Keeping an eye on the reel world

I don’t know about you, but TV was very important to me growing up.

There were programmes I loved with a passion, ones that made me feel alive & seemed to understand my desire for adventure. My home life was very strange – an often grey time that I could not understand & made no sense. So I frequently slipped into TV & later books as a means to find life.

In the last few years my world has turned upside-down & that’s fine, because I can no longer live well in the right-side up world. However my posts on Twinsel Town & Pete Duel brought home to me the hyper-fabrication of the world of programming that we call entertainment. I have found myself both sad & angry at the need to re-see & release what were once much loved ‘friends’. Furthermore I’m wondering just how much of an effect our programmed childhoods had on us. I mean for one thing – it is all lies – it’s not real & never was – actors are not the people they play, the stories are not real, the words are someone else’s. It’s a conglomeration of many people shaped & dandied into a mighty delusion, and while we may have ‘known’ it wasn’t real, did our subconscious?

I have to wonder why entertainment has become so huge. My son said to me once it was because life is just not that exciting & then I wondered, “Is there a reason why our lives are dull & choked with monotony” – could it be to drive us into the arms of the ‘dream world’? Seeing the depth of the awakening at least among some people I have to wonder what the world would look like now if ‘dreamervision‘ did not programme the populace on a nightly basis.

The word entertain popped into the English language on a sunny day in 1475, it’s job description being “to keep up, maintain” & it has done it’s job very well indeed. It not only keeps the wheels of the Western world well & truly oiled, it’s also managed to get a job in the driving seat as well as being chief navigator – should you get lost in life just look to a celebrity to lead the way.

So what were the reel reasons behind movies & TV.

Were they the natural progression of a technologically advancing(?) civilisation or were they a carefully designed programme made to slot into the minds & dreams of a traumatised world? Had humanity been ripened for a form of mind control by the 1930’s? Had the ‘Great War’ & then the ‘Great Depression’ primed consciousness so much that it was ready to ‘receive‘ the baptism of Holy-Wood?

In the 1930’s the motion pictures were the most important entertainment of The Great Depression. Everyone was going to the theaters for some entertainment. During the depths of the Depression in the early thirties an average of 60 million to 75 millionmovie tickets were bought each week. For a long time during The Great Depression movies were an escape from the Depression’s reality. You might have an extra dime one day, so you’d go to the movies. While the reality of the Depression seemed inescapable, this short trip to a faraway land was the thing to do.

“Cinemas became temples of escapism, fabulous buildings with fabulous names built in the opulent style of the palaces of old, all marble and statues and grand entrances.”

While trawling my local library a little while ago, I found a book about Blockbuster Movies dating back to 1930 (with one ‘hit’ movie per year featured). The first three blockbusters presented surprised me – I guess I was expecting some cutesy or romantic type movies – instead we have a smorgasbord of horror-thrillers.

1930 summoned in Dracula, 1931 saw Frankenstein dropping by for tea & King Kong knocked the whole bloody house down in 1932.

While we may laugh now, nurses were on standby for Dracula & Frankenstein, the latter ‘had it’s original audiences screaming & fainting in large numbers.” A double-bill of these two movies was marketed to the public as ‘We dare you to see it’ & ambulances were parked outside cinemas on standby.

It was in the early 1930s that American film producers, particularly Universal Pictures Co. Inc., popularized the horror film, bringing to the screen a series of successful Gothic features including Dracula (1931), and The Mummy (1932), some of which blended science fiction films with Gothic horror, such as James Whale’s Frankenstein (1931) and The Invisible Man (1933).

I’m no expert on mind control but blasting the psyche with trauma does seem to be the basic starting point so for any mind control connoisseur, the 20th century must have been a dream come true.

So let’s have a little fun with some wild theories.

To play the game that follows it might be best to place what you know into a safe location where you can come back & pick it up later – it’ll just get in the way if you take it with you. This game, shall we call it Mindopoly does have it’s own kickoff point – it is based on the idea that TV & movies & the media were designed to have an overpowering effect on the human race.

