The mil-Lion Man continues…

Previously on The mil-Lion Man

a team of gold-membered Oscars are unleashed in the hills of Hollywood searching for their resurrected leader Osiris Austin. Once reunited they will take over the minds of the world with the use of the ‘brain-death-ray’ known as Stellar-VI-Sion (Lion-Star Lives).

I have been back-tracking with this article to find where it came from because it has taken me on an enormous otherwordly journey, that is still continuing.

I would have to say that it came about because of my trip to Perth, which caused me to reread an article by Ellis Taylor (see side link) which prompted a thought about The Six Million Dollar Man. Yet this is but the tip of the iceberg – I’m not sure quite where I am headed except that it feels like an extraordinary & necessary voyage. When I get far enough ahead I will write about where I have been.

In the meantime lets go back to the 70’s & see what those nice people in Stellar VI(6)-Sion were up to.

As I mentioned previously, the resurrected astronaut Steve Austin reminded me muchly of the Osiris myth. I delved for clues & presented many of them in the first part of this article, but I left out a biggie, because I wanted to present it whole in one episode.

I shall now endeavour to bring you up to date as much as possible. The left out bit which resulted in the title of this series came about when my mouse & I went Googly spotting & came upon this picture

We’d already found enough juicy tidbits to open wide the doors of curiosity & go mad, as in the ‘mental’ free play sense of the word, although… etymology: “mad O.E. gemædde (pl.) “out of one’s mind” – so not necessarily a bad place to be).

Anyway, let out of its cage my mind leaped playfully over that picture & then let out a roar of delight, “Hey look at that – it says Lion Man!”

So the three of us (well my mind & I couldn’t do it without our mouse)

went sleuthing upon the net. A warning to any lions reading this – please take care as you are rather prone to being interned in nets.

Alchemically mixing Osiris & lions in the search bar I came upon this;

If the Sphinx is pointing to the constellation Leo, with its face and to the constellation of Orion, by the tilt of its body, then maybe the symbolism of the ‘man-lion’ is the same as that which is symbolized astrologically by ‘Leo and Orion’. That is to say, that Leo is one and the same as Orion (or Osiris the resurrected God creator of the Universe). Coupled with the fact that the Sphinx is clearly associated with both Osiris and Horus…”

& an intriguing subheading of

The “man-Lion” will rule the world and establish universal Maat.”

For the full article go here

Now there is much info on the net to suggest a strong link between Osiris & Orion & also some which disagrees. Not feeling drawn to becoming an expert on either, I decided to stay fairly ignorant & just play with ideas as they came along.

I simply wanted to see what links there might be between Osiris & lions.

Next I found a very interesting site. At first glance it is easy to go wtf, but I stayed & looked because the site author talked of a an Osiris/Lion image & I just had a feeling that there was a whole lot more to this story than a few ‘coincidences’.

So open your mind & go have a look here – I linked to the page in question, but have browsed much of this site, seeing more each time.

The above site, in case your mouse accidentally overshot the mark, credits Mars with being the planet of Osiris (where most researchers align Osiris with the constellation of Orion). It also links Osiris & lions with Mars – now don’t go to sleep, it’s just starting to get interesting.

We’re going back to Steve Austin again, for he is our modern day expert on the Osiris myth. Professor Austin has so very much to tell us.

Let us start with his alter ego, the lesser Osiris/Horus known as Lee Majors. Majors is not his birth name, he was re-christened, as befits a man who will be resurrected.

So lets have a look at the Lion-Man’s name – LEE MAJORS.

LEE is such a wee step from the leonine name LEO is it not?

And then there is the majestic MAJORS as in large – a large lion …hmmm, not bad. But what else do we have here – MAjoRS Astrologically speaking, Mars is ruled by Aries the RAM who is also tucked away back to front in that surname.

As to how the ram became the symbol of Osiris, the following tradition has survived: When Osiris was returning home after his triumphant African tour, he and his army were unable to find water and were in a terrible state of dehydration. They were on the verge of death when a ram appeared in front of them. They viewed the appearance of the ram as a heavenly sign and they at once gave chase. To their great astonishment and relief the ram lead them to the shade and cool waters of an oasis. Osiris (Dionysius) explained the event by saying that the ram was Amon (who is symbolized as a ram) and to show his gratitude he raised a temple to his honor on the spot.”

