"at another time, in another way,"

I had a crush on Pete Duel, was devastated by his death on New Years Eve
I still have a suitcase full of Pete Duel stuff I collected, even after all these years I still can’t bare to throw it way

Pete’s death had a huge impact on me, which has been with me ever since. It is a marvellous show and the world lost someone special the day Pete died

Omigod I’m normal after all- there are others like me who pine for Pete. Thanks for keeping the show alive.

I don’t know if you remember Alias Smith & Jones, but I just loved it as a kid. Somewhere along the line my mother told me that ‘Hannibal Hayes’ (Pete Duel) had shot himself because of an argument with his girlfriend. Like so many other things since then, I never thought to question it because I ‘bought‘ that explanation 37 years ago.

I’m not exactly sure why Pete Duel came to mind again. It was something to do with my post on Twinsel Town – perhaps the sound of his name that fitted so perfectly into that ‘twinning’ theme – ‘Duel’ or Dual. I wondered about continuing that post in the same vein, but got pulled in a different direction. Like the quotes shown above, I too have always held something unsettled in me regarding the ‘unacceptableness‘ of this man’s death – perhaps it is too easy to buy into an actor’s character, but for me this man was too full of life. I have since read that Pete Duel was far more serious than the character he played, with a passion for nature & conservation.

Because he came to my attention I decided to look at the circumstances surrounding his death. I very quickly got the wtf feeling. He ‘apparently’ committed suicide on the 31st December 1971, under a christmas tree.

When I was 10 my favourite show was Alias Smith & Jones. On December 31st 1971 the star of the show committed suicide by blowing his own head off under the Christmas tree, As a child this made me think why would someone do this at such a special time? It still bothers me today

“On the Thursday night he died, he and his girlfriend, Diane Rey had watched his weekly show. Ms. Rey went off to bed in the house they shared while Mr. Duel stayed up to watch the LA Lakers battle the Seattle Supersonics in basketball. Sometime after midnight, he came into the bedroom, picked up his .38 revolver and told Ms. Rey he “would see her later.” Then he walked back into the living room. Minutes later, Rey heard a shot and found Duel dead in the living room.”
No note was found and Mr. Duel had called his answering service that very evening to schedule a wakeup call at 6:30 A.M for an 8 o’clock studio call

I had no desire to go prying into this man’s death but felt it important to take a look at his death certificate – in the top right hand corner of the death certificate we find a cluster of familiar numbers

Date of death – December 31, 1971.

Age: 31

Time: 01 33

Filming had just been completed of the 33rd episode.

There’s no way all this would slip past questioning minds these days, but back then we were learning how to ‘buy’ what we were told.

From wiki: “Alias Smith and Jones began with a made-for-TV movie of the previous year called The Young Country, about con artists in the Old West… Roger Davis starred as Stephen Foster Moody, and Pete Duel had the secondary but significant role of Honest John Smith” …well who can pass up an opportunity to check up on a name like that (go on just take a quick peek)


Interestingly, in AS & J – Pete Duel still retains the name ‘Smith’ as his alias, though this time he is Joshua Smith

Looking at other tv programmes that he appeared in in 1971 we find;

A Passing of Torches (1971-Marcus Welby MD)
A quick search reveals that to ‘pass the torch’ is – “to relinquish (responsibilities, for example) to another or others
“Torches are an emblem of the Passion and the Betrayal. They were carried by troops, led by Judas Iscariot, as they came to arrest Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane”

-“The Name of the Game” – The Savage Eye (1971)

– “The Merv Griffin Show” …. as Himself (1 episode, 1971) – Episode dated 3 December (so just a few weeks before he died).
In symbolism, the griffin combines the symbolic qualities of two solar creatures, the lion and the eagle. It is the king of birds and lord of the air united with the king of beasts and lord of the earth. Griffins are a symbol of the sun, wisdom, vengeance, strength, and salvation…The griffin was also an embodiment of Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance and retribution, and turned her wheel of fortune.
The griffin’s
dual nature led it to be associated with Jesus Christ, God and man, king of heaven and earth. The eagle half of the griffin signified Christ’s divinity and the lion half represented his humanity. During the Middle Ages, griffins were symbols of Christ’s resurrection.”

