The golden mil-Lion Man (part 3)

Here below lies the trickiest little article I have yet to write.

In all my past posts I have always felt a strong conviction in what I wrote about, this time I have information, feelings, synchronicity but I’m damned if I can see the pattern that is being woven.

Nevertheless I feel inclined to start with an event that was forgotten until a wee while ago.

I had gone out for a spontaneous & unplanned weekend drive & ended up on the west coast of Auckland at a beach called Piha (pee-ha), where the sea is rough & the sand is black.

On this beach is a monumental rock. I had wandered around it for a bit when I spotted a distinctly vagina shaped opening in the side & felt drawn to investigate – perhaps thought I, this is some sacred spot. Luckily the tide was out so I got to it easily. It was not very deep but smelled none to good (the words local, fishermen & toilet could be made into a sentence here), on top of that it housed an extraordinary number of mosquitoes – all in all not the sacred chamber I had somehow envisaged.

Nevertheless I did not wish to leave without some small offering, (though truth be told I did wish to leave quite quickly), so I stepped as far back into this little cave as I could & left all that I had to offer that day, which was my breath – I exhaled deeply as you do when you frost up a mirror. Completing my little offering, I quickly retreated back to fresh, mozzie-free sea air.

That all took place early in January, & it was only as my leonine research deepened dramatically that I recalled that incident & the fact that that rock is none other than ‘Lion Rock’. Until recently I’ve often wondered why it was called that, until I saw it from a different angle.

Because of the dramatic amount of synchronicity that has occurred through The mil-Lion-Man hunt, I found myself wondering if I was on some sacred quest. It was very tempting (well it was for me) to feel some hand was guiding me & that I had uncovered something very special, though much of this info comes through someone else’s work. In this world where life can be so very lonely especially when you’re a looney flying blind, I was tempted to ‘read’ the signs the way I wanted them to be.

Much of the info I came upon was tremendous, often synching deliciously with my life, but there were other times when I would think no, I don’t agree with that, I might like to to make it all fit nicely together but it doesn’t feel right. So with that said, I present you with a mixture of apparent facts, synchronicity ideas & play.

Onwards to the good stuff, the god stuff & the gold stuff.

The mil-Lion Man ‘title’ originally leaped into print in a single bionic bound when my hawk eye spotted that phrase on a dvd cover for the better, stronger & faster man of the 70’s. Speaking of which, let us not overlook another 70’s show that paid homage to Osiris’ golden offspring for many a year. Here’s a clue

In the name of the father & of the son we haveHawkeye Pierce

Hawkeye Horus, with his hawk’s head & extra famous eye. Is that a spear I see before me, oh no it’s a pair of chopsticks, still...

You may recall from the first mil-Lion Man post, the twinning of Oscar (the gold man) with Osiris (the quartered-man). Intrepid little sleuths that we are, we discovered that the name ‘Oscar’ means ‘Divine Spear.’ Returning to our madcap medic we can now take a second peak at that side-splitting surname of his – Pierce – ahhh the cryptic & playful wit of Hollywood. Perhaps the Holy Spirit was the ‘moonshine‘ constantly brewing in his tent?

Sorry couldn’t resist that detour.

Jumping back in time for a moment I just want to mention that my ‘awakening’ to the fact that this world was not as I’d been led to believe, came a number of years ago through two books. The first book I read in it’s entirety in the space of a few hours. The second appeared just two weeks later, the timing was incredible & intense. I have never looked back since.

This same feeling occurred again recently – two books in quick succession. Firstly came Ellis Taylor’s Dogged Days – in a very short space of time I was introduced to another human beings lifetime experiences – strange & weird experiences. I did not doubt the authenticity of the author, nor did I think he was delusional, instead I found myself accepting that very, very strange events occur within the lives of ordinary people in apparently ordinary places. Something in me seemed to shift into a slightly different focus, a blurring of narrow ‘rock hard’ reality into a wider & more elastic focus – it left me curious & questioning & somehow primed for the book, that for me, it flowed into, which was

The Mystery of the White Lions by Linda Tucker. In the space of about two weeks I absorbed ideas & information that took this lady ten years to uncover & write. A combination of shamanic journey & scientific research were profoundly combined with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I loved the fact that this powerful journey was undertaken by a woman & that it’s focus was an acknowledgment of & attempt at, an integration of two worlds that have been too long parted.

