Taking a leaf…

I thought I’d take a leaf (or a flower) out of Aferrismoon’s blog who in turn took a leaf out of Jenn’s at Hidden Dakini & take you with me on a walk I had today around the Auckland Flower Show.

I got to go on a work day & didn’t have to pay – need I say more? I’m not a crowd lover & don’t enjoy the commercialism, but once I cottoned on to the idea that I could turn my trek into a visual tea party for travellers traversing the blogosphere I had a bit of fun.

So here for your viewing pleasure are some highlights from the 2008 Flower Show. Apologies for the quality of some of the pics, plus the battery in the camera dried up – still this is what I ended up with.

This bird is a Tui, one of my most favourite NZ birds. They have a little tuft of white feathers that fluffs out at their throat & a kind of hooked beak for drinking nectar from flowers. They make the most amazing delicious sounds;

From wiki “… are known for their noisy, unusual call, different for each individual, that combine bellbird-like notes with clicks, cackles, timber-like creaks and groans, and wheezing sounds…Some of the huge range of Tui sounds are beyond the human register… Tui will also sing at night, especially around the full moon period.”

Here’s a little snippet, but is only a small range of their abilities


And now for a few pre-flat battery pics. There was a very clever Cleopatra display made out of vegetables, but I’ll just have to leave that to your imagination.

I have just stepped into my weak-end – which is something we in NZ do before the rest of the world. Hope you have a good one.


November 21, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Jenn replied:

    Wonderful wanderings! I hope everything smelled as good as it looks, although i’ve got a hot donut craving now that my oats won’t satisfy! Thanks for sharing, cheers :D


  2. aferrismoon replied:

    It looks like Springtime. while here the weather just turned into Winter over the past few days. Lots of Wind and freezing snowy rain.Reminds me of Persephone – I goes in the Other comes out.Cleopatra will enter the next phase of the interblog tempoalliance Cheers


  3. wise woman replied:

    My pleasure JennIt does feel good to wander off & smell the roses & tuck into donuts – somehow I just don't think oats would work quite the same – even with cinnamon sprinkled on them :) All the bestHi AferrismoonIt is Springtime indeed & very lovely – when it's warm & breezy it's so hard to imagine the freeze – very much like Persephone's travels. I think Cleopatra popped down under to catch some rays – altho that won't be too good for designer lettuce attire!Cheers


  4. Devin replied:

    wise woman,I am so glad to have found your blog. I really feel good after stopping by here! When I have more energy and my health hopefully improves I can’t wait to read more in your archives.Take care and be well!-Devin


  5. wise woman replied:

    Thank you kindly DevinAs you said your health is not so good I took the liberty of thinking of you & then choosing a random card from my Animal Medicine cards – you got Ant – which stands for patience – with the message that it is time to show a little trust & patience in some life situation. You may have forgotten that you will always receive that which you need, at the time you need it most. If it is not on the horizon or just around the next anthill, you may need to use some strategy. How can you put to use your power of creation until 'it' arrives – whatever 'it' means to you at this time?Ant works for the good of the whole, if you are too then be assured that the 'whole' wants the same goodness for you.Hope this is ok, ignore if I'm being presumptuous :)


  6. Devin replied:

    wise woman, you are not being presumptious at all! In fact i really appreciate your thoughts-as it looks like I will not be able to lay down for a bit-no worries here -I woke very late today 430pm and it is 235 am in Arizona. I am going to use the time to look at some of your other beautiful posts.Peace and be well! thanks also for stopping by my place-Devin


  7. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    What s wonderful spectacle. Thanks, WW. I’d love to have gone there. (Unfortuantely I can’t afford the bus-fare and don’t have a passport!) Flowers are truly a gift from nature and I don’t think they evolved just for the insects. I think that the natural world has an evolutionary drive to create beauty that beings can appreciate for aesthetic reasons alone, not just for utilitarian reasons, like insect pollenization etc. They’re also there for creatures like us who don’t necessarily make practical use of them.


  8. wise woman replied:

    Thanks DevinHope you enjoyed the ramble!I'm not familiar with the US, but Mesa & Arizona remind me of the stories by Tony Hillerman (although set in New Mexico) – with that part of America I just think of deserts & big rocks :)All the best.Hi BenWell at least you 'virtually' made it.I really liked your comments, sometimes I feel myself wilting a bit under the barrage (garbage?) of inflicted science. I agree whole heartedly & in fact am going to deliberatley incorporate beauty into this day.Many thanks


  9. ~*kimrey*~ replied:

    what a pleasure, for us as well as for you (going on a work day and not having to pay… lol)!that certainly was a treat, thank you.the tui bird sounds like my son, he’s 8 (that makes him a dragon. seems that i am surrounded by dragons. that is a fine thing!:)it’s a pleasure to meet you, wise woman!blessings~*kimrey*~


  10. wise woman replied:

    Hi KimreyThanks for dropping by. A son that sounds like a tui must be awesome :)Best of luck in your writing


  11. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wow, what colors!! I cannot believe this one snuck away from me!It freezing here too, much like Aferris’ locale, and Winter is at my front door. Enjoy your color-filled spring events!*green eyes with envy inserted here*Cheers! Thanks for sharing!


  12. wise woman replied:

    Hiya MichaelGlad to bring a little warmth & colour to your world – am just popping outside for a spot of sunbathing – just kidding – if it makes you feel better it's raining here at the moment, but at least I won't have to wear socks in bed :)


  13. Know Nothing replied:

    I love the “mushroom” table and chairs. It’s sure important to remind ourselves how beautiful the world really is. Thanks Wise


  14. wise woman replied:

    Thanks Mr KnowThey're fun aren't they – beauty is so wonderful, altho methinks it's been hijacked & tied in a straitjacket so that it's parameters have become tiny – surely if something lights you up it becomes beautiful. I've been trying to get creative with with my back yard – it's small & resembles a jungle. I decided to relabel it from 'back yard' to 'courtyard' (Italian as opposed to something judicial) & it has helped me get creative – might have to add some toadstools to encourage the pixies :)All the best


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