A Truer Word

A friend sent me a link to an Internet site today that she had found stimulating & so I went forth & linked also.

I got part of the way through, when my psychopoo ‘pull out’ alert button began flashing big time. A few months back I learned the (very) hard way, not to ignore this feeling & consequently hastened to the X at the top right hand of my screen & took my leave.

However I have spent the rest of today pondering.

I was at first drawn to the info in this article. For one thing a friend had recommended it.

Then there was the intro with someone assuring me that he has looked into it himself & cannot see how it can have been faked. Plus of course I do so much want to understand the answer to life, death & the universe otherwise known as ‘what the hell am I doing here?’  Some things I read made sense, some made me go oohhh, but somewhere along the way I also went uh-oh, let me out.

I had found myself believing what was said. It was not chirpy or upbeat – the tone was serious, the message harsh. Why is it that when someone gives us bad news that we’re so much more likely to believe it? I read the other day that people are often more likely to believe something that is whispered – is this because it too suggests that the info is bad & therefore true?

So I wondered why I was trusting this person. This then led to ‘what is trust’ & why do we feel drawn to trust people & things? Interestingly it is only a short while ago that I posted this pic in my article on Adrienne Shelly.

My etymology dictionary returns trust to original meanings of

help, confidence, firmness.”

And for true we have

The underlying etymological meaning of true is faithful, steadfast, firm’; in accordance with the facts is asecondary development … and it has been speculated that it may ultimately have links with the Indo-European base dru- ‘wood, tree’ (source of English tree), the semantic link being the firmness or steadfastness of oaks & suchlike trees.

Some out loud thinking & questioning with my son after work, followed by a walk in the evening air led to a quick sketch of trust – oops sorry that’s a tree.

Our list for trust took shape, & surprisingly it took the shape of living, breathing sentient beings – there was not an idea or thought in sight. For trust we decided, we needed time to get to know someone, to develop a deep connection & also to feel that we were cared for deeply. Trust seems to involve an energetic flow between open hearts – perhaps like an electronic circuit. In this sense there is a feel that ‘trust‘ is a union of two or more people (or animals of course).

So could misplaced trust be an act that needs a bloody great light shone on it? What happens when you open your heart centre to an idea, a concept or a belief? You wouldn’t hop into bed with them, & yet perhaps by opening ourselves & creating an energetic circuit with them, we do just that. And just what monsters might be Frankensteinally created by the fertilising of an idea or concept with a heartfelt emotion? Is some kind of life force created when we imbue these concepts with our very own emotional trust?

I’ve noticed how BIG a word ‘trust‘ is.

Isn’t it the basis of all religions?

Could the opening of the human heart to the idea of religion have created the ‘monster’ religions we have today? Could the opening of the human heart to ‘national pride’ be behind the creation of nations that must be fed by the sacrifice of it’s people? When we ‘trust’ something that has no heartbeat, do we in essence, breathe life into it.

If you listen again to the word trust you can hear another sound & it looks like this-

Trussed– arranged for cooking by binding close the wings or legs of (a fowl).”

Its etymology goes thus:

Middle English to pack, load, bind, from Anglo-French trusser, trousser, from Vulgar Latin *torsare, from *torsus twisted.”

Could it be that we twist things out of shape & tie ourselves & our world in knots when we emotionally inseminate words & meanings with our highly charged trust?


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  1. Know Nothing replied:

    I also have felt we put entirely too much “trust” in the written word. What is it about a book or even an internet article that seems to indicate so much meaning and truth? Any thoughts?


  2. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wow Wise your on a streak! :)Well said, perhaps its the heart-felt emotions that have the power to put “intent” into breathing life into a creation. Maybe thats why meditation and feeling “no-thing” isn’t about creating, just observing and watching whats around you.Maybe, in a socially engineered society by the PTB, chaotic emotions [i.e. fear based trauma, etc] are whats contributing to the madness around us? I enjoy when you break down the words into simplistics–seems to lessen its power.Cheers!


  3. Jenn replied:

    Excellent post! Isn’t it the public trust that largely animates this usury economy creating false scarcity? A small group of inbreds might have constructed this game, but it only comes to life when the public participates. Thanks again for writing this!


  4. wise woman replied:

    Hi Mr KnowI've thought the same.I think it may have something to do with our schooling – we are 'trained' by the printed word – all the people we 'trus't while growing up, believe in the printed word – a word 'becomes' the object that it symbolises – the word 'chair' becomes in our minds (& emotions) the actual object. Part of my day job has involved putting ads together – it used to amaze me that some very bad word documents of mine could be translated into glossy ads – I have no training in this sort of stuff, I'd just toss some ideas together & then it was a sort of 'oh my god look at that' – it looks 'real' – somehow I think the printed word & image has come to mean something 'real' – which of course is bloody scary.Thanks MichaelI do think our heart felt-emotions carry one heck of a 'charge'. It is perhaps the one constant in our 'western' lives -, the daily emotional onslaught through a multitude of different 'channels'.Words are so jam-packed with emotion it's healing have some fun with them :)Hi JennI did think about all that 'trusty' stuff, but I'm illiterate when it comes to finances so I left it alone – you however said it wonderfully – thanks.So perhaps it's not money that makes the world go round but where we put our trusty & emotions!Cheers everyone!