This book is incredibly in depth & passionate. One of the main messages is that lions are inextricably linked with human kind & should they die out humanity could not exist. Very brash claims you may say, & certainly I can neither prove nor disprove. What I have found is that lions & humanity go back a bloody long way together. Interestingly royalty of many lines have had an extensive love affair with them.

For starters let’s look at the sphinx, that world renowned combo of human & lion – we all know it, it’s been educated into us all our lives. But perhaps all is not as it appears for it seems that once upon a time the sphinx may have been all lion, with the beastly Egyptian make-over coming at a later date.

Here’s a view we rarely get to see – the rear end of the sphinx – for such masterly craftsmen they sure got their sculpture out of proportion, unless perhaps a mighty lion’s head once rested there.

Before we go any further I want to ask you to do me a small favour.

Just for a moment can you imagine that you have a lion’s heart beating within your chest……… Got it? Ok what is the colour that you see-feel?

All those I have asked so far have had the same answer – ‘gold’.

Reading The Mystery of the White Lions & combining it with my own research led to picture of an incredible trinity – here lies a picture instead of a thousand words

……………Sun – gold – lions……………..

This article is my seriously playful attempt to spin sunbeams, gold & tufts from a lions mane into a magical fabric that might cast some light or at least some questions into a world that I feel sure was made for these things.

For now we return to the Osiris myth & let play begin (if you’re getting confused just hop back to the first part of The Mil-Lion Man & have a speed read through that).

Somewhere along the way while researching the Osiris myth I found myself getting the strangest feeling, or should I say non-feeling about this particular god. The weird thing is I felt nothing, not a damn thing, I just couldn’t get a grip on him at all (rather like how Isis must have felt after his ‘accident’). Anyway there was Isis & the wee lad Horus, but Osiris was very much the absent father. That made me think of another ‘absent father’ – you know Jesus’ dad. Such a similar storyline. It was this quality of zilch that intrigued me. So I decided to play with Osiris – strangely enough when I played with him he really did disappear, or at least I should say he shapeshifted

If you carefully unwrap the bindings of Osiris’ mummy you will find Horus’ mummy, or should I say ‘Isis‘ (sorry couldn’t resist that). What I mean is that the name ‘Osiris’ can be neatly unfolded or picked apart, to read ‘Isis’ + ‘Or’. Those of you familiar with the French language, will recognise that ‘Or’ is French for gold. A bit far fetched you may think, but why not stick with me just for fun.

For starters the whole Osiris myth is dependent on these two ingredients – Isis plus the gold with which she creates the ‘divine spear’ that allows for the one-off creation of Horus – really I can’t think of a more absent, absent father than this one.

Just sticking with the French gold theme for a second, I will point out that the chemical symbol for gold is ‘Au‘ which I believe would be sounded out as ‘or‘ – making the ‘or’ idea a little more ‘awe’some n’est-pas? Remember also that Osiris’ Egyptian name is Ausar – again the Au symbol combined with the golden sound.

Anyway if we can play with Osiris why not play with his orsome son too.

Unfolding Horus we come up with another little gold nugget as Hawkeye shapeshifts into ‘Shu‘ + ‘Or‘. For those not up to speed on Egyptian mythology (I’m at the 0-60 in 3 days category), Shu is Number 2 in the mythological royal lineup. First came the self-created Atum & then as no one was watching (& perhaps just because he could),

Atum performed auto fellatio and spat out Shu (the air) and Tephnut (the moisture).

Shu’s job as the air, was to separate his children, Nut (the sky) from her husband Geb (the earth).