Pete Duel’s death occurred on 31st December (1971) – New Year’s Eve – the final day of the Gregorian year. If you are not familiar with this date it is because you have no doubt spent your life in a hut on the moon. This is one of the biggest ‘created’ times in our lives – here is a link I made earlier, a quick scroll down gives all moon hut dwellers an insight into the orchestrated hype that surrounds this time.

The largest events in the world are focused on:
Hong Kong
New York
Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo
Valparaisolast year…more than two million visitors witness the largest fireworks in a natural setting … a total of more than 21 kilometers of fireworks on the bay, from the commercial port city of Valparaiso to Concon, Chile“.”

In this modern world of ours we have found we need to blow a hole into next year (& God know’s what else) with colourful explosive pyrotechnic devices at this time.

Blowing open the ‘Gates of Janus’ in Sydney Harbour last year.

A little further info for visiting moon dwellers.

“New Year’s Day is the first day of the new year. On the modern Gregorian calendar, it is celebrated on January 1, as it was also in ancient Rome (though other dates were also used in Rome). In all countries using the Gregorian calendar, except for Israel, it is a public holiday, often celebrated with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts.

Fireworks (devices) take many forms to produce the four primary effects: noise, light, smoke, and floating materials (confetti for example). They may be designed to burn with colored flames and sparks. Displays are common throughout the world and are the focal point of many cultural and religious celebrations …Fireworks were originally invented by the Ancient Chinese for entertainment purposes, as a natural extension of the Chinese invention of gunpowder
New Years Eve 1971, gun powder blows a hole through the skull of Pete Duel.

In Roman mythology, Janus (or Ianus) was the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings. His most prominent remnants in modern culture are his namesakes: the month of January, which begins the new year, and the janitor, who is a caretaker of doors and halls.”

He was considered to be the “god of the gods” and guarded all kinds of doors and gates. This god was also invoked at the beginning of sacrifices and is therefore thought to have had something to do with beginnings in general”

According to Macrobius and Cicero, Janus and Jana are a pair of divinities, worshipped as the sun and moon, whence they were regarded as the highest of the gods, and received their sacrifices before all the others. Janus and Janua are variant forms of Dianus and Diana” – his girlfriend Diana lives & Pete dies.

Images of Janus are easy to recognise – he is depicted with two heads looking in opposite directions – Pete Duels exits this world by blasting a ‘gateway‘ through his head.

This article is a dip into something much bigger – however it was always my intention to post what I could on the day of Pete Duels death. I found the following snippet & link which widens this theme for me – however I am limited with time at the present & so post simply for your perusal & interest.

Let us look now at the esoteric symbolism of Janus, especially in connection to arcane Christian Mysteries. A curious document expressly representing Christ in the form of Janus shows a cartouche painted on a detached page of a fifteen century manuscript found at Luchon, in France. This painting ends the leaf for the month of January in the prefatory calendar of the book. At the summit of the medallion is the monogram “I.H.S” (for Hiesou, Greek for “Jesus”) surmounted by a heart.
The rest of the medallion features a bust of Janus and his
dual function in the harmonization and blending of his/her dual nature. The two faces represent a male and female; they both share one crowned head, which we will discuss later on. The male figure holds a scepter in his hand and his female counterpart holds a key.” Full article link follows if you are interested –

The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used calendar in the world today. It was first proposed by the Calabrian doctor Aloysius Lilius, and decreed by Pope Gregory XIII, after whom it was named, on 24 February 1582 by the papal bull Intergravissimas…”

Pete Duel was born on 24th February (1940)

…The intercalary day in a leap year is known as a leap day. Since Roman times 24 February (bissextile) was counted as the leap day, but now 29 February is regarded as the leap day in most countries.”

