The mil-Lion-Man

In the beginning (of this article) were some words & these words were good & they reminded me greatly of a 70s tv show. So I cast my net upon the waters of Thenet’ & was rewarded richly (note added before publishing: so richly that I can no longer fit all this info into one telling).

I’d been reading an article by Ellis Taylor about a monumental erection with 33% extra thrust.

No, don’t be silly, of course it’s not a ray gun!

These are ray guns.

The former image of a ray g…, er sorry, building, we are tolled, is the Bell Tower of Perth, Western Australia.

Ellis says this of said erection

The BELL TOWER is a replica of the PENIS of OSIRIS and, it is meant to be

I had recently been to the city of Perth & had been visually & aurally assaulted by this erection (what a racket – I enjoy the sound of bells, but I’m not sure who or what was tolling that day). My visit was part of the reason I reread this article which is dated 2000.

On the final page Ellis gives a witty rundown on the Osiris legend. I have appropriated, with permission, certain comments from this article & they are shown in sunny orange (well actually I think it’s more apricot). If you’re not up on this myth I definitely suggest you take a gander. (starts at line 6)

I roughly knew the story of Osiris being thrice & a bit-quartered by his jealous brother Seth, while his dedicated sister-wife went about picking up the pieces in an attempt to start over. Unfortunately for the unhappy couple, Osiris’ ray gun was missing & she had to fashion something creative in gold – I guess that would be the original ‘gold member’ – sorry was that a really bad joke? Mind you, on the subject of gold members, here’s one I found in Japan.

This stood to attention in an area abounding in non-Nipponese symbolic monuments – here are some more pics if interested (I took them myself).

OK lets get back on track.

With the aid of the god Thoth she reassembled Osiris but you know what its like, you open the box and there’s an important part missing; so Thoth helped her to fashion a magic phallus (said to be from gold), Isis turned it on and became pregnant.”

Horus is the result of this artificial insemination.

Well what did you expect?

Later with the assistance of the magical Thoth, Horus defeated Set in a mighty battle that cost Horus his eye and Set his testicles (newspaper reports of the time say he was knackered).

The gods intervened and sat in judgement. Horus was granted a magical eye and was reinstated as King.”

At this juncture bells went off in my head (definitely not the ones from the Bell Tower). Who else had ended up in pieces & been given a magical eye?

Why The Six Million Dollar Man of course.

And did the bells have anything else to say? Well…

They said look at his name & NO ‘a man barely alive’ is NOT his surname. He is tolled as Steve Austin.

Steven (Steve) is “derived from the Greek name Στέφανος (Stephanos) meaning “crown, garland” – fit for a king you might say!

& then his surname Austin

His [Osiris’] Egyptian name was really Ausar as in AUStraliA(r). (The remaining letters of Australia form the word trail and refer to the relocation to Australia of the said cults and secret society networks).

So Osiris is Ausar as in Austin perhaps? – hmm you say that’s a bit weak, can’t you do any better? Sure I’ll give it a shot.

Although before that, my son reminded me of another OsirisAusar, as in AUStin Powers – the man who took on ‘Gold Member’ in the finale, you know the one where we find out that he & Dr Evil are brothers (of course we the audience know even more – they & Gold Member are the same actor – a symbolic triumvirate of gods perhaps).

OK so ‘Ausmay indicate Ausar-Osiris. What about the ‘tin’ in Aus-tin.

Tin as an elemental alchemy symbol is representative of the planet Jupiter. Being ruled by Jupiter, puts tin in connection with breath, and can be philosphically viewed as the breath of life.

Tin also adds a philophical lesson to life that standing alone it is weaker than if it is combined with another alchemy symbol element soooo ‘tin’ needs to stand with another element – how about… ummmm gold -you know that element with the chemical symbol AU as in Au-stin.

Tin is the “Astrological symbol of the planet Jupiter (Jove); alchemical seal of tin… Jupiter… is associated with properties of expansion and accumulation” – perhaps of interest to a ritually controlling & expansively inclined ruling class?