So, what if the traumas of the 20th century were planned & unleashed to prime the human mind for future programming – what if WWI, The Great Depression & later WWII were created to drive a traumatised species into the waiting & oh so welcoming arms of a modern day Hypnos?

Looking for all the world as if they’ve fallen asleep in front of the telly, we find Hypnos, god of sleep, with his twin brother Thanatos, god of death. Interestingly enough these boys are the sons of Nyx or Night, the favoured time for popular programming.

“The 1930’s and the 1940’s have been described as “The Golden Age of Motion Pictures”… Hollywood quickly became the world capital of motion pictures. No matter where you were in the world, if you wanted to make movies, you came to Hollywood… How fitting that this decade culminated with the most extraordinary year in motion picture history…1939. Never in the history of film has there been a year which produced so many great motion pictures. When we think of 1939, we immediately think of Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz but one can only gasp in awe at the list of other greats created that same year…Gunga Din, Wuthering Heights, Goodby Mr. Chips, The Women, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Destry Rides Again, Ninotchka, The Old Maid, Stagecoach and the list goes on!
The thirties closed with this remarkable year serving as a last gasp of innocence before the dark clouds of war descended

The above quote fits perfectly with the premise of our game – the decade that leads up to the second worldwide crime against humanity is ushered in with a stunning display of programming (rather reminds me of the ubiquitous fireworks display without which no new year can now be ushered in). The m-asses are serenaded to war down a yellow brick road until they are out of sight & gone with the wind, oops, sorry! my mistake that was no wind, that was a Sherman Tank. By the end of the ’30s, public programming was firmly accepted as ‘friend’ to the masses, providing a weekly crossing of the rainbow bridge, out of hell & into Asgard, land of the gods (price of return journey is included in the ticket).

“In the early days of silent movies the names of the actors and actresses appearing in movies were not publicized or credited as they are now. Some of these performers had to help build the sets, clean up and other chores around the film studio.”

Well haven’t things changed!

“The star system was the method of creating, promoting and exploiting film stars in Classical Hollywood cinema. Studios would select promising young actors and create personas for them, often inventing new names and even new backgrounds. Examples of stars who went through the star system include Cary Grant (born Archie Leach), Joan Crawford (born Lucille Fay LeSueur), and Rock Hudson (born Roy Harold Scherer Jr.).”

In our little game we note that for a very long time indeed the big wigs of this world have been ultra fascinated by the stars. Mythology just wouldn’t be the same without them. They are the realm of the gods, our guiding light, we find our way by them – although in this game we note that we don’t seem to be going anywhere.

So the movie world not only provided wonder-filled dreams, but it also took the stars from the heavens & placed them upon the earth & lo they walked among us & we were (& still are) bedazzled.

“the movie business…set out making gods & goddesses, people with an international fame never known before.”

I have to say I was rather surprised to find that cartoon characters are also included in the above Hollywood Walk of Fame, but then again…

…I had a very interesting conversation with a friend this week.

She told me that when she was little she could not tell the difference between cartoon characters & ‘real people’. Now I had a little trouble trying to get my head around this, but I didn’t doubt what she said. My friend said that if she saw a dressed up character, you know like those big furry animals at Disneyland, she knew they were fake, but the characters on screen were as real to her as any person. I’m guessing I was most probably the same, but I don’t think I ever thought about it – I just accepted what I saw (without question).

In this game I’m gonna say that I reckon cartoons enchanted the minds of the watchers with doses of extra strength magic. Before the audiences very eyes, the unreal & downright impossible were brought into existence – perhaps God is in fact a cartoonist & that’s he managed to get the world underway in just seven days. In the ‘reel’ world – all things are possible.

Now lets climb a ladder & hop into the 60s.

By now TV had brought the enchantment into homes everywhere. Programming had shifted from a weekly to a daily basis. In the interim, the world had been re-traumatised by WWII, the children of WWI survivors had now received their own ‘priming’. America being in the enchanters driving seat, popped in the Korean War for extra trauma flavour before preparing something a little grander in Vietnam.