I apologise if this tale is a little meandering, there is a wider theme that will be looked at in the next part. At the moment I am writing this on New Years Eve. I do not know if & why Pete Duel killed himself, but trails lead in many directions. I do not know if sacrifices are hand picked, if the key is to be found in the numbers or stars of their birth, if nasty secret societies need to feed their agendas or some kind of dimensional energies are at work. However when looking at the circumstances leading up to & surrounding the death of this man, I do not feel the element of free will.

A few weeks ago I happened upon a DVD of the first series of AS & J, after a certain amount of umming & ahhing (well research can be bloody expensive) I bought the set & have been been making my way through them ever since.

The introduction which I remembered word perfect from childhood tells us that neither of the outlaws ever shot anyone. Incidentally this beginning is narrated by Roger Davis, the actor who replaced Pete Duel in the show & who had starred with him in the original movie The Young Country.

Thus far there has been an episode where we are told a 17 year old girl committed suicide – the story turns out to be fabricated – 17 reversed gives 71 (the year of his death) plus perhaps the message that there was no suicide.

Another episode is entitled “The Man who murdered himself” – a really poor excuse for a storyline with a search for the remains of a mythical race of 7 foot Indians – bones are eventually found in a cave & Hannibal Heyes (Pete Duel) is requested to lie down beside them to gauge their height – I found this image & the episode’s title very disturbing.

The 12th episode is entitled “The Fifth Victim” in which Pete Duel is shot in the head. In this episode, unless my maths is worse than I thought, only 4 people are shot, 3 are killed plus Hannibal Heyes (Duel) is wounded but pulls through, so who I wondered was the 5th victim?

Pete Duel came from a very long line of doctors & it was thought he would follow in the family footsteps, instead he became an actor – not an easy career choice however “On his arrival in Hollywood in the mid-1960s, he struck pay dirt almost immediately in semi-heavy roles.” For Pete Duel the doors swung open very easily.

I shall leave this article here for now. For this part I’m trying to draw attention to the timing of his death & why that might have been. We are right on the cusp of yet another year & all the hype, drama & heightened tensions of that event makes me wonder very much about the timing & details of an event from 37 years ago & just how much effect it had on the psyche of the people of that time. My feelings & research & the words & feelings of others suggest that even though many years have passed the events surrounding this man’s leave-taking require an honest gaze.

In the meantime & on the anniversary of his death I offer these words & intent “Go with Love, Peter Deuel”

c.1432, “otherwise called,” from L. form of alius “
at another time, in another way,” from alius “(an)other,” from PIE *al- “beyond” (cf. Skt. anya “other, different,” Avestan anya-, Armenian ail, Gk. allos “another,” Goth. aljis “other,” O.E. elles “otherwise, else”). The noun meaning “assumed name” is first recorded 1605.

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  1. Devin replied:

    wise -I can already tell I will be coming back to this post many times-as you can see i am doing another all-nighter! BTW I can see where the crush came from:-) good looking guy. It is so odd how events from the past can take on ‘new’ meanings-Mr Duels death reminds me so much of an American actors death who died in 68? I think-I will try to get the name of this guy-or perhaps someone who comments will know it. Really fascinating post as always! Best to you and yours and I hope to be back very very soon maybe in a matter of hours. Happy New Year too! word veri is elyzesse-Elysee? cant think of anthing else insomnia has brain working slow:-)

  2. Devin replied:

    Kind of off-topic but four years ago or so I became very interested in the life career and death of Sal Mineo-true crime mysteries (this one is supposedly solved-but I am not sure i believe the verdict)are also one of my interests-through this I became interested in the ‘curse’ that seemed to surround everyone in Rebel Without a Cause-I was almost 12 when Sal was murdered and fifteen I think when Natalie Wood drowned(supposedly) I think Natalies last movie was one with Chris Walken called ‘Brainstorm’ the subject of the movie is eerie to think about now that tech has grown at such astonshing rates-OMG-just thought of a ‘synch’ in Brainstorm Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina is mentioned-that was one of my ‘hits’ in last 24 hrs! hehe the word veri for this is nutbones-no kidding :-)Best to you and hope to chat very soon!

