Don’t Bank On It

While out strolling a little while ago, a bank caught my eye & set in motion a train of thoughts that has chugged down an interesting track – so all aboard the Financial eXPress for a journey through our monetarily rail-roaded existence.

I got to wondering about the effects of banks – those sanitised & intimidating buildings (all too often filled with sanitised & intimidating employees). In particular, I wondered, what emotional energy is generated when we gaze upon them?

I achieved full visual recognition of banks many years ago, well I had to, they had all my money – I can spot my bank at 30 paces or should that be 30 pieces (of silver). I’ve avoided them (where possible), queued in them, grovelled for money in them, but never ‘thought’ about them until now.

I’m presuming most people will have, during their valuable lives, cast, as I had done, many a glazed eye over the frontages of these institutions. I’m presuming that you will have given little, if any, thought to the effect that glance may have cost you.

On this particular day I wondered if the actual building could be a kind of emotional catchment area – the bank that caught my eye had a kind of a steeple-come-obelisk, reminding me of a church.

Banks, I think, are regarded with same discomfort that we hold for police stations & churches.

An apparently greater power than us resides within those walls & we’d best keep our noses clean if we want to avoid their wrath. Something akin to our life blood, flows within the walls. It is perhaps not surprising that blood storage facilities are called ‘blood banks’.

The Story, sorry I mean History tells us that banks were invented by the Italians in the 15th century & the word bank goes back to the Germanic ‘bank’ meaning ‘bench‘ “referring to the bench on which one sat while discussing loan arrangements and cashpoint charges.” The author of the last sentence made an additional comment – “Interesting to see the word bank disappear and reappear centuries later in another country.

This four letter word, also refers to ” A steep natural incline… An artificial embankment…To pile up; amass: banked earth along the wall“.

Lets see what a river bank creates –

River banks contain & channel water – that wet stuff that falls out of the sky all over the world, but gets collected & concentrated within land banks.

Fresh water (like money), is not spread evenly across the world, but concentrated & channelled – naturally or artificially.

Human beings collect around banks whether filled with water or money – the flow of one is essential, the other has been made essential to the continuation of life as we know it.

Our words for water & money are interchangeable – as well as banks, we have current accounts, currency, deposits (money or silt), cash flow.

The word affluent flows back in time to;

1432, “flowing,” from L. affluentem (nom. affluens), prp. of affluere “flow toward,” from ad- “to” + fluere “to flow”. Notion of “a plentiful flow” (of the gifts of fortune) led to affluence in the sense of “wealth,” first recorded 1603.”

In the system of Feng Shui (translates as “wind-water”), the Chinese believe that “Chi” or the naturally occurring life force energy within the environment is able to be harnessed to bring good fortune and create healthy, beneficial conditions.

Qi (Chi) rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water” …

…  so interest-ing that money is dealt in watery terms. Perhaps a Reserve Bank be called a “reservoir”? And then of course there’s the word dam(n) as used when one is swept away by a deluge of bank charges.

If we look with our ears we find a familiar & esoteric sound in these syphonic institutions – Bank… Bank… B ank…B ank(h) or ‘Ankh’

YIN YANG – The two primal energies

I’d copied the line above, from a Feng Shui site because I very much liked the feel of both energies being equally powerful. Somewhere along the way it got moved  under this image of an ankh.  It seemed determined to stay.  So stay it has.

The following excerpts are gleaned from a number of sites;

The Ankh is considered by many as a symbol of fertility and often used to represent enduring life in generations to come. It is also know as the Key of the Nile, representing the holy union of Isis and Osiris. This mystic union is said to start the annual flooding of the river Nile, and thus providing the peoples of Egypt with the many fundamentals of life in that time.

The symbol is also a hieroglyph which represents the sound ´nh (ankh) and the word “life” or “breath of life”.”

Many depictions of the gods and pharaohs of ancient Egypt are depicted holding the ankh by the loop, or to bear one in each hand crossed over the breast. Egytian gods such as Ptah, Osiris, Isis, Anubis, Bastet, Khnum, Set, Horus, and many others are often drawn holding the holy symbol. Many Pharaohs were often depicted in the same manner and buried with an Ankh in front of his face to symbolize the breath of life

The Ankh was often linked with the Djed (representing stability) or the Was (representing strength) to form a powerful amulet thought to invoke the god’s protection over the bearer.”

