Journeys outside of time

Consider the etymology of this strange word “c.1280, “from elsewhere, foreign, unknown, unfamiliar from O.Fr. estrange (Fr. étrange) “foreign, alien,” from L. extraneus “foreign, external”.

Try to tell a knight in gold

he’s to blame

A promise made, a dream will come,

it’s all the same.

In this strange land

this strange land

Said within he had his heart,

I lie in part(??)

Death and danger is defied,

my lover in light

In this strange land

this strange land

For the beautiful sound of these lyrics go here (if you’re in a hurry).

…or for the longer, lingering version with lovely scenery & mystically bits (from the tv series Robin of Sherwood)

Despite the media, ‘mental vaccinations against creativity’ known as schooling & all other ongoing methods of factual assault, I think there are at least some sane moments when we shake our heads to clear the fog a little & say “bloody hell, life is strange.”

I don’t have nearly enough of these moments, but I’m working on it.

Public enemy No 1 in this battle, IMO, appears to be ‘knowing’ – caused by the parasite (L. knowitallus smartarseus) which burrows deep into the brain where it proceeds to shut down the ‘wtf’ (L. wotthefucus) function of the prefrontal/backal neo (& not so new) cortex of the brain that formulates question marks.

Interestingly, knowitallus smartarseus cannot gain access to our brains without our approval. Indeed I must admit that all too often, I open the doors, roll out the red carpet & throw a party for the little bastard. Well you see he does have his uses – in say, Trivial Pursuit or pub quizzes – those moments of sublime glory when you know THE answer & all glory, power & honour is yours for ever & ever (or at least 15 seconds).

The problem, or so it appears to me, is that knowitallus smartarseus is not so much a parasite as more of an obsessive compulsive construction worker. When he moves in, he comes equipped with one of these…

and proceeds to do this

to this

…and God only knows the degree of infestation that led to the creation of the image from hell below. (For anyone not familiar with my views of the new church of cancer – look for previous articles with the word ‘knickers‘ in the title).

Although I am not a medical expert I do believe that rubbing cement (concrete) onto ones mammary glands would certainly lead to unsightly lumps.

Anyway to return to being a know-it-all.

I have found that when I know something, I stop asking questions because, well … the case is solved, the evidence has been proven, the jury has voted unanimously, sentence has been passed & everyone has turned out the lights & gone home…

and thus the known quantity passes into the Hall of Facts.

Interestingly the etymology of the word ‘fact‘ looks like this – “1539, “action,” especially “evil deed,” from L. factum “event, occurrence”).” hmmm perhaps that should be the Hell of Facts.

As I seem to be carrying far too much concrete round in my head, I have been pondering what to do about this, without resorting to a jack hammer.

If knowing is the ‘welcome mat’ for our parasitic cement-truck driving brain cell-mate,

then what would be the effect of ‘not knowing’?

From my own personal experience the best place for me to re-look is back over the four overseas holidays I’ve had in the last two years (don’t worry I’m not going to get out the holiday snaps).

None of these were for me what I’d been taught holidays are supposed to be – on the contrary they stretched my world enormously. Here’s a visual clue

Now before I go on there is a little bone that needs picking clean.

Who made up the phrase ‘comfort zone’ & someone please tell me that this person has since been dipped in molasses & sent naked to Perth, the home of Rambo flies.

Even worse, why oh why has anyone bought shares in this stupid, stupid phrase?

Humanity is not & never has ‘lazed’ away in a ‘comfort zone’, – they are drugged there – no un-drugged human being (ok I’ll allow there may be other species living among us) would put up with the terminal monotony of a life that consists of tv, shopping malls, work & whatever vice they need to keep just this side of the edge of sanity IF they weren’t in some kind of drugged stupor.

Each time I made the decision & travelled I dazedly stepped outside this drugged zone & reclaimed some sense of life, by being thrown into an strange world – where one or more elements were ‘foreign‘ or ‘alien’ to me.

