Knickers re-loaded

I’ve been pondering today on women – a result of the sadness I feel when I see pictures like the one that leads my last post (see below, I mean way below, on the last article), plus a book I’ve been reading called Women & Desire.

Women & Desire addresses the much pondered question of “What do women want?” & tells the tale of Sir Gawain & the Lady Ragnall. You may know this story, if not you may enjoy it
….sometime later… sorry I can only find the Wiki version & it’s none too exciting.

“The story begins when the mystical knight Gromer Somer Joure challenges King Arthur to discover what women desire most, or face dire consequences. Arthur’s nephew and knight Gawain sets out to answer the riddle for him, and eventually Gromer’s sister, the hag Ragnelle, offers the solution if Gawain will marry her. Gawain selflessly consents to save his uncle, and Ragnelle reveals that what women desire most is sovereynté, to make their own decisions. With this answer Arthur wins Gromer’s challenge, and much to his despair, the wedding of Gawain and Ragnelle goes ahead as planned.
Later, the new pair retire to the bedroom. After a brief pause, Gawain assents to treat his new bride as he would if she were attractive, but when he looks up, he is astonished to see the most beautiful woman he has ever seen standing before him. She explains she had been under a spell to look like a hag until a good knight married her; now her looks will be restored half the day. She gives him the choice to have her beautiful at night, when they are together, or during the day, when they are with others. Instead, he gives her the
sovereynté to make the choice herself. This answer lifts the curse for good, and Ragnelle’s beauty returns permanently.”

For what it’s worth here are some thoughts I’ve thought today, though I must add they’re just musings & in no way meant to be used as ammunition in the superbly programmed war of the sexes that we have fallen for hook, line & sinker. As a woman I come from a female perspective, but at the same time I feel a bit of an outsider in my sex, so hopefully this has a balancing effect.

The programming of the two sexes has proceeded upon very different lines. There must be numerous ways to look at this – one way for me is through the ancient Greeks who boldly steered ‘manhood’ down the heroism trail – see over there you can still see the dust rising.

Women on the other hand (& here I concur with the writer of Women & Desire) were graciously guided onto pedestals where their raison d’etre was beauty – the more beauty the higher the pedestal (& the more apparent power). Mastery of their fate was put in the hands of dusty heroes who owing to their soil encrustation saw these visions of loveliness as a reward earned by whatever dust-up they’d been a part of. The ladies on the other hand, believing that dust was bad for the complexion, declared they ‘vanted’ to be left alone & retired early to bed.

Oh well why not, it’s no more silly than the reason men & women fight. Actually I was mostly being serious.

Some time ago I asked a male friend what he wanted most & he had no trouble in relating in detail his heart’s desire. If I’d been asked that question I would have suddenly had a great urge to spring clean the entire house, in Winter, with a toothbrush!

Many times I have been frustrated by this inability to connect with my dreams & desires. I remember having unstoppable wants as a kid, even when being pressured into thinking of the ‘poor in Africa/India’. But now I go blank. Some time ago when my son tried to help me by asking me to come up with 10 wishes, all I could think of was that I’d like a new duvet cover – he laughed at me (& I joined him). This leads me to wonder how women can ever achieve sovereynté, when they are not able to connect with what they want.

Today I’ve been thinking that to a woman, the word ‘want‘ is very loaded. I think that women see it as in ‘instruction’, a directive. A want IS something to be procured, a kind of ‘honour bound’ duty – something that reaches into the soul & flips the ON switch.

If someone says they want something to me, I become focused on how to attain that – a desire has been spoken – I really don’t think we have any concept of the ‘magic charge’ that accompanies the phrase I want when spoken with deep passion. I have seen ‘miracles’ occur when that desire is taken into the hearts of listeners. I’m not talking here of the engineered craving designed by the media. If you say you want something to a woman, or that you would like something, you may very well find it on your doorstep in the not too distant future.

I’ve been wondering what possible benefit to an engineered society would there be, to have women unable to connect with their desires. And in my wondering I find an interesting idea. Women create things, their bodies can form & hold a new child – this isn’t a sexist thing, it’s just how it is, it could have been the other way round. So a woman ripens things, her body has the ability to hold & nurture until fruition is reached. I have heard somewhere the idea that women can hold desires, dreams within their wombs also, using them as a kind of fertile & nurturing place until they are ready to be released. A friend of mine who comes from Nigeria told me that his culture believes that when a woman menstruates she is extremely powerful, more so than the strongest magician which is why they are banished during this time. Similar stories appear in the bible about women being ‘unclean’ in order to remove their presence (or their magic?).

