Four words

I am here today courtesy of a wise spider.

This particular arachnid magi bit me on the toe on Sunday. My toe was getting painful & infected so I took myself off to the doctor last night & now when I would normally be attempting to stay awake in a sterile office, I’m home with space & time & quiet to read & think & question. My adopted cat is asleep on the mat at my feet. For these free hours I am an unrushed, spacious, wondering human.

One of the books I’m reading at the moment is about finding values – could be classed as “New (‘Mew’ if you’re a cat) Agey’, but I’m enjoying it & it has synched in with my leonine journey.

Anyway I read something the other day that I wanted to pass on.

A short while ago I brought up the subject of ‘needs‘ with a friend at work, because the traditional answer to what we need to survive always pisses me off – you know the ‘food, water, warmth & shelter’ answer. “What about fun” says I – imagine if fun was a need‘!

So returning to my book, the writer suggests that living is NOT a need, because we can choose to die (all too often people do). What a freeing notion don’t you think – living is not a need! I guess it makes it a value. Anyway the author goes on to quote another who believes there are four main requirements for life – & these I adore –

Love, Fun, Mastery & Freedom

My choice in understanding what is being said is that ‘in order to value living & thus desire to live, these are the absolute essentials’.

The addition of ‘mastery’ is exquisite is it not? For what can compare with the sense of delight that comes from personally creating or learning & achieving that which you most desire.

Anyway I’m off back to the couch to read & think & muse some more.

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The mil-Lion Man continues…

Previously on The mil-Lion Man

a team of gold-membered Oscars are unleashed in the hills of Hollywood searching for their resurrected leader Osiris Austin. Once reunited they will take over the minds of the world with the use of the ‘brain-death-ray’ known as Stellar-VI-Sion (Lion-Star Lives).

I have been back-tracking with this article to find where it came from because it has taken me on an enormous otherwordly journey, that is still continuing.

I would have to say that it came about because of my trip to Perth, which caused me to reread an article by Ellis Taylor (see side link) which prompted a thought about The Six Million Dollar Man. Yet this is but the tip of the iceberg – I’m not sure quite where I am headed except that it feels like an extraordinary & necessary voyage. When I get far enough ahead I will write about where I have been.

In the meantime lets go back to the 70’s & see what those nice people in Stellar VI(6)-Sion were up to.

As I mentioned previously, the resurrected astronaut Steve Austin reminded me muchly of the Osiris myth. I delved for clues & presented many of them in the first part of this article, but I left out a biggie, because I wanted to present it whole in one episode.

I shall now endeavour to bring you up to date as much as possible. The left out bit which resulted in the title of this series came about when my mouse & I went Googly spotting & came upon this picture

We’d already found enough juicy tidbits to open wide the doors of curiosity & go mad, as in the ‘mental’ free play sense of the word, although… etymology: “mad O.E. gemædde (pl.) “out of one’s mind” – so not necessarily a bad place to be).

Anyway, let out of its cage my mind leaped playfully over that picture & then let out a roar of delight, “Hey look at that – it says Lion Man!”

So the three of us (well my mind & I couldn’t do it without our mouse)

went sleuthing upon the net. A warning to any lions reading this – please take care as you are rather prone to being interned in nets.

Alchemically mixing Osiris & lions in the search bar I came upon this;

If the Sphinx is pointing to the constellation Leo, with its face and to the constellation of Orion, by the tilt of its body, then maybe the symbolism of the ‘man-lion’ is the same as that which is symbolized astrologically by ‘Leo and Orion’. That is to say, that Leo is one and the same as Orion (or Osiris the resurrected God creator of the Universe). Coupled with the fact that the Sphinx is clearly associated with both Osiris and Horus…”

& an intriguing subheading of

The “man-Lion” will rule the world and establish universal Maat.”

For the full article go here

Now there is much info on the net to suggest a strong link between Osiris & Orion & also some which disagrees. Not feeling drawn to becoming an expert on either, I decided to stay fairly ignorant & just play with ideas as they came along.

I simply wanted to see what links there might be between Osiris & lions.

