A Tail of Intrigue

This part of the year can get really weird – with mass expenditure & the following of set ideas about how this ‘weirdness’ must be done. The formula is so strict that individual creativity seems to fall by the wayside.

For some reason the other day I recalled a short story my son wrote when he was about 11 years old. He & his classmates had been given the daunting task of writing a short story that started with the following phrase ‘Honey sticky, sticky honey’ – I thought this was abysmally cruel, at least they could gave been giving something ‘interesting’ to work with.

My son did what any child or adult can do, but all too often don’t – he took something flat & dull & created a sparkling & witty gem.

This little offering is simply a reminder of the creativity that lurks around the door of every blessed human being. This work was his all own, except I made a couple of slight suggestions towards the end. It’s great fun, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

“Honey sticky, sticky honey. We shall protect and prevail. Our hive will live once more,” pronounced the Commander Bee.

It was the ‘Great War Two’ or as the soldiers called it the ‘Great Sting War’. The hives on the north and west side of the country teamed up and called themselves the ‘Venoms’ and the south and east side teamed up and became the ‘Stingers’.

Just then the sirens sounded. It was an air-Raid. Venom bombers appeared over the horizon. A group of ten Stingfires were dispatched to protect the proud Bee People of Abdomen City. The rest of the public flew to the shelters.

Charlie Foxbee was stationed on the SS Intrepid, a large aircraft carrier that could hold twenty-seven bomber bees and thirty-seven fighter bees. He watched as the ten Stingfires dropped like flies or, more appropriately, like bees. Then the ship loudspeaker sounded telling all bees to abandon ship as a buzz bomb was heading straight toward them.

After that he was stationed on the ‘Abdomen Front’. A freezing terrain which was being attacked by the Nazbee’s. Unfortunately bees could not survive such temperatures so once again Charlie was moved, this time to the SAS (Special Air Stingers), where he was assigned an assassination attempt on the Nazbee leader Adolph Feeler. The mission was unsuccessful.

Two months later the SAS base was wiped out after a direct hit by a Doodle-Bee-Bomb. Winston Hivehill was outraged and organised a surprise attack on the enemy occupied N.E.H (North East Hive), codenamed Bee-Day. Fortunately Charlie was on leave from the force at that particular time but was recalled after the counter attack on “Sting Harbour”.

Prince George and Queen Mairbee were very nervous, as ‘Venoms’ had already taken over Normanbee and Pollen-ed as well as the increasing damage caused by kamakabees

The Italian leader Beenito Mussolini invented a highly trained squad called S.W.A.T (Special Wasps and Tactics) to destroy the N.E.H Resistance which ironically Charlie was helping at the time.

But once again he lived to tell the tale. Then came 1945 and with it the end of the war and ‘V.BEE Day’

And so ends the story of Charlie’s adventure.

December 17, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Know Nothing replied:

    What fun, bee well Wise, and never forget to protect the hive!

  2. wise woman replied:

    Hiya Mr KnowGlad you enjoyed – it always makes me smile.Bee well yourself!

  3. Devin replied:

    Absolutely adored this wise! How creative! A billion blessings to you and your son from AZ to NZ! I think creativity and great ways with words must run in your family!

  4. wise woman replied:

    Hiya DevinThanks for that – you know my son was writing well before me! – he’s done some marvellous writing.Kiwi blessings back to Arizona

  5. Michael Skaggs replied:

    That was superfluously creative!Tell your son nicely done!Thanks for sharing oh Wise one ;)Cheers

  6. Ed replied:

    That was great! Most eleven year olds here in the states don’t even know who fought who in WWII. I would wager to say a good many adults here can’t even give a date for when 9-11 happened.

  7. wise woman replied:

    Many thanks MichaelI have passed on your comment (& everyone elses).CheersThanks EdHe's been interested in the wars for quite a while. He used to talk about spitfires & I wondered if he might have been a pilot in WWII – so around that time he wrote this I got him a trial flight lesson – he loved it & has been having lessons ever since, as I can afford it – at presesnt he has over 30 hours flying experience. It's a very dumb world we live in that too often restricts what children can do – they are capable of phenomenal things.All the best

  8. Devin replied:

    wise-if my constant commenting gets on your nerves-please do not send your son here to beat me up:-)I will stop!I just had a thought-rightly or wrongly-that clicked in my little head-considering the time difference and the fact that we are on other sides of the world-(granted some days i am on computer a lot) I can’t believe by how little ‘time’ I miss your comments or thoughts by-2day being a wonderful example I had insomnia again last night and forced myself to shut off computer at 2am AZ time-got absolutely no sleep-began working on ideas-i think dej-pauker is where i will go next-albeit very slowly-neighbors dog began howling at 520 am and didnt stop-at some point i just had to stay up as my mum has to pick me up to get some very important things-we just got home from a wonderful day out-id say she dropped me off less than 2 hours ago-i had thought of not even getting on computer 2nite-but i wanted to see if any new posts were up and if anyone commented at any of the sites i go to -something seems to just tell me to do this-i easily could have waited 4 or 5 more hours-as i will try to stay awake for awhile to not mess up sleep cycle more if i can-it just hit me that i often ‘miss’ your comments or posts by half an hour to 2 hours a lot of the time-it seems to me it has happened a lot-don’t know if it means anything-there is some sort of AZ/NZ axis on the web i think-instead of just ANZAC:-)-I left a comment under twinsel town-do not know if anyone else has thought this-and i sure hope you didnt cover it-i tried to read again very slowly to not look stupid-but i have been awake over a day again so maybe i ‘jumped the gun’-best as always to you and your family!

