Some stupid remarks have been on my mind today – I met them both yesterday, one in the finishing pages of a book & one at Celtic Rebels site in Prank Call of the Wild.

I wrote an article at the end of October that stemmed from a book called Catastrophobia that suggested that humanity is suffering from the collective trauma of a cataclysm that all but wiped out earth 11,500 years ago. Something in me responded to this idea. I’ve gotten a lot more wary of what I read over the years & will put a book down if it doesn’t feel quite right. I have to say for the most part I got heaps out of this book & yesterday as I was winding it up I came across this –

“According to the wisdom of the sages, we are completing 11,500 years of a collective degeneration

A short time later I happened upon the Rebel’s latest Charge of the Tripe Brigade

One thing that I think is can safely say after contemplating the topic, is that we [our generation] may very well be the dumbest, most ignorant lot to ever walk God’s Green Earth.”  link

So I’ve been thinking about stupidity today & finding some very comforting & hopefully useful thoughts.

If you are anything like me, you’ve got a shitload of past programming (from a multitude of sources) that you’re endeavouring to release back into the wild – AND, if you’re also like me also you may find that the bastards don’t want to leave the nest. So what to do with all these monkeys on our backs.

I have tried, really! I’ve (attempted) to love them. forgive them, write them, draw them, positively out-think them, punch pillows etc, but like the cat in the song, they just come back the very next day.

Thanks to a chat with a friendly blogger I’ve been drawn to mulling over my ‘coping mechanisms’ for when things get rough – & I have to say I’ve not been impressed by what I’ve found so far. It seems my coping goes something like ‘Oh well this is as good as it gets’ & further thoughts or attempts to improve situations float off into never ever land.

So here’s where I think stupidity can come & lend a very big hand. Personally I really appreciate intelligence, as in ‘an enquiring mind that can grasp & play with ideas’, I’m definitely not talking of egg-spurts.

No, no don’t do it!
For in this sign,
have they surely conquered

 So what would happen if we contemplated our past, our parents, our teachers,

our leaders, our experts, our society & our history as STUPID?

Whoa don’t go getting defensive yet – why not just have a sneaky little play with the idea & no you can’t leave your parents out.

What if we are enormously stupid & as a race, have been for a very long time.

What if the idea that we are advancing is a cover-story, to keep us from noticing that we are now in fact considerably dumber than our parents. Can we really say that technology is a sign of ‘intelligence’ – I think not – I’ve looked into WWI during this year – that was the first real test-run for technology – how many of your clan were wiped out in that little dummy-run.

Lets say that you & I are located somewhere near the top of the imbecilic score-card how could we use that? Well for one thing if we can accept it as a working hypothesis, then we can look at ALL that we have learned in life thus far as a potential load of crapand isn’t it so much easier to leave a load of crap behind than it is to leave something we prize.

If your parents were dumb & dumber then perhaps you can look honestly at all those half-truths you’ve been carrying around out of loyalty & discretely tip them into the nearest rubbish bin.

I read a lovely book quite some time ago which suggested that children will go through unimaginable pain & twist themselves & their lives into unnatural shapes, simply out of love & loyalty to their parents.

From what I have seen in my life, children give a humongous amount of devotion to their parents, we in return love & tend them, but all too often the focus of our adult eyes is towards the parents we loved (or hated) with our own humongous child’s emotions.

Now if we could look (lovingly or not) at our parents as dumb & dumber are we not freed in some way from having to follow the instructions that were handed down to them from their silly parents.

Angle the lens of stupidity a little wider and we can look with new eyes at our teachers & their teachers, our preachers, our ‘health’ professionals & all who proclaim expertise in the dazzling array of things that can surely only come about in a world where stupidity runs amok.

I was in the DVD shop earlier this evening, pondering stupidity & I looked at row upon row of ‘movies’ – are these not perhaps some of our society’s most stupid claims to fame – in what intelligent world or dimension would beings abdicate their lives in order to watch other people doing the things they would most love to do.

In what intelligent world or dimension would beings allow themselves to be worked to death for rectangles of paper & plastic.

In what intelligent world or dimension would beings give up their individual sovereignty & allow themselves to be farmed …

… in the same way we (stupidly) farm cattle?

We’ve been so captivated by the idea that we live in the ‘Modern’ world, that we haven’t stopped to switch on the light inside that could tell us what’s been hidden for far too long

A Hindu legend says that the gods hid man’s godhead within him, because he would never think to look there himherself. What if the key to unlocking this godhead is to see clearly & honestly within ourselves (& each other) that we have been well & truly tricked into thinking that we have evolved. I am very fond of Kenneth Branagh’s version of Much Ado about Nothing. I have watched it many times & one thing that really surprised me was to find human beings of 400 years ago acting just the same as they do today. So surprised was I, at this, that I looked up the text of the play, feeling sure that Branagh must have ‘modernised’ the play – but no there was no difference at all – we had not evolved at all in those years.