It was said that if he ever was removed from his place, Chaos would come to the Universe

Adding a little tuft of lions mane now to our interweaving, we find that:

Occasionally, when shown with his sister-wife Tefnut, he [Shu] is shown in lion form and the two were known as the “twin lion gods“.

Bearing in mind that Horus is depicted with the head of a bird, a creature at home in the air, this name play is interesting.

Weaving in a few more strands of” lions mane & sunshine we have this

Thanks to ancient Egyptian texts, we now know the Sphinx represents Horemakhet (“Horus of the Horizon“) and is the divine personification of the rising disk of the Sun

& …

Consider our “modern” terms, Horizon and Sun Set. These terms belie their ancient history. Horus-sun (Horizon) was sunrise as Horus was the Egyptian god of light and the day light portion of the 24 hour cycle.” & “He was sometimes pictured as a man with a falcon’s head, or a falcon headed lion. But his most recognizable form is that of a sphinx, or as a ram-headed sphinx.

Next we attach a few more golden threads.

Nebu is the Egyptian symbol of gold. It depicts a golden collar with the ends hanging off of the sides and seven spines dangling from the middle.

Shown above we see a golden Isis kneeling on the Egyptian equivalent of our symbol Au – it looks to me remarkably like a ‘closed eye’ – the Oscar award winning open eye of ancient Egypt belonging of course to Isis’ son, Horus – no surprises there.

“… gold … was considered a divine metal, it was thought to be the flesh of the gods. Its polished surface was related to the brilliance of the sun. Gold was important to the afterlife as it represents aspects of immortality.”

& …

Ancient Egyptians believed that gold was an indestructible and heavenly metal. The sun god, Ra, was often referred to as a mountain of gold. The Royal Tomb, in fact, known as the “House of Gold” (Isis and Nepthys were often depicted on the ends of sarcophagi kneeling on the hieroglyph meaning “gold”)… The Pharaohs of the Old Kingdom were called the “Golden Horus“. The skin of gods and other deities was said to be golden

Lets look at gold a bit because it may be that we have been a great deal too dazzled by the shiny stuff.

It seems to have been around since the year dot & very popular it was too for the special, you know ‘royal’ people. As far back as we seem to be allowed to look, gold has been used for physical adornment or for making knick-knacks, albeit royal knick-knacks. In Egyptian times it was ‘royalty only’ & as much of this post is Egyptianally inclined, we’ll use them as our royal yard stick.

The thing is, it was NOT seen as financially special until the guy who was as rich as himself, Croesus, decided that as he had vast amounts of the stuff, why not make it into a unit of exchange & so a pretty, shiny metal had make-over & went from apparent (we’ll come to that) decorative ornament to an object of multi-cultural & multi-century ‘lust’. It caught on big time & a (gold) star was born. I found it extremely funny to come across a description of Alexander the Great as ‘already being fully familiar with the use of gold as money’ – implying that this was an idea that he had had to ‘get used to’.

Why is it that we have had the value of gold poured down our throats from birth – nothing brings a hungry gleam to the eye quicker than the mention of gold – indeed it should come with a govt’ health warning seeing how it brings on fevers, crazes & rushes.

It has been behind much of the expansion of the world – this never ending quest for gold & yet now as I research I find that it has a made up value. In a sense, as a metal it’s rather useless – pure gold is so soft it could be hammered out into a sheet if you were so inclined. Not a lot of good really, in fact in a sense, ‘worthless’ – so how come it came to rule our world? For a very long time now this world has spun on an axis of gold (money), or perhaps I should say it has spun on our belief & agreement in the value of that ‘gold’ – indeed as a metal it has been worshipped.

Now I return to The Mystery of The White Lions. Linda Tucker sought knowledge from two African shamans, one of these was Credo Mutwa, whom you may know through David Icke’s work. I had seen a video of this guy & was unsure of him, so I kept a wary eye on what he had to say as I read. In the end I found I was touched by most of his words.