But wait there’s more

TINIA [also known as Tin]: Etruscan Supremo Sky God identified with JUPITER. The Biggy of Big Bangs, he specialies in thunderbolts, lightning and the kind of noises that cause eardrums to tintinnabulate. He is not a God to go to for sound advice, unless you already have tin ears.”

Ooops nearly missed this “Tin makes up only about 0.001 percent of the earth’s crust, but it was well known in the ancient world. Named after the Etruscan god Tinia

Here it is in chemically type formula – note the Sn being the first & last letters of the name – Steve Austin.

Here’s just a little more on the big guy – go on learn something new today

All in all Steve Austin’s got a mighty goodly godly name.

Now Steve has got to be more than a symbolic Osiris because he’s got Horus’ all-seeing eye & being an astronaut surely he’s more of a sky god albeit one that fell to earth. So perhaps Steve is not so much a symbol as a symbolic retelling of a story.

Certainly The Six Million Dollar Man series is awash with clues. The problem is “Where do I begin?”

Once he was refashioned, Steve used” his enhanced abilities to work for the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence)” – would that beOsiris’ perchance?

Then there’s his boss – hands up anyone who ever even contemplated his name when avidly following Steve’s super-human exploits – no, I didn’t think so!

Oscar Goldman who would get away with that these days?

You would think that the Academy Award winning Oscar would just have to be a solar deity with all that shiny gold, but it’s interesting how he’s brought out at night – the realm of the underworld & Osiris.

I find it inordinately funny to read of the apparent naming of Oscar because he looked like someones father’s uncle’s best friends nephew. Does he look like any human you know?

This Oscar Gold-man does seem to be a little light in the sporting tackle department, although he does seem to sport or support a byo obelisk-come-sword in it’s place. This becomes ever more interesting when we find that the name Oscar means ‘Divine Spear’ which I think could certainly have been of interest to Isis in her re-membering of her husband.

When I get to the point in my research where the time has come to put finger to keyboard, I often feel like I haven’t accumulated enough info, yet the push is there to get my ass into gear. This article was no exception except I’ve finally realised that I was right in my surmising – when I start writing I am not ready & yet I am. For when the flow starts something strange happens (& I can’t believe I never noticed it before) – ideas & info seem to float out of the ether as if in answer to the decision to write. This is how I came upon the next bit of info. I was dipping in & out of the net checking on Osiris in conjunction with Oscar & up pops Sokar – in the blink of a wonderful dyslexic moment he did a cartwheel & transformed himself from Sokar into Oskar (Oscar).

In ancient Egypt, Sokar is really one of the more complex Egyptian gods to understand. He is often equated with Osiris, or as the resurrected Osiris though his scope stretches well beyond that over time.”

And just when you think it can’t get any better up pops another synch

Sokar became specifically the patron of goldsmiths. Soon after, Sokar became associated with Osiris as the composite deity, Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. This composite deity represented the three aspects of the universe: creation, stability, and death. In the New Kingdom Period, in the Book of the Dead, Sokar unites the forms of Osiris and Ptah.” The Oscar statue has also been likened to the god Ptah – what a small Egyptian world it is.

…OMG, went fishing yet again & came upon this – don’t pass this by without a viewing – make sure you read the caption underneath.

A little more on the male-Oscar energy;

Primarily towers are symbols of masculinity and dominance. Towers, pylons, crosses, obelisks and columns are phallic symbols erected to commemorate victories and also to represent emasculation… In virtually every culture the sun is seen as masculine, fiery and illuminating. Hence we see suns, domes, towers, pyramids, triangles, torches, lights, tunnels, heads, eyes, crowns, dragons, phoenix’, lions, eagles, spiny animals etc. in architecture and emblems. Enormous energy and attention is focussed upon these symbols; science tells us that energy does not dissipate it creates something else