& who can forget this line (lion?) “and the lion shall lie down with the lamb”. Actually that’s not true, according to that book that starts with ‘B’ & ends in ‘ible’, it’s the wolf who’s going to get horizontal, but interesting all the same, that that myth has gotten such a pawhold in the world.

Anyway back to Steve.

There is something about Lee Majors that never sat right with me. A weird feeling that I never put into words because at that tender age I was trying to appear normal.

Of all the actors I have seen he remains the one who ‘wasn’t quite right’. Now I enjoyed the show very much as a kid, but for me the man was just a little ‘wrong’. I actually said this to my son recently & got him to repeat it back to me before I showed him what I found next. You see a lot of the reason that Steve wasn’t right was to do with his looks & in particular his nose – it was too squishy – ok I’m sure you’re laughing by now (you can see why I kept quiet).

Lee Majors just never had the Hollywood look for me. A little while after I’d spotted the ‘lion man’, I spotted something else. I don’t know if you’ll agree with me but come have a look anyway. I cut away the majority of ‘Steve’s face (he didn’t feel a thing), left his nose in place & this is what I got –

I got a wtf feeling because, to me, he looked like a lion, I hadn’t thought to find that it just jumped out. Then I had the feeling that I’d seen that face before. I searched high & low in images without success until…

I found Vincent from the late 80’s show Beauty & the Beast.

Here is a little (human) leonine rhinoplasty display I put together earlier.

I’ve been re-watching some episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man recently & am convinced that Lee Majors has an exceptionally leonine countenance. Interestingly there are not many images of him on the net & those available are not great quality. Admittedly I’ve just chucked this weird notion out at you, whereas I’ve had time to assimilate it, along with my longstanding feeling of strangeness about the choice of this actor as The Bionic Man.

I am currently in the middle of a deeply leonine exploration & as such this makes this particular observation very important. I will be most interested to see if anyone else concurs. I realise a few small pictures are not much to go by.

Before moving on I would just like to pop over to Mars & view the ‘face’ thereon – here’s a quote I borrowed from the internet ” I thought it looked leonine or monkey-like

Anyway lets go down another route.

Lee Majors was born on 23rd April, 1939 & given the name Harvey Lee Yeary. Six months later on October 18, his reversely named twin Lee Harvey Oswald was born. Both men found fame in the 60’s. In the 80’s Majors went on to star in his own series called The Fall Guy.

Lee Majors shares his birthday with St George. “St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George’s emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century.”

While this second part of our story revolves around the leonine side of things, remember that it started with the linking of The Six Million Dollar Man to Osiris. In this programme (hmmm… am I talking of the myth or the tv series & more to the point, is there a difference?) I believe that Steve Austin is a combination of the Osiris/Horus Myth. Indeed in ancient Egypt the living Pharaoh was seen as the embodiment of Horus while the pushing up the daisies version became Osiris.

Lee Major’s personal history becomes extremely mythical when we find that like Horus, his father was killed before he was born. What’s more we find that “his father (Carl) died in an industrial steel mill accident.” “From the Ellis Taylor’ article about Perth’s Bell Tower, which precipitated this post “The tower is constructed of glass -to reflect light and the sun- and steel, which is made from iron, a metal associated with the regal thrones of Isis/Osiris.”

Another little interesting snippet I noted today, is that the word actor is all but identical to our gold-membered god OSCAR – each word contains the ‘spell’ A R C O but with an additional S or T – so does the Oscar make the actor or is it the other way round?

My blog is playing silly buggers tonight, & so while I might have left this & continued tomorrow I have no choice but to go forth & post as the horror of losing hours of heartfelt work is not to be gone through willingly.

So for now, but with the promise of more to come I leave you with this space-age morsel.

OSIRIS was activated during this close fly-by of Mars,” (2007).

Some stuff from wiki;

OSIRIS (Optical, Spectroscopic, and Infrared Remote Imaging System) is the main scientific imaging system on the orbiter of the ESA spacecraft Rosetta. It was built by a consortium led by the German Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research.”


“OSIRIS is the name of three entirely separate astronomical instruments. The duplication of names is ?coincidental?, partly driven by two scientific teams trying to make acronyms using similar words.” – The question marks are mine – what a popular esoteric title that is – copyright anybody?