In respect to gold he said that it was an ‘entity’. That it’s presence in the bowels of the earth is essential to life, in particular to the flow & purification of water. That besides being a physical metal, it is also a spiritual & a metaphysical metal, & that by mining gold “humanity is enslaved to forces of which they are not even aware“.

Did it become a manufactured value in order to inflame the human heart & drive mankind to rape the earth of this element. (Strangely I had a vision here of humans putting straws into thier veins & drinking their own blood because they were tricked into thinking that by doing so they would live long & prosper). Perhaps the reason such force is needed to mine gold is because it lies where it is meant to lie within the bones (the rocks) of the earth. It is not some fruit waiting to be plucked, instead it belongs to the roots of this world & we have all but pulled most of them up.

I couldn’t help thinking this cave with it’s gold ‘veins’ looked like the insides of a living being.

I have been wondering if the ptb knew that we would undermine our very life force by removing this metal from it’s home in the earth – it would have been far too big & hard a job for them, but easy peasy to sell to the m-asses by getting them to ‘buy’ the idea that gold had financial value. Gold seems to be a good conductor, perhaps it is so much more. I know there are others who have researched gold, but I’ve not read much & am coming at this mainly from an intuitive angle.

So lets play some more.

What if gold is a solidified form of the sun, as ice is a solidified form of water. Bearing in mind that the ancients knew a hell of a lot that we still don’t, it is interesting to find that that the astrological symbol for the sun is the same as the symbol for gold.

The astrological symbol is a circle with a dot in its center – it’s the same symbol for not only the sun”… (get ready to weave a little more lion mane into our fabric) …”but for Leo the Lion, the sun sign, as well as for gold. Gold was believed to be materialized solar rays, the force of life.

The alchemical symbol for gold is also the symbol of the living cell. There you find a nucleus center and a peripheral membrane with an animating vitality in the form of photons – the smallest atomic measure of light – golden sunlight.

In The Mystery of The White Lions, Linda Tucker also ties in the cradle of life with lions, gold & the sun. I don’t want to spoil it for you should you care to read it, but she found a meridian that follows a line from the Sphinx all the way down the body of Africa to Timbavaati in South Africa, the only place in the world where the extremely rare white lions are found. She takes what has perhaps been a very short-sighted focus of the sphinx & pyramids & extends it into what now seems to me to be obvious & grand proportions.

I find again that this article is too big to be contained within this post & my weekend is winding down once again, so I must draw to a close for now, but I would like to leave you with some ‘sound’ & playful ideas.

First off I must defer to Linda Tucker again, who while wondering on the mysteries of lions one night, heard the roar of what was for her, her sacred lion. She explains that unless you have heard the roar of a lion in the wild, you cannot conceive of its power it shakes the ground. Apparently the sound can be heard some five or six miles away. My understanding of her interpretation goes like this- that the sound of a lion’s roar IS the sound of the sun. She also explains that the traditional understanding of the opening of that Oscar award winning screenplay, the Bible, is a little off balance. It is not so much that in the beginning was ‘the word’, rather that it was ‘the vibration’.

So lets play with my favourite new words.

What if lions are greatly favoured by those in the know because of the magic of their sound. Have a look at their sound – lions ‘roar’ – ROAR. Shuffle the letters a little – ‘RO’ is ‘Or’ (Gold) reversed, followed by ‘AR’ which is ‘Ra’ (the Egyptian god of the SUN) – in reverse.

The sound of a lion = Gold + The Sun the holy trinity for this post all rolled into one.

Now I know we are using English (with a bit of French thrown in) & these are are Egyptian names, but I think it’s fairly safe to say that English is the power language these days & I’m damn sure that there are a myriad of secrets contained within it. Egyptian symbology is well & truly at work visually so why not phoenetically & wordily.

I have been using intuition & synchronicity as a guide on much of this golden journey, so I leave you for now with my last nights tale.