In our game we will see the ’60s as the decade where two worlds were married – so-called fact & fiction. The same altar that now sat in so many homes brought not only entertainment but also ‘truth’ (cough) & called it ‘the news’.

The telly was a bit like our godly friend Janus – one head with two faces.

Now the thing is… everything that is shown on TV is designed to be believed – actors pretend to be someone else, shows pretend to be actual events, the news pretends to have all the facts & we the viewers are happy with that.

But what if it’s not that simple? What if our subconscious mind is not so clear on what is fact & what is fiction? If the trauma of the last century was designed to herd the public into the lounge

…then surely there must be a bloody good reason for it.

If I look from the vantage point of my particular lounge & ask what has TV done for me, I’m not sure that I can say that it has added anything great to my life – especially now when I see so much of the trickery that was hidden in shows I loved.

I virtually gave heart & soul to many TV programmes & movies, especially when I was growing up. I certainly gave far more to them than they ever gave to me – it was at times a love affair – albeit one-sided.

So what is it all about? I’ve been thinking much since I wrote Twinsel Town, but also as far back as my article on Adrienne Shelly. In Twinsel Town I saw so many look-alike actors – I’ve come across even more since then, as well as readers who also left their comments – I have other mugshots on file for perhaps another Twinsel post, but right now I just want to wander & wonder a bit deeper.

The ‘jarring’ deaths of actors like Pete Duel & Adrienne Shelly are far removed from the twinkly starry lights of Hollywood. We’re familiar with acceptable actors deaths, you know the ones caused by drink & drugs – we’ve been sold, at a very moderate price, the idea that these demi-gods can’t always take ‘the strain’ & are liable to excess – it’s the price of stardom.

But then there are the ugly deaths that just don’t feel right at all – I will cover this when I finish the second part of my Adrienne Shelly article. For now lets open the dark door at the back of the stage & shine a light inside. I have read many times, especially in recent months about the occult nature of Hollywood. So lets just say fuck it & go all the way on this one – seeing how it’s just a game we’re playing and all.

What if Hollywood is one very large seance? What if some or all actors are not acting at all, but are in fact calling spirits or entities into themselves & giving them a life form that is then transferred onto cellulose or whatever medium is used to record movies today?

What if the programmes & movies we watch, & love or loath are en-crypted with other life forms or forces? What if, with the help of our avid attention they weave spells across the world.

Etymology of celebrity:

c.1380, “solemn rite or ceremony,” from O.Fr. celebrité

Some time ago I wrote an article called Bonding with a Time Lord – I was going to add the last part of that article here for a quick read, but in truth it won’t make a heap of sense if you don’t read it all – the crux of the article however is that I was left wondering if somehow a programme I had watched one evening could have somehow been part of an event that took place thousands of miles away at about the same time.

What if these spells are created to hold us & this world in a state of apathy & limbo. Hmmm perhaps we could relabel programmes as ‘spells’?

My friend Devin over at My Favorite Monsters made mention of the Telesterion a little while ago – the name was too close to Televsion to leave out.

“Telesterion was one of the primary centers of the Eleusion Mysteries. At some point in the 5th century BC, Iktinos, the great architect of the Partenon, built the Telesterion big enough to hold thousands of people.
As the climax of the ceremonies at Eleusis, the initiates entered the Telesterion where they were shown the sacred relics of Demeter and the priestesses revealed their visions of the holy night... This was the most secretive part of the Mysteries and those who had been initiated were forbidden to ever speak of the events that took place in the Telesterion.
It was destroyed by the Persians and was subsequently rebuilt some time later by Pericles

hmmm… if you read the final article on the Sacrifice you will know that Pericles was claimed to be a previous incarnation of Winston Churchill – a chief player in both the mindcontrol creations that were WWI & WWII.