Next I found a very interesting site. At first glance it is easy to go wtf, but I stayed & looked because the site author talked of a an Osiris/Lion image & I just had a feeling that there was a whole lot more to this story than a few ‘coincidences’.

So open your mind & go have a look here – I linked to the page in question, but have browsed much of this site, seeing more each time.

The above site, in case your mouse accidentally overshot the mark, credits Mars with being the planet of Osiris (where most researchers align Osiris with the constellation of Orion). It also links Osiris & lions with Mars – now don’t go to sleep, it’s just starting to get interesting.

We’re going back to Steve Austin again, for he is our modern day expert on the Osiris myth. Professor Austin has so very much to tell us.

Let us start with his alter ego, the lesser Osiris/Horus known as Lee Majors. Majors is not his birth name, he was re-christened, as befits a man who will be resurrected.

So lets have a look at the Lion-Man’s name – LEE MAJORS.

LEE is such a wee step from the leonine name LEO is it not?

And then there is the majestic MAJORS as in large – a large lion …hmmm, not bad. But what else do we have here – MAjoRS Astrologically speaking, Mars is ruled by Aries the RAM who is also tucked away back to front in that surname.

As to how the ram became the symbol of Osiris, the following tradition has survived: When Osiris was returning home after his triumphant African tour, he and his army were unable to find water and were in a terrible state of dehydration. They were on the verge of death when a ram appeared in front of them. They viewed the appearance of the ram as a heavenly sign and they at once gave chase. To their great astonishment and relief the ram lead them to the shade and cool waters of an oasis. Osiris (Dionysius) explained the event by saying that the ram was Amon (who is symbolized as a ram) and to show his gratitude he raised a temple to his honor on the spot.”

& who can forget this line (lion?) “and the lion shall lie down with the lamb”. Actually that’s not true, according to that book that starts with ‘B’ & ends in ‘ible’, it’s the wolf who’s going to get horizontal, but interesting all the same, that that myth has gotten such a pawhold in the world.

Anyway back to Steve.

There is something about Lee Majors that never sat right with me. A weird feeling that I never put into words because at that tender age I was trying to appear normal.

Of all the actors I have seen he remains the one who ‘wasn’t quite right’. Now I enjoyed the show very much as a kid, but for me the man was just a little ‘wrong’. I actually said this to my son recently & got him to repeat it back to me before I showed him what I found next. You see a lot of the reason that Steve wasn’t right was to do with his looks & in particular his nose – it was too squishy – ok I’m sure you’re laughing by now (you can see why I kept quiet).

Lee Majors just never had the Hollywood look for me. A little while after I’d spotted the ‘lion man’, I spotted something else. I don’t know if you’ll agree with me but come have a look anyway. I cut away the majority of ‘Steve’s face (he didn’t feel a thing), left his nose in place & this is what I got –

I got a wtf feeling because, to me, he looked like a lion, I hadn’t thought to find that it just jumped out. Then I had the feeling that I’d seen that face before. I searched high & low in images without success until…

I found Vincent from the late 80’s show Beauty & the Beast.

Here is a little (human) leonine rhinoplasty display I put together earlier.

I’ve been re-watching some episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man recently & am convinced that Lee Majors has an exceptionally leonine countenance. Interestingly there are not many images of him on the net & those available are not great quality. Admittedly I’ve just chucked this weird notion out at you, whereas I’ve had time to assimilate it, along with my longstanding feeling of strangeness about the choice of this actor as The Bionic Man.

I am currently in the middle of a deeply leonine exploration & as such this makes this particular observation very important. I will be most interested to see if anyone else concurs. I realise a few small pictures are not much to go by.

Before moving on I would just like to pop over to Mars & view the ‘face’ thereon – here’s a quote I borrowed from the internet ” I thought it looked leonine or monkey-like

Anyway lets go down another route.

Lee Majors was born on 23rd April, 1939 & given the name Harvey Lee Yeary. Six months later on October 18, his reversely named twin Lee Harvey Oswald was born. Both men found fame in the 60’s. In the 80’s Majors went on to star in his own series called The Fall Guy.

Lee Majors shares his birthday with St George. “St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George’s emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century.”

