A little something for the weak-end (sorry it’s a bit late)

I generally enjoy reading people who are willing to go out on a limb & present information that would have most experts salivating & squabbling over who gets to cast the first stone.

I’m one quarter of the way through just such a book now, perhaps by the time I’m half way through I’ll put it down, I don’t know, but it has provided me with an idea I had not thought about before & find thoroughly refreshing.

I’m thinking you might agree that there is a tremendous amount of energy being expended on ‘end of the world’ scenarios. We have been primed through school, history, media & movies to accept the destructive tendencies of our race. We have been taught (taut = emotionally or mentally strained) that our blood thirsty species has little or no respect for life & must be policed to keep us from running amok. History tells us our predecessors tried to obliterate all & sundry, not once, but twice, through world wars. Our daily buffet from the media reads like a mafia menu – a double helping of blood but easy on the onions.

The trailers for the lead up to the ‘Apocalypse’ include a dazzling array of expert knowledge of climactic change, 100% natural (cough) disasters, media hype plus the most scary thing of all – leaders with as much common sense as a toilet brush (& far less useful). There is enough doom & gloom to whet the appetite of any number (max 144,000) of Apocalypse spotters.

I’m not sure what the RDA of doom is, but I think we’re overdoing it. In my own city of Auckland, we’ve gone from the odd mention of what to do in an emergency to media statements from the pulpit, err sorry local paper of ‘It’s not if, but when…’ – wtf, where did that come from – nothing has happened in Auckland, if I follow the same logic I should now rush out & buy a lottery ticket because I’ve never won anything & “It’s not if, but when – it’s true I read it in the papers.

Sorry got side-tracked. My book is called Catastraphobia by Barbara Hand Clow. She suggests that the devastation that we so fear or have resigned ourselves to, is a fait accompli – it has already happened. It took place around 11,500 years ago when the Cataclysm that almost destroyed this world & which virtually every culture in the world has recorded, occurred.

Clow suggests that our fascination with destruction comes from the unhealed trauma that resides in the collective memory of the human race & that, as with all trauma, we need to remember it so that we can heal, otherwise we keep re-creating it or allowing repeat performances.

Personally I am touched by these ideas, perhaps you had heard of them, I had not.

The devastation would have been indescribable – what words have ever equalled an experience – good or bad – we just use them to create movies in our head. Watching a disaster movie while scoffing popcorn in a movie theatre is not real – sorry I hope I haven’t spoiled that for anyone, but movies are actually made up & the actors go home in the evening to watch other disaster movies.

Families, villages, towns, the familiar landscape would have been obliterated – our world almost destroyed. Were we there I wonder?

Following on with his idea I have wondered if the traumas of our present lives would be compounded a thousandfold by the buried memory of such an incident – a fear of abandonment in this life could be resonating with the unbearable loss of everyone, everything in that previous time. A fear of fire or water which may outwardly appear to stem from this life, could have it’s roots in the memories of something infinitely more terrible. Religion would gain an easy foothold when something so awful happens that we believe we are being punished & need protection – isn’t that what religion is about? I thought about the Aztecs too & their hideous sacrifices designed to maintain the universe – surely you need some bloody terrifying reason to make you consider butchering fellow human beings by the thousand.

I have been allowing these ideas to wander around inside me to see what comes up. As a result I wondered what effect this cataclysm would have had on the Earth herself – surely she too would have suffered the same trauma as her peoples. I wonder if somehow she has blocked out her memory too & perhaps we need to remember in order to heal her – does she allow so much disrespect through pollution & overuse of her body because she carries this deep trauma & has been unable to rouse herself & heal. Is this why the majority of the population of the world are so easy to dumb down – they are simply following that same route – the one that leads to escape from pain?

There is a further suggestion in the book that prior to this time Earth’s axis was straight & the world experienced a ‘golden age’ – the Garden of Eden. The devastation that not only wiped out much of the world’s population, also changed the world forever, the topography was drastically altered, distinct seasons were created, a whole new way of living was called for… “And there’s so many myths with such similar themes. Catastrophic devastation, flood & fire, destruction of mankind and cold & dark.”

………Was the world once a very different place?…………

Catastrophobia also suggests that time was created as a result of this new world – there were now identifiable seasons & the stars had changed & moved in the heavens & humanity developed a deep fascination for them.

I guess it was the book Out of Antarctica by Robert Argod that somehow melded with this one & created such an interest for me (there’s a link at the bottom to a previous post that resulted from that book). Argod had studied mythology from around the world & had a passion to understand this enormous catastrophe – indeed it seems there is much that could be called ‘proof’ for those who wish to go a-hunting.

Mostly I’m happy to turn this idea over & over. I find myself resting within this meaning-filled theory.

Playing with some wild ideas, I thought of trauma based mind control – the entire human race would have been programmable & there were those kindly beings who turned up & taught the basic skills required in this ‘new world‘ – can we date the start of the NWO to this cataclysm, with a continual build up to this present time where we face the ultimate choice – to heal or to escape from remembering?