I had a headache & felt like blobbing out infront of the tv for a bit. Two of the dvd’s I’d hired on cheap Tuesday, wouldn’t work so I figured I’d take them back & swap them for something else. I combed the aisles but t’was a pretty big load of shite, in the end I found another copy of one of the dvd’s I’d returned, plus I spotted the second Tomb Raider movie (as the first Tomb Raider had sparked the Twinsel Town post, I thought why not & figured my son would enjoy it). As I pulled it out I noticed the dvd that had been sitting at the end of this row & staring me in the face & did a triple take. Right before my eyes & in completely the wrong section was Heath Ledger in the series ROAR.

Now I may be just be very fanciful & it’s true there is still a great deal of information I have not included, but I was blown away. My headache receded with the orsomeness of this personal synch. Note how the the RO (‘Or‘ reversed) is linked together by the tail of the letter R. This event was all the more majestic because the both the non-working dvds that I had come to return were episodes of a NZ show I’d been watching for research called the Lion Man.

The very first series had included a trip to South Africa where our kiwi Lion Man had located a white lion to bring back to NZ to assist in the breeding programme, as well as an interview with Linda Tucker, author of The Mystery of the White Lions.

Again & again I have come across synchs like this in my recent research travels & yet I can not say what is sacred & what is not. I have not always found synchronicity to be ‘friendly’. I think they are guidelines, & show us the orsome power of intense focus, but our journey is still a day by day event & our eyes need to be wide open.

A last bit of leonine fun & conjecture-

The word ‘roar’ is the noun for the sound that a lion makes – its signature tune perhaps. But what about the actual vibration – well I tried it out loud & in the process scared the shit out of the cat.

The sound I made was Raaa – bloody hell I thought that sound is the name of the Ancient Egytptian sun god ‘Ra’– could his name or the sound of it be the actual beginning word? They do say the best place to hide things is in plain sight.

It’s also interesting that the golden girl Isis is credited with tricking Ra into revealing his ‘secret name’ – perhaps the name he told her was Raaa (a kind of triple A rating). Is this why she used a golden solar accessory for conceiving Horus & would that make Horus the son of the sun & just why are those two words sounded the same?

All this & more will be answered in the next episode of The mil-Lion Man (actually they might not be, I just felt like saying that)

………………………..To Be Continued

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  1. Nightghost replied:

    Really good stuff!! Loooved this post. The ending was very nice, sorry to toot my own Horn (LOL), but I wrote a poem about something similar or along these lines. You can read it here: if your so inclined.Really like your blog. LOL, does seem like stuff is synching up, pun intended.

  2. Know Nothing replied:

    I really enjoyed this series of posts. I found a lot of personal syncs with it as well. This morning I was reading a bio of Aleister Crowley who referred to the Sun as the number 666, and him self as the great beast. The great beast to him was the Lion which represented the Sun. This reminded me of your recent posts, so I went to my computer, and there it was, Part 3. The concept of gold as a regulator of the earth makes some sense to me. I’ve read articles on mono-atomic gold which is said to have positive effects on the human body as well.Be Well Wise

  3. wise woman replied:

    Hi NightghostVery glad you enjoyed :)I'm not able to read your poem on the computer I'm using, can't seem to get a good contrast to make all the words readable – will try later, but from what I could see there was indeed a marvellous synching feeling :) you have given me even more to think on, Thanks!Mr KnowA pleasure to see & synch with you again.I am wondering if the lion energy has been usurped – claimed by those in the know – certainly sounds that way with Crowley's 'announcement'. I have to say I'm very pleased to have rewired my views on gold – I actually feel a lot lighter somehow :)All the best