  3. Devin replied:

    Btw-this is going to sound so stupid-but may as well go all the way-no stopping me now :-) i cant get multiple images into the body of a post just at the very top-any thoughts-it might just be my terminal stupidty with all things computer and net! word veri flimpr-hmmm have to think on this!

  4. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wise,By far and wide, one excellent piece of “Sherlock” work on reading the “weave” we’re being fed [by the Fates perhaps?]On Merv Griffin, when I was a child, I remember when my mom would watch that show, I would get an uneasy feeling about him and not stay in the room long. After reading this and reflecting upon your Tinsel Town post, me thinks that Mr. Griffin may be more than he appeared to be. [My thoughts are perhaps a ‘father breeder’ and/or Monarch Programmer] Maybe Pete’s appearance on the show somehow put him into Mr. Griffins “claws/clutches” behind the scenes.I also have the feeling that maybe Pete’s roles were “archetypal” by not in the obvious sense, your reveals on his characters names might be the subtle hints in seeing this. Janus obviously made me think of our current state of “duality”, and reminded me immediately of the “Janus project” from Judge Dread [Sylvester Stallone], a project that involved “cloning” humans. I like how “janitors” are the keepers of halls and doorways, interesting. Janitors usually carry a large amount of “keys” for those hallways/doors too, so are they “key holders”? Perhaps.That was unbelievably creepy with the titles of the episodes, it’s as if Mr. Duel was setup for a sacrifice I feel, under a Christ-mass tree? Wonder if it had a pentagram, oh I meant Star, or a symbolic Angel on the top of it. I must admit, I think you’ve stumbled upon something sinister that might help reveal what Hollywood is really about “behind the glamour”.Well done!CheersHope your having fun in Perth.

  5. aferrismoon replied:

    Used to avidly watch Alias smith and Jones – didn’t know he was dead.See u found an interesting HH.17 and 71 – mirror primes [ not many]Cheers and H-N-Y

  6. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinIt would be interesting if you could think of the actor that this reminded you of – you weren't thinking of George Reeves were you? although I think he was earlier than '68.I hadn't heard of a curse to do with Rebel without a Cause – that's rather interesting.To move images into the body of your work, you can click & drag but that can be fiddly or you go to the Edit HTML button & copy & paste all the strange text that IS the image – if memory serves me correctly it starts with something like '< a http' & ends with something like 'a>' – just copy all that text & then insert it where you want, then when you go back to 'compose' the pic will be magically sitting there :) – Good luck!Hiya MichaelThanks for your comments :)Very interesting with your childhood 'authentic' take on Merv Griffin. Also about the Judge Dread link with Janus. There was some thinking that Janus' 'two-faced' personality meant he could see past & future.Yes I thought the whole janitor link was most interesting – have been wondering just lately about our job roles in society & perhaps we have not looked deeply enough at these & where they emerge from.Indeed it would not be at all surprising if the Tree of death was festooned with a pentagram (or stargate?)Hope your weather is being kind to you. All the best for a great year to come.Hi AferrismoonYeah it was a great show, am still enjoying it, but also deeply saddened as I watch with new eyes.Yes the HH – it is a strange name & apparently, he is never called Hannibal, only Heyes – if I remember rightly the 'A Team' had a Hannibal in it & then of course there was the creepy flesh eater.Happy New Year to you too – LOL I had a dream the other night that I gave you a hug! – couldn't see your face but knew it was you – I'm not normally a demonstrative person either.Cheers