Just one further stop down a last rabbit hole & you can get back to your own Telesterion:)

I am short-sighted & have been for a long time. Some years ago I tried a method of vision improvement. Now my sight didn’t get any better, but I nevertheless learned a great deal. My teacher, Peter Grunwald, was at one time so ‘blind’ that he used to wear his glasses in the shower! He developed his own technique & understanding & is now glasses free. One of his main tenets is that the eye is a mirror of the body, think reflexology – each part of the eye connecting with different parts of the body – however there’s a vast difference between the two concepts.

Anyway I got to wondering if the raison d’etre behind TV could have a great deal to do with owning or possessing our eyes. Could the images below be telling it to us exactly like it is?

My teacher saw the eye as one of the most vital parts of the body – it responds to all trauma & it his belief that for physical trauma to be resolved, it must be addressed through the eye. He would give me directions to focus my attention on various parts of my eye while he made slight adjustments in the corresponding parts in my body. I gained a great understanding from my time with him – although I am still short sighted it is of no great importance, I now choose to wear glasses only when compelled to & the rest of the time I live comfortably in a slightly blurry world.

According to Grunwald, glasses are cut in such a way that light is directed to the fovea centralis & 5% of the brain within the lower visual cortex receives constant & intense amounts of information. The rest of the retina is not stimulated & thus a large portion of the brain is starved of information & stimulation. Now I reckon we can apply that principle to TV watching, because our eyes are forced to focus on a small area, without depth for extensive periods of time – just what effect has that had on our brains?

He once gave me a tremendous description, (well this has always been my take on it), that one of the roles of aqueous humour, that “thick watery substance that is between the lens and the cornea” is to flow & ‘filter’ anything harmful or negative that is directed at us – perhaps an image would be something like standing behind a waterfall, if something is hurled at you it will be washed away before it can reach you. Now I just find this idea bloody marvellous – a natural form of self-protection for those unfair slings & arrows that get launched far too often these days. Has this form of protection been targeted & disabled through years of intense & unblinking TV watching?

Although we actually ‘see’ images in the visual cortex at the back of our brain, nothing gets there without going through our eyes. The eyes, it is said are the windows of the soul – there are stories of people selling their souls to the devil, but what if the devil never needed us to go that far, he just needed us to create a detour so that we couldn’t find our own way back? What if we gave up ownership of our eyes by placing them before an occult shrine & worshipping on a daily basis?

What if we need to reclaim our sight & start seeing for ourselves again

Sorry, did you say encore or no more? Oh well while I’m here

My father invited me to see the latest BIG movie, Australia, last night. I must digress for a wee moment to exclaim “WTF’ – as in wtf were clips of The Wizard of Oz & the singing & harmonic-ing of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ doing in there???

Sorry, where was I?

Oh yes, I couldn’t help but note an extraordinary amount of ‘eye’ exposure for want of a better description – heaps of e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d camera shots of wide eyes especially by the young aborigine boy & Nicole Kidman. After the movie was over my father made the comment about how hypnotic the boys eye’s were & how he got lost in them.

It is perhaps no accident that the sound of ourselves is the same sound with which we absorb our world – IEye.

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  1. Devin replied:

    wow wise! you are just incredible! I am so glad I caught this before turning in-my plans to do another all-nighter to readjust sleep are not going to work-just too tired-reading this post brought the largest cascade(there is that word again-I cant get away from it) of memories and thoughts of any post I have ever read by anyone! I will not go into a huge comment tonight-but I hope to be back tomorrow and look at it in greater detail and tell you some of the things I thought of-first of all thanks so much for mentioning me-that was so nice-I am glad the telestrion was able to be of use in your post-I also wanted to say I agree with your thinking that Hollywood is One Big Seance-I totally agree with people who think these movies especially in recent years-also like you mentioned are meant as some sort of programming for the m-asses, I was totally surprised about the horror movies in the 30s-I would have thought romantic/comedy escapism also! I also realized that I had forgot to check the 73 deaths of that actor i was thinking of-will do that tomorrow. Before I stop I will make mention of how incredibly wrapped around our lives and minds Tv and movies are-over at my favorite discussion forum someone said that the theme song to the soap “Days of our Lives” made them feel a sense of melancholia and they always related this to their childhood because it was their mother’s favorite soap-and that is just the beginning theme song! When I was much younger a silly program called Gilligan’s Island took me away for a half hour every day of the week for years-it was already in syndication when I was watching it-in 2007 when my mom and I were talking about how we wished we could go back to the “good old days” when life was not this continual shock trauma programming-everything from sept 11 to school shootings to killer santas and serial killers-we even referenced going back to Gilligans Island-jokingly of course-but just the fact that we would base an era of time in our lives on one of the silliest programs ever to hit the TV shows you the power of TV-i was part of the “MTV” generation when it first aired in US I was 16-then I began to relate things in my life to images and thoughts in the music videos-I noticed many others doing this-As recently as a matter of weeks ago I used the example of the Ben Folds 5 group song “Brick” to characterize my relationship with “Diego” and the video that comes with the song-on the surface it would be an absurd song to characterize a homosexual relationship because it is about a straight couple and the woman in it is getting an abortion-but the images in the video (some of them)show how two people together can be drowning each other and the line that “now that I have found someone I am feeling more alone than ever before” seems to fit-and it just shows how people have forgotten that WE have REAL lives-ones that are unique and can’t be put in terms of videos, movies, songs and the like. Just the thought that I even do it scares me because i was always more of a book person by far than a movie and tv person-and i know some people who LIVE in front of the tube. Well I am starting to ramble as usual-I hope to be back tomorrow when I am more coherent-hopefully:-)if the movies of the last 5 years are a guide to the world we are supposed to be caged in I am frightened for us all! Best to you and your son and family always-blessings to from Arizona-I very much hope to be back tomorrow-word veri wheck-hehe sounds like that cartoon character Elmer(back to TV reality again)saying wreck!:-)

  2. cecilia replied:

    hi,have followed your brilliant blog for some time.threw my glasses away ages ago.Wearing them made life flat like looking at the telly, not living in the real world. You cant feel the world when you’re wearing them.Do we all really need them? Showbiz is a giant ritual and seems to demand young, healthy unexpected sacrifices from time to time. Richard Beckinsale(father of kate) is another strange one from my childhood

  3. Ed replied:

    Hello Wise Woman, good post.Sometimes the line between fact and fiction can be a bit blurry. I’ve often thought that some fiction is actually occuring in an alternate reality. I remember seeing a film a while back where the premise of the story was that a fictional character was escaping into the real world, and a story teller was charged with “trapping” him in one of his stories.

  4. at67gr replied:

    Entertainment is a substitute for joy. Amusement a=not muse=think.One should consider turning their thoughts to the word of God. His POV is in your face showing the tragedy of the fall and the hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.Eastern mysticism turns you to an empty mind emty-V (MTV). God wants you to mediate on His word found in the bible. He explains what, how and why it happened. It is a awakened triggered by the Holy Spirit that leads you to understand you are a created being accountable to your creator. This a hard truth and only those that have been given the gift of grace can truly appreciate it.

  5. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinThanks for your marvellously energetic reply – loved it.I do indeed remember Gilligan's Island too. They're bringing out so many of the old shows on DVD & because tv these days is so crap I have rewatched many, as has my son. Some of them are just sooo bad it's embarrassing to admit ever watching them – the Brady Bunch would be one for me!These days I hardly put anything on at all, but it's hard sometimes – watching tv in the evening was what you did, how you relaxed & somehow other peoples lives & adventure made up for not having your own – I find myself in a bit of a limbo, for apart from my blog I have not really found other creative outlets that call me – I envision myself doing something 'crafty', but that lovely feeling that comes when I want to do something is not there – are years of tv watching responsible I wonder?You are absolutley right we do have REAL lives, but my god it's hard work sometimes remembering that.I would be most interested in any other thoughts that you have All the best as always :)CeciliaWelcome! Thanks for your comment.If I wasn't quite so blind I would throw mine away too – I tried to get an optician to reduce my prescription based on my current glasses but he would only do it if I had a new eye test – so I said bollocks to that. But you are right they make the world flat, I feel very uncomfortable talking to people while wearing them, there's some kind of blockage there, also glasses restrict your peripheral vision.Indeed I have wondered about Richard Beckinsale myself – if you think about it he was the first 'young' actor to die of a heart attack – paved the way perhaps for other youngish deaths – Father Ted springs instantly to mind.Glad you stopped byHi EdYes the lines do get blurry indeed – like sometimes how you're not quite sure if you dreamed something or it actually happened – or is that just me :)Very interesting idea with that show you mentioned. I remember listening to an author talk of how her character was created & man it sounded so like she was picking up on a 'real' person not just creating a character.All the bestAt67grGood take on the emty-V.I wasn't sure how to reply to you, there is a sense of having to be 'careful' with people who are really into the bible. It's just not for me, I grew up a catholic & devoted years to trying to understand & be so very good, in truth it nearly killed me. So I wish you well but I freely choose a different route.All the best