The crowning glory to this little tale of idiocy was a tale from my son when I got home from work this evening. He is I believe a fairly normal 15 year old boy. Today he & some friends got hauled up to the Dean’s office, were then berated & yelled at & received detentions (six for one of the boys) for the hideous crime of prank-drawing -a concerted effort had led to the creation of a penis on the cover of one of their books. In another time they may well have been lauded for drawing a sacred fertility symbol.

My son said he could understand the reactions of the teachers had they been caught committing a crime, but all the boys were at a loss to explain the extraordinary reaction to something so trivial. However if I re-label the scene as an example of stupidity then it makes perfect sense.

I must admit to a fear in my life of stupidity – of doing something ‘stupid’ or saying something stupid (I should really be over that by now!). As I went looking for images on the Internet I saw how common it is to label other people stupid – as a derogatory remark or as a foil to to someone else’s ‘cleverness’. It reminds me an awful lot of my previous jaunt into cowardice – where I was led to question just what a strangle-hold ‘heroism’ had on humanity. Now I see that ‘cleverness’ or ‘intelligence’ has been another such soul-crusher.

I think I can now embrace stupidity with relish, as a useful tool for releasing the vice-like grip of scholastic ‘intelligence’. Here’s how the Celtic Rebel worded it –
“I was ignorant before, I am less ignorant now, and my goal is to be even less ignorant tomorrow.”

Etymology of intellect c.1386, from L. intellectus “discernment, understanding,” (note no mention of experts).


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  1. Know Nothing replied:

    Couldn’t agree more! I feel as though we keep accepting less and less from others and in turn ourselves? More and more people are going to universities and higher education facilities than ever. I don’t think this makes us smarter as a race, it just indoctrinates more of us. When everyone has a degree, no-one has a degree.


  2. aferrismoon replied:

    Carlo Suares wrote that he didn’t think that Genesis [ in the Bible] had happened yet.Go to Youtube : CZECH POLICE IN ACTION [ Hawaii 5-0 version]. Cheers


  3. bardoftheabyss replied:

    I agree and certainly feel that we are de-evolving if anything. If you havent seen the movie “Idiocracy” you should give it a try.


  4. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wise,That was very passionate, I could feel the resonating energy from your words. Well done. :)I had mentioned/asked a few friends their ideas on if we were “de-volving” as I had that gut/tug feel one day that Humanity was. Happy to know that my feeling “stupid” for asking that question was not out of place!Excellent work, Cheers my friend!


  5. dedroidify replied:

    I disagree, I know about the catastrophobia theory and only agree that there was a drop in consciousness at that time.The theories of Spiral Dynamics and also the mayan calender illustrate clearly that consciousness is evolving, not the opposite. Humanity is being dumbed down for a reason, I’m guessing that reason is not cause we’re already devolving… How this theory can be seen as empowering is beyond me. Ignorance is ignoring the truth, stupidity is a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience. That ignorance is imposed through institutions and belief systems. There is a huge difference between ignorance and stupidity.


  6. wise woman replied:

    Hi Mr KnowAgreed – we have moved so far away from 'inner knowing'& there's such a mad a scramble for more & more education – where oh where is wisdom?Thanks AferrismoonI like that idea very much. I will be checking out the youtube link tonight.Thanks Bard, I'll keep an eye out for IdiocracyHiya MichaelSo you were on to it all ready – good show! Glad you picked up on the energy :)Hi DedroidifyI was going to try & answer your points, but I'm just going to stand by what I wrote. It was written with a kind of playful passion that was meant more for a teasing out of an idea.The lady who wrote Catastrophobia sees this present time as a huge awakening & so do I.Cheers


  7. dedroidify replied:

    Hey Alex, apologies for the misunderstanding. I read an interview with Barbara Hand Clow who wrote the book and see indeed says consciousness is evolving, ya didn’t include that she or you think the present time is one of a huge awakening ;) I got the opposite vibe.I think I misunderstood too cause the phrasing was a little off in your e-mail which said “degenerating since then” but here you quote it is a “cycle of collective degeneration”. How I first understood it was to me the opposite of consciousness evolving, but not how it’s said in the book, as you quote in your post, so sorry about that.See her point now and liked the interview.Peace!