  4. Devin replied:

    I so agree with Nightghost!! splendid post -really got my wheels turning -how ironic indeed -gold being such a thing that folks will murder for down thru the ages and basically friggin worthless as far as doing anything with it (it is pretty and i guess it does have some scientific and industrial uses)but really WTF?? having such a tremendous hold over mankind-ooohh-befire I forget -I think I read or someone told me that at the atomic level gold has a honeycomb structure-haha word veri is mordar-will think on this several things came to mind-murder-for Au? mortar-building? I would love to read the lion book -I have always felt such an affinity for the feline species -two currently-and a lot more than two over the course of my life have been Leos-ps I am not much into astrology-but I think the mythology and synch stuff from it is fascinating-I always wondered if the Sphinx in Egypt is Leo -originally postitioned when it was built to look at its reflection in the sky-which would make it i believe 10000 years old-as opposed to what modern archaeology would have us believe -so great to see the other intelligent comments-know nothings comment reminded me (and your post) of the word Pierce -this is the last name of our 14th prez-and in conspiracy land -personally dont know what to make of it-altho what IS known is that Barbara Bush 41s wife is related to him-again more family linkages in a supposed representative republic -seems like more of a quasi-fascist monarchy to me!! here is where conspiracy thinking comes in -a while ago more than a few folks–respected folks -were saying that Aleister Crowley is the actual father of Barbara Pierce Bush!! so this would make 43 “The Beasts” grandson-me I do not know what to make of it -I am starting to get off topic with Crowley-but many have also pointed out that the modern UFO age began in 1947 began when Crowley and Jack Parsons did a “magickal working” hmmmm let me think maybe it was Crowley alone-altho Parsons is a very important figure in this tale too-Crowley contacted an other-worldy being called “Lam” who looks exactly pretty much like the modern greys of UFOology look! sorry to go so off-topic -will do more thinking about this lovely post -Piha looks so beautiful!you always have such wonderful images in your posts added to the wonderful writing! best as always to you!now typing in mordar-wasnt this also a word from Tolkien? I think you are very right in that the ancients knew things that we are not even close to understanding!

  5. Nightghost replied:

    Oops, yep. Sorry I really should’ve contrasted the letters better. I’ll throw it in here:The NameI enjoy sitting or standing outside, when I can see the approaching storm, feel the cool wind on my face, hear the coming thunder. Thunder, what is this noise. It is the same from beginning to end. Thunder, see the start and the beginning. Creation called by the sound. The sound of the holy one. The sound of his name. The sound of his power. His name causes the earth to quake, mountains to fall, rivers to shudder. Where did it begin? Where did it end? This name of names. Speak, if you know. That even gives beasts to fear and consumes their cry. That brings the strong to tears and the weak to cheer. Creation itself waits from moment to moment. “Please, tell us your name, just once more, give us another moment by the Golden door”. “How often must I repeat my name”. “Please my Lord, just once more”. I can hear his name. I will say his name. Just once more.

  6. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinThanks for all those wonderful thoughts & rememberingsOh Mordor is exquisite! I could read it as M-or d'or – gold of gold – funnily enough I was looking at the word GOLD today, thinking how the L could perhaps be the freemason's set square plus it has the G (but couldn't find the compass!) – anyway the word I was looking at was from a GOLD award & the big 'O' looked very much like a ring which made me think of the one which 'binds them all'!Oh fantastic I just skipped back to the wiki page where I checked out Mordor & it says it's where Sauron lives – s-AU-RO-n – so 'Mordor' has gold twice in the title & so does Sauron! Tremendous.& of course from 'lORd of the Rings' Ha!Thank you my friend (the Barbara Bush stuff is just creepy).All the bestThanks NightghostStrangely enough I was thinking of your poem & it's mention of thunder & the similarity of that to a lions roar when this line from a song came on the radio"It makes a sound like thunder" Lots of very sparkling ideas & synchs at the moment – magic!Thanks for sharing your poem – amazing connection with a golden door too – orsome!Cheers