  9. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinThis site is home to any friends (which of course includes you) who want to drop by any time.It seems perhaps your intuition is stronger than you realise – I'm sure the more connected we feel to people the more we are able to pick up on their thoughts or perhaps 'intents'. Ben from HPANWO wrote a little article recently about how animals are often psychic when it comes to picking up on their owners returning home & I have read about that elsewhere – it seems to be that they pick up on their owners 'intent' to return – I think intention is when the possible becomes real, the decsion is made – perhaps it is like us pushing the universal 'send' button & broadcasting that our mind is made up about something – perhaps we are learning to pick up on those signals & perhaps also it is much easier when we have some kind of connection to the 'sender'.Also there may well be past life connections that we have not taken into account.All the best – I will have to send you a healing sleeping potion via the ether :)

  10. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Great story! Very funny. I love the bee-related puns. It just shows how once the creativity train is set in motion it can spin gold out of anything! Even nonsensical and gramatically-unhinged phrases burst into colour and sparkle under its glare! I bet his card was marked there as mine has been I think! He could become a dangerous dissident with imagination and originality like that! ;-)

  11. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    WW, I think bees have an extra-sensory abilities. The way they move seems to be an example of the term that was coined for their species “hive mind”. Their minds are both individual and one at the same time. As Sheldrake says, if such abilities exist then it makes evolutionary sense that psychic animals would prosper over non-psychic ones.I met a man once who was a medium and he’d been contacted by a spirit who’d been a 19-year-old pilot in the Battle of Britain. He’d been killed when his Hurricane fighter broke down in flight and forced him to ditch in the English Channel. This man has proved that this pilot existed and has even interviewed his old squadron leader.

  12. Devin replied:

    Thanks so much for your thoughts wise-I awoke with something to say to day in regards to the ideas I was going to start posting-but physically and mentally I feel so slow-typing also-so am not sure-I will have to check out Ben’s stuff at HPANWO! I think I have been there before-it is a wonderful blog-I am sending good thoughts through the ether and ‘time’ hehe as I know it is Sunday in NZ!:-)

  13. wise woman replied:

    Hi BenThanks for that – very well put about spinning gold out of anything – you are quite right!Interesting idea about psychic bees – why not – we really know so little – difinitely having psychic abilities is going to help any species, probably why our abailities have been so dumbed down.Those reincarnation stories are amazing – I'm sure we must all have them & alot of things would make more sense if we knew our own. Do you have any 'memories'?Hi DevinI hope all is well in the world of Arizona – it is indeed Sunday here – afternoon to be exact. I have been busy today arranging flowers around the house as a celebration of all the great people I've met & marvellous things that have happened this year.All the best :)

  14. Devin replied:

    wise-so enjoyed your comment-do not know if you have turned in for the night-I just had to come over here and tell you that guess what?-after You being my first ‘hit’ on 12/21-I am in a bit of shock-maybe I am making too much of it-of all places a ‘new’ place came in first time at MFM-Bucharest Romania!!!!I wonder is the universe reality whatever it is starting to speak to me:-) best to you and your son-hope you have a wonderful and joyful week ahead!

  15. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinThat's fantastic! My feeling is to take the synchs but always go with your gut feeling – I read somewhere that synchs are like snapshots of what your focusing on or interested in at any particular time – which fits perfectly with where you are now – if something lights you up you will have the energy to create & enjoy doing it at the same time, the synchs are like an extra burst of energy, I've noticed though that they seem to come after rather than before our interests – lively gut feelings seem to be far stronger IMO

  16. Devin replied:

    Thanks so much for your reply wise! I thought I had seen where your blog updated and was going to read and hit and it said your blog didnt exist!-going to try again-must be my computer or server probs-best to you and your family!

  17. wise woman replied:

    My fault I think Devin – am working on something at the moment & I think I hit the wrong button & published it for for a few moments before pulling it back into the workshop as it's not ready yet – hopefully today or tomorrow – something I started a little while ago & then got pulled into Twinsel Town!I hope your day is wonderful – I really liked your latest article :)All the very best to you & yours as always

  18. Devin replied:

    Hey no problem wise. I understand how easy it is on blogger to do things you dont want to. Twice now I have accidentally deleted my whole blog list! Best to you and yours-I hope this day and the coming week will be wonderful for you and your son!

  19. Devin replied:

    wise-thanks so much for stopping by today-can’t wait to see your new post -I will check back every now and then-I am trying to decide if i should do research on computer or in books I have-I prefer books as it is so much more comfortable-but there are a few things i am trying to chase down that might be only on the web. best to you and your family!

  20. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinAm finally finished work for the rest of the year, am home now so can get back to what I love which is writing!My son & I are celebrating our own version of Christmas tomorrow – the 24th – my son has named it Good Year Day, a time to remember all the wonderful events of this year – I have a roll of fax paper that I will hang over the lounge door & all who want can write down their memories – all my new friends from this year will be on it too :)Hope to have new article finished before I go to bed – it's got a mind of it's own & is wandering all over the place!

  21. Devin replied:

    wise I am delighted to hear that you are done for the rest of the year with work-cant wait to read your new post it is after 2 am here so I am going to have to go to bed in a few minutes because of appt tomorrow-its astonishing to me how fast this year has gone-for you will be on the eve on my 23rd!I can’t wait to read your new post tomorrow and I send blessings and great hopes for you and your family both for the holiday and as we go from 08 to 09! I so enjoy your work!Enjoy Good year day! I certainly hope it is one for all of us-I can’t agree with you more about posts going every which way-the new thing I am working on is turning into a monster-but hopefully I can tame it-I have done some of my own writing tonight-but will have to look over the length and quality before even thinking of posting it-it wasnt very muse like-but at least its not the dry sahara i was in for a bit! best to you and your son always!

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