So what would happen if women knew what they wanted & that they had a very fertile capacity to create it & that there were times when they were more powerful than the magicians who are running this show? Could this be why they have been relegated to second place. This second place has a very structured hierarchy & is extremely competitive. The energy that could be poured into recreating this world is twisted wickedly in this second place where looks count for so much & creativity is forgotten.

I’m also wondering if those in the ‘know‘ are using women to ‘create’ cancer by having them place their intense focus on it through such sick practices as the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Please bow your head & repeat after me


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  1. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    That’s a lovely Arthurian story, rather like the Princess and the Frog, but more complex and of course with the genders reversed.I’ve often wondered why through almost all of history we’ve been male-dominated with women being second class citizens. The simple explanation, the imbalance of physical strength, doesn’t add up because we’re not a species where physical strength is always an advantage; the most successful humans, in the evolutionary way, are socially powerful. Male chauvanism is not universal either; in many indigenous socieities they have sexual equality. Sexism is a “Civilized” thing. It could be because the ideas that most threaten the power of the Western Elite are usually held by women. For instance: most psychics and channellers are female. This is not a supression of the sex as such, but rather the supression of an idea that most often manifests through a female physical form.I’m very dubious over the Western World’s attempt, or pretence at an attempt, to rid itself of male chauvanism. A lot (not all) of modern feminism seems to be less about nurturing a nonsexist society, but rather a reversal of the old male-chauvanist one! A female-chauvanist society! This has been jumped upon as a source of divide-and-rule. There is now a male backlash, Henry Makow’s “Save The Males” etc. But with all these backlashes and counter-backlashes we will never achieve an end to sexual discrimination of either men or women. This suits the manipulators of power fine! And it matters not which gender is getting the short end at the time, so long as one of them is!

  2. wise woman replied:

    Hi BenWell said! It is just not in our best interests to fight, even on the most basic survival level, those who work together are always going to stand a better chance.There does seem to be this reversal thing now, but it's got no soul – it's like the rules have changed but the game is still being played in the same 'bloody colosseum' – which still equals sacrifices.I must admit for a time it seemed to me that men were stuck, the walls were closing in but then I found all these amazing bloggers – many of them men, doing their damndest to help this world & I was humbled.

  3. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    It’s strange how something happens and I think “This is it! This is the REAL solution! It’s here at last!” And then it slowly loses its drive and questioins begin to emerge in my mind. I think that “Animal Farm” is such a good book because of that. I know it was intended to be an alegory of the Russian Revolution, but it means far more than that. The corruption and regression that hit Russia with the rise of Stalin has equivalents in other fields of life. Feminism was meant to set women free, but it’s degenerated into just another form of sexism. The Trade Union Movement was the same, it began with good intentions, but it’s just become another political bureaucracy! What’s the REAL solution? The REAL one? I think we have to avoid herding. Look at the animals in the book “Napoleon is always right” they said, even when Napoleon was turning the farm into an authoritarian hellhole that was as bad as when humans ran it! We have to willing to tell Napoleon to get lost! Principles have to be upheld in the human mind at a SPIRITUAL level, not just as a collective political idea.

  4. wise woman replied:

    Ben ThanksI agree. I've often been caught out on the 'this is it' phenomenon – too often in fact.From a woman's point of view, feminism looked like it was going somewhere – I don't see that now – anything that divides us & keeps us from being friends is just going to keep this 'animal farm' churning out the same madness.I like your idea of the need to avoid herding – these concepts get thrown in our pen & then seem to get taken up by a few who are 'given' a voice in the media & before long it becomes the next best thing since sliced bread. I found that with the New Age books I used to read – lots of great promises, feel great for a while & then go flat – reminds me of lotto – selling dreams has become a very lucrative business. I think our 'pens' have been lined with dreams – poisonous dreams with silver linings.

  5. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wise,Well done, certainly was worth “re-loading” and reading!This comment really stuck out with me you wrote: “If you say you want something to a woman, or that you would like something, you may very well find it on your doorstep in the not too distant future.”I know your not from the U.S., but this certainly doesn’t apply to the socially engineered type [Celtic Rebel might agree] here in the States. Heck, they’d be lucky to find themselves out of a wet paper bag mind you, let alone be mindful or creative or thoughtful enough to do this. However, I know the M-asses in the U.S. are brainwashed to think of our “backwards neighbors” overseas at not having a clue as to what it is to be “American”. Believe me, I smack my forehead when the medes brainwash the M-asses about other cultures!So that comment you made is rather heartening to me and give me hope that there are women out there in the world that are creative and caring and use their energy for positive purposes!Keep shining that light your pouring out. Excellent write up and after thoughts!Cheers!