  6. Devin replied:

    Thanks so much for stopping by today wise-I think your theory is fascinating!-thanks for your thoughts here too-totally agree about the Brady Bunch-I thought the post I just did would be the end of ‘faces’ but Middle Ditch saved me from making a mistake-about if the faces are still appearing today or not-best to you as always and hope to be around in a bit -gotta rest my eyes for a bit-this post you just did is fantastic-if i can get any energy going i will look at 73 deaths in awhile word veri burixt-too tired cant do anything with it:-)

  7. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinHope you managed to rest your I's :)Word veri burixt – reminds me of saying 'betwixt & between', which perhaps could describe the place where your 'faces' come from.

  8. Know Nothing replied:

    Interesting vision of TV wise. I have often been saddened by the fact that I have seen hundreds of murders on TV. In my life I have been lucky enough to never experience this. But my eyes have through the TV.It seems highly probable to me that our subconscious mind is likely not able to tell the difference between reality, and entertainment. That would reinforce just how powerful the the things we see actually are.Be Well Wise

  9. Ben Fairhall replied:

    Thoroughly excellent work here, Alex, which I will be taking my time to absorb over the next few days. You’re right- it ‘synchs’ (aaargh!) very neatly with the content of my last post, even down to the It’s all lies! spiel. (Which it is.)ATB,Ben

  10. wise woman replied:

    Hi Mr KnowIndeed murders are tv veiwers daily diet. I have to say I did enjoy the old fashioned murder myseries – brings out the sleuth in me – the deaths were very staged & you almost never saw the murder – egad! how that has changed – I just don't go there.Thanks for reinforcing the point about our subcoscious not knowing the difference, I feel this is very important.All the bestThanks BenYes, sorry to use 'that' word but you got my drift :) – it felt very powerful to have such similar feelings appearing in tandem. I was going to put a link here but it's gone again, so I guess your adding even more.All the best

  11. Devin replied:

    wise-I so much enjoy our correspondence-I love your thoughts on betwixt and between:-) I am still trying to find other info people requested about faces and other things-depending on the time I turn in tonight I might have time to do a little more hunting-I think now i am going to do a post at new blog to get it rolling along a little more as i feel somewhat better and fumble fingers seem to be gone:-) best to you and your family as always!word veri=switabil hmmm switchable-sweeta bill-dont know-hope to chat soon!

  12. Devin replied:

    wise-I finally went to 73 actor deaths-did not find the one i am thinking of-i think i will start the whole process over soon-i did come across the death of Bobby Darin died young on 20Dec73-i think there were some suspicions about his death-i even think i remember a show that did a segment about it-unless i am confusing him with another singer-caught another death-young and unspecified causes had never heard of this one Michael Dunn in London UK on 30Aug 73-thats all i have for tonight/morn I am turning in soon-I hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow and a wonderful week ahead and thanks for all of your help! best to you and your family!

  13. wise woman replied:

    Howdy DevinA pleasure to see you as always :)I had a quick look at Bobby Darin – Knew the name but nothing more – is Cedars of Lebanon Hospital the only hospital in Los Angeles – or is it just for the rich & famous – because every strange Hollywood death seems to end up there?I hope you can locate the person you are thinking of because you've put so much effort into it :) – I do appreciate it – perhaps the search is meant to help you spot other things as well??Hope your day is splended :) All the best to you & your family too.

