Wondering weirdly

I have been very lucky lately fishing for info down the internet river, in fact my boat’s fit to sink, so I’ve come here to unload a little.

Earlier today I hooked a phrase that I had only recently contemplated myself – served up here without much explanation this this may seem like a fish out of water but why not come along anyway just for the ride.

This is the phrase I read today;

According to legend Isis used Horus’ repaired Eye to bring Osiris to life in the underworld. Is Earth the underworld?”

So let’s wonder a bit weirdly – “Is Earth the Underworld?”

I’m no expert upon creation myths but I’ve done a bit of reading in the course of my travels.

Mixing myth & wild speculation in an earthenware bowl I have been wondering about the significance of the Sun – well we know it’s important, damn important to this world, but also it’s so hysterically historically important. Think of those blood spattered Aztecs who had to keep the sun on course by chopping out human hearts or the Egyptians with their obsession with Ra or even Christianity’s very own Son (Sun) of God.

Many creation stories tell of a time of darkness when Earth & sky were squished together & all was in darkness.

As I’ve had such luck fishing lately I thought I’d serve up a feisty little fish dish with a cheeky source just for a Sunday evening treat.

What if humanity or the souls or spirits that we in essence are, hold a light within us? And what if a world existed where there was no light? What if light-bearing souls (us) were tricked or trapped into this dark world & what if with our appearance, ‘light‘ ie the sun was born?

What if the sun rises & sets with the appearance & disappearance of these light bearers (us) as we sleep?

What if sun worship, sun symbolism & sun sacrifices are all part of a clever method to keep the sun creators stuck in a world they do not belong?

What if we are the light of the world?

If,… if this is the underworld, how differently would you look upon it? How important would success or flash house or flash car really be, if our location, location, location was depressingly subterranean?

What if the gods, those god awful gods of mythology, were the harbingers of our fall into this dark place? Perhaps they needed some lamps for their palaces & human glow worms were the in thing that year!

Could the extra activity happening on the sun now simply be us waking up? Could we harness our own solar energy enough to give us a way out or through?

Do the ptb need to keep us dumbed down because they can only handle so much of our light – is that what all the media, food, pharmaceutical etc. drugging is all about – dimming the light to manageable proportions?

These are just some thoughts on a Sunday evening to free up some more mind-space for my next article. Thanks for sharing a bit of wondering weirdly with me. Please feel free to add your own.

All the best to you.

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  1. aferrismoon replied:

    The Bone-Church [ Kostnice -kostneetseh] is in Kutna Hora near Prague. Piles of Skulls and Coats-of-Arms from Bones.Cheers

  2. SoapFan replied:

    Your postulation may well be correct.I’ve often wondered that we seem “necessary” to the ptb despite the “alternative” bloggings of their constant efforts to destroy us and our “world.”Because for the often blogged on “sheeple” to be so often viciously attacked by the “elite,” the ptb certainly keep things cozy “here” even for the “lowest” on the social scale. What a great prison: water, food from the simple to the ridiculously decadent chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, to the best transportation in a new airbus jet or limo.If only Gitmo had been so nice!Your post also relates nicely to the “Matrix” copper-top theory.Thanks for a great post.

  3. wise woman replied:

    Hi AferrismoonHave you been there – I wonder what it feels like? It seems tres bizarre but perhaps it feels peaceful – would be interested in your views.CheersHi SoapFanWondering does seem to be a marvellous tool for creative thinking!I think we must be important for so much (all?) effort seems to revolve around us.Thanks for dropping in – I appreciate your comment.

  4. Devin replied:

    Great and thought provoking as always wise!!! fascinating-although terribly eerie about that bone chandelier! i hope that the suns recent probs could be a harbinger of humanity finally waking up-although sometimes i agree so much with Carissa a In2worlds-sometimes it almost seems to me as if people are even more asleep than ever and their consciousness is diminshing-altho-some are waking up-so to speak-best to you as always wise and iwill be bacjk to this one-tomorrow if i am not online later tonight! i love your philosphical and ontologicaL musings!

  5. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinPerhaps so many going deeper asleep is simply to counter those waking up – so that keeps this world where it is & always seems to be – a kind of spiritual homeostasis perhaps?ATB to you

  6. aferrismoon replied:

    Its quite small and unassuming . U can stand in the main hall and see everything. It doesn’t go i for lots of ‘sad’ and ‘awestruck’ cherubim. Madonnas with eyes turned heavenward with bleeding son.Its just on the edge of town, and very asy to walk past.CXheck the big cathedral – Svaty Barbora [ Saint Barbora] , amazing flying buttressescheers

  7. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wonderful musings and nabbing of some wild ideas!those PTBs are interested in harnessing our light energy aren’t they? But they seem so hell bent [like soap said] on destroying this world, or at least bringing it to the brink of that, lowest vibe then can get and manage us at the same time.Thanks for the gateway of/to more thoughts wise!Cheers

  8. Devin replied:

    So great to see everyone here wise! I think this is quite a good subject to post about-I think of all the varieties of things people can talk about-the question of ‘what our reality is like’ and in this reality if there is an ‘afterlife’ are the most important things we can ponder! the first time I read this post I was thinking -YES-please let the ‘earth plane’ be the lowest level of reality! i mean really-can anyone who has had anything resembling a tough go at life and also seen the scenes of horror that the 20th and 21st centuries are giving us-such as starvation in Africa not want this to be the lowest level-I cant imagine a lower one-and I hope there is not a lower ‘plane’ than this one-best to you as always!