  6. wise woman replied:

    Heya MichaelSome heartfelt disillusionment I feel. Things have gotten pretty sour between the sexes. Admittedly the slush they're putting out there for women these days is pretty discouraging & it seems a great deal of attention is being paid to them through the media, I would go so far as to say women are being courted by the media, which is rather scary because the media tends to court what it ultimately destroys.As you said recently in your article, the shadow side has been twisted into something it was never meant to be – human beings have become fragmented, I wonder if male & female are simply fragments.Thanks for your comments

  7. Know Nothing replied:

    Lovely article Wise. It is rather disheartening that it seems males and females alike are unhappy in their skin. We should be proud of the roles we play in society, instead they are all downplayed. Don’t stay home and raise your children, don’t go out and work hard to support your family. I saw a piece on the news recently that interviewed children to ask them what they wanted to be when they grew up. Most just said they wanted to be “famous”, like it was a real option. When I was a kid I dreamed of being an astronaut, or a super hero. But famous? I guess Paris Hilton is famous for what? being famous?Unfortunately our “wants” have turned into merchandise, and overtaken our hopes and dreams.

  8. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wise,That's an interesting thought –that they are being courted by the Media or Medes. Perhaps, more social engineering to further widen the gap of the sexes.Well put, we are being fragmented, rather than being allowed to be "whole", our shadow self should not be viewed as negatively as we're being presented, with all this cleansing of it. Yes there is much socially engineered negativity out there, and it is contributing to that fragmentation as you put it.Perhaps, male & female are fragments, and thusly our continuous subconscious search to feel whole again? Maybe.It's always wonderful when a male & female can contribute a friendship that allows that "whole feeling" to meld and grow. I've heard that is extremely rare in our negatively based world society.Cheers

  9. wise woman replied:

    Thank you Mr KnowI liked what you had to say. If creativity was number one instead of 'which sex you are', what a very different world we would live in – the thing is that is up to us – we can wait forever for society to change but I think we all realise now that's not going to happen, so one human at a time we've got to find ways to feel alive again & surely that means stepping outside, sometimes way outside the traditional boundaries (barbed wire?) of gender.Yep the end products of living such as heppiness, fulfilment, fame (if you really want it) have been given names & packaged with lots of glitter to make them seem as if they're real when they are simply the by-products of creativity. It comes back to the billion dollar industry of 'selling dreams'.Hiya MichaelYes I think you're right, they're widening the orchestrated gap between the sexes. If we contemplated the idea that male & female were fragmented then I think we'd be a lot more humble with each other & open to a closeness that at the moment is just another marketed dream.I'm up for that :)Cheers

  10. Devin replied:

    wise woman- I hate to quote one of my favorite-actually my favorite modern poet-hehe i won’t use poetess-Anne Sexton but you are ‘good goods’! I am so glad I found your place. This was another wonderful post-I have so many thoughts regarding women-all good-but hate the role they are made to play in our extremely sick modern society! I am gay and I have often wondered how different my life would have been if I were straight-I usually only connect on a deep soul level with women-I only connect with men this way if they are very intelligent or very honest and thoughtful-and this not in the way that I am-over emotional and sometimes unable to disconnect from my ‘living in my own mind’ kind of life-I guess a lot of it comes from having a life so circumscribed by my present circumtstances-still and all I give thanks to each and every glorious day I am here on this earth. Thank you again for all of your hard and very thoughtful work here! thanks also for supporting me at MFM!-Devin

  11. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinI see we have crossed again as I've only just been over visiting with you LOL. Thanks for your very generous comments!I think we're all really tightly bound by 'society' & it's rules – it's taken me a long time to think about how crap they are & how they don't fit me at all – I think we are all a little bit of a lot of things. I could scream at the shallow world of the female, man I hate it & am doing my best to get as clear a view as I can so I can write about it. I want to understand where men are really coming from too. Lets just get everything out into the light & see what games we've been tricked into playing.I think honesty & thoughtfulness are prerequisites for soul connection – you don't open your heart to someone with a sledge hammer. But I've been wondering this last week about how we have been tricked into opening our hearts – ie the movie world & movie stars hmmmm so much to contemplate!All the best & it's really nice to see you popping up in unexpected places :)

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