  14. Devin replied:

    wise I wanted to wish you and yours a splendid day also-and yes that hospital in LA is where a lot of ‘Stars’ have fallen from the heavens-I so hope I can find the person I am thinking of because I agree with you-there might be a great story-although tragic that would fit into our thinking from way back(yours mostly)going back to the strange early deaths of stars(maybe even Antinous was an early example of this-although of course I think he was voluntary)There seems to be so much tragedy lately in the world at large and locally-in the last week when i was at my folks house i saw a bit of local news that i had missed and now wished i had never seen on 23Dec08 a man in Chandler Az-very close to where I live beat two little boys to death with a baseball bat! Just some horrible stuff sometimes-i think people into research like this have to look away a bit-as if you do not-i think it could drive a person crazy-best to you as always and i hope you are having a great week and hope to chat soon!

  15. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Spectacular post WW!Amazing insights and loved all the questioning! Very important that we never settle for an answer that doesn’t feel right with the intuition.Enjoyed the links of the early years and trauma in order to get the m-asses to flock to theaters to “release their pain” in. One of my own personal muses lately was the magazine bombardments of those “Stars” from Hollywood, for example, the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Anniston triangle…I bet all 3 of them sit at a Starbucks coffee-house on Sunday and laugh their asses off at the ridiculousness of it all! And that people eat that crap up and BELIEVE it!! Whats also made me angry as of late with Hollywood is that they are portraying more and more the “good looking athletic type” as always being the asshole/cheater or liar, generally despicable person. I call that an unfair stereotype that I am not amused with.Sorry for the off-topic rant! Truly they’ve capture many subconscious minds, unfortunately younger and younger today! Its the PTB’s way to keep us unfocused and entertained as to not notice their games and schemes that are running our world into the ground.Keep up the excellent work!Cheers!

  16. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinInteresting way of putting that 'where the stars have fallen' – I am amazed at how often I've come across that place in the last few months.I just don't put my attention on the awful stuff in this world anymore – I can't do anything for the people involved & adding my pain to theirs cannot help. I'm sure our job is to raise the vibration & the news is about keeping it at a very low level.Thanks as always for your comments :)

  17. Devin replied:

    I agree with a lot of your thoughts-it seems there is so little we can actually do-and complaining about it is not helping-what I am trying to do for the future is think of ways I can help my fam and people in immediate area if the manure hits the rotating oscillating device:-) really apprciate your thoughts on Dark City-I did indeed see that one-it was in a list I had chosen when I had money to rent movies that were about ‘Matrix’ themes I got the list from Carissa Conti’s place-In 2 Worlds-I hope you are having a fantastic week and I hope to be around later if puter is normal-best to you and yours as always! word veri =allystma-all systems? allies to me (thats stretching it a bit);-)

  18. wise woman replied:

    Hiya MichaelThanks for your thoughts. Great to see you going with your intuition – more & more people seem to be wising up to this.I don't actually know what's going on with the Br'An'Je triplicity – tho'I've spotted the three names on magazine covers – am going to paint the ceiling in my bedroom soon & that seems far more interesting & important :) But yes that would be a laugh to spot them all sneaking out the back of Starbucks!Rant away whenever you like – that's an interesting take that the new baddies have hot bods – wonder what's the thinking behind that?Hope you are keeping warm :)Hi DevinAll systems are go then :)Yep I think we must put our energy where it can do the most good, but letting the media drain & syphon it away every day is not so wise perhaps – i guess it depends on how much it gets to you – it used to meake me feel ill, so i just stopped watching – the world did roll over & die without me either :)