Like driving on t’other side of the road in Hawaii – perhaps easy for you, but I can’t tell my left from my right & nearly ended up driving onto the motorway on the ‘NZ’ side of the road.

In Japan I couldn’t speak the language, let alone the sign language.,

in Perth I went to stay with someone I’d met over the internet

…and in Sydney I was locationally re-united with my ex husband for 5 days & struggled daily with homicidal tendencies

</A Each of the places I visited was strange to me. I swear the moment I stepped out into each of my unfamiliar, short-term homes, my body woke up, like a dog let out of the car after a long trip. The air was different, so was the landscape, the temperature, the local accent, the plants & trees – a whole new strange world. Somehow by being thrust into this strangeness & dealing with all that came along, something in my soul started singing again.

In trying to keep with what I have gained through travelling, I have adopted a practice of ‘not knowing‘ when I can. If I feel the need to get out of the house I will grab my car keys but ‘not know’ whether I will drive or walk. As I pass my car, if I feel the urge to drive I will get in, if not I will walk. Each turn I take, whether walking or driving, will be taken as I reach it. I can not say that I find this really easy to do as I see how planned & known my life has become. What I can say is that EVERY time I have ended up somewhere I could not or would not have imagined if I had pre-planned it. In the past couple of months I have continually found places, even near my home, that I never knew existed.

These amazing finds & journeys that I’ve taken, have not (yet) created an excitement about this ‘not knowing‘ process – there is still a lot of concrete-pouring parasites in my brain that insist it’s sooo much better to know in advance what I will be doing.

…A small wild theory just to hand: What if knowing allows control of our lives by other worldly entities … just say there are nasty entities existing alongside & even feeding off us – I’m quite sure they would be able to read our ‘knowing’ & follow along with us wherever we go (or be waiting for us when we predictably arrive) – ‘knowing’ could perhaps be seen as a tracking device, whilenot knowing’ could be an invisibility cloak allowing us freedom for a time from the little blood suckers (if they exist, of course!).

Last week I went on a different kind of journey. This time I followed someone else. I read Ellis Taylor’s book Dogged Days. It has a subtitle “The true diary of an Otherworld itinerant.” This time I stayed home, but travelled nonetheless to a strange land. In my whole life I have had one strange otherworldy experience (at least that I remember).

I have had some correspondence with Ellis since I’ve been blogging, so there was a more personal feel to reading his work than say through a book I picked up at the library. He also has an earthy style that allowed me to travel wide eyed but grounded through his strange life. I journeyed out of time & place & was thoroughly REminded that this world is a very, very strange place that does not make (five) sense(s) at all – how strange it is that we should think otherwise. In another time or place, Ellis & others like him would be called seers & their visions would be valued, in fact they would have been taught from a young age how to hone their gifts so they in turn would teach others.

The old days & ways of superstition at least indicated a people aware of the great strangeness in which we live …

… I mean honestly we don’t even know why we’re here! Why would we think we can explain anything else without understanding that most fundamental question of our existence.

I have a feeling that the cunning agenda of media, religion, education is to create a ‘known’ world, where ALL has been dissected, investigated & (apparently) expertly or spiritually revealed (a little variation on a theme is allowed to give the impression of choice). If humans can only see what they know, then all any sensible power hungry meglomaniac needs for ultimate power, is to control & direct the information made up oops sorry I mean, available…hmmm so I guess that would come through media, religion & education.

Yet these institutions have not answered the basic question – why are we here?

So why do we buy their ‘facts of life’. Let him (or her) who has answered that question cast the first ‘answer’.

And how about in the meantime we go back to some primitive not knowing – look around and say ‘wtf’ at least six times before breakfast…oh yes & get that damn knowitallus smartarseus ‘welcome mat’ changed.

Note to Julie in Perth – of course I never really thought you might be an axe-murderess :)

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  1. Ed replied:

    Bravo! Excellent post. “The only true knowledge is knowing that I know nothing.”Socrates

  2. Know Nothing replied:

    Ahhhhh, refreshing and invigorating. The knowing is the anti-thinking. Belief’s are more anti-thoughts. Questions are everything, answers are nothing. The only real answers are the ones you acquire from real, personal, felt experience. Even then, I hesitate to call them answers, they are…realizations?When I thought I knew, I believed in lies.