While this second part of our story revolves around the leonine side of things, remember that it started with the linking of The Six Million Dollar Man to Osiris. In this programme (hmmm… am I talking of the myth or the tv series & more to the point, is there a difference?) I believe that Steve Austin is a combination of the Osiris/Horus Myth. Indeed in ancient Egypt the living Pharaoh was seen as the embodiment of Horus while the pushing up the daisies version became Osiris.

Lee Major’s personal history becomes extremely mythical when we find that like Horus, his father was killed before he was born. What’s more we find that “his father (Carl) died in an industrial steel mill accident.” “From the Ellis Taylor’ article about Perth’s Bell Tower, which precipitated this post “The tower is constructed of glass -to reflect light and the sun- and steel, which is made from iron, a metal associated with the regal thrones of Isis/Osiris.”

Another little interesting snippet I noted today, is that the word actor is all but identical to our gold-membered god OSCAR – each word contains the ‘spell’ A R C O but with an additional S or T – so does the Oscar make the actor or is it the other way round?

My blog is playing silly buggers tonight, & so while I might have left this & continued tomorrow I have no choice but to go forth & post as the horror of losing hours of heartfelt work is not to be gone through willingly.

So for now, but with the promise of more to come I leave you with this space-age morsel.

OSIRIS was activated during this close fly-by of Mars,” (2007).

Some stuff from wiki;

OSIRIS (Optical, Spectroscopic, and Infrared Remote Imaging System) is the main scientific imaging system on the orbiter of the ESA spacecraft Rosetta. It was built by a consortium led by the German Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research.”


“OSIRIS is the name of three entirely separate astronomical instruments. The duplication of names is ?coincidental?, partly driven by two scientific teams trying to make acronyms using similar words.” – The question marks are mine – what a popular esoteric title that is – copyright anybody?


Rosetta is a European Space Agency…robotic spacecraft mission launched in 2004…consists of two main elements: the Rosetta space probe and the Philae lander…The probe is named after the Rosetta Stone, as it is hoped the mission will help unlock the secrets of how our solar system looked looked before planets formed?? The lander is named after the Nile island Philae?? where an obelisk was found that helped decipher the Rosetta Stone.” For anyone wishing to buy this story I will put my bank account details at the bottom of this page.

Alternately we could do a quick search on the island of Philae & find that “In the ancient days this was the center of the worship of Isis, and the last outpost of the nearly 4000 year old ancient Egyptian religion.” & “The story of Osiris is everywhere represented on the walls of this temple.”

……………………………To be continued

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Journeys outside of time

Consider the etymology of this strange word “c.1280, “from elsewhere, foreign, unknown, unfamiliar from O.Fr. estrange (Fr. étrange) “foreign, alien,” from L. extraneus “foreign, external”.

Try to tell a knight in gold

he’s to blame

A promise made, a dream will come,

it’s all the same.

In this strange land

this strange land

Said within he had his heart,

I lie in part(??)

Death and danger is defied,

my lover in light

In this strange land

this strange land

For the beautiful sound of these lyrics go here (if you’re in a hurry).

…or for the longer, lingering version with lovely scenery & mystically bits (from the tv series Robin of Sherwood)

Despite the media, ‘mental vaccinations against creativity’ known as schooling & all other ongoing methods of factual assault, I think there are at least some sane moments when we shake our heads to clear the fog a little & say “bloody hell, life is strange.”

I don’t have nearly enough of these moments, but I’m working on it.

Public enemy No 1 in this battle, IMO, appears to be ‘knowing’ – caused by the parasite (L. knowitallus smartarseus) which burrows deep into the brain where it proceeds to shut down the ‘wtf’ (L. wotthefucus) function of the prefrontal/backal neo (& not so new) cortex of the brain that formulates question marks.

Interestingly, knowitallus smartarseus cannot gain access to our brains without our approval. Indeed I must admit that all too often, I open the doors, roll out the red carpet & throw a party for the little bastard. Well you see he does have his uses – in say, Trivial Pursuit or pub quizzes – those moments of sublime glory when you know THE answer & all glory, power & honour is yours for ever & ever (or at least 15 seconds).

