The wisdom of wtf

From Julie – a reader & friend in Australia

“More info on ‘The Con’. She visited Mercedes Girls College in Perth to lecture the girls on ‘surviving as a woman in a man’s world, then she went on to Kings Park War Memorial to lay a wreath (with the whole ‘last post’ military salute) for the ANZACS. Hmmmmm

Interesting hey, ANZAC being the pertinent clue perhaps????? First WA and then NZ !!!”

Until Julie emailed me I was unaware of this unsavoury visitor – the first visit to NZ by a US Secretary of State in 10 years & reminiscent of Elton John’s mercurial concert in Auckland this year after a break of 10 years.

NZ became persona non grata with the US in the 1980’s when it declared itself nuclear free. Mind you these days I question everything especially when it relates to the decisions made by those in ‘mind’ power.

This unexpected visit reminded me of Ellis Taylor’s comments earlier this year regarding the death of Edmund Hillary & there being ‘only room at the top for one Hillary’. His state funeral was held in Auckland & his ashes were spread in it’s surrounding waters in the Hauraki Gulf. A few months later El-ton John crooned at Vector (Mercury) Arena including of course the song ‘Sacrifice’. Which leads on to Julie’s other comment about the ANZAC’s -I wonder if ‘the Con’ will lay a wreath here.

I do feel that the energy from the world wars is accessible to those in the know. For three days prior to ANZAC Day this year, actual footage of the Gallipoli ‘Sacrifice’ (restored by Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame) was projected on to the front of The Auckland Museum – we’re talking a bloody big screen. The footage was called ‘Heroes of Gallipoli’ – remember in the best Greek tradition heroes die young. I had forgotten that the actual name of the museum is The Auckland War Memorial Museum – the whole building is the memorial (I will go into this more in my final article of ‘the Sacrifice’.

Matthew Delooze has drawn attention to the use of building as a backdrop for projected images – I can’t put my finger on it at the moment – but something is up. Did you know images of the pope were projected onto Sydney Harbour Bridge for World Youth Day – wtf. Actually while I’m on the topic I’ve noticed the take-off of moving images – they’ve hit the malls in NZ & in Sydney they’ve got the bastards in the streets. I have to make a concerted effort to ignore them – the word ‘eye-catching’ comes to mind – they really get ‘in your face’.

This brings us back to ‘the Con’ who “told enthralled schoolgirls how she loves shopping – and has no presidential ambitions” & she combined this with a lecture on “surviving as a woman in a man’s world” – yet more instructions to the masses as to how to keep the division of the sexes operating at maximum effectiveness. And I’m sorry would anyone really be enthralled by any member of the menagerie that ru(i)ns the U.S?

Well this was really just a a quick wtf post as I’m working on something else at the moment. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the somnambulance of the media munchers & it seems a bit of a lost cause – but then I get an email to remind me that there’s a whole bunch of ‘cool & groovy’ LIVE people out there. The media is very loud & attention getting – I guess it’s really just an attention seeker. I decided to check out some medical info on such a condition & found this which I think is vital for your understanding of the effects of the media

Here is a little heartening piece (peace)

WELLINGTON (Reuters) – A group of New Zealand students has come up with a novel way of protesting against a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, offering a cash reward for her “arrest” over U.S. actions in Iraq.
The Auckland University Students’ Association has offered NZ$5,000 ($3,700) for any student making a citizen’s arrest of Rice during her 36-hour stay that starts later on Friday.
“It’s primarily symbolic, but it’s a protest against her actions as secretary of state in Iraq and the authorization of the torture of suspected terrorist detainees,” said the student body’s president, David Do.”

Last week, my son & I watched an extremely bad movie about Gallipoli – it was research – called All the Kings Men – personally I would say you’d be better off cleaning out the oven. One part of the story has a young war bride, who has just found out that her husband has been killed, rushing out of the Queens presence (she’s a maid) & running all upset down a long road to a cottage where she throws herself on a guy who fancies her, for a quick shag. My son’s comment was wtf & I went on to try & explain about grief & people doing strange things – but over the course of the week I’ve had a rethink – about just how much my ideas have come from TV & movies – would anyone really do that & if they did would it be because the movie industry has told them to. I have a great deal of respect for my son’s opinions, he is still reasonably alert – so if he says wtf then I think yes my boy I think you’ve got a point. He’s off to see Batman today, I’d prefer he didn’t see it but I honour his choices & as such he listens to my strange ideas. All I’ve said to him is to trust the wtf feeling. Interestingly he had these feelings throughout the new Futurama movie at the places my friend Michael from Hidden Agendas pointed out.

So I thought I’d finish with that idea – honour your wtf feelings & those of others – there’s nowt like a bit of common sense.

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  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wise,Nice WTF piece! Nothing like writing when the intuition fire strikes the iron hot. So Rice is telling the young women over there to go shopping huh? Geeze. And projections of the pope onto a “bridge” no less? WTF is right! I hope your son’s symbol shields remain intact for Batman.Thanks for sharing this “on a personal level” piece.Be well and take care!


  2. wise woman replied:

    Hiya MichaelThe way things are going perhaps we should just get ‘wtf’ tattooed on our foreheads – might cut out alot of the crap – I wonder how many tattooes we’d see? Not so different from having lumps of ash rubbed into our forheads on Ash Wednesday – sorry laughing here just thought of the new post I’m working on :)


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