  7. Devin replied:

    wise -just wanted to come back and compliment you on this excellect post! I found a bloke who was born in 1931 -died in 1968 of drug overdose-(supposed) his name was Nick Adams and was best known for his work as Johnny Yuma in the Rebel tv series in 1959(a bit b4 my time-do not remember this even in syndication) interesting ‘rebel’ synch in searching though-thanks so very much for instructions-i was able to move some images by clicking and dragging-but will look at your instructions more thoroughly when i am not so tired(insomnia has hit hard again and unfortunately i fell asleep for 4 hrs this afternoon-so now i am worried will be up all night again-it would not be so bad if i could work on something-but i am too tired to even work on my book right now much less more intricate research) hi also aferris and Michael! interesting info you both had-i did not think of the mirrored primes-this post was fantastic as all of yours are-and i could have sworn the actor i was thinking of died of gunshot wound in 69(or so they said-to me it was suspect-so i do not know if this man was the correct one-will keep searching-they said it was suicide with both this and the actor i am thinking of but cant put my name on-it wasnt Reeves-although that case is interesting also-as there is also a Superman Curse:-)or so they say-like i say i am going to keep searching the net and my memory-love this post and i love our friendship! i see so much in this post i want to look at more when i am not so exhausted-best to you and yours and i hope 09 has started off beautifully for you! word veri=furem-hmmm:-)

  8. aferrismoon replied:

    cheers . Not overly demonstrative either, nevertheless a warm hug for u. Pete ‘jewel’ ?cheers

  9. Devin replied:

    This is a great post wise! I really like how you went back into the past here for this one. I wish more folks out there (all kinds of blogs did this)-I have an info request:-) put in at another blog that is the most likely I think to have folks that might remember the US actor who I could have sworn died in 1969-it could just be my faulty memory-but I will keep thinking until I am positive I had Nick Adams mixed up with someone else. The only thing that is causing such certainty with me is the gunshot part. Best to you as always!-oh geeez had to tell you this word veri-synima -cinema!

  10. wise woman replied:

    Caught & held – thanks Aferrismoon :)'Jewel' would be the non-American pronounciation – when they announce on the show at the beginning it's 'Do-ill'All the bestHi DevinI'll see if I can come up with anything on the actor you mentioned – thanks for the tip. Will also check out Nick Adams -I reckon there's probably a great deal to be seen from those times when tv was anchoring into our subconscious. Amazing word verificationAm back home in NZ now after a very long day yesterday :)All the best & hope you are sleeping better & I too deeply appreciate our friendship & all those I've met through this blog :)

  11. Devin replied:

    wise-thanks so much for stopping by my place today-I caught your last comment as I was posting about geopolitics in 2009-sometimes it helps me to think of other things if I am getting frustrated on how to put words together-do not know if my reincarnation story will be there tonight or early am or not-you know most of it-in fact all of it really-I was just trying to use words that would lead readers towards not thinking I am making a mountain out of a molehill.That is great and interesting about your father-I love that he writes poetry-I would love to know the names of books he has written-although it is probably somewhat unlikely I would find them here in PHX-I am still kicking myself for books I have traded in over the years as some of these would hav really helped with the blog. I even caught a short memory of what I am still thinking of as a different actor and his age of death-37 I think-maybe if I go to a site that lists 1969 deaths of people only in the entertainment world-if there is such a site-I am terrible at digging up some info.I am glad you are safe back home and look forward to sharing thoughts very soon-if I find that name I will immediately go over here and post it-best to you and yours as always-word veri is dawkewne-dark one? docking? document? hmmmm:-)