…….To be continued

Here is Ellis’ full article on the bells, the bells

ADDITIONAL: From an email from Ellis Taylor

Not sure whether you read the other Bell tower articles – it’s a hell of a thing. If you go to my ‘articles’ page there’s links here including the sinister connection to 911 – it really is a ray gun!”
I had not realised there were further articles – if you go to this page & scroll down you will find a list under ‘Perth & Australia’

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  1. Devin replied:

    wise -this was once again a splendiferously done well thought out and amazing post!!! I will have to come back to it again and again-thanks also so very much for providing so many links! ps -i love you humor-or humour:-) it is always amazing to me when i read a great synch type post-like the ones you, the two Michaels do, aferris, the two Bens! twinning again:-) i start to get more and more thoughts as i read them-so they require many visits-i am so glad you and others do not mind multiple comments from your non-synch ocd friend-i think the record number or re-reads for a synch post for me is aferris ‘Tooth Marks the Apple’-i musta been to that post about 20 times and still go-actually just had a thought-3 Bens in this category-forgot Ben at Pseudo-Occult! as I was reading your amazing post the words to this 70s pop song kept going thru my mind by the group ‘America’ I think -‘ no oz never did give nothin to the tin man that he didnt-didnt already have-i should go to lyrics freak and come back with the rest-great and beautiful and charming post as always wise! I hope you are having a splendid day and hope to be back very soon-your friend in mesa , az always!

  2. Devin replied:

    mr multiple strikes again:-) i just wanted to say wise how nice it must be to be able to do posts that stick in a persons mind long after reading it-i do not think i have been able to achieve this with even one post i have done for people-and posts by you-the 2 Michaels-aferris-the three Bens (Bens post at Hpanwo-Centaur is still going through my mind every now and then as are others)-so i definitely give a heads up and a shout out to each and every one of you that blog in this category-true talent and i am so glad all of you have decided to share it with the world! friends always! word veri= fizinno-charming word-cant think of anything yet:-)

  3. Ed replied:

    The Six Million Dollar Man was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. I wonder whatever happened to Lee Majors?It’s interesting that you mentioned Perth Australia. I was thinking of Perth today, although I really don’t know much about it. When I was in college, my physical geography professor lectured on “antipodes”?. An Antipode is the exact opposite side of the Earth to a certain set of coordinates, and the city closest to the antipode of my location is Perth Australia. Whatever direction I travel in from here, be it north, south, east or west, I am taking one step closer to Perth. I often fantasize about going to Perth in the times when I just want to get away from everything.

  4. wise woman replied:

    Hi 'Mr Mulitple' :)Always good to see you here my friend & thanks for your compliments. That was very interesting about the tin man lyrics – you have given me more food for thought esp with what I still have to write. I did go & have a look at the lyrics but they didn't enlighten me – more of a wtf moment LOL, but I'm sure there's something to them.Hope you are very well & thoroughly enjoying your Friday night.Hi EdHow are you?I had a wee look & it seems Lee Majors has gone on to bigger & better things – although on the other hand it's rather in keeping with his godly character name:-"On January 1, 2008, Majors appeared in the role of "God" on the season premiere of According to Jim"Well that's interesting that you were thinking of Perth – you might like to have a read of Ellis Taylor's article – link at the bottom of the article has some interesting fact about Perth.It's miles (& miles) away from the rest of the world – it's quicker to get from NZ to Australia than to get from Sydney to Perth! It is very flat, my friend from Perth is coming to visit me in a couple of months & I'm going to introduce her to some hills :)I hope you get to visit there one day.

