Spinners & Weavers

I’m taking a day off work for rest & recuperation. I’d thought I might add a few pics to the side panel of my blog & instead got drawn into the powerful world of weaving.

I very much like the image of ‘weaving’ ideas, words & images.

Golden spider weaving words

Weaving creates patterns – each work is unique, the colours & designs chosen are highly individual. Wonderful word-pictures are created & the soul of the weaver shines through.

I have a feeling that a new type of communication is being born.

Word-pictures, feeling-thoughts, fractal-emotions woven on a loom that is itself in the act of being created.

Although I speak English, I am finding two very different forms of it in my daily life – the accepted structured formula of societal conversation,

& the deep, rich, harmonious, lively & colourful communication that sparkles among weavers or willing wonderers.

“Myths of weaving exist around the world as metaphors for creation.”

The spindle is often an axis mundi and its whirling whorls serve a cosmogonic function. Plato, for example, had a vision of the great goddess Ananke, “Necessity,” spinning the universe; the sun, moon, and planets were her spindle’s whorls; sirens sang through the webs of time and fate that she wove, and souls endlessly moved through the strands on their way to and from death and rebirth. Many goddesses are spinners and weavers: the Fates of ancient Greece; Athena, also of Greece; Neith of ancient Egypt; in Teutonic myth the Norns spin secret meanings into life;

in the American southwest, Grandmother Spider Woman spins all life from the shimmering threads in her belly”

In the beginning, there was the dark purple light at the dawn of being. Spider Woman spun a line to form the east, west, north, and south. Breath entered man at the time of the yellow light. At the time of the red light, man proudly faced his creator.

Spider Woman used the clay of the earth, red, yellow, white, and black, to create people. To each she attached a thread of her web which came from the doorway at the top of her head. This thread was the gift of creative wisdom. Three times she sent a great flood to destroy those who had forgotten the gift of her thread. Those who remembered floated to the new world and climbed to safety through the Sipapu Pole the womb of Mother Earth.” (Southwestern Native American creation story).

As I roamed the internet seeking out weavers, I realised I was digging into the deep creative essence & felt refreshed. Lately I have felt parched at work – the atmosphere feels so dried up, creative energy is a ‘waste of time.’

Generally weaving seems to have been a female tradition & I’ve been wondering just how much things have gotten back to front – what is life without creation. I read the following two quotes & felt quenched –

The arctic peoples believe that everything has a Mother and that all of Nature is ensouled. The most important Mothers are Mother Earth, Sun and Moon. The Sun was always female in the north – the Sun’s lifegiving power after the long dark winter is experienced as the life-giving warmth of the Mother’s womb.”

It should be noted that the monotheistic male god has no female mate, or consort — and this may partially explain why the majority of the most deeply troubled and war torn areas of the earth involve that god’s rigidly repressed followers, for they have been denied all access to the Divine Feminine; many, in fact, pervert any healthy relational contact with the feminine — this peculiar perversion is embraced alike by fanatical males, whether Jews, Christians, and Moslems. Unfortunately, their indoctrinated women too often cooperate in their own debasement.”

Earlier in the year I posted a link to a tale called The Wild Swans. In the story eleven princes are cursed & transformed into swans. When their sister finds out she seeks a way to break the spell. Eventually she learns what she needs;

You can break the spell if you are prepared to suffer,” whispered the fairy. “You must collect stinging nettles from a graveyard and knit eleven shirts from their soft flax. When you have finished them all, throw them over your brothers and the spell will be broken. But beware! Until you are finished you must not speak or laugh.”

I felt a connection to this story & for want of a better image have held in my mind an idea that those who seek & weave truth are working on a similar quest, drawing together threads from a multitude of sources & directions to weave a spell-breaking fabric.


I came upon the rather interesting image below – “Human “spiders,” free, playing effortlessly in their cosmic webs”

Is life a web that somehow we have gotten trapped in – have our non-stick shoes lost their special coating? Is the spun web something our consciousness is familiar with & is that why we’re so drawn to the new world-wide one?

If we cannot spin our own tales & weave our own way through life can we ever really connect with it? My own feeling is that in order to connect with something we have to take it into ourselves & somehow make it our own.

Does knitting show us the pattern of life -could one needle symbolise our selves & the other the world? Is the wool the fabric of life? Do we need to take hold of life again & again, unravelling & reshaping it to our own specifications – or is that heresy?? Are we just supposed to bow down before the wool? Did someone tell us that the sheep gave it’s wool that we might be warm & then told us in the same breath that it is too sacred for us to touch? Has the wool well & truely been pulled over our eyes?

I wonder if life is calling, if perhaps it has been calling for a very long time, to grasp hold of it & shape it according to our will – calling for us to become spinners & weavers again.