The djed is an Egyptian symbol that is depicted as a column with a broad base and capital. At the top of the column the capital is divided by four parallel bars. The image has been interpreted in several ways

Whilst reading Catastrophobia recently I was most interested to read the notion that the Djed column symbolises the axis of the world & when displayed being held at the angle shown above it depicts the current tilt of our world – 23 degrees (lets not fight about the other half a degree).

The Ankh was, for the ancient Egyptians, the symbol of life but it is an enduring icon that remains with us even today as a Christian cross. It is one of the most potent symbols represented in Egyptian art …

It is at least interesting that the ankh word was used for mirrors… many mirrors were shaped in the form of an ankh sign. Life and death mirror each other, and in any number of ancient religions, mirrors were used for purposes of divination.” “… since death was considered the mirror of life, the glyph also symbolized the underworld.

In Astrology the Ankh is used to represent the planet Venus. In Alchemy the Ankh represent the element of copper. And in biology this same symbol is used to identify the female sex.

“The ankh may represent the life-giving elements of air and water. It was often shown being offered to the king’s lips as a symbol of the “breath of life.”

So what about that symbol that buzzed in & bedded down with Venus to create the institution of bondage known as a B-Ank(h) ? That’ll bee the letter ‘B’

Bet, Beth, or Vet is the second letter of many Semitic Abjads, including Phoenician, Aramic, Hebrew Syriac and Arabic alphabet. This letter’s name means “house” in various Semitic languages…The Phoenician letter gave rise to the Greek Beta, Latin B & Cyrillic Б, В

So a bank is a house/building with a cross on it – hmmm where have I seen that before?

The message associated with this next little chap is that he should have listened to his other brothers & stayed home from the market to prevent the temptation of spending – also reducing the risk of having ones house huffed & puffed by loitering wolves.

Usually, in Buddhist iconography, the pig represents desire in all its forms. This ranges from identification with one’s body, through a general love of material possessions, as well as the lust for food or sexual satisfaction. Therefore, the pig is 1 of 3 animals depicted at hub of the Buddhist Wheel of Rebirth — in both a figurative and a literal sense. That is, they symbolize the impediments to our release from the round of rebirth, and they are: desire/attachment (the pig,) anger/aversion (the snake), and ignorance/confusion (the rooster.)” All in all a canny subliminal choice for the financially railroaded populace.

Moving right along…well actually getting back to where I started – on my walk that day, even before I started playing with the similarities of water with banking, I wondered if invisible energy swirled & was caught & dam(n)ed around B-Ankhs – you know just like in the way that Van Gogh could see.

Are the feelings & emotions created & felt in B-Ankhs held within their walls, in the same way our time is (once it has been alchemically transformed into coppers). Could those ornate bits of paper we call dollars, pounds & whatnots, with their little magical sigils be couriers of energy, returning it time & time again to B-Ankhs, just as the bee returns to it’s home laden with ‘gold dust’.

There was something else that kept me ruminating upon these institutions – the fact that so many were to be found on street corners – time & time again I spied B-Ankhs straddling street corners. Lets return to Feng Shui;

CUTTING CHI If chi energy passes a sharp corner it begins to spin and swirl, forming eddies and whirlpools like a fast-flowing stream passing a sharp bend. This is called cutting chi and can occur inside or outside buildings. It can make you own chi energy swirl, leading to disorientation and confusion and, in time, ill-health.”

Allo, allo, allo, hello what ‘ave we ‘ere then?

Perhaps B-Ankhs simply want prime position, but I’m not quite sure why. After all, they’re ‘a necessity’ – we’re going there whether we like it or not, plus their logo’s are soooo tattooed into our psyche that they really need not worry about being seen – we’re always gonna find them. However… as an ever present reminder of our place in the hive, they do a fine job. So I ask you, how & what do you feel when you spy a bank?

This corner thingy got my attention over a number of weeks. I went out with my camera to snap some corner B-Ankhs just to show I wasn’t being overly imaginative, when I had an intriguing find.

Here sitteth the National Bank ( something to do with Lloyds, England – has the same black horse in a circle logo – my short-sighted gaze fell unsuspectingly on it the other week & turned it into a swastika!!- very interesting). So I snapped happily, when lo I realised there was another bank beside it & then f**k me, there’s a new one across the road, nestled into yet another corner.