Rosetta is a European Space Agency…robotic spacecraft mission launched in 2004…consists of two main elements: the Rosetta space probe and the Philae lander…The probe is named after the Rosetta Stone, as it is hoped the mission will help unlock the secrets of how our solar system looked looked before planets formed?? The lander is named after the Nile island Philae?? where an obelisk was found that helped decipher the Rosetta Stone.” For anyone wishing to buy this story I will put my bank account details at the bottom of this page.

Alternately we could do a quick search on the island of Philae & find that “In the ancient days this was the center of the worship of Isis, and the last outpost of the nearly 4000 year old ancient Egyptian religion.” & “The story of Osiris is everywhere represented on the walls of this temple.”

……………………………To be continued

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  1. StrangEye replied:

    Hello once again Wise Woman!Another journey of words worth Six Million!I’m very glad the shadow of sleep did not fall upon you before your work was completed.It would have been a shame to lose your marvellous creation.There seems always so much to do and so little time, no?I particularly enjoyed Philae during my kemetic travels.The tales of the master of GATtiCa, Khnum, on the walls of the Holiest of Holies was particularily insteresting and definitely caught my eye!It remains one my fondest memories. ~SE~

  2. Know Nothing replied:

    More directly related to your last post, my full name is book ended with an S at the beginning and an N at the end! In addition I was born the same year the photos of the face on Mars were taken. Fractal Beauty!

  3. Ed replied:

    Amazing! When I read the part about Osiris and Mars I almost fell out of my chair!DC Comics Character J’onn J’onzz, aka the Martian Manhunter has long been under suspicion by me to be an Osiris resonator. am heading out the door, will have more on this later. Good Post!

  4. wise woman replied:

    Hi again StrangEye! Have learned the hard way how painful it is to lose work, so it just means I keep going until I publish, which equalls 'saved'! I left lots out, but that'll just be an extra post.I too have been to Philae, although I went in the dark (in more ways than one) – sound & light shows seemed to be a big thing then, I've since wondered about that. Egypt is an amazing place to visit, I wonder what it would be like to see it with eyes open.All the best to youMr KnowI won't call you the Tin Man (Sn)because I know you have a heart! but now you've got me thinking! Actually after I switched off last night I picked up a book that is part of my lion odyssey & right there it was talking about metal smelting which seems to be far more imporant than we realise – so, so far we have come across gold, tin & steel in this story hmmm makes me think of Ed's links below & the man of steel – this plot just keeps thickening.I hope you are very wellEdYou little gem, they were great – really amazing AND you added to the mystery or the clues -J'onn J'onzz gives us the 'JO' in MA-JO-RS. The doubling of letters jojo does rather remind me of the doubling of isis & all this name play ties in even more – but that's another story :)The very best to you

  5. Know Nothing replied:

    Sheesh, I have an AU in my last name too. I am going to have to do some digging!Cheers

  6. StrangEye replied:

    If you really want excitement, try being locked alone inside the Great Pyramid for a night during Ramadan! That’s the true highlight of my Egyptian journeys!

  7. StrangEye replied:

    But crawling inside that hole on the left arse cheek of the Sphinx was a little bit of fun as well!

  8. Devin replied:

    Great post as usual wise! once again i will have to come back to this one-so glad I did read it tonight though-even though not feeling the greatest -I was amazed about Lee Majors and the way his past history, face and other details linked to the Osiris myth-I used to think that the naming of modern scientific instruments was just a kind of ‘nod’ to past human history -there is just no possible way this can be true anymore -just the names the link Exclusively to the religions of ancient Egypt are astounding -I had realized this trend in the naming of scientific instruments and the like -because the science of astronomy has always fascinated me! Now I would give anything to know if they originally were going to name the Hubble Space telescope “Akenaten 1” or “Anubis 1” or the like :-) fascinating as always and I very much will be back!! Major always reminded me somewhat of William Shatner (looks) best to you always wise!!