  9. wise woman replied:

    Thanks Aferrismoon, always much better to get a personal view – i had thought it was quite big.I had a look at St 'Barbara' – amazing architecture – perhaps there is much hidden in such monuments but they sure had a lot more sense of elegance back then IMOHad a synch with you today when someone at work put on a very oldie radio channel – had Ms Neutron Bomb singing 'Banks of the OhiO – hadn't heard that for years – ahem didn't want to either :)CheersHi MichaelA thought of you led to an after-thought – have wondered about cats – I wondered some time ago (due to adoption of & dealing with killer instinct of moggie), whether cats belong to the world of death – they are so in tune with the night time & have such ahem delight in killing – perhaps they understand that this is the underworld & so act accordingly. Perhaps that's why they laze away the rest of the time as they know there's nothing to get worked up about. Also they were sacred to the Egyptians who knew a thing or seven. Perhaps they have 9 lives because they know the score & that's a way of buying their silence!! How's that for weird :)All the best my friendHi DevinWonderful to see you here too.Marvellous thoughts- "the question of 'what our reality is like' and in this reality if there is an 'afterlife' are the most important things we can ponder" – I agree.I can't help thinking that if we all focused on that we'd make a real breakthrough – damn it is so important – we can pretend all is well, but it's not – even one person suffering is too much, but we live in a world where billions do & we ourselves suffer in so many ways & just bear it with fortitude & say that's life. But really who can bear to watch even one loved one suffer???Somehow I feel if this is the Underworld then there is a great deal of hope, it's like touching ground when you are stuck in quicksand – you stop sinking & start looking for a way out.All the very best to you :)

  10. A Few Shots to Shaman replied:

    The ancients thought that perhaps the sun lite the underworld during the night hours…. They were not stupid however because the Sun always shines on the underworld.

  11. Know Nothing replied:

    Hmmm.. Interesting. I couldn’t sleep tonight, and I found myself thinking… maybe men really are from mars, and women are from venus. Maybe we are on the middle earth?Better go back to sleep!

  12. Accidental Alchemist replied:

    Spec-ulation is a good time. This post reminded me of my old days of ‘thought without information to back it up.’ The old days…. when I had no steady internet source..or steady social interaction.I would loose my mind in speculation. I thought about dinosaurs, the Exodus, music, and the occult. I also thought about humans and the sun. Quite a bit actually. With the mention of ‘Second sun theory’ on these blogs I recently speculated that the Dinos must have had a second sun or our planets orbit around the sun must have been closer to the center back then. Now, with a steady internet connection I get to read wonderful posts like this on a daily basis. I get to know other people are on the same or similar wavelength…sometimes hourly… I agree with your thoughts on the DUMBing down of our species. I think of a day when the system tries to control or shut down the internet. If this happens I think its imperative for us to communicate our speculation to others more than ever. Cause all ‘they’ want is for us to be separate from everything.(people and our own mind) Wives clean and watch Oprah.Husbands watch sports and stay drunk and stupid.Kids distract their minds with endless video interaction.Babies…drink milk with protein enhancers and Alpha Omega 3 infused synthetic bliss.This post made me think…MORE!Thanks WW

  13. Devin replied:

    Great stuff here again wise! I always enjoy going to the comments sections of people who have great blogs-as there are always a lot of insightful things said-I am sorry that I do not really have anything to add yet-I do think this idea is fascinating and am so glad you posted about it! best to you as always and i hope you are having a lovely day!

  14. wise woman replied:

    Hi ShamanVery good – thanks for a-lighting at this stop. I hope the sun is a-shining in your world.All the bestMr Know perhaps you know more than you don't know :)What a clever idea – mind you there might be a scuffle deciding which sex was the underworld! Might have to have a playoff in billiards!I hope you are wellHi AlchemistGlad you could stop by for a bite of speculating – I do so enjoy it – if I have too much info it doesn't work so well, gotta have a playful atitude too. In real life it's a bit of a social no-no, thank god for a bunch of loonies frolicking on the net!Enjoyed your interesting musings – thanks! I've been wondering if the myths of old shouldn't be aproached in just such a manner – as a tool to keep our speculative minds honed rather than figuring out 'the answer' – myths seem so multi layered & so many people seem to think they have THE answer but what if they're just a game for us to mentally play with? – oh sorry getting weird again :)Many thanks for your comments.Hiya DevinYep I enjoy the comments sections too – lots of little tidbits to be found.Hope you are having an awesome day.

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