  3. Devin replied:

    I so agree with Ed and Know Nothing-delightful -refreshing and hilarious-I do not think I have laughed so hard reading or hearing anything in a long time -I was already laughing pretty hard by the time I go to the Breast Cancer Cement Trucks-hahahahahahaha:-) and then those Japanese signs-good lordy-I wonder who makes those? hahahahahaha:-) One of the things I absolutely loved with this post was that it was so funny and hilarious-yet had an extremely serious message!! I think in a lotta ways it might have been the most important post I have read on a blog-maybe ever-because of the basic message of the know it alls and the rejection of their way of thinking-also -I am almost to the point I would bet my life (if I had it to bet:-) that there are such entities that feed off our emotions and such -I have just read and heard too much in the last 5 years to not believe in the idea-fantastic post as always-and again-maybe the most important i have ever read on a blog because of its basic message with I think is incredibly important!!!! best to you as always wise-splendid work!!!

  4. wise woman replied:

    Hi EdMany thanks! LOL somehow I managed to mispell that first time round & it ready 'many yanks'!Whenever I read that line I hear Bill S Preston Esq. quoting it to Ted who gives the great answer "That's us dude!"All the philosophical best to you :)Hi Mr KnowVery well put. Questions, wonderings, musing make such excellent travelling companions. I like your choice of the word 'realizations' – there is nothing like experience – I was looking at a book on coastal NZ scenery the other day – I put it down quite quickly when I realised how how easily I was settling for someone elses experiences, photos, words – the only way to gain some personal understanding is by being a part of something. I hope you are wellDevinBe careful my friend if my head gets too big with so much praise I'm liable to tip over owing to 'cement overload' – seriously though, thanks for your very kind words. I am touched that you could get so much from these words.I have been reading the work of a shaman today who says that we have 12 senses instead of the 5 that have been alloted us (although I read recently the experts now say there is nine!) – anyway I can't help thinking that humour is a sense (we do after all call it a sense of humour) & that life is made infinitely sweeter when it is allowed to flow.I do muchly appreciate your sense of humour too (& I'll bet it's an anti-entity device too!).

  5. aferrismoon replied:

    I assume the media have at least as much gumption to use the ‘knowledge’ or opinions we produce to manufacure a ‘reality’Nevertheless your friend does look lie an axe ‘expert’cheers

  6. wise woman replied:

    Hi AferrismoonI could find out what her hourly rate is if you have need of her ‘services’ :)A good point – I guess we are all ‘manufacturing’ our realities – I wonder why we don’t make a ‘happier’ job of it?ATB 2 U

  7. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Loved this!Indeed, how presumptuous that we know anything when not one iota of information points to our fundamental question of “why”. The dreaded eternal word that is spoken by a 2-3 year old if I am correct? As if we [humanity] has the answer!Loved the muse on the extra-dimensional nasties! Love the spontaneous idea of just going and not knowing where your headed! I used to do this years ago in my Suzuki Samurai in the spring/summer and fall, just get in and not-know where I was headed. I did however usually enjoy exploring U.S. Route 1 along the coast/ocean.Another “wise” choice on the topic!Agree with Know Nothing–“real eyezing” is indeed the path to truth. Right? LOLPeace WW!;)

  8. wise woman replied:

    Heya MichaelGood to see you – verbally speaking!If we knew ‘why’ we were here perhaps all other accepted ‘answers’ would become redundant – wouldn’t you be pissed off then with all that time spent in school when you could have been playing! Thinking about it now, if you wanted to ‘run this whole show’ perhaps the only thing you’d need to keep hidden is the ‘why’ of being here – wouldn’t that give you carte blanche to make up anything you wanted, like say ‘history’???Your spontanoeus adventurings sound great…the six million dollar question is ‘ do you still do it’? – winter excepted of course :)

  9. aferrismoon replied:

    Why we don’t make the best of it – I find many people on this palnet will kick, wriggle and squirm into a situation where they can feel guilty [ for things going well] , deserve it [ for the other], complain [ as a general reaction to anything]Where do all the pressure groups live – in the middle class Westernised social nutworking unit.Oh . I’m well off, I’ll think I’ll get my funds together and go round and ‘open everyone’s eyes’ [ duty for being a richee], and if I can’t get them to agree I ‘ll tell them how awful they are , and perhaps try to get them imprisoned, or ‘blacklisted’ or off the social net.I refuse to be happy as that’s akin to laziness, at elast that’s my interprestation of what Jesus said.Yea, ask [the friend from Perth’ if she does industrial size contracts.” I’m so rich, so well offI can’t think of anything betterThan to piss others offA giantPink Concrete Mixer will remind u that you’re gonna fucking dieQuite painfullybut I told u soAnd made u feel badSo consequentlyI’m no longer so sad”The Interfering Songcheers

  10. wise woman replied:

    Ok Aferrismoon, so I'm thinking we could get a hold of Julie, start a business & make a 'killing' – hmmm names – how about 'Pink Xtinc-tion' or 'Cementual Cemetaries'.Great 'lyrics' & I have to agree – the (apparent) happy seem to need the (apparent) unhappy to 'know' they are happy. Hmm makes me think of how we use the dead to convince ourselves that we are alive (apparently)All the best (lyrics) 2 U

  11. StrangEye replied:

    This post is definitely worth me poking in my head to say ‘Hello’.”Hello!”I’ve enjoyed your sense and exceptional vision and the deep contexts of your bloggings for some time now – and this post is no exception!Strange Eye

  12. annemarie replied:

    Hallo wise :)Ta for this very Strange piece hahaMethinks you’ll appreciate this load o’ strangeness and oh how it ties in here: is the blog where I found it:http://www.sprucehill.typepad.comPeople are bonkers. Absolutely bonkers I tell ya!Hasta luego,

  13. wise woman replied:

    Ah yes, I spy with my horus eye that it has your name written all over it :) I appreciate your stopping by to say hi & thanks for your words.All the best with your blog.

  14. wise woman replied:

    LOL Annemarie you snuck in as I was answering the lovely StrangEye – just in case that previous comment seems rather strange.Thanks for the link, will check it out in the privacy of my home – for I see from the title that it might cause a raised eyebrow – at the very least! :)All the best to you

  15. wise woman replied:

    Ok Annemarie, what were you doing there in the first place!!! :)I see it was your title – I was thinking how come they wrote ‘loveknickers’ LOLI’d better not repeat what my son said when I read that book title out to him – but it was the correct answer!What about loving ‘health’ – just seems like a slightly saner option.Thank god there are some sane women in the world – keep up the good work!

  16. annemarie replied:

    Yeah, isn’t that book title insane. And especially coming from a doctor! Talk about mal practice huh. If you go to any blog, at the top there’s a button which says: next blog. Click on it et voila, random blogs across the net. Very interesting what you come across at times. Am I the only one who does this? C’est la vie, I’ve always been tres avant-garde, n’est-ce pas. haaha.

  17. wise woman replied:

    Hi Anne Marie – very ‘mal’ indeed!Nope I never ‘clicked’ on that button before – very spontaneous it is too :)ATB

  18. Nina replied:

    Brilliant piece! Thank you for the reminder to remember to FEED THE SOUL which is, as you say, to not wrap myself up in knowing and planning but instead, feeling and doing. I have to agree with Devin–it’s likely the most important piece I’ve read in the blog-o-sphere. And those japanese signs–oh my god hysterical!Yep, the more time I spend in this body, truly the less I know. But the more questions I have as well.

  19. wise woman replied:

    Thanks Nina& glad you had a laugh :)I'm guilty of 'knowing' too much today – your comment has made me realise it's time to 'unplan' – so I've just chucked my best laid 'plans' out the window & I'm going to fly blind – thanks for the re-reminder!All the best to you

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