The problem, or so it appears to me, is that knowitallus smartarseus is not so much a parasite as more of an obsessive compulsive construction worker. When he moves in, he comes equipped with one of these…

and proceeds to do this

to this

…and God only knows the degree of infestation that led to the creation of the image from hell below. (For anyone not familiar with my views of the new church of cancer – look for previous articles with the word ‘knickers‘ in the title).

Although I am not a medical expert I do believe that rubbing cement (concrete) onto ones mammary glands would certainly lead to unsightly lumps.

Anyway to return to being a know-it-all.

I have found that when I know something, I stop asking questions because, well … the case is solved, the evidence has been proven, the jury has voted unanimously, sentence has been passed & everyone has turned out the lights & gone home…

and thus the known quantity passes into the Hall of Facts.

Interestingly the etymology of the word ‘fact‘ looks like this – “1539, “action,” especially “evil deed,” from L. factum “event, occurrence”).” hmmm perhaps that should be the Hell of Facts.

As I seem to be carrying far too much concrete round in my head, I have been pondering what to do about this, without resorting to a jack hammer.

If knowing is the ‘welcome mat’ for our parasitic cement-truck driving brain cell-mate,

then what would be the effect of ‘not knowing’?

From my own personal experience the best place for me to re-look is back over the four overseas holidays I’ve had in the last two years (don’t worry I’m not going to get out the holiday snaps).

None of these were for me what I’d been taught holidays are supposed to be – on the contrary they stretched my world enormously. Here’s a visual clue

Now before I go on there is a little bone that needs picking clean.

Who made up the phrase ‘comfort zone’ & someone please tell me that this person has since been dipped in molasses & sent naked to Perth, the home of Rambo flies.

Even worse, why oh why has anyone bought shares in this stupid, stupid phrase?

Humanity is not & never has ‘lazed’ away in a ‘comfort zone’, – they are drugged there – no un-drugged human being (ok I’ll allow there may be other species living among us) would put up with the terminal monotony of a life that consists of tv, shopping malls, work & whatever vice they need to keep just this side of the edge of sanity IF they weren’t in some kind of drugged stupor.

Each time I made the decision & travelled I dazedly stepped outside this drugged zone & reclaimed some sense of life, by being thrown into an strange world – where one or more elements were ‘foreign‘ or ‘alien’ to me.

Like driving on t’other side of the road in Hawaii – perhaps easy for you, but I can’t tell my left from my right & nearly ended up driving onto the motorway on the ‘NZ’ side of the road.

In Japan I couldn’t speak the language, let alone the sign language.,

in Perth I went to stay with someone I’d met over the internet

…and in Sydney I was locationally re-united with my ex husband for 5 days & struggled daily with homicidal tendencies

</A Each of the places I visited was strange to me. I swear the moment I stepped out into each of my unfamiliar, short-term homes, my body woke up, like a dog let out of the car after a long trip. The air was different, so was the landscape, the temperature, the local accent, the plants & trees – a whole new strange world. Somehow by being thrust into this strangeness & dealing with all that came along, something in my soul started singing again.

In trying to keep with what I have gained through travelling, I have adopted a practice of ‘not knowing‘ when I can. If I feel the need to get out of the house I will grab my car keys but ‘not know’ whether I will drive or walk. As I pass my car, if I feel the urge to drive I will get in, if not I will walk. Each turn I take, whether walking or driving, will be taken as I reach it. I can not say that I find this really easy to do as I see how planned & known my life has become. What I can say is that EVERY time I have ended up somewhere I could not or would not have imagined if I had pre-planned it. In the past couple of months I have continually found places, even near my home, that I never knew existed.

These amazing finds & journeys that I’ve taken, have not (yet) created an excitement about this ‘not knowing‘ process – there is still a lot of concrete-pouring parasites in my brain that insist it’s sooo much better to know in advance what I will be doing.

…A small wild theory just to hand: What if knowing allows control of our lives by other worldly entities … just say there are nasty entities existing alongside & even feeding off us – I’m quite sure they would be able to read our ‘knowing’ & follow along with us wherever we go (or be waiting for us when we predictably arrive) – ‘knowing’ could perhaps be seen as a tracking device, whilenot knowing’ could be an invisibility cloak allowing us freedom for a time from the little blood suckers (if they exist, of course!).