  5. annemarie replied:

    While reading this, the late Oscar Peterson (jazz pianist) was playing on the radio. The 6 Million…you say? ha. 6 Million. 6 million. How many times a day are we reminded of that bloody number! btw, just came across this the other day. A link with “Gold” and Tin and a further Hollywood connection.See here: Goldsmith’s Las Almandas, her exclusive boutique “resort” on the Mexican Pacific coast which caters to the uber rich including many H-wood types. Goldsmith’s late grandfather was apparently some b(azi)llionaire who made his fortune in mining Tin in Bolivia. He also owned that stretch of land in Mexico. Nice, huh!Isabel inherited it from granpa and turned it into a retreat for the filthy rich. I looked up “almandas”, to no avail. But “mandas” means”Legacy or donation left by virtue of last will.” fwiwFor some reason I also keep thinking of one-eyed Ahnold and his Terminator movies. hmmm?Great piece wise. ta, amp.s. word verification:fishosse

  6. wise woman replied:

    Hi AnnemarieThat's a great find – I checked out the link – what a place & what a strange 'co-incidence' – gold & tin (again)The name Isobel = "Consecrated to God" – I wonder which one – Tinia or Sokar?? maybe both, it seems to be the 'in thing'.Ah yes, damn I think you've reminded me that I left out some info about Arnie in a previous article – fingers drumming- which one??…But you are right that is a very good point about Herr Terminator – man you wouldn't believe the amount of info that's been jumping out at me on this one!! I just had to come up for a breath of fresh air.Just had a look at Goldfinger & see the baddies first name is AUric. Plus the Bond girl was Shirley Ea-ton/'tin'? (well it would sound like tin if a kiwi said it!) anyway she gets killed by being covered in gold paint!I'd better stop before I find something else – I've got to do the grocery shopping :)

  7. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Fantastic sleuthing Wise!Amazing, I also was one of those 70’s children that grew up watching the 6 Million Dollar Man, I remember the theme show intro, that “we can rebuild him..we have the technology…” tossing in a little 70s Transhumanism in there maybe?I would have never thought to associate that Egyptian mythos with this old t.v. show, so Hollywood is telling us ancient tales over and over again huh? Wonder why? TO keep the sleep-spell going? I look forward to your other investigative works!!Word verification is chessissCheers!

  8. Know Nothing replied:

    Six million dollar man also starts with S and ends in N. I immediately thought of humpty dumpty when you mentioned the reassembling of Osiris. I found this on wiki It could have originally been the name of a tower?Cheers!

  9. aferrismoon replied:

    Richard Buckminster-Fuller puts forward the idea that humanity emerged from the Polynesian islands,as great sailors , knowledgeable of the stars and ocean currents they went out on the various currents and took their ‘religion’ with them which diversified over time.Anyhow , using that idea, perhaps ‘Australia’ developed long before they ventured to ‘East Africa’cheers

  10. wise woman replied:

    Hi there MichaelThanks for the 'sleuthing' compliment – I always so loved the 'solving mystery' genre.Thought you would see it from a transhuman angle :) – the series comes from a book called 'Cyborg'.I hope you are well (& warm).Mr KnowSuperb – didn't see that 'Sn' at all!Excellent link – yes a tower or a cannon OR something else again perhaps?? If he was an egg perhaps the rhyme refers to the cosmic egg! I wonder why some rhymes 'stay' & get handed down generation to generation for the children to intone – especially ones that aren't really very nice.Good to see you & hope you are wellHi AferrismoonFunnily enough I've been reading some quotes from 'Bucky' lately – a wise man.Your comment immediately reminded me of Robert Argod's book – I've cheated & got someone else's rundown "Much as Newton pondered gravity with the fall of an apple, French mariner Robert Argod asked a simple question with profound implications: where did the Polynesians come from? In a naval and maritime career of more than 60 years, Argod came to know the South Pacific like the back of his hand, and with his close friend Éric de Bisschop, he also acquired an encyclopedic knowledge of Polynesian myth, legend, and traditional navigation techniques. Thus armed with two essential areas of expertise, Argod kept coming up with an improbable answer to his question: Antarctica." I have written about it previously – but it's a fascinating study – Antarctica is said to have been Eden & then shifted due to cataclysm – could Australia once have been where it is now?I hope you (& Prague) are very well :)

  11. Devin replied:

    Great to see everyone here! this is a wonderful post wise! thanks so much for stopping by my place today-insomnia really hit hard-originally i wasnt even going to get online today-but now that i have-of course OCD kicks in and says i must post-sorry i could not respond better to comments there today-just so tired-the only reason i am posting is because the info is already written out ready to go-however if i find it is very hard to type i will just turn off puter and lay down-I hope you are having a beautiful sunday wise-thanks again for your wonderful posts and comments!

