Fair Phantom re-visited

A short while ago a rebellious Celt inquired as to the second part of an article I wrote last November. Until recently I had not felt the pull to complete this & I presumed there was more info to find. That info has been coming thick & fast this last week & so unless I get pulled somewhere else I will be posting the second part of Fair Phantom in the near future.

As it was a while ago, it is possible that new readers have not perused this post. I know, I know, there’s nothing worse that having to go & click on a old link – therefore my cunning plan was simply to give you a brief intro, a snippet from the past article, a couple of strange images & bugger all else in an attempt to kindle a spark of interest.

From Fair Phantom (Part 1);

The overkill in this event disturbs me & also how ‘dramatic’ it feels. Acceptance of the idea that an illegal immigrant would stoop to murder to avoid detection seems plausible. However I wondered why someone in such a knife-edge position would risk any kind of exposure in the first place.”


March 21, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Yes, I remember the first article. It’s become quite topical to do with events in Britain: the current media frenzy to milk the most they can out of the death of Jade Goody. “OK Magazine” has recently published her obituary before she’s even dead! Graverobbers!


  2. wise woman replied:

    Hi BenWell that does it for me – I've had some suspicions for a while but now I'm pretty sure that 'knickers' can be 'created' or 'switched on'. I must admit I had to look this lady up, but then remembered you'd written about her. If 'knickers' can be turned on then there's a reason why she was chosen & the media coverage will certainly be the disease that spreads it.


  3. wise woman replied:

    err Ben, now that I come to think of it she may have been mentioned in a David Icke report – but what can I say, ever since you put on that wig I get you two mixed up :)


  4. Devin replied:

    Interesting wise-sad too! I am kind of a walking brain fart at the moment -but piglipstick-a blog I link to had a post about “Those Murderous Ski Slopes” about the recent death of Natasha Richardson -he updates quite frequently so the post may be down in archives but it was within last 2 weeks -best to you as always!!


  5. wise woman replied:

    Thanks Devin I found it. Very interesting – I am not at all surprised about Sonny Bono & I didn't feel right about Natasha Richardson's death – I wouldn't be surprised if there is more to it.I hope you are well so you will be in fine form for your upcoming birthday :) – which arrives in NZ well before it comes to you!


  6. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    WW, it wouldn’t surprise me if they used Jade for a sacrifice. The media has always treated her witrh the deepest of contempt. She’s gone now, poor thing. See here: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.com/2009/03/jade-goodly-dies.html


  7. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    WW, I was hoping I was a tad less wrinkly than the real David! :-)Yes, David mentioned her in his newsletter when she was involved in the Big Brother bullying scandal. This was an event for which the media are completely to blame because they deliberately provoke situations of conflict in the BB house, and this time it got out of hand.


  8. Michael Skaggs replied:

    I remember the article too Wise Woman!So more info is coming your way? I tend to agree, the whole case is dodgy plus the reasoning, to avoid immigrant status/detection? Come on!The odds were against him that he would be able to avoid detection in the first place…which makes us muse that it was not him at all. Hmmm, Monarch Setup perhaps?I had this feeling with the latest “star” ski accident.Be well!


  9. wise woman replied:

    Hi Ben You know her death is remarkably convenient for advertising the new cervical 'knickers' vaccination – she was/is such a well known personality & so young – what a splendid 'coincidence' for the pharmaceutical companies – what's life compared to making money & playing God?It is beyond me how BB & such-like can we watched – doesn't it give people indigestion??and…of course you are gorgeous :)CheersHiya MichaelIt's been a while in coming & I have to give fair warning that it's taken a bit of a 'fantastical' turn.Agreed on the star ski (Stars key?? Starsky???) slope – did you have a look at Devin's suggested link – pretty thought provoking.I hope you are well & that the weather is warming up for you :)


  10. Jon Kidd replied:

    Brilliant! Really great information interpretation. More and more my conspiracy side is starting to see undeniable connections to real Magick. Some may think that investigation is irrelevant but I think in your case you had no choice to ignore it. ‘It’ could also boil down to money of course. I think of all the movies that profit from the dead artist. Right? Its just mind boggling to see so many correlations with the dates and star alignments involved.I’m reading this in the library at school..eyes started watering at the end WW. I could not imagine life with out either of my kids now.Thanks to Rebellious Celtic on engaging this post again.Love Light and longevity brave lady.P.s. I was chatting with Will from ‘A Few shots to Shaman’ the other day. I mentioned the work we do here is timeless. Its not like a newspaper post you throw out at the end of the day. It is modern day alchemical research.


  11. wise woman replied:

    Hi JonMany thanks for your comments & your kindness.I agree with you about alchemical research, even more so with where this current work is taking me – it seems to be a weaving of worlds – I can't just think one dimensionally with the amount of rich information & ideas that has come my way. I feel the same the way about how the alchemical researchers seem to steadily synch up.All the very best to you & your family


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