Solomon Grundy

Some synchs are just too good to pass up.

After I posted my last article on the week, Aferrismoon drew my attention to a post by Michael at Hidden Agendas on a story from the Justice League featuring a character, Solomon Grundy.

I had completely forgotten this malodorous little rhyme, but Michael’s descriptions of the character so perfectly fitted with my feelings of the week as a watertight contraption of control that I just can’t pass this by without a closer look.

From wiki (yes I know it’s suspect)
“Solomon Grundy” is a 19th century children’s nursery rhyme, and was presented by James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps in 1842.”

Just in case you missed the double letters in the ‘presenters’ name I’ve highlighted them for you. Halliwell apparently means ‘lives by the holy spring’ (in this case it’s by an orchard). Phillipps is a lover of horses (hopefully not in the biblical sense). The name Halliwell was of course made famous by the three Charmed Ones. Our little presenter was auspiciously born on June 21 better known as the Solstice. He is primarily known for his scholarship about the life and works of William Shakespeare.

But here are a few little extra snippets:-
“Finds “A poem of moral duties” now called the “Regius Poem”. Written in Middle English about 1390, this turned out to be the oldest known Masonic manuscript.”

“Elected to The Royal Society; at eighteen, the youngest Fellow ever.”

“Several manuscruipts that disappeared from Trinity College, Cambridge while Halliwell was a student are sold to the British Museum. Halliwell is investigated but is never charged. However, he is excluded from the British Museum library.”

So with this little collection of charming fact lets see what the human race was presented with in 1842.

“Solomon Grundy,
Born on a Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday.
That was the end of
Solomon Grundy”

I knew this rhyme as a child, probably repeated it often, but never liked it – funny how we repeat things because they roll off the tongue so easliy.

Looking at the rhyme in context with my last article & the points that Michael made I felt a little sickened.

Wiki goes on to say this; ” The poem is essentially a riddle in which the life of Solomon Grundy appears to take place in the process of a single week, the answer being that each day’s events represent the seven ages of man.”
Now I’m just going to come in here & say what a load of bollocks – I did the married thing (& moved on years ago) – according to this I’m on my way out & it’s all down hill from here. I personally do not see the apparent last four stages of my or anyone else’s life as a rapid decline into illness & the Underworld.
But… as a nifty little bit of programming to the rhyme loving souls of children it does rate a standing ovation in cunning – mind you it’s up against a lot of tough opposition for the Oscars in today’s programming awards.

Hoping that Michael won’t mind, I’ve appropriated some of his descriptions (& a picture) of the cartoon character Solomon Grundy from the Justice League episode called ‘The Terror Beyond’. (emphasis shown is mine)

“Solomon Grundy is portrayed as a “simpleton” only interested in helping if he receives his “gold payment“…”
Does that sound a little familiar – is that not the image we have been given of the average ‘person in the street’ , in our dog-eat-dog world.

“[Dr] Fate eventually uses a “spell of revelation” on Grundy because Solomon cannot remember how he came to be. It was interesting how they handled Fate’s questioning of Solomon, it sounded rather condescending if you imagine Fate representing say “Illuminated ones” and Grundy representing the “ogre like knuckle dragging commoner” they dumbed down…Fate wanted to know Grundy’s “origins” how he came to be as he was…Grundy said “he didn’t remember, that Grundy has always been Grundy…”, Fate responds “I doubt it” and casts the spell…”
Hello again, sound even more familiar. I, for one do not believe in life as it’s presented to me, I see no reason why I do not ‘remember’ where I came from. I see no point in going round ad nauseum in cycles of reincarnation. I do so believe we are dumbed to a point not far above the ‘plastic dog turd’ analogy that Matthew Delooze uses so eloquently. I also believe there are other’s who know oh so much more & don’t want to share.

“We find out Solomon used to be Cyrus Gold, a very evil man who had a lust for gold…
that decades later the swamp gave birth to a “walking dead man…soulless and emptyalways seeking, never knowing why“, this I took as an insult from those “illuminated ones” speaking about us “socially engineered clods” near the bottom rung of the ladder…”
I totally agree with Michael on this comment.