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  1. Devin replied:

    wise woman, I had been offfline for some hours doing research for the H/A series and had thought of just turning off the computer for the night-now I am so incredibly glad I didn’t! This post was truly and incredibly delightful and I want to come back to it. You always have the most beautiful images in your posts. I could not agree more with your thoughts about the male/female aspects of the war torn areas of the world-where the feminine is so repressed-there are so many thoughts I have in this area alone-about how this makes modern society so horrifically unbalanced. Thanks also for using the native american images and tales in this post. Really wise you and your blog are one of the true things I delight in-especially in regards to thought sharing and emotion sharing! You are an example of why I think the theories expressed in my current post have to be wrong on some level. Beautiful and magnificent work here-I will definitely be back to this one. Best to you and your family as always-we may be far apart as far as space goes but like the cummings poem I have in Nov archives I carry you and your thoughts in my heart!hehe off topic-the word verification to sign in is prood-that is something I have never perhaps unfortunately for me been(even tho it is spelled different):-)

  2. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wow Wise!Very insightful post, especially for someone thats “taking the day off” LOL Man, what else do you do on your days off? :)You made some very valid points here, especially loved the sheep metaphor too. We the Sheeple give our wool to this socially engineered society, but end up freezing and cold because we give it without creativity and do not receive it back from the taskmasters in the finished form.I think this ties wonderfully in with your telling stories posts, I am seeing wonderful weavers here in the blog sphere. Seems that the “major religions” of the world suppress the divine feminine energy globally, which is whats needed to “heal the Earth and Humanity” in my opinion. Again, my thoughts return to balance how off balance society is globally due to social engineering–but you know that ties in with my “Eugenics” posts at T.H.A.Love the beautiful images you added to his post. The taskmasters have pitted duality against us for far too long, and have taken advantage of the embedded “flood fear” within our DNA/repressed memories, thusly creating a more complicated society than it has to be. Returning to simplistics appears to be a refreshing route. Thank you for your creatively honest post.Cheers!Word Verification is ‘sessify’ perhaps we should start making up our own language too!

  3. Know Nothing replied:

    It’s so funny you posted this. I wrote a little snippet of how I felt about language the other day. The thoughts truly are weaving together. Loved your comment about the male god missing a female counterpart. I think that’s a crucial observation that gets overlooked far too often.

  4. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinThanks for your kind comments. I'm really glad I got 'tugged' away from what I was working on to post this, I gained much myself from the images & other peoples ideas.I think the feminine that is missing in this world has bugger all to do with the idea of feminine thats touted in the western world. I don't think we even know what it is – the best I can do at the moment is to see it as something very passionate, powerful, creative & yet caring.Be well & stand 'proud' :)Hiya MicahelThanks for your comments – didn't think of the sheeple angle when I went off on the 'woolly' angle – very good tie in :) We sure have got ourselves in a tangle!!Funnily enough I have always enjoyed untangling things :)Good health is said to be about balance, I'm sure you are right & it's the lack of balance in our lives & world that is upsetting the 'apple cart' – successful knitting or weaving requires a crafter uniting two different directions or angles – neither is 'more' important.

  5. wise woman replied:

    Mr KnowThanks for your comments. I do love the idea of us all weaving something wonderful together & there's no 'in club' either – it simply includes all who question!Agreed on the female counterpart to god – seems so bloody obvious really – how come we never noticed – every day I learn more about how unquestioning I have been!Will check out your post. All the best

  6. Devin replied:

    wise, had to come back and read through this beautiful post again.Very much agree the western worlds feminine ideal is what is causing a huge amount of problems-granted I am gay-but i adore women and have long thought-what sick as f^%& society would parade these stick thin caricatures of human beings around as examples to follow-i dont know if it is happening in NZ-but as Michael and others from here could probably tell you-it is now normal for young women to slice themselves with razor blades to feel something-whenever i think of this i want to cry-i really hope humanity women, and men can find our way out of this mess! I know I couldn't face living without the woman in my life who gives me a reason to keep on going-even when I am feeling somewhat 'Sextonish' myself! Best to you wise -you are a true treasure-like i say without your and Michaels support i never would have bothered with MFM-I hope you and your son are feeling great also!-hmmm dont really know if I like my Sexton comment-as she is my favorite modern poet-i should not turn her death into a descriptor-When she died at 45 (suicide) it robbed the world of an honest tortured soul that was trying to find her way also. The poet Adrienne Rich gave a eulogy type thing at her funeral that was both beautiful and angry-if I can ever find it on the web or in a book i will post it-i think Adrienne was not angry at Anne-so much-just the thought of so many suicides among great female (male also-Berryman comes to mind) poets in such a short period of history. Sorry for my meanderings again-I hope you had a great day and your son also!