  7. DE7 replied:

    Great post, Wise… i don’t comment very often, but i will make an exception here ;) I am really fascinated by these “letters play” as in ROAR , since i found out for it around here for sometime … they are fast and simple way to the true origins of everything… The English language has his force and words seems to all fit somewhere, in the eggshell… one just need to focus and see the connections…I guess so does my Serbian language… so in that way… we have here the name for the Gold is Zlato — Lion is Lav… so — lion is in the gold.. zLAto.. Roar is UrLik – Ur is like Or.. now i think for the Zlato(gold) the Z would be oZ-osiris, To-thoth.. the La would be Ra (there are some people that cant spoke properly the R and say it as L…)Maybe the L could be seen as 7 in mirror. In my last blog i write Z could be made of 77 and the 8 *. and as you seen already, i wrote about Aker..the two lions “yesterday and tomorrow” of Zep Tepi -the first time. link.. Your English word “roast ” is obviously connected to ROAR and golden sun… ;)Well my head is now pretty roasted .. it is still confusing to me, all this EGyptian stuff…and words as symbols, well it is ment to be.. i guess.. i am going off to longer break now.. to clear the mind.cheers and be well

  8. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Well done my friend!I see curiosity has not killed the cat. ;) When you mused about Horizon and Sun Set, I immediately thought of “Sun Set” as the Sun passing into the realm of Set. Don’t know why, was odd.Loved the play here, really energetic and the word play fantastic! I do think English was created exactly for “resonation control”. Something to it thats not quite right.Beautiful photos too in this post, really enjoyed the journey. Thanks for your determination and playfulness!Splendid!Be well!!P.S. That Heath Ledger sync was too awesome! I would have laughed so loud in the store if it had happened to me. Have had a few syncs that caught my eye that made me laugh aloud and people just looked at me like I was off my nut. Oh well. ;)Word very = Frifi [Free fee?]

  9. wise woman replied:

    Hi DE7Thanks for your comments – great ideas. I found some lovely word catches in your 'golden' words"ORigins, fORce, wORds"Many thanks for the links & the Serbian word play. 'Roast' is a great idea :) Looking forward to reading your article.All the best to youHiya MichaelYou know I was just thinking on that saying you mentioned about 'curious cats' – how come they also have nine lives!!! – actually thats a bloody awful saying now that I come to think of it – it's used to stop questioning, I heard it many times as a kid – wtf??Sorry got side tracked – many thanks for your comments. You scored a direct hit on sun Set – I'd actually typed it in but then as my focus was on Hourus I deleted it – very well spotted.I do laugh out loud at funny cards in shops but not yet at a synch, I was too gobsmacked!I hope you are feeling better Be well & 'Free free' (LOL sound like a name for a poodle).Cheers

  10. StrangEye replied:

    Hello dear Wise,I have decided to post something on Chris Knowles Solar Satellite blog that may be illuminating for you – as regards the email.Cheers,~SE~

  11. wise woman replied:

    Hi StrangEyeI went gone forth & read – thanks.This journey sure has many avenues yet to explore.All the best to you

  12. annemarie replied:

    Before I read the comments…Brilliant! And funny to boot :)I’m roaring right now, and it’s fun. Feeling comes from me gut, near my lungs. Cool huh. Thanks for re-minding me of this. roahhahaahbtw, immediately sprang to mind was the re-membrance of this inneresting novel I’d read about 20 years ago: The Temple of my Familiar by Alice Walker (of Color Purple fame). Geta load of the book cover here: might help you with this mil-lion series, and it’s loaded with other “un”natural goodies too.So waddya’ think, was Isis the Lion Queen? Also, from wikipedia: In the classic 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, the Cowardly Lion was a humanoid bipedal and played by Bert Lahr. In this version, the liquid courage given to him by the Wizard is replaced with a medal marked “Courage.” Bert Lahr’s biography, written by his son John Lahr, is entitled Notes on a Cowardly Lion.The movie was made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which uses a lion as its mascot. In fact, MGM even considered using their mascot for the role of the Cowardly Lion.Liquid courage? What’s that you say.English? Yup, language of the ‘angels’, knitting it all together. hehheh Did I say ta yet? Ta woman :) Ok, later

  13. annemarie replied:

    p.s. Forgot to add that I’m convinced that music is the key. Nod to Bob Marley (a golden lion king imo, esp. in regards to his flowing mane :)

  14. wise woman replied:

    Hi AnnemarieSo how many angels can you cast on & just where do we put the needle? Lets hope the angels don't mind a bit of ribbing. If they have a sense of humour we could have them in stitches! – Sorry getting carried away :)Glad to hear you had a good roar.Thanks for the book info & cover – I see lions & gold everywhere now – yesterday they popped in from Sri Lanka!I was actually just pondering on the Wizard earlier – for some reason I dislike it & can never ponder too long – but some ideas have emerged.Isis as Lion Queen is excellent idea – even the spanish agree si si!A Nigerian friend of mine told me that dreadlocks are a symbol of a lions mane & the lion of Judah, maybe this is common knowledge but I was unfamiliar – from somewhere on the internet: "To many Rastafarians, dreadlocks also symbolizes the mane (locks) of the lion in the Lion of Judah, which is one of titles given to all Ethiopian Kings"

  15. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Ellis Taylor’s new book seems to having a massive amd undreamt of effect on everyone who reads it! I picked up this very short and simple book a few months ago and by the time I’d put it down I’d retrieved a memory that had been lost since my childhood! It’s beginning to remind me of the pamphlet “Never Whistle While You’re Pissing” in Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson’s “The Illuminatus! Trilogy”The idea that the Sphinx is older than previously thought is explored by Graham Hancock and Prof. Robert Schoch. The monument has suffered water erosion; something that is only normally seen on natural rocks in the desert because Egypt has been a desert for so long. For the Sphinx to have water erosion it would have to be far older than the civilization we call “Ancient Egypt” because at the time of the Pharaohs Egypt was a desert like it is today. The head of the Sphinx is indeed a “recent” renovation, put on top of the lion’s body in the 5th Dynasty of “Ancient” Egypt. Maybe it did have a lions head originally. As Devin says: It might have been because in 10,000 BC, the time Plato said Atlantis was around, the sun rose beside Leo on the summer solstice. Intriguing!

  16. wise woman replied:

    Hi BenAgreed about Ellis' book – I heard from another friend yesterday about memories that it helped unlock & am working on a related article.It does look as if Leo & the sphinx have got to be connected. I also read a suggestion that there had once been two sphinxes – with one on the other side of the Nile.I do think though that we mustn't leave 'answers' in the hands of experts – I have a feeling the greatest knowledge can come from the 'little informed' who play with what they see & feel – my son came up with an excellent idea when I showed him an Egyptian pic that I want to incorporate in this series.I hope you are very well :)All the best

  17. Michael Skaggs replied:

    P.S. I hope your son real-eyezes he has one of the coolest mom’s around!Have a great day Wise!;)

  18. wise woman replied:

    Wow thanks Michael what a lovely thing to say :)He may feel a litle along the line that he has one of the strangest LOL. I am very fortunate to have spent the last 15 years with him, he has taught me much & I have tried much harder because of him. He lets me speak out all my strange ideas & does not knock them which is a very great treasure in itself.I am also extremely fortunate to have some of the coolest friends around :)Be well & have a great day too.

  19. Jon Kidd replied:

    Now that was a post I could sync my teeth into. Great series and great composition. “the sound of a lion’s roar IS the sound of the sun”Brilliant. Cheers.P.s. my Son has started cooing and cawing. Mom notes his RAaaaing and Roaring and She calls him little Simba when he does it. Her back seat reading of this post from the couch had her connecting the images to our life. Thanks WWwv in blue ‘somis’ and then ‘crechar’ and then! ‘vokink’ AND THEN damn thing won’t let me post ‘nessit’

  20. wise woman replied:

    Hi JonGlad you found some meaty morsels :)It's funny but when I think of the sun now, at least when I imagine it up close, I seem to hear an intense roaring sound, the thought of heat is not there at all. That's marvellous about your son's roars – children are so wonderfully wild at that age.Out of interest I put all your 'wv's into an anagram blender, had a play & got some interesting comments for your postTom Hanks Science Visor Risk&Iconic Tom Hanks Serves Risk&Methinks Osiris Cracks Ovenof course there were loads I just picked some interesting' ones.Thanks for dropping inAll the best

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