  12. VacuumVixen replied:

    Hi WW,Hope all is well. Thank you for this post (and your entire blog). I was not aware of this show or actor. A few things that stood out for me as I read:1) when reading the bit about Griffen, I kept thinking Griffendor from the Harry Potter books which led to the thought of Griffendor vs. Slitherin. Not sure where this could lead, but the eagle/lion/serpent symbolism could go on and on…2) when you wondered “who was the 5th victim?” I thought you/the viewer. As I read, I recalled the Time Magazine person of the year (2006) issue, where the cover of the mag had a mylar “mirror.” This was especially interesting for me since I just today read a blog post elsewhere on why tv is evil… so I imagined a television screen in place of that mylar mirror.3) very interesting about the janitor. It brought me to Good Will Hunting and Matt Damon as the janitor/genius who unlocks the answers (holds the keys) to mathematical problems that the MIT students can’t seem to solve.Again, thanks so much for your blog! Wishing you all the best. :)

  13. Devin replied:

    hi again wise-thanks so much for that link-i have looked through the 1969 deaths 3 times now-i still have some energy so I am going to go to 70 and 71 deaths as i feel the year is most likely what i might have a little off. The part about the actor being young possibly 37-playing kind of macho roles, caucasian race-i think blond too are almost certainly the parts I have remembered most correctly -I remember this info from a book and am trying to think of what book i used to own that would have had this kind of info in it-i thought of Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger which I used to own but that was not it-perhaps it was a book about true possible crimes-definitely going to keep searching and thinking-I am actually very interested now-and not just in that ‘frustrated’ way-the link you gave got some old memories going and even some conspiracy and esoteric thinking-there was a bit about the singer Aaliyah-RandBlues whose plane crashed 25aug2001-one thing I have heard mention of both in conspiracy, occult and synchromysticsm is that perhaps certain deaths are planned and staged (kinda like what i think Antinous’ feelings were in my thinking that he sacrificed himself for Hadrian)in order to give a ‘cosmic’-gee i dont know what you would call it-but lets say you wanted to pull off 11 sept 01-in this way of thinking certain occult sacrifices would have been made to ensure success of the ‘plan’-believe it or not I have come across references to this type of thinking on websites-do not know how valid it is -if it is not just sheer ‘nuttery’-but it seems to me a lot of young actrs singers in the entertainment-even modelling line of work have died weird deaths on certain days-much like Mr Duel dying 31Dec71-mirrored prime with 17 as aferris mentioned. If i come back tonight it will be if i have had success hunting-am always going to keep trying-I just KNOW i am not imagining this person and that it was gunshot-but suspiciousbest to you as always and thanks so much for the great link! word veri-patubv-dunno with this one:-)

  14. wise woman replied:

    Welcome again VixenThose are some great thoughts. I'd not thought of the Potter link – agreed, I think if we dived down that route we'd need scuba gear & plentiful supplies for a looong journey.Interesting take on the 5th Victim – Celtic Rebel says that when actors are shown on dvd covers pointing weapons, we are the target. In Feng Shui, they suggest covering up the tv screen as it acts as a 'mirror' when not in use – I won't even go into what it is when it's on – yet!Great remembering about Good Will Hunting – am wondering now where else the 'humble' cleaner has been inserted into movies & why – who would have thought that a mild mannered janitor could be a god! You called Damon's characters a 'genius' – etymology as follows "1390, from L. genius "guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth"." – hmmm gods & guardian spirits… All the bestHi DevinI've done some more searching but the haystack is hazy & the metal detector for the needle is out of batteries:) – don't drive yourself crazy looking for him, relax & he might pop into your mind!You said "in this way of thinking certain occult sacrifices would have been made to ensure success of the 'plan'." – am certainly thinking along these lines – Ben Fairhall at The Lazy Behemoth has been writing some very interesting articles lately you might like to check out.Don't fret if you can't remember the name – I have no doubts that your memory is serving you well, perhaps it's to help you find other info along the way that may be of use.All the best & sweet dreams whenevr they come!

  15. VacuumVixen replied:

    Doh! I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me last night when commenting, but a very memorable janitor in movies… Morgan Freeman as janitor/god in The Truman Show… not sure how much more obvious that link could be!Cheers again!