  19. Devin replied:

    That is a good thought also wise-that thing in the news that ‘if it bleeds it leads’ has always made me wonder about how sick society is-I notice too when I become enraptured-omigosh-i just have to do a post about rapture theme-either that or go to all of my friends on the web and comment:-)actually it would be a small-in a way kind of cute/stupid story-i had forgotten all about it til i started to comment here-just happened today-but have noticed it b4 ( it relates to the driving habits at least in AZ of those who have ‘christian’ bumper stickers-getting back to topic i notice that when a horrific event captures my attention-i feel more dead inside-angry-a lot of things-and in so many cases-like you said-one cant do a damn thing about it! I might be around later-hopefully for sure tomorrow-just wanted to stop by and say ‘hi’ best as always!word veri=setrui-see true-dunno-see tree:-)

  20. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinYour christain bumper sticker story sounds intriguing!Really enjoyed your new reincarnation story – thanks :)Hope you are very well indeed.

  21. VileVeil replied:

    hey wise woman, wanted to say hi after reading your blog for the last month or two now.with the current economic troubles recently (and I just got back from a year in India) the first DVD I watched was King Kong, (set in the depression era of the 1930’s). Such a sad film, to see Kong taken away from his home, his attraction to the lady and to his horrific treatment in New York. It makes me cry everytime.Frank Zappa used to introduce a piece of his music entitled King Kong by mentioning that the film is about Americans who bring home a monster and exploit it and then kill it.The eye information also rang some bells for me too. I recently read the first Sherlock Holmes story and noted all the Freemasonic references in it. Arthur Conan Doyle was an opthalmogist and of course the eye and observation was what made Sherlock so great a detective. Excellent post and look forward to more.

  22. wise woman replied:

    Hi VileVeilThat is a most interesting name :)Many thanks for your comments. You know I loved Sherlock Holmes as a teenager – absolutely adored the stories, I found them at a time when I needed a friend – but yes how sad it is to see yet another childhood love be seen in an 'exposed' light.I really feel for all my friends in America – it seems such bloody harsh turnaround.Nevertheless wonderful meetings & friendships are afoot!!A pleasure to meet you :)

  23. VileVeil replied:

    If my username begins VV and yours begins WW does that mean you one stop ahead of me? ;)I was looking at the word “evil” and noticed how you can rearrange the letters. There does seem to be a veil over many peoples eyes and I link this with scenery curtains too, I therefore decided to call my blog Vile Veil of Evil (dot

  24. wise woman replied:

    LOL VileVeil – I have no idea where I am – just browsing :)I do like to 'see' words, I think they can tell us much more than we are told – i like to look at etymology & hear what sounds they make. certainly some words seem extra potent & your nom de plume seems to be one of these – I hope you enjoy the dance!All the best

  25. VacuumVixen replied:

    Hi Wise,I am just getting caught up on some of your posts… You’ve got a wealth of information here! The part about the eyes, especially, struck (an optic) nerve! My hubby mentioned something he’d seen a while back and when I read this post of yours, knew I would pass it along. Especially interesting is the bit in the upper right… about peering through reversed binoculars!Thanks again for all your brilliant insight!Peace.

  26. wise woman replied:

    Hi VixenMany thanks for that – was most interesting & gives me a new angle to play with. I am sure we do not use our eyes as we could – it's damn difficult 'flying blind'!!All the best – that really was a good find.

  27. Brizdaz replied:

    Have you seen the David Lynch movie “Inland Empire”?I think it resonates to this blog entry (although in a more nightmare kind of way)rather good and Lynch can really hypnotise with the use of voice,actor’s ticks,colour,speed,lighting and soundtrack,pretty much like he did with “Twin Peaks”the T.V drama{it should be called “Twinsel Peaks” this time }Warning;it goes for over 3 hours.

  28. Brizdaz replied:

    Sorry,me again.I forgot to say if you like hidden subtext in movies, then this is the site to go to and watch the video reviews,especially the Stanley Kubrick movies and “The Exorcist”.This guy is good.

  29. wise woman replied:

    Hi BrizdazThanks for your comments & links – I must admit I was rather mesmerised by Twin Peaks – the ending was a shock – I took the 'sensitive soul' approach & changed the ending in my mind – just couldn't have Agent Cooper being possessed – who would eat all those cherry pies :)Cheers

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