Then you could have knocked me down with a feather, two more banks completing the ‘block’ – which of course meant ending with yet another B-Ankh on another corner. Following on with our energy theme we spy a recruitment agency nestled in the bosom of these banks called Kinetic – I guess it has heaps of potential.

Now perhaps an embankment of B-Ankhs is the norm where you come from, but I remember when this parade had shops & even an arcade on it – somewhere along the way a financial tidal wave flowed through & left a whole lot flotsam. Lets return to Feng Shui;

FAST – FLOWING CHI Chi energy moving quickly in a straight line can destabilize the flow through a entire building, so long corridors, straight paths or several features in a straight line should be avoided. Fast-moving chi energy directed towards you could push away some of your own chi energy, making you feel insecure and under attack.

What makes this particular set of B-Ankhing quins so interesting is the large erection that towers over them. I use the word ‘erection’ quite deliberately, for I am far from the only female to make the comparison – I travelled far & wide (well ok not that far & wide – but it was tricky trying to find a place to take these blurred shots without getting squished on the motorway) – it seems to me that this building is designed to be viewed in all it’s phallic glory as one descends the Auckland Harbour Bridge. The design is actually very neatly done & if I was an architect I’d probably be very impressed.

Below is the view from what I would term the back – all five B-Ankhs lie at the base at this side.

The arrival of all five banks at this location & the completion of this building seem to have happened in the last couple of years. The erection has a very fitting name, it is called The Sentinel it’s views are imposing.

A little wordplay with Sentinel led to the etymology of ‘sentry1611, originally “watchtower;” perhaps a shortened variant of sentinel which brought to mind the ‘Watchtowers’ in The Hidden Agendas ‘Enochian Magic’ posts.

If the house is in alignment or in rhythm with the landscape, a good healthy life force is created…”The landscape of our surroundings has become concrete buildings and the rivers are now represented by roads… Some businesses begin to collapse soon after a road, a bridge or another building is built because a change of traffic or landscape of buildings could transform an area from good to bad or from bad to good …Originally the Chinese Emperors made used of Feng Shui skills to win wars. The formulae were later disguised and the secrets hidden inside the formulae.

OK we need to take a couple more corners before we hit the home straight (which would really be better off with a bend in it).

Some other corners;

“a temporary monopoly on a kind of commercial trade: “a corner on the silver market

a predicament from which a skillful or graceful escape is impossible; “his lying got him into a tight corner

“gain control over; “corner the gold market”

force a person or an animal into a position from which he cannot escape


The cornerstone (or foundation stone) concept is derived from the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation, important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus determining the position of the entire structure…Over time a cornerstone became a ceremonial masonry stone” …This in turn derived from the practice in still more ancient times of making an animal or human sacrifice that was laid in the foundations.

A cornerstone (Greek: Άκρογωνιεîς, Latin: Primarii Lapidis) will sometimes be referred to as a “foundation-stone”, and is symbolic of Christ, whom the Apostle Paul referred to as the “head of the corner” and is the “Chief Cornerstone of the Church” (Ephesians 2:20).”

You will undoubtedly have been asked in your splendid & wondrous life “what bank you belong to?

Rephrasing that question we get closer to the truth “What bank are you the property of?

I was in ‘my‘ B-Ankh today – I put my senors on full alert to see what I could feel – the funny thing is I couldn’t feel anything – I noticed the dividing line of the cashiers embankment, yet got the strangest feeling that there was nothing happening – people on either side appeared to do business & yet for the life of me it felt like I was watching a strange version of the Emperors New Clothes – a grand game of pretending that something valuable was being exchanged.

The etymology of the word afford is rather precious – it simply & grandly means – “to accomplish, to further” – I hope you can afford many great & wonderful things in the days & weeks ahead.

A congregation of Bank ‘managers

Seed of course, is not like money. You can’t just put it in a bank. Seeds have to be grown out and saved again and again

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  1. aferrismoon replied:

    Graet pieceAs u may have left out Bankers starts with a W Bank Rupt, the river breaks its banks, flooding the mark[et]I generally have approx zerO at the end of the month.I think they have used the waterwords very effectively.Interest from metal-money, fiat currency always depletes real wealth, which I assume is what banks are forCheers

  2. wise woman replied:

    Hi AferrismoonGreat – had not thought of the silent W in Bankers :)I also belong to the zerO club – methinks it is in some way liberating – for those who are comfortable seldom deign to question – from observation of myself & others – the more money you have, the further you seemed to be launched into the future with worries about how to spend or protect.May you have much merry feasting on carp & potato saladAll the best