  12. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinI enjoyed your latest series – very timely & thought provoking.I hope you have managed to get some rest, the days get very long when you are tired. The day here is very warm – we have all the windows open!All the best to you

  13. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    A very intriguing story, WW. Told in a witty way. Funnily enough I saw “Goldmember” during a visit to Stoke-on-Trent in August 2002. The reason I’d gone there was to see David Icke live for the first time (I’ve seen him live 4 times since!). The significance of gold and its connection to royalty can be found everywhere in the world. Credo Mutwa talks about the Reptile king and his own golden penis. Golden genitalia being the source of divine offspring is an archetypal notion.Where did this obsession with gold come from? Sure it looks nice and glitters, but so do a lot of other metals which are more common and cheaper. Gold is very rare and hard to find. As a building and engineering material its virtually useless; very heavy and soft, like lead. The reason prospectors in Westerns bite a gold coin is to check its real. If its real gold then its so soft their teeth will leave a mark. But gold has the power to make and break empires! The reason the Romans were so keen to keep Britain under their occupation, despite so much trouble from Boudicca etc, was the gold trade routes from Ireland. So why do all cultures across the world cherish it so? It’s as if its a kind of… magic metal!

  14. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    I never thought anout the $6 Million Man in those terms before, but its something worth investigating, especially considering what WW says here about the character’s name, Steve Austin.

  15. wise woman replied:

    Hiya BenHow are you?? I have read somewhere about gold being used for rituals & melted to a white powder – I'm not up on it, but I believe it is called monatomic gold. Gold certainly seems to be highly important – something that has been inserted into our minds as 'precious' from a very early age – maybe we should let our minds play with gold & see what comes up – oops just re-read that pun not intended :)I'd forgotten about the golden 'thingy shaped like a turnip' that Credo Mutwa talks about – thanks, another avenue to re-explore.Have got lots more ideas to come just trying to get my head round them.I hope you are very well.

  16. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Lets not forget Steve Austin, the character in the WWF/WWE Wrestling Entrainment…errr Entertainment, the Gladiators of the Big Screen.Great article Wise am loving the fresh ideas your coming up with!Cheers!

  17. wise woman replied:

    WWF – would that be Wise Women Federation perhaps?? :)Thanks Michael – I did spot his name in my research but wasn't drawn to go there – wrestling just doesn't do it for me! Still I wonder how much energy that name contains or attracts & if he was able to 'use it'.Hope to have some more freshly squeezed ideas up & running before too long.All the best & keep warm :)

  18. celticrebel replied:

    At first, I’ll admit, I’m thinking “she’s stretching this,” but you did a really good job of tying it all together. You’d make a good detective! Waiting to find out what hap to Adrienne Shelley.As for the Oscar/Gold-member idea, don’t know if you caught THIS IMAGE from one of my “old” posts. Coincidentally, in response to my recent rant on the Lesbian agenda, one comment read “The king and kingdom are one, the bitch is back, the strap-on is real, Osiris has no cock. Isis doesnt care.”

  19. wise woman replied:

    Ho ho ho (that’s santa talk not the other – mind you! – you are pretty bloody close to one upcoming thread there with that comment :) Interesting image!Another sleuth compliment – thank you kindly.Adrienne is not forgotten, I am just waiting for the ‘pull’ to complete it – perhaps there is something more I have to uncover.All the best

  20. Accidental Alchemist replied:

    Nice one WW. Looking forward to part 2.Peace

  21. wise woman replied:

    Cheers Alchemist :)

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