  16. Devin replied:

    hello wise-I just had to smile when I saw your hazy needle in a haystack comment! Great way of putting it. It is 4 pm here now I just logged on to computer-at first it was sort of acting the way it does when connection goes-so I will wait to post anything an hour at least-I will take your advice but will keep searching-usually my mom calls on Sat and I will ask her if she remembers and I will check comments at gosporn and the xspot to see if anyone remembers-perhaps it will come in time-Hollyweird chews up and swallows so many people it is no wonder a rather minor actor would be hard to find! I should think of linking to Ben and VVixen-I am so behind on folks I link to now that I am embarrassed -I have read Ben before and he is as great as the other Ben I link to! VV seems like a very intelligent person also. I will see what computer is going to do. Best to you as always and your family also-I am going to check comments now:-) oooh-this word veri is ‘conabl’-canibal was what first came to mind or cabal for some reason-I guess becuase I have been thinking of factions and cabals a lot lately in the US and other govts around the globe:-)

  17. wise woman replied:

    Thanks VixenThere are so many actors out there that there isn't enough time to take note of all. I did 'note' Morgan Freeman when he played in the Bucket List – Hollywoods recent effort to market & sweeten cancer (knickers to the bastards!).I saw Truman Show ages ago & didn't remember that, but so very interesting, may have to watch again with different eyes.Thanks & cheersHowdy DevinI was just over at your place attempting to give you some 'technical' advice – not my strong point.I appreciate all your efforts to remember – I am quite sure that if it is important to what I'm working on – the continuation of what I started with Pete Duel, then it will come – amazing info has surfaced in the past few weeks.Hope you can beat your blog into shape :) – you could always just make up a nonsense article & play with that to get the feel, so you don't worry about losing anything important.Happy cutting & pasting :)

  18. VacuumVixen replied:

    Sorry, I just realized it wasn’t Truman Show (I recently watched that one with different eyes)… it was Bruce Almighty where Freeman played god/janitor opposite Jim Carrey!

  19. wise woman replied:

    Ok – I never saw that one. Interesting post time 3.33 on Jan 3!!Cheers

  20. Devin replied:

    wise in regards to your previous comments here VVixen had the triple 3’s and I had the ‘Skull and Bones’ 322 secret society timestamp. neat stuff-although I would hate to think of having any of my ‘energies’ tied up with skull and bones members who count many people I do not like in their number-I also wanted to say cant tell you how much I appreciate your comment under newest post-that one was hard for me to do and I was afraid it would be seen as crazy-but I have learned to go so much more by instinct and intuition since I have been communicating with you-you have helped me a lot! it is late here almost 1am but am not tired as I woke so late-not really sure of what to do-but I am going to take a look at 71 deaths of actors here after fixing something to eat-will let you know if I find anything-best to you and your family as always and thanks again so much for the kind comments and intelligent thought and computer help even:-) word veri= deashbas-death bash? dish something or rather-another hmmm

  21. Devin replied:

    It is very interesting how some things link up or synch up i should say when I or someone else is doing research-regarding the Janus part of this post I had been doing research online yesterday and came across a large amount of info on Cicero -went thru 71 deaths no luck-as today is going to be a no post day and just relax and research day i am going to go to 72 and 73 deaths-do not worry its not becoming an obsession-just really curious now and doing it in between things. Best to you and your family as always-thanks so much again for advice and computer help-will try to check out Ben F’s stuff more today also-this word veri is tranc-right off short for tranquilizer-over dose??

  22. Devin replied:

    wise -sorry i am commenting so much today-like i tell all my online friends-a lot of it is my ocd and passion for research etc-so there is never and i mean never a rush to respond with me-i just had to let you know that when i was going through 72 deaths i didnt find who i was looking for-but i found a reference to a Nigel Green born in S Africa in 1924 and died in the UK in may of 72 cause of death-accidental overdose it said of sleeping pills-i did not remember this guy at all-he starred in a movie i remember hearing about-the Ipcress File-just thought it was interesting in light of your research into mr duel and the previous word veri-i do not know any other background on death other than what was on NNDB-exact date of death 15 may 72 do not know if this day has any significance for anything-this word veri is minglog-cute-mingling?best as always-hugs too!

