A pleasure to see you

The trail I’m walking through this blog (& uhhmmm that’s not me pictured above) has taken some twists & turns that have surprised me & I never really know where a path & I will intersect.

Resurfacing from my article on war memorials I felt a strong tug to look at the great divide in humanity known as man & woman. And it’s a bloody tall order I can tell you, but the things we’re so used to, that we shrug our shoulders, roll our eyes & continue on as always, may be the very areas where we can claim, reclaim, create or recreate what we most need now – so we have to be willing to lift up rocks & see whats hidden there.

Recently the Celtic Rebel dared to lift up the very slippery rock that housed the world of condoms & bravo to him for boldly going where no blogger has gone before (that I know of)

However before tackling the ‘alien vs predator’ themes of the great sexual divide, a slight detour is in order – actually it’s got one hand behind my back & is insisting upon an introduction – so without further ado, Ladies & Gentlemen I would like to introduce the topic of pleasure.
I’m still working on why this topic has roared it’s way into my life, but it’s got the same gut pull as all the other topics that I have followed since the birth of ‘too long in this place’.

Oh well, it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

Now I’m presuming the word pleasure evokes thoughts of a more sexual nature to the boys & possibly a shopping theme to the girls – just kidding (well almost). I’m in the process of reading a tremendous book called the Birth of Pleasure who’s ideas connect with & indeed supersede, many of my own re the ‘man vs woman wound’ (thanks Michael for the name).

I am coming to the conclusion that many of our woes stem from our lost connection to the guiding principle that is pleasure. I feel it is key to a life we vaguely remember or a hint of something that in our stuporific & mechanistic state we can’t quite grasp. Pleasure of course is not a thing, an object, rather it’s a response, a birthing that comes with the unabashed connection to something that in this moment calls as much to us as we to it.

I am no longer drawn to the idea of oneness, I have found a different track called connection or some such name, where I & something I love at a particular moment or moments can intermingle with each other & I know, feel some marvelous energy is created. Now I come from a catholic background & though it is many years since I put down my cross, it’s self-denying tentacles can be hard to shake off, so my journey to pleasure is taking small steps – it started with becoming very tired of the soul-brutality of the workplace & granting myself the pleasure of a cappuccino every day, on my way to work. OK very small steps, but for me it has steadily brought an awakening of more pleasurable things I would like in my life.

This world abounds in messages of abstinence of the soul & plugs incessantly those areas that feed the out-of-control monster cunningly disguised as society. Individual pleasure & I think that’s all there is really – you connecting with something, someone whole-heartedly, openly, whoopingly, is incompatible with the structure & forward thrust of society. Pleasure is too random, unpredictable and rambling, often involves little or no money & satisfies in ways that pornography or shopping never will. It rewires the heart & gut connection, a very dangerous thing indeed.

As sure as the emperor was not wearing clothes, we are not experiencing pleasure – we are experiencing the illusion of pleasure. This illusion is brilliantly marketed to each sex, really they’ve done a top notch job. Meanwhile both sexes are misunderstood, baited & played off against the other, one hand reaches out to embrace & while the other holds a mallet or maybe a frying pan. If we don’t see the trap how can we disable it? Many years ago when I was growing up our dog got her paw caught in a rabbit trap, my mother not knowing how to open it, pulled it apart with her bare hands. She saw the trap & did what she had to do to release our dog. We need to see, really see that there is indeed a trap & use any means necessary to break it open. As long as the other sex is in the wrong, is an alien or a predator we will deny ourselves & each other the greatest pleasure of friendship & connection, as well as aiding & abetting the bastards who have too long marketed this illusion.

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  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Excellent! I just caught this before heading out the door to work Wise, nicely written!I agree, it has been marketed all too well and your right–we have been illusioned to believing we are experiencing it but we are not, hence that “unfulfilled guilt feeling” after experiencing the “false pleasure” they have marketed to both sexes! Bravo to taking on this monstrous topic.Cheers!

  2. wise woman replied:

    Thanks MichaelYep it’s thousands of years of ‘marketing’ we’re looking at & you’re right it is a monstrous topic but we’ve gotta stop fighting each other & to do that we need to roll away a lot of rocks.Your support is much appreciated.

  3. kirkita replied:

    Dear Wise Woman, I enjoy your posts very much and had to respond to this one, because I agree with it so much. If we are open to pleasure in it’s truest sense, we won’t be at slaving at someone else’s idea of work 70 hours a week, that’s for sure! And I too have been feeling the falseness of the man/woman division- the set-ups that society places on how we respond to each other(men = dense and unfeeling, women = flighty and shallow, to think of a couple off the top of my head) are an untrue and destructive program. Thank you for expressing it so clearly.

  4. wise woman replied:

    Hi KirkitaYour comment is very much appreciated – these are fundamental topics but there’s so many messy feelings around them that it can be hard to get to grips. I’d just settled myself down to get on with the next article, have been dragging my legs a wee bit & your comment has helped renew my energyMany thanks

  5. annemarie replied:

    Tis a pleasure to read the words of one wise woman at this site :)ta,

  6. wise woman replied:

    Hey Annemarie I feel a renewed sense of hope that there may be enough of us pleasure seekers out there to turn this whole damn mess around.Let the party begin :)

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