  5. aferrismoon replied:

    I found , with the Trust thang, that it was something one has, yet can’t be ‘exchanged’ with others – despite the social shouting of ‘Trust’? Respect? Tolerance? or other words taken out of a sentence and howitzered at our psyche.Trust can’t be exchanged but the trust within us for ourselves waxes or wanes with others and as such we stay or go.Also trusting people to be themselves = 100% accurate , at all times.cheers


  6. Devin replied:

    Beautiful post wise woman. I am so glad I came here! I hope to be back very soon. Best to you and your family-Devin


  7. Know Nothing replied:

    I guess this says it all: John 1:1 “In the beginning there was the word and the word was with god and god was the word”


  8. wise woman replied:

    Hi AferrismoonNice comment. Trust is too tricky a word to pin down, but 'twas interesting to wrestle with.I'd agree that trust come from inside, I see it as a kind of whole self decision to open to something. I see, from my present vantage point, that reciprocal trust as in pic with boy & dog as creating something larger than the two reciprocators themselves – 'friendship' perhaps – which to me is one of the most marvellous NRGs in creation.Also I think maybe our faltering trust in ourselves could be one of our biggest stumbling blocks. meanwhile these are just some stumbling musings.CheersHowdy DevinThanks for stopping in & all the best to you & yours too.Hi Mr KnowThe 'word' sure gets around – 'twould be fun to have a little play & change that to "weird' – actually I think that makes a lot more sense – perhaps God has an accent."In the beggining it was weird, & it has just got a whole lot weirder" – I 'trust' that makes (no) sense :)


  9. Ed replied:

    Good Post.I’ve been wondering for the past couple of days if I’m doing the right thing posting advertisements and links for companies on my blog. I include the “this has been a paid post” disclosure, and I don’t think any of the ads are evil or anything, but I’m just not sure.


  10. wise woman replied:

    Thanks EdAs to your musing, if we were sitting down having a cup of coffee & a chat I would ask you to explain further about what you are feeling, what you are trying to achieve & what it is you wish your blog to say -it is yours after all. When I come to your site I just seek out what attracts me & leave the rest.With the advertsing I have been involved in in my company (& we are a small company), I aimed to use it like a shop window – a company needs to display it's wares – what sucks are scare tactics, or tricks. Whenever I could get away with it I used to sneek in humour which had bugger all to do with the product but was just for fun! Unfortunately 'monetary seriousness' has now crept in & I have had to redirect my humour into other areas.I have some animal medecine cards – if you wish, you can think on this question & pick a number between 1 & 52 & I will let you know what animal you pick & its message for you – only if you feel like it of course :)


  11. Ed replied:

    Number 48 came to mind, almost immediately.


  12. Know Nothing replied:

    Haha..Love it


  13. Ed replied:

    It was a good post. I’m good, I just had a moment of self doubt. (When I read you followed a link a friend suggested, I thought for a brief moment it was one of my ads.) ;)


  14. wise woman replied:

    Hi EdYou chose the Wild Boar card or it chose you!There is a story of a warrior who dishonours himself by lying & is to be banished from his tribe. To restore his honour he chooses to face the Wild Boar with a knife as his only weapon, if he fails he will be torn apart by the 'ravaging tusks of the fiery-eyed beast.'The spirit of the Wild Boar comes to him in dream & tells him he will first have to face & conquer the self-important & deceitful beast within himself, if he hopes to survive. the warrior vows to honour the 'truth' from that moment forward & he faces the beast & survives. He keeps the tusk as lifelong reminder to always confront the weaknesses within himself.The medecine of the card teaches us to confront human weakness & to change them into strengths. The human spirit is empowered through the Wild Boar's willingness to confront fears, challenges at hand & uncomfortable circumstances.You are being asked to confront anything or anybody you have been avoiding, or a personal weakness or a career challenge. It may be time to finish a project that you abandonned thinking it might be too difficult to accomplish. Confront your feelings about something that makes you nervous & bring yourself the peace of closure.Wild Boar reminds you to quit avoiding the inevitable & insists you be fully present & mindful of what is happening & why. If you drew this card you already possess the courage needed to confront all that life offers; just remember where you hid that courage. Unless you actively embrace your issues, you cannot reclaim your spirit's energy.Cheers Ed


  15. wise woman replied:

    Hello again EdSorry didn't see your other comment.No that psychopoo was from another source – it's actually given me much to think about – it was the authors arrogant & know-all attitude that got to me (I feel that the message & the messenger are inextricably tied together).Hope you like the card reading – I found it helpful myselfAll the best


  16. Ed replied:

    I do find it helpful and I thank you.


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