  23. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinThanks for your comments & continued searching!Am back at work today which tends to slow down research, but the ideas never stop coming :)Yes have heard if the Ipcress file – when you start looking at those lists there are just so many deaths & not many 'normal' ones as in the non-movie star population.Do you have an email address, I tried your link but it doesn't allow access. You could always go to my site & click on mine – just wanted to ask you something.Interesting word verifications – minglog is cute – reminds me of mini blog but also… Ming the Merciless LOL

  24. Devin replied:

    Beejebus and beejabbers wise-the Ming comment in that context totally blew me away! Not 30 minutes ago I was doing research for a series i want to begin-this will also be open ended as the reincarnation one will be about the rise and fall of empires-i was reading from a book i owned and had never noticed a small reference to the Ming dynasty in China:-) I will try to send you an email (direct) from my email-i had been offline for about 2 hours and just got on about 5 minutes ago and at first the computer was insisting i was offline-but the modem lights were showing online this has happened before-so if i am not able to answer soon it just means that i am indeed offline-i have noticed this b4 when the computer is on standby for over an hour and a half-and i cant possibly think of a reason for this-i mean its not like firing up a cranky engine(or maybe with me it is:-))I agree expecially as to Hollywood in the US-but really over the globe in the fashion, entertainment(music also) and modelling industries there are such a huge number of bizarre deaths and ones at way to young of an age as in posts you have done and others such as the Ben at Pseudo Occult-I will stay online for a bit if you get this-i need to check on some info about Habsburg dynasty anyway so this will be a good time to do it this word veri is buterstr-hmmm butter-star dont know:-)

  25. Know Nothing replied:

    Hi Wise, what a web! I was not familiar with this actor either, but the syncs are fascinating.I thought the comment from Vixen regarding Good Will Hunting was interesting. Seeing as the Role certainly opened the gates to Matt Damon’s “acting” career.Good Will Hunting was released in January of 1998.

  26. wise woman replied:

    Hi Mr KnowHope you are well.Great follow up on Vixen’s comment – another whole area to take note of – this ‘birth’ of actors – they may have been around a while, but one particualr event or movie seems to ‘launch’ them to ‘stardom’ or demi-god status – from there it seems they can become fully fledged gods or ‘heroic’ sacrifices. All the best to you

  27. Pete replied:

    Coming up on what would have been his 71st birthday. I got my kids the DVD, and they love it. They even hum the theme song.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Everything seemed much cleaner & clearer back then, did it not? My son enjoyed the show when I showed it to him a few years ago.

      • Pete replied:

        That was back when we thought art/entertainment was to make one feel good. But happy endings fell out of style. Now we wonder if we can get that back. I say yes, but only the willing.

  28. alex robinson replied:

    The world is not what it was Pete, but now we are also able to see how it never was what it was. What we’ve got is this ‘now’ & we so desperately need to use that.

    Best to you

    • Pete replied:

      Our world is only what is in our minds. I’m Smith, you’re Jones.

  29. Anne replied:

    Just came across your blog when doing a search for Alias Smith and Jones. I found your post very interesting. I was 11 when Pete died and it had a been impact on me. I had a massive crush on the guy. He was so handsome and charismatic and I loved Alias Smith and Jones. The channel ITV4 have been rerunning the show and have just got to the Roger Davis episodes. I watched the first Davis episode with the new opening titles with Davis with tears running down my cheeks. I may be much older now but watching the episode took me back to that terrible time. The circumstances of his death do seem odd. Thanks for the information.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Cheers Anne

      It’s amazing how strong the reaction to his death is for many people even after more than 40 years – an unresolvable mystery & waste of life

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