  3. Devin replied:

    A Bank manager of the river Nile!!:-) Absolutely loved this one wise-yet another synchro post I will have to save to faves and come back to many times! Good lord-the one image-was certainly ‘phallic’ to say the least! I love how you always take some topics that might seem mundane to some at first-but yet when you read them you are exquisitely ‘captured’ by them. I feel like such a moron-did not realize you had updated-was just about to put computer on standby and do research and thought I would check here one last time-hope to be online here and there in between-now so glad I did. All the best to you and yours wise woman-I hope you and your son are having a magnificent day-later today or this eve I will come back and read through again! what wonderful imaginations must run in your family!

  4. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinThanks for stopping by & glad you enjoyed.Agreed it was a boring topic! that's why I originally got drawn away by the lights of Twinsel Town, but when I came back to it, lots more insights came & so I enjoyed it too.Glad to have some male confirmation of the aforementioned building – quite an eye catcher LOLAll the best to you

  5. Devin replied:

    Indeed wise-LOL:-) Jeebus-not too subtle-I wanted to come back here and read this-this is a really unique take on banking-I love it-The ankh and 23 degrees and Venus info very very interesting-maybe if my brain were not running so slow i could add some thoughts to this-i finally noticed your comment on Annie Cannon and replied-thanks so very much for stopping in at my place too! best as always to you and your family-I will definitley be back to this post-once I get my thoughts squared away-geeez angles and squares hehe:-)

  6. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Absolutely an ‘eye catcher’…I agree whole-heartedly with you on the ‘lingo’ being very similar to language used for “water terms” and love the idea of these little “talismans” transporting energy and returning them to the sess-pools of the B ankhs! Always have felt that too much importance was placed upon this.Whats funny is–I picked up a book about Feng-Shui just a few days ago and was browsing through it! I almost bought it because much of it made sense, and much was about the interior placements and exterior placements for best energy flows!Amazing! Be well WW!Cheers

  7. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinIt is a 'creative' take – I'm no expert – just having fun with 'wondering' & following gut feelings – like yourself!All the bestHiya MichaelGlad you could make it & many thanks for your thoughts.Great synch with the Feng Shui – something I find very interesting.All the best to you & your litter for the coming festivities :)

  8. aferrismoon replied:

    Cheers Wise . will NOT be eating Carp. Czech is landlocked so I guess thta’s why they eat such a dire fish, nevertheless they have great trout, so I’ll get a trout.In about 4 hours this town will be almost silenthave fun

  9. Devin replied:

    This was indeed an original and interesting and wonderfully ‘wise’ post! As I read this I became aware of how banks really are holding humanity in bondage-as far as physical systems and orders go-not the metaphysical-its not the war machines of death-the arguing between nations-it is the freaking money changers-because at the end of the day-nine times out of ten-it always boils down to money-In the US I have heard news of people offing one another over the slightest tid-bit of money-say 50bucks or less-it would be wrong for any amount of course-but i think in the so called ‘developed’ nations of the world-which esp regarding the US is an oxymoron-i know american money is heavily sigilized so to speak-and one thing that has always amazed me about US money is how incredibly ugly it is compared to the notes of other nations!-maybe this is fitting-as the yankee buck has one hell of a lot of blood on its ‘hands’-hehe couldnt think of a word-aferris is so incredibly right about fiat currency-as aferris said fiat money always depletes and devalues real wealth-we are in such a fix over here i dont know what kind of magic the fed reserve is doing to hold the dollar up-i am still searching for the site that all the name synchs came up on-i thought it was on the wiki link to shiva-i am often called dev-by friends and fam-it doesnt bother me at all-i do love the full name tho too-it is my middle name and used to be somehat unusual-of course i knew many E indian names had ‘dev’ in there somewhere before-but in the space of an hour i must have seen dev as the root or perhaps suffix twenty times and then-i should have thought of this well b4-i often miss what is right in front of my face -i thought Dej-I would give anything to know how that name sounds in Romanian-again not thinking at all that i ‘was’ Dej-in fact quite the opposite-but i think our human stories are told on a multi-dimensional fabric that we can only guess at-as to what it looks like and connects times, people and places. Best to you and your family wise-I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and I hope your son and family are also!