  8. wise woman replied:

    Hi DedroidifyPerhaps I wasn't clear & you have helped clarify.No worries


  9. Jenn replied:

    Nice post Wise! I like to think of something Dennis McKenna says–that we are a community of learners and we can learn from anything. If evolution exists, then i think deconstruction probably also exists, and i’ll just try to keep learning in the middle of it all! :D


  10. wise woman replied:

    Hi JennThat sounds most promising indeed – and I'm sure we are learning & it's a day by day thing – to be honest I think my learning only started a few years ago – I don't know what I'd call the time before that! I do most earnestly seek to be a whole lot less stupid :)


  11. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wise!I had an encounter at work tonight with a friend, we were talking about Transhumanism and Eugenics. When I was explaining about Eugenics in the early 1920-30s in the U.S. doing sterilization of “undesirables” before I could finish, the co-worker was already agreeing with Eugenics on doing it! I thought to myself “how fucking stupid”, and explained that it was imposing on a person’s rights and freedoms, but he said “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one”.Right then I replied “ahh a star trek fan huh” ,and realized that sci-fi and video games had swayed his thinking towards Eugenics and Transhumanism already. Stupid indeed!Loved the article!Cheers!


  12. wise woman replied:

    Hi MichaelI think that's a very good point about sci-fi & games swaying people's minds – could be well worth looking at from that angle on a much bigger scale.You know I'm coming to feel that tv programmes & movies (at least some of them) are actually full on rituals too – perhaps they are multi-layered, reaching into right & left brain, as well as emotions – a kind of mind-fuck cocktail!


  13. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Hey Wise!I’m definitely seeing that sci-fi is making “robots” more acceptable, as well as “cybernetics” in/on humans. Go figure right?The video games, well, that kind of entrainment is a big booming industry and when VR merges with it, those virtual worlds will literally suck people right in. Heck, there probably will be a new sickness/disease created for those that become addicted to it, and the PTB will create a whole new slew of doctors and specialists to deal with that, won’t that be nice of them?I agree with you on the t.v. and movies having rituals inside them, am thinking some books do too! Like Silverhand by Michael Scott.Cheers!


  14. wise woman replied:

    Hi MichaelYep I thought the movie ‘I Robot’ did a splendid job in making robots into ‘friends’ – there were the bad ones of course, they were easy to spot – typical bad guys, but then there were the goodies – the main one ‘Sonny’, plus all the good ones willing to give their ‘lives’ or should I say ‘sacrificing’ for humans – which as all humans know is ‘the greatest service one can do for their fellow man or country’ – well you know I’m just going to have to say ‘knickers’ to that!It wouldn’t surprise me if there already were disorders from games, but put down to other causes – that’s one small pair of knickers for man, one giant pair for mankind :)Cheers


  15. Devin replied:

    wise woman, in my ramblings about the web I am trying to write down names of posts I will bump up at my site at a later date-this beautiful post will be among them.Thanks for all of your hard work and thoughts!-Devinps I did not realize you had added me to your blog list-thank you so very much-Devin


  16. wise woman replied:

    Thanks for your kind comments as always DevinI didn't realise you'd been so busy reading last night!When I started out the encouragement of other bloggers really helped me – at the beginning I thought I'd just post comments on other people's sites because I KNEW I was useless at communicating & then somehow it just started to flow, & it was just so good to go off on what would be considered an illogical tangent & see where it led. Somehow I think by doing this I allowed my soul a chance to breathe at last.Enjoy your writing & thanks for your poetry :)


  17. Devin replied:

    Hi wise! got your comment over at my place-let me think on that one a bit-one thing that just came to mind is that the death of a popular young woman or man can not only be traumatic-but in some of these cases-thinking about your post about the lady killed-can’t remember her name-will find it-and some posts Ben and others have done-are some of these deaths meant to serve another purpose? Even going by the H/A series-got me thinking along these lines as one but not the only thought on A’s death was intentional or a ‘self sacrifice’ hmmmm-gonna keep thinking-hope my connection holdsOn another topic of listening to the universe-when i was at the trade in book place with my mother right before going out the door-I saw a book by Flannery O Connor “The Violent Bear It Away”-you might seen my post about how bad I wanted Jeff Wells book Rigorous Intuition-well Jeff did a post by that title-at the time did not realize where name came fromI figure that just as I was seeing that book-being kind of caught off guard my brother must have been leaving me a vm that he had purchased the book for me by Jeff-it would have been one thing if the book was right in front of me but I barely caught it-O Connor is also an author Jeff likes-it is 1125 pm here I might be up for a bit-feeling better-either way hope to communicate very soon! best to you and your family!


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