Last week I went on a different kind of journey. This time I followed someone else. I read Ellis Taylor’s book Dogged Days. It has a subtitle “The true diary of an Otherworld itinerant.” This time I stayed home, but travelled nonetheless to a strange land. In my whole life I have had one strange otherworldy experience (at least that I remember).

I have had some correspondence with Ellis since I’ve been blogging, so there was a more personal feel to reading his work than say through a book I picked up at the library. He also has an earthy style that allowed me to travel wide eyed but grounded through his strange life. I journeyed out of time & place & was thoroughly REminded that this world is a very, very strange place that does not make (five) sense(s) at all – how strange it is that we should think otherwise. In another time or place, Ellis & others like him would be called seers & their visions would be valued, in fact they would have been taught from a young age how to hone their gifts so they in turn would teach others.

The old days & ways of superstition at least indicated a people aware of the great strangeness in which we live …

… I mean honestly we don’t even know why we’re here! Why would we think we can explain anything else without understanding that most fundamental question of our existence.

I have a feeling that the cunning agenda of media, religion, education is to create a ‘known’ world, where ALL has been dissected, investigated & (apparently) expertly or spiritually revealed (a little variation on a theme is allowed to give the impression of choice). If humans can only see what they know, then all any sensible power hungry meglomaniac needs for ultimate power, is to control & direct the information made up oops sorry I mean, available…hmmm so I guess that would come through media, religion & education.

Yet these institutions have not answered the basic question – why are we here?

So why do we buy their ‘facts of life’. Let him (or her) who has answered that question cast the first ‘answer’.

And how about in the meantime we go back to some primitive not knowing – look around and say ‘wtf’ at least six times before breakfast…oh yes & get that damn knowitallus smartarseus ‘welcome mat’ changed.

Note to Julie in Perth – of course I never really thought you might be an axe-murderess :)

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The mil-Lion-Man

In the beginning (of this article) were some words & these words were good & they reminded me greatly of a 70s tv show. So I cast my net upon the waters of Thenet’ & was rewarded richly (note added before publishing: so richly that I can no longer fit all this info into one telling).

I’d been reading an article by Ellis Taylor about a monumental erection with 33% extra thrust.

No, don’t be silly, of course it’s not a ray gun!

These are ray guns.

The former image of a ray g…, er sorry, building, we are tolled, is the Bell Tower of Perth, Western Australia.

Ellis says this of said erection

The BELL TOWER is a replica of the PENIS of OSIRIS and, it is meant to be

I had recently been to the city of Perth & had been visually & aurally assaulted by this erection (what a racket – I enjoy the sound of bells, but I’m not sure who or what was tolling that day). My visit was part of the reason I reread this article which is dated 2000.

On the final page Ellis gives a witty rundown on the Osiris legend. I have appropriated, with permission, certain comments from this article & they are shown in sunny orange (well actually I think it’s more apricot). If you’re not up on this myth I definitely suggest you take a gander. (starts at line 6)

I roughly knew the story of Osiris being thrice & a bit-quartered by his jealous brother Seth, while his dedicated sister-wife went about picking up the pieces in an attempt to start over. Unfortunately for the unhappy couple, Osiris’ ray gun was missing & she had to fashion something creative in gold – I guess that would be the original ‘gold member’ – sorry was that a really bad joke? Mind you, on the subject of gold members, here’s one I found in Japan.

This stood to attention in an area abounding in non-Nipponese symbolic monuments – here are some more pics if interested (I took them myself).

OK lets get back on track.

With the aid of the god Thoth she reassembled Osiris but you know what its like, you open the box and there’s an important part missing; so Thoth helped her to fashion a magic phallus (said to be from gold), Isis turned it on and became pregnant.”

Horus is the result of this artificial insemination.

Well what did you expect?

Later with the assistance of the magical Thoth, Horus defeated Set in a mighty battle that cost Horus his eye and Set his testicles (newspaper reports of the time say he was knackered).

The gods intervened and sat in judgement. Horus was granted a magical eye and was reinstated as King.”

At this juncture bells went off in my head (definitely not the ones from the Bell Tower). Who else had ended up in pieces & been given a magical eye?