  10. wise woman replied:

    Hi AferrismoonI went a hunting trying to tie in Carp with Carpathia, just for fun & found myself down a very weird rabbit hole where non fiction joins real life.Was going to give a big long spiel but perhaps there's enough goodies there for a post in the not so distant future! – so cheers to Czech Carp :)I hope you enjoy your silent night & tasty trout.CheersHi DevinI was talking to a my friend last night, she works at a new age book shop & so gets to meet interesting people. One person she mentioned said that the dollar sign is some type of grid that has been laid over the entity that is Mother Earth – she could not remember all the details – but this person seemed to think there were actually 3 vertical lines that cross the $ in the '$' sign & each means something.I certainly agree that money & the institutions that revolve around it seem to be the power house of this world – there's no one it doesn't touch on a daily basis, whereas with politics you can ignore them forever, unfortunately they don't go away, but they don't intrude the way money does.Go with your reincarnational feelings or wonderings – why not – what a great conversation it would be to sit among friends & freely toss out all the anomalies in your life & let them wander where they will – we all have very 'strange' interests – surely they are worth taking notice of – why not have a BIG history – the ptb are big on that – tracing back their ancestory, while we are lucky if we can get back much further the grandparents. Then of course there are other feelings that can be very strong like not even feeling a part of your family – many people have that feeling too. I reckon it's time to reel in our memories & feelings & see where they take us – looks like you're of to Romania :)

  11. Devin replied:

    Thanks so much for your thoughts again about money and everything-I appreciate your humor also! I am very tired-surprised not asleep yet-although it is only about 930 pm here so i am not yet in danger if oversleeping for any of tomorrows plans and may go to bed in half hour-I just cant get some thoughts from running through my silly head-and i can barely type 'comment style' much less try to do a short post-and i dont even know if these thoughts will help anybody BTW thanks so much for yout thought about 'our' freedom to leave this realm-i think this would be a very interesting open topic type discussion itself-I am thinking why indeed-if the universe is 'kind' why the F%^& would we keep coming back here:-) dont get me wrong i am very fortunate considering many things that could have happened to me and love life so much it is amazing sometimes-but as a former caregiver and in so many other studies i have seen the claws and fangs of life-were it not for just slightly different circumtances i could very well be dead or on the street-when i was realzing i was gay as a teen-kind of in the 79-84 timeframe -i heard endless stories -it seemed to me anyway about gay men and women being kicked out of the family nest so to speak when they were found out-your comment really has my wheels turning -in a good way!the main reason i came back well really it was a lot of things-but this thought will not get out of my head in regards to synchro-phenom. time cycles and reincarnation- I dont think for some reason -that we can understand all of this unless we can visualize our reality from a timeless standpoint or a higher dimension-i think if we could do this-the bizarre synchronicities of the last years could be explained along with a lot of other things. The strange Lincoln/Kennedy and now -just perhaps Obama synchs are really bizarre and i think i mentioned this somewhere but dont remember where-about that set of photos taken of Hitler and Stalin as schoolkids-that one really blew my mind when i first viewed it-they were born ten yrs apart other parts of the world etc-but their pose and position in the photos so reminded me of each other-i so wish i could find the darn pics on the net-i am kind of a lousy searcher so its prob my fault-They were in Alan Bullocks-Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives-maybe your library or some place will have a copy if you are interested-i think the book was published in 1992-I wish i could come up with more than this because i think i am on a track somewhere-but dont know how to get to the right place. In regards to part of my developing theory-still working with this one-maybe we seem to be so many people in our lives because we really are-looking at us from a timeless standpoint say there is a kind of cloud of souls living in different historical eras-and some to us would be in our past and some in our future-I was thinking maybe most -but not evryone maybe has a large body of souls that from the timeless standpoint would be kind of like the Heaven of Indra-all of the people in these different eras are really us as one-we just perceive it to be different because we are caged in time-do not know if that makes any sense-I think the Seth material and others have thought along these lines too. For some reason I felt I had to post this at your place-i do not know if any of it will be of any help-hope it can-for all of us maybe! I am definitely not posting or anything tonight and may go to bed soon-just wanted to leave this (too long it seems) comment and wish you and your son a very great eve and tomorrow in NZ!

  12. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    The Lloyds Black Horse! What does that mean?Greetings of the festive season to you all.