After the spell, Grundy states he remembers what happened to him and want his soul back rather than have the gold. Fate tells him that the gri gri spell caused him to “lose his soul”. So now, we have black magic, spells, and a walking soulless dead man seeking to regain what was taken from him”
This sure rings a bell for me – is that perhaps where we are right now – at least those who seek their own truth & as well as deigning to read the rantings of lunatic bloggers. What’s gold to the return of our soul???

Aquaman, Grundy, and Fate are all atop the platform to perform “the ritual”. Aquaman’s trident was required by Dr. Fate due to it’s magic and origins…Grundy however is the main focus of the energies and is told will have to endure enormous pain.
This reminds me of much New Age stuff I’ve come across over the years, the idea of undergoing ‘rites’ in order to prepare for the ‘new age’. Really I think we’ve suffered forever & a day, I’ve done the Catholic thing & found no answers there in the denial & sacrifice. At present I feel such a strong call away from these choking dogmas & towards merriment. Perhaps that seems ridiculous, we are bombarded daily with such doom & gloom that surely we must dig in & try to endure. I say we have been doing that all our lives. We have been going round & round on a Groundhog wheel of one week & methinks some one’s been having a bloody big laugh at our expense. Actually we probably do look bloody stupid – I’m reminded at how my son & I laugh at the cat which has recently ‘acquired us’ – chasing after a piece of string, which we hold & direct – mind you every so often he looks up to let us know that he’s on to our game.

from wiki: “The DC Comics character Solomon Grundy, a large, strong zombie supervillain, was named after this nursery rhyme.”

I found this entry of particular interest – “In the anime series Shakugan no Shana, the nursery rhyme is used in the form of an offensive magical spell, aimed at the series main character. I couldn’t help wondering if the charmed presenter of this little rhyme foisted a little more on the dregs of society (that would be us) than we might have wished for. The DC Comic character of Solomon arrived 102 years after this rhyme in 1944 .

A ‘bad hair day’ for the human race?

Here is the full article from Hidden Agendas

July 30, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Ed replied:

    Wow! I never really pondered that much on the character Solomon Grundy much past the Crash Test Dummies Superman song. As you so eloquently put it, we are all reflected by Grundy in a way, looking for something that we didn’t know was missing. It makes the end of episode two all the more touching.


  2. wise woman replied:

    Hi EdThanks for that. I will try & have a look at that link when I get a chance – if my computer will play ball.Cheers


  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Heya Wise!I see you “grabbed the ball and ran with it”, nicely done! :) Amazing that something that simple is so overlooked! And outstanding analysis my friend. I can see why you “wowed” Ed.Great work! Loved it, and if I ever have pics or whatnots you want to take, go for it, its a timesaver.


  4. wise woman replied:

    Hi & thanks MichaelNow if my maths are correct I shall blow your socks off 'synch wise' with this – I checked the timing of the two posts – yours shows 11.45pm (Sat) & mine 12.56am (Sun) – the difference being… 111 minutes. Cool eh!


  5. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Very cool! So how should I “interpret that”? 1/11 or 1+1+1=3 or 11+1=12 which is 1+2=3? Either way, its pretty darned neat.Cheers


  6. Devin replied:

    Another beautiful, thoughtful and at atimes funny and scary post! I cant wait to go through all of your archives. On my blog I was going to start a ‘wikipedia weirdness’ post every now and then. This thought came to me after reading the entry of a world leader that had some strange details in it!-I will defintely keep coming back til I have read through your whole archives.Peace and best wishes to you and your family!-Devin


  7. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinI saw from your comment that we crossed 'wires' :)'Wikipedia weirdness' sounds very intriguing – you've sparked my curiousity!Glad you are enjoying my blog's 'history'. My year has been delight-filled because of all the wonderful people I have met through this medium.All the best to you & yours.


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