  9. wise woman replied:

    Hi Mr Know, you synch up with what I have just been reading, except that it seems gold should not be dug up at all – it needs to stay where it belongs in the earth. Perhaps your AU benefits you right where it lies :)Hi StrangEyeWas that being locked in on purpose or an accident? It does rather sound like an initiation ritual. I have been in the pyramid myself but it was more of a herded in & out thing!All the best to youDevinGood to see you. Naming seems to be so very important & I agree all the scientific uses of mythological names is really a bit hypocritical when they seem so unaccepting of all things fantastical.Yes how on earth did Hubble get through – hmmm.. I just looked up Mr Hubble & found this "Hubble died of a cerebral thrombosis on September 28, 1953, in San Marino, California. No funeral was held and his wife, Grace, did not reveal what happened to his body" – that seems very strange – his body seems to have disappeared, I wonder why? Well I've got to dash & get ready for work, so I'll say bye for now. All the best

  10. StrangEye replied:

    It was a paid on purpose entombment!(bribe… oh Well!)And what an In It she ashun(in it SHE does not shun)it was dear WISE!I’ve still got tingles all these years later!

  11. wise woman replied:

    LOL I see that your post time (& date) concurs with that statement – 11:11 is said to be a gateway I believeCheers

  12. aferrismoon replied:

    Great post- always remember lee Majors as slightly out of focus with many Hollywood stars. Alwaays seemed to be moving sideways or diagonally.Love the Lee Harvey connexionLee Majors = 6 million dollar manLee Oswald – 6 million dollar question.Anyhow 6 million, that number got chosen for the approx, number of Jews in Concentration Camps. Odd that the two should be related with the ideas of resurrection, which i guess Steve Austin resembled, while Jews were ‘resurrected’ after the war with the State of Israel.Cheers

  13. wise woman replied:

    Great points Aferrismoon!"out of focus' is a great way of putting it – esp when we're talking of Hollywood where focus is everything. Reminds me of the 'Potter' boy who was seized upon even though his acting skills were not up to multi-million dollar movie standards.You know I nearly missed that Lee Harvey connection, it was only when I was playing with his name in the anagram site & it got refashioned that it jumped out.The six million is an excellent spot. I never thought of the use in the Holocaust number & where did that phrase '6 million dollar question' come from??.Here's something that might interest you – Ellis Taylor put the first part of this article on his site with these words "'The 666 Man' – sorry – I meant 'The Six Million Dollar Man'. (6 – 000000 – D-o-l-l-a-r = 666. They hid these things well.)"Cheers

  14. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Terrific post Wise!Wow, linking Mars/Lions/Osiris and Lee Majors is mind blowing. Brilliantly done Master Sleuth, I think your Mastery is well on the way!The gizafaces site, this is just my opinion mind you from being immersed in Photoshop for over a decade, just looked a bit "off" with the photos. Looked to me like they were pieced together, granted it could have been from the aerial shots much like Nasa does with theirs, piecing them together. Just made me think of fractals and "as above so below" to make image faces. Just a "wild thought".I agreed with aferris, when I read the sideways/diagonally remark I immediately smiled and nodded my head. Could not have worded it better. He did always seem a bit out of place in Hollyweird. But as we're seeing more and more, Hollywood is and always has been the "land of the Gods & Goddesses" to whom the world pays homage too by lavishing them with admiration, attention, buying their silly movies and products, etc. Seems these mythos are regurgitated ad-naseum, but is it (1) due to the mass consciousness or (2) the writers of the cults slipping them into different forms/formats?The 6 Million Dollar question. :)Really enjoyed this, excellent!!

  15. wise woman replied:

    LOL Michael thanks for your 'masterly' comments :)Ok point taken on photos – though they are apparently all old photos because the land has changed & 'been changed' so much – at the end of the day I reckon we need to play with ideas & see what we can unlock or create in ourselves – in which case all these sites can be viewed as 'toys'.Your six million dollar question is a good one – I have a feeling we are looking at some kind of an alchemical combo & not a nice one!All the best to you my friend :)

  16. Jon Kidd replied:

    I liked the lion head Mars face comparison. Lions mane. Great series WW. Had to catch a mouse shortly after reading this post. It was hiding in my Daughters room. I guess your image got my mind prepared to see and deal with it. Nets and mice.Peace

  17. wise woman replied:

    Thanks AlchemistIt's certainly been a wild lion chase.I hope the mouse & you came to an amicable arrangement :)All the best