  7. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinI think the stick figure women are perhaps quite symbolic of the life-force that has been sucked out of the female – all too often leaving a well-packaged but empty carcass – as long as looks = power they will remain trapped & empty. The thing is it's two-sided from what I can see because men also are very attracted to the pretty packaging & neither seem to notice that the soul that should be crafting at the loom is nowhere in sight.I know the whole world does not revolve around heterosexual roles but the image of them seems to be the most accepted version.I hope you don't feel 'Sextonish' too often – that's what friends are for :)

  8. Devin replied:

    No didn’t mean to worry wise-very much enjoy our friendship-sometimes when one is already very poor in the American health system-it can get a person feeling down-hehe always or it seems new paperwork needed-you actually have to wait in line to turn in an application-for an interview! I think the people ‘upstairs’ in the US really wish we would all just die-that goes for anyone with any disease-male or female-I guess when I really get outraged is when I see what the ‘fat-cats’ have got away with in this country and also what they appear to be getting away with doing to other countries-so sometimes I need to take a deep breath and take things an hour or a minute at a time if need be. This latest round would not have been so bad were it not for the fact that my car is not running right and the bus system here is awful for someone who has a bad back and other things that make it difficult to stand waiting a long time -so my mother -who is almost 70 is running over to my side of town constantly to help me do things I could have done myself-makes me feel guilty-although she doesnt-as usual i am getting way off topic-just wanted to say I think you should try writing poetry or a book-fic or non-fic-you have a way with words and images that I have never seen before and it is wonderful-I am saying this in regards to your last comment regarding women-fantastic! As always I hope you are doing great and your son also-dont worry after I take my deep breaths I feel incredibly blessed!:-)

  9. wise woman replied:

    Thanks DevinI would say I attempt to be more 'lyrical' when responding to you because I see through your blog that you like poetry – again it is this weaving in & out & through different peoples way of communicating.Aferrismoon helped me look at words in a different way also – so it's a constant interplay of new ideas & ways of communicating – learning to play with words instead of creating long straight lines of verbal brick walls (which seems to be how we've been taught to use our language).

  10. Devin replied:

    Thanks for visiting me at my place today wise! I always love getting comments and thanks for your last comment too-but never worry about sounding lyrical with me-I couldnt create a poem if a gun were held to my head! Hopefully I can create words that people like-A long time ago after a row with my bf- I wrote a confessional style poem-very much Sexton like-I was so mad at both him and myself-I did not mince words-it is pornographic and angry-so I do not think you will ever see it at my place-it was something along the lines of how men use ‘that thing’ to feel like they rule the f’in world. My ‘one’ is a bit ‘over endowed’ and I knew from past talks with him that he liked seeing the people he made love with (men and women) in pain-I asked him why? I said that doesnt seem to be something you should enjoy seeing in someone you supposedly like or love-it ended up in a huge fight (not physical)but I said it was hideous of him to think this way-as always off-topic-you know me! I truly hope you and your son had a wonderful day-This post was incredible-know what my favorite image is-do not know why but it is of the very old appearing native American lady working at her craft-I would love to have a pic of that in my living room-I see so much connectedness and beauty in her soul-dont know why I think I would know this:-)

  11. wise woman replied:

    Hi Devin – yes I don’t know why but I love that image too.All the best

  12. AnnaJennyM replied:

    Weaving has long been an inspiration in my writing, particularly for me from the myth of Philomena whose tongue was cut off when she tried to speak of rape so she wove a tapestry to tell her story instead (Ovid)Thanks for the beautiful words and pictures xxx

  13. wise woman replied:

    Hi AnnaJennyThanks for stopping by. I came across that tale as I was browsing the internet. It reminded me of a story I found in a lovely book about female heroines – the heroine teaches her husband how to weave & then he is captured & imprisoned in a terrible place – only those with skills are allowed to live & so he uses his skills to weave a beautiful fabric & insists the jailers take it to the empress (our heroine) as she will pay much for it – he has woven into the fabric the story of what happened to him & so she is able to find & save him. I may have got the details slightly wrong but it is a grand tale.All the best to you

  14. celticrebel replied:

    Something very important you said here: "If we cannot spin our own tales & weave our own way through life can we ever really connect with it?"That’s where I’m going when I finally get into solution-speak on my present series.Hence, the need the gods have for offering us solution after solution, or bombarding us with news of doom and gloom to reACT to. If we don’t create our own destiny, then the architects/spinners of control will happily do it for us, or maybe the Spiders from Mars will spin us a Tholian Web to play in.Even the Gods, be it Zues, Odin or Jehovah, feared the fates, for they were above them in the hierarchy of being and control

  15. wise woman replied:

    Hi Mr RebelAgreed!! I feel we have to make things ours – in the sense of bringing them into our hearts, then we connect with them – without that 'union', we are flat-lining. I need to 'determine & direct' the course of my life in order to feel alive – when I don't there does seem to be some inevitable tide that just sweeps me along – it is not pleasant.Will be most interested to see where your travels take you :)

  16. pmayhew53 replied:

    Reblogged this on pmayhew53.

  17. judywork1957 replied:

    Reblogged this on Time Slips and commented:
    Some excellent words on the spinning and weaving of thoughts into a story both with words and with pictures! It’s something I’ve mentioned so many times here about how the story tellers weave our lives together with history.

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