Why The Six Million Dollar Man of course.

And did the bells have anything else to say? Well…

They said look at his name & NO ‘a man barely alive’ is NOT his surname. He is tolled as Steve Austin.

Steven (Steve) is “derived from the Greek name Στέφανος (Stephanos) meaning “crown, garland” – fit for a king you might say!

& then his surname Austin

His [Osiris’] Egyptian name was really Ausar as in AUStraliA(r). (The remaining letters of Australia form the word trail and refer to the relocation to Australia of the said cults and secret society networks).

So Osiris is Ausar as in Austin perhaps? – hmm you say that’s a bit weak, can’t you do any better? Sure I’ll give it a shot.

Although before that, my son reminded me of another OsirisAusar, as in AUStin Powers – the man who took on ‘Gold Member’ in the finale, you know the one where we find out that he & Dr Evil are brothers (of course we the audience know even more – they & Gold Member are the same actor – a symbolic triumvirate of gods perhaps).

OK so ‘Ausmay indicate Ausar-Osiris. What about the ‘tin’ in Aus-tin.

Tin as an elemental alchemy symbol is representative of the planet Jupiter. Being ruled by Jupiter, puts tin in connection with breath, and can be philosphically viewed as the breath of life.

Tin also adds a philophical lesson to life that standing alone it is weaker than if it is combined with another alchemy symbol element soooo ‘tin’ needs to stand with another element – how about… ummmm gold -you know that element with the chemical symbol AU as in Au-stin.

Tin is the “Astrological symbol of the planet Jupiter (Jove); alchemical seal of tin… Jupiter… is associated with properties of expansion and accumulation” – perhaps of interest to a ritually controlling & expansively inclined ruling class?

But wait there’s more

TINIA [also known as Tin]: Etruscan Supremo Sky God identified with JUPITER. The Biggy of Big Bangs, he specialies in thunderbolts, lightning and the kind of noises that cause eardrums to tintinnabulate. He is not a God to go to for sound advice, unless you already have tin ears.”

Ooops nearly missed this “Tin makes up only about 0.001 percent of the earth’s crust, but it was well known in the ancient world. Named after the Etruscan god Tinia

Here it is in chemically type formula – note the Sn being the first & last letters of the name – Steve Austin.

Here’s just a little more on the big guy – go on learn something new today

All in all Steve Austin’s got a mighty goodly godly name.

Now Steve has got to be more than a symbolic Osiris because he’s got Horus’ all-seeing eye & being an astronaut surely he’s more of a sky god albeit one that fell to earth. So perhaps Steve is not so much a symbol as a symbolic retelling of a story.

Certainly The Six Million Dollar Man series is awash with clues. The problem is “Where do I begin?”

Once he was refashioned, Steve used” his enhanced abilities to work for the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence)” – would that beOsiris’ perchance?

Then there’s his boss – hands up anyone who ever even contemplated his name when avidly following Steve’s super-human exploits – no, I didn’t think so!

Oscar Goldman who would get away with that these days?

You would think that the Academy Award winning Oscar would just have to be a solar deity with all that shiny gold, but it’s interesting how he’s brought out at night – the realm of the underworld & Osiris.

I find it inordinately funny to read of the apparent naming of Oscar because he looked like someones father’s uncle’s best friends nephew. Does he look like any human you know?

This Oscar Gold-man does seem to be a little light in the sporting tackle department, although he does seem to sport or support a byo obelisk-come-sword in it’s place. This becomes ever more interesting when we find that the name Oscar means ‘Divine Spear’ which I think could certainly have been of interest to Isis in her re-membering of her husband.

When I get to the point in my research where the time has come to put finger to keyboard, I often feel like I haven’t accumulated enough info, yet the push is there to get my ass into gear. This article was no exception except I’ve finally realised that I was right in my surmising – when I start writing I am not ready & yet I am. For when the flow starts something strange happens (& I can’t believe I never noticed it before) – ideas & info seem to float out of the ether as if in answer to the decision to write. This is how I came upon the next bit of info. I was dipping in & out of the net checking on Osiris in conjunction with Oscar & up pops Sokar – in the blink of a wonderful dyslexic moment he did a cartwheel & transformed himself from Sokar into Oskar (Oscar).

