxic? The drug of choice of the elite.

I end with a little synch. I’d decided on the title for this post early on today, then I thought I’d use a picture of a scorpion – not liking what I found, I typed in Scorpio & found the image at the top. What I also found was the astrological symbol for Scorpio – the letter M as in money & it really did have a sting in it’s tale (no offence meant here to any Scorpio’s & I certainly don’t believe that thing about all Scorpio’s being murderers).

Cheers & may you have plenty of every good thing.

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  1. annemarie replied:

    Wow what a fantastic post :)I too have had that word-morphing thing happen to me many times. Though I can’t recall any particular words. In some instances I think it was a case of reading too quickly which resulted in jumbled words. Other times, it seems like a dyslexia of sorts. Though I don’t have dyslexia (unless we all do, to degrees, or even have dyslexic moments, which is another possibility. Anyhow, that thought is too tangential.) But there are definitely other times when I read a word differently from what it actually is, and it stops me in my tracks because the experience (of the words and what they mean) is often symbolic, meaningful, or synchronistic. But what really wowed me was your take on money/venom. And I love, love, love the way you describe what’s missing when money is in between our actual exchanges/barters etc. I agree (though I’d never realized before what it was) that there is something utterly sensual and therefore utterly natural about an old fashioned barter/exchange or trade…And that is what’s missing, the sensual and physical act. And all of the feelings, and energies, etc. that go with it. btw gifts and the act of giving now come to mind as it’s also related to what you wrote about. I have always disliked receiving money as a gift. And have never given it either. I feel pretty much the same way about those commercial gift certificates. My feeling on it is that there’s little to no thought and therefore no feeling involved in the giving. And 99% of the time, I’d rather receive a gift that didn’t fit (or quite suit) me instead of money. Yes, sometimes I realize it’s “necessary”, but those times are so rare, in my experience.Anyway, thanks so much for that post. What a gem it is :)—-p.s. I just looked up the etymology of the word money and lookee here. Now tell me that this isn’t bizarre!money c.1290, “coinage, metal currency,” from O.Fr. moneie, from L. moneta “mint, coinage,” from Moneta, a title of the Roman goddess Juno, in or near whose temple money was coined; perhaps from monere “advise, warn” (see monitor), with the sense of “admonishing goddess,” which is sensible, but the etymology is difficult. also this:MoneyMind\, n. [AS. mynd, gemynd; akin to OHG. minna memory, love, G. minne love, Dan. minde mind, memory, remembrance, consent, vote, Sw. minne memory, Icel. minni, Goth. gamunds, L. mens, mentis, mind, Gr. ?, Skr. manas mind, man to think. ????, ???. Cf. Comment, Man, Mean, v., 3d Mental, Mignonette, Minion, Mnemonic, Money.]It’s from here:http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/moneybtw, see what wiki says about Juno here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juno_(mythology)And here for info on Moneta:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moneta

  2. wise woman replied:

    Annemarie thank you so much for that ‘exchange’. I’ve taken the day off work, have a sore back & was feeling a bit low & you have just lifted my spirits with your enthusiasm – exactly the way life is meant to be lived and gifts exchanged.I am most interested in your own reasearch – this can of worms needs to be opened for public viewing – those are very interesting points indeed.

  3. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    WW, you’ve got a bad back too? I’ve been laid up all week with it. I pulled a muscle last week in Glastonbury and since then I’ve been off work and limping round on crutches. I’m a bit better now and hopefully will be back at work next wednesday. (I moan about work when I have to go to it, but don’t half miss it when I can’t!)Like Annemarie and yourself, I get the same thing when I’m reading. The word “aeroplane” turned into “artifice” when I was reading a book the other night when I was tired.

  4. wise woman replied:

    Hi BenDouble synchs!There’s quite a few people I know with bad backs at the moment. Michael from Hidden Agendas told me of a sight he likes that gives out energy alerts a couple of times a month – a recent one talks about people having back aches at the moment which was pretty interesting. The site is http://whatsuponplanetearth.com/ & you can sign up & get them for free – I find it quite interesting & helps to remember to pay attention to the energies around.That’s cool that you’re seeing different words too – I think there is something in it – we are starting to see whats been hidden

  5. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wise,Nice post!! Synch winks abound! I too have been spotting words and doing a “double take” like “hey, that didn’t say that a second ago!” Money is indeed the venom that has seeped into Society, brining us to that slow stupor. I agree wholeheartedly with you on this post!Well done!Cheers

  6. wise woman replied:

    Hi MichaelThat’s real interesting that a lot of us having this double take on words – I sincerely hope it is an example of ‘waking up’ – at the very least it helps us look at things in a different way.It was a comment of yours re talismanic money that helped me get my ideas together for this little post – so thanks Michael.

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