  13. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinThanks for your comment & for keeping this topic alive – I was talking to my sister about it today – she also has had an interest in Aztecs. The thing that really bugs me is that if we live again & again why we don't have access to all the learning from those times, we sure as heck earned it. I used to buy the idea of having more to learn, but not anymore!! It's like doing a life long course & then having your memory erased – what's the point, I think the same thing about our life spans – not long enough to learn what we need to understand what is going on – I'm sure our life spans have been reduced.I hope you had a wonderful day. I'm off to Perth, Western Australia tomorrow – so my next comment will be from there!All the bestHi BenNot sure at all about the black horse – though I know David Icke has talked about it's symbolism.I liked your article on the Christmas Truce – an amazing event & for me shows the true face of humanity.All the best to you & Louisa

  14. Ed replied:

    That was a wonderful post. I love this blog. As you probably know, on the back of a U.S. dollar is an unfinished pyramid, with the Eye of Horus in the capstone. Before now I had never made the connection with b-anks.

  15. Devin replied:

    wise woman i should thank you for keeping my thoughts on the subject going! you come up with the best angles-you couldnt be more right-i also think in regards to lifetimes the same as you and more to learn-what the heck do we know about evil that the ancient greeks or aztecs didnt-earth seems more like a prison type situation almost-for some reason as much as the PTB seem to want to get rid of us-for some reason i think human souls are used alive for both good and bad entities(just more speculation)-but from an awful lot of research i think some part of humanity will always be kept around for feeding time from the astral plane-or something along those lines-i hope you and your son are having a wonderful holiday and enjoy the travel to Perth! ps i am enjoying re-reading this post-the items about sentinels watchtowers and the like are very very interesting-i posted to Bens site about something else that could not be coincidental and i very much think your thoughts here with this happen way too much to be ‘accidents’ also-best to you!

  16. Dennis Igou replied:

    Greetings Woman of a wise nature, I have discovered your blog. I have a brass ankh on my wall,bought it for 15 bucks at an antique shop a few years back. Never considered it related to Bank’s till now. What curious synchs I have come upon of late. Why is your blog not on the blogspotters page. I like that page because I can peruse many of my syncromystic blogs in one menu. Glad to find you here in net space. Respectfully, Dennis from oregon.

  17. wise woman replied:

    Gidday from Perth, Western Australia :)- many thanks for your messages – will reply in the morning as I'm absolutely buggered & am off to bedAll the best one & all :)

  18. wise woman replied:

    Thanks EdYes your dolar bill is rather 'exotic' isn't it. I once had fun drawing a moustache on Edmund Hillary on our $5 note, my son thought it was great & thoroughly defaced another one – it was fun – I stuck it up on the fridge as a reminder to not take the bloody stuff so seriously – it's not easy though!All the bestHiya DevinIt was a veeeery long trip to Perth – but wonderful now – am staying with a lady I met through this blog – my son has gone to be with his dad so am doing this on my own. I got woken up ths morning by so much amazing birdsong – it is very warm here but there is a swimming pool – so bliss. Also it is just so wonderful to be in the company of someone with whom 'real conversation' just flows. We have already talked reincarnation & many, many other topics! I'm sure many new ideas will flow from this time.I hope you are very well, will be travelling to your site today :)All the bestGreeting DennisI like to play with ideas – I don't know if ankhs are tied to banks – it was a feeling – it seems no one is sure what an ankh really means, but one site suggested that it seemed to reach all levels of Egyptian socitey, whether 'learned' or not – seems to reach directly into the psyche.Nice to meet you, all the best.

  19. Devin replied:

    wise-thank you so very much for your thoughtful comments at my place! earlier i tried commenting here-and once i went offline and the other time it said internal server failure-will try one more time-I am so very glad you are enjoying Perth -it sounds like a wonderful and interesting visit-cant wait to hear more about it! I did have a post ready for tonight but will wait and see if i am going to keep connection at least another hour-best to you as always!

  20. Devin replied:

    wise I am so happy you are having such a great time in Perth! Thanks for stopping by MFM today-I was going to add links in a post that might help people with the concepts -as if one is unfamiliar with them they can be very difficult to understand-and almost right off started having connection probs again-i hope this is not going to be a contuuing hassle -i hope people will keep on commenting even if it takes awhile to get there-i even had some other stuff i thought of doing there tonight-but am a bit leery now-maybe-thanks again so much for your kind and thoughtful words-i totally agree about your men and romance thoughts! the word veri for the is epeache-epoch? apache? a peach? some of these are fun:-)

  21. Know Nothing replied:

    Hi Wise, nice article. It’s too bad money has been corrupted so. It could be the greatest tool of humanity and economy if it truly belonged to us. I thought I was against capitalist philosophy. It turns out I’m not. I think it’s really all about the difference between real money, and fake money. That combined with the parasitic interest rate mechanism.There are some institutions trying to get off the ground, such as community lend, that will be great for us, I believe. Cheers, and happy holidays!