In ancient Egypt, Sokar is really one of the more complex Egyptian gods to understand. He is often equated with Osiris, or as the resurrected Osiris though his scope stretches well beyond that over time.”

And just when you think it can’t get any better up pops another synch

Sokar became specifically the patron of goldsmiths. Soon after, Sokar became associated with Osiris as the composite deity, Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. This composite deity represented the three aspects of the universe: creation, stability, and death. In the New Kingdom Period, in the Book of the Dead, Sokar unites the forms of Osiris and Ptah.” The Oscar statue has also been likened to the god Ptah – what a small Egyptian world it is.

…OMG, went fishing yet again & came upon this – don’t pass this by without a viewing – make sure you read the caption underneath.

A little more on the male-Oscar energy;

Primarily towers are symbols of masculinity and dominance. Towers, pylons, crosses, obelisks and columns are phallic symbols erected to commemorate victories and also to represent emasculation… In virtually every culture the sun is seen as masculine, fiery and illuminating. Hence we see suns, domes, towers, pyramids, triangles, torches, lights, tunnels, heads, eyes, crowns, dragons, phoenix’, lions, eagles, spiny animals etc. in architecture and emblems. Enormous energy and attention is focussed upon these symbols; science tells us that energy does not dissipate it creates something else

…….To be continued

Here is Ellis’ full article on the bells, the bells

ADDITIONAL: From an email from Ellis Taylor

Not sure whether you read the other Bell tower articles – it’s a hell of a thing. If you go to my ‘articles’ page there’s links here including the sinister connection to 911 – it really is a ray gun!”
I had not realised there were further articles – if you go to this page & scroll down you will find a list under ‘Perth & Australia’

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Wondering weirdly

I have been very lucky lately fishing for info down the internet river, in fact my boat’s fit to sink, so I’ve come here to unload a little.

Earlier today I hooked a phrase that I had only recently contemplated myself – served up here without much explanation this this may seem like a fish out of water but why not come along anyway just for the ride.

This is the phrase I read today;

According to legend Isis used Horus’ repaired Eye to bring Osiris to life in the underworld. Is Earth the underworld?”

So let’s wonder a bit weirdly – “Is Earth the Underworld?”

I’m no expert upon creation myths but I’ve done a bit of reading in the course of my travels.

Mixing myth & wild speculation in an earthenware bowl I have been wondering about the significance of the Sun – well we know it’s important, damn important to this world, but also it’s so hysterically historically important. Think of those blood spattered Aztecs who had to keep the sun on course by chopping out human hearts or the Egyptians with their obsession with Ra or even Christianity’s very own Son (Sun) of God.

Many creation stories tell of a time of darkness when Earth & sky were squished together & all was in darkness.

As I’ve had such luck fishing lately I thought I’d serve up a feisty little fish dish with a cheeky source just for a Sunday evening treat.

What if humanity or the souls or spirits that we in essence are, hold a light within us? And what if a world existed where there was no light? What if light-bearing souls (us) were tricked or trapped into this dark world & what if with our appearance, ‘light‘ ie the sun was born?

What if the sun rises & sets with the appearance & disappearance of these light bearers (us) as we sleep?

What if sun worship, sun symbolism & sun sacrifices are all part of a clever method to keep the sun creators stuck in a world they do not belong?

What if we are the light of the world?

If,… if this is the underworld, how differently would you look upon it? How important would success or flash house or flash car really be, if our location, location, location was depressingly subterranean?

What if the gods, those god awful gods of mythology, were the harbingers of our fall into this dark place? Perhaps they needed some lamps for their palaces & human glow worms were the in thing that year!

Could the extra activity happening on the sun now simply be us waking up? Could we harness our own solar energy enough to give us a way out or through?

Do the ptb need to keep us dumbed down because they can only handle so much of our light – is that what all the media, food, pharmaceutical etc. drugging is all about – dimming the light to manageable proportions?

These are just some thoughts on a Sunday evening to free up some more mind-space for my next article. Thanks for sharing a bit of wondering weirdly with me. Please feel free to add your own.

All the best to you.

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