Anyway these have just been some thoughts sparked off by an idea that I think offers hope & resolution & is such a welcome change from a diet of over-processed doom.

I wish you all whatever your heart’s desire to create your personal paradise.


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  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wise!Wonderful, simply put and extremely plausible! I love this idea and will be musing this. I know there are a few alternative scholars out there with this theory as well. I have longed wondered how the “flood” was recorded by so many different cultures, yet the one pushed the most is backed by..wait for it…religion!Go figure! The programmers at their best. Right.An interesting view on the Earth being scarred so much as to allow this to further take place. Perhaps that “flood consciousness” still permeates the Ether/Aethyr around the Earth today?More thoughts to ponder!Thank you for this eye opener.Peace and be well in Auckland.

  2. SoapBoxTech replied:

    I love how your mind works. I tend to agree with what has been presented here, except I would suggest that perhaps both are the case. I have been reading Graham Hancock’s Underworld which documents some ancient monuments old enough to make the Pyramids seem young. His research would seem to suggest that significantly advanced civilizations created these monuments which were eventually submerged by cataclysm as long as 12,000 years ago. This would definitely lead one to ponder the cyclical time scales of the mayans and of ancient eastern civilizations, and wonder if we are coming from AND heading toward catastrophe. It would seem that Michael Tsarion is something of a proponent of this line of thought.I had never before connected my distinct discomfort being in water that I cannot see beneath with historical flood-based catastrophes, however, until I read this post. Perhaps it is indeed some sort of genetic memory.Thank you.

  3. wise woman replied:

    Thanks MichaelYes, religion does seem to have always been on the spot for a 'Good News'(for modern man) story – reminds me of the paparazzi!These were just some ideas – I do so love to play around with them & see what patterns form – rather like your fractals :)CheersHi SoapboxGald you could stop by. I have no answers, just like to play with ideas, partly in the hope they can loosen a few more mental shackles.I have always been a sucker for a happy ending so I'm going to play more with the idea that the cataclysm has passed – Clow suggests that such events are spaced very, very, very far apart – 12 000 years would be very quick succession.ATB

  4. Ed replied:

    Aye, destruction and rebirth, the constant cycle.The age of Aquarius is almost upon us, so what are we going to do? I’m bringing a pair of swimming trunks and a fishing pole.Ecclesiastes 1: 9-11″What has been is what will be,and what has been done is what will be done,and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a thing of which it is said,“See, this is new”? It has been already in the ages before us. There is no remembrance of former things, nor will there be any remembranceof later things yet to beamong those who come after.”

  5. wise woman replied:

    Hi EdMaybe we should give surfing a try – the waves would be amazing – just say bollocks to it all & go with the flow!I'm sure I had a dream the other night of writing you a letter to see if you were ok – hope all is well with you.

  6. Ed replied:

    Thanks for the concern. Ive been looking for work and I’ve been a bit worried, so i’ve had to put gardening on the back burner.

  7. bardoftheabyss replied:

    Greeting Wise One,I read Graham Hancocks “Finger Prints of the Gods” a few years back and he postulates that indeed there was a world wide Cataclysm that destroyed the ancient world. If you haven’t already read it I highly suggest giving it a go.I personally find too much proof in the pudding and find myself “believing” that it indeed was our past. Even so far as having dreams of it before I read Mr. Hancocks work. I “believe” myself to be a very old soul, hence why I seem to “get it”, where as the mass man does not.(not being Egosyntonic with that, just how I see it)Like soapboxtech I too have a fear/discomfort while in large bodies of water. Genetic memory???Maybe I’ll find out when I pass from this life, maybe not. But it sure is fun thinking along these lines.

  8. wise woman replied:

    Welcome BardThanks for the comments. I am very much enjoying the feelings playing ariound inside me, as I contemplate our 'real' history – what's a good idea for but playing with & seeing what develops or what is remembered.I hope you don't mind but I may need to pinch a pic from your site for an article I'm working on :)Cheers

  9. Know Nothing replied:

    Hi Wise, I think we have experienced great calamities in the past. Many believe that the Revelations of the bible were actually referring to the time they were written in, not the times we are in now. The Hindu Vedas have many passages that seem to describe flying machines, nuclear bombs, and great wars. But hey, maybe they’re all just fun bed time stories. Sleep, Sleep…

  10. wise woman replied:

    Indeed Mr Know, that's a much more digestible way to see the 'revelations'.I'm really interested in this idea that we may carry the trauma of this great cataclysm – for I have been a such a loss to understand the great stupidity & 'stuckness' of us as a race. Also what I'm revelling in is the idea of a vast history prior to that of which we were an important part, certainly not playing the role of worms as we currently do.ATB

  11. celticrebel replied:

    How did this raccoon end up in here??? That’s a sync!I’m still trying to figure out a way to derail this train off the track of cataclysm … then again, I may be overestimating myself. :-)

  12. wise woman replied:

    LOL Mr RebelI spotted the wee critter there again last night as I was looking for something & immediately thought of your article – yes a very cute synch.Let me know if you figure out how to go about the derailing, I was thinking maybe just wait till we get to a bend in the tracks & then jump!

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