  22. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinHope your computer is playing ball now. Those word verifications can be very interesting :)It’s scorching hot in Perth today, will be glad when the sun goes down!All the bestHiya Mr KnowHope you are having some relaxing time off too.Is money just set up for a few people, most of us just don’t really understand all the games – I know the ‘technical’ terms are enough to put me to sleep!Cheers

  23. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Heya Wise,Enjoy Perth and its perks! ;)Indeed, the PTB’s have setup money and economy to be very boring, or at least setup for those privileged few to understand and how to “capitalize” upon it. It could be a great tool for humanity if it wasn’t setup as a burden/trap, interest rates are one of the biggest cons ever. Lending out fake money to burden the m-asses to giving back real money, what a jip!Cheers!

  24. Devin replied:

    hi wise-just dropped by to say hi and i hope you are still enjoying your wonderful trip-i couldn’t agree with Michaels thoughts more-for the Christmas present that i did not get on that day becuase i was sick in bed-it was cute-one of them was one of those ceramic spoon holders that would go on a stove-kitchen somewhere-i don’t know if my mom subconciously noticed this when she picked up the gift-but this one was in the shape of a wine bottle and had the words Chateau de Vin hehe:-) i thought this synched nicely with my name and the unintended Chez Devin condo comment about the incident i wrote about-hope you are having a fantastic time-best to you and your family and friends! word veri is bilerepa ? i cant make anything of this:-)

  25. wise woman replied:

    Hello my Friends Michael, it is sooo hot – today we will give in & just stay home by the pool & 'chill' – it's a hard job but someone's got to do it :)I agree money could be a great tool, though I reckon in a humane worls there would be many methods of exchange, as fitted the individuals involved. I just can't get excited about money, it doesn't seem have any energy to return back to me to complete the circuitry I need for connection.I hope you have enjoyed your time or timelessness. Be warm :)Hiya DevinThat was an interesting word play with your Christmas present – I do so enjoy the word juggling that goes on among bloggers – it's amazing what shapes they make.In connection with banks, I could see your word verification as 'Bile Reaper'- like the Grim Reaper but leaves a bitter after taste – what you feel after a meeting with a bankh manager perhaps??I hope you are feeling much better now & enjoying your time at Chez du Vin

  26. Devin replied:

    wise I am feeling better-woke late and tired again today-but not near as bad as other times-i really count each and every day and blessing anymore! thanks so much again for stopping by MFM-if my connection holds may have another post early am or tomorrow Az time-as we are getting very close to 2009-especially on your side of the globe i wanted to again wish you and your family and friends a beautiful 2009 and also to everyone that comments here-best to you and yours as always! thanks also for thoughts on word veri-this one is alegersu -allegro?-allergies? a leg for sue? :-)

  27. Ben Fairhall replied:

    'If we look with our ears we find a familiar & esoteric sound in these syphonic institutions.'Great concept.Ellis Taylor expressed pretty much the same idea in something by him I came across a couple of days ago:''Those who don’t know already (and there will be some) need to realise that today we are still fundamentally regulated by cultural devices and strictures set loose upon our forebears in the ancient world- in kingdoms such as Babylon and Egypt- several thousands of years ago. We have inherited their gods hidden in everyday language and societal control mechanisms so that in real effect, without even stepping into a temple or any occult congregation, we pay token to them every day.'Great to see how popular your blog has become.ATB,Ben

  28. wise woman replied:

    Hi BenMany thanks for your comments.That's a really marvellous find from Ellis, I very much appreciate you posting it here.I have been busy stretching my mind in Perth, but am back home now & look forward to catching up on all your tremendous articles – I'm still envious of your writing skills, but am happy to have found a way to get my thoughts across :)All the best to you

  29. Brizdaz replied:

    The clock on the TSB bank looks very much like the cross that are found on Catholic churches.It’s also a solar symbol and could also represent the Zodiac.

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