  18. Jon Kidd replied:

    Mighty neighborly of me to spare thee. Actually the mother in law sentenced ‘it’ to death by water portal. A clockwise descent into the pit abyss of fecal doom. I’m gonna miss the poor bastard…Cheers

  19. wise woman replied:

    ahem… I once nursed a tiny blind baby mouse (or possibly a vole) to adulthood – it's family had been incinerated. I used to take it to work with me – it curled up in my shirt pocket – I never thought it would survive. It grew too fast for me, the little bugger could disappear in the blink of an eye so I decided to let it be free – a farm style cafe in large grounds in Devon, England became his new home. The lady I worked with christened him 'Filo' – wickedly suggesting that he would be 'lovely' wrapped up & baked in some filo pastry – she was of course joking…mind you this same lady had a hatred of sex of often referred to 'correcting' the male of the species with two house bricks – she would dramatically enact the movement of slapping the two house bricks together LOLAmazing where a mouse can lead one!

  20. ViølatoR replied:

    Cool stuff, I don’t think I’ve ever commented here, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.There’s two Leo constellations, a Leo Minor and Leo, though I haven’t seen it called Leo Majoris, it would be called that if it wasn’t in the Zodiac.Another Austin was resurrected (unthawed) in Austin Powers. (As Osiris) He also fights his brother, Dr. Evil (Set). Dr. Evil also uses a giant “laser” or death-ray, and has a pet cat (tiny hairless leo?).I’m pretty sure one of the main theories of the Face on Mars is that it’s a combination of man and lion like the sphinx. I also read somewhere that Egypt was called the Red Land, though the fertile area is called the Black Land. This link has a paragraph on that.And I found this quote (below), beacause it's faster to copy & paste someone than to type it all out from my head :D "Coincidentally, the ancient Sphinx was painted red for most of its history. To the ancient Egyptians the Sphinx was often called Hor-em-Akhet, or Horus in the Horizon. […] there is a 'Horus' in the 'Horizon', known by the ancient Egyptians as Hor Dshr, or Horus the Red. The title was placed on the planet Mars, the red star in the eastern sky. In the city of Dashur, two pyramids also seem to correlate to an astronomical counterpart: the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. It has been suggested that these pyramids align with the stars epsilon-Tauri and Aldebaran respectively. The Red Pyramid, built of solid red stones, may thus align with the red giant Aldebaran, or the eye of Taurus.The first man, or adamic man, named Adam, which name literally means "red earth". Adam was formed from the dust of the earth, but not just any earth: he was formed from the first earth that rose from the sea (Genesis 1:9-10). This was the cosmic mountain, the axis mundi, the navel of creation; and the mountain was red earth of the divine."Oh yah, I like the actor-oscar stuff. The letters (minus the t or s) can spell: ARCO (gas station), which has a red pyramid (from hawks-eye view) as their logo. The difference between acTor and oScar is the Serpent-S and Cross-T. The serpent on the cross, death of the lower self and (re)birth of the higher Self /Golden Man/Golden Age.ACtOR and OsCAR can both be read R-A-C-O. “acor” read from left-to-right starting at the “r” (and looping back to the start of the word) and “ocar” read backwards starting at the “r.” (Ra Co. = Ra’s company? In the company of Ra?)Anyways, not sure if that means anything, but I look forward to reading part 2.

  21. ViølatoR replied:

    Oops, I forgot this post was part 2. Well some of what I wrote above is redundant I guess, at least the Austin Powers stuff. Well I’ll have to re-read part 1 because it looks like I forgot it already :DI’m looking forward to part 3*

  22. wise woman replied:

    Howdy ViolatoRYou dropped in once before, I remember the name (which my son thinks is cool!)Many thanks for your points – most interesting – you get extra credit with Austin Powers on the whole resurrection thing plus the "laser".There is much more to come so I won't go into it here but thanks for the Horus & pyramid info – amazing about the sphinx being red – sounds like it would be a bit of a 'fashion faux pas' n'est pas? – the sandy colour looking so much more 'natural'. Nevertheless that info fits in with something I found the other day so thanks.Enjoyed your OsCAR award winning play with the ACtOR. I played a little more with those 4 letters plus a mystery guest & got CAROb – the seeds of which are called carats & were used as measurements for that strangely popular metal known as gold.Cheers

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