Why do I remember?

Today in New Zealand (& Australia) it is already the 25th April & therefore ANZAC Day again.

I was going to let it go by but my sister informs me that all the shops are shut until 1.00pm which means I cannot get my Saturday morning treat at my favourite cafe until then. Now this may seem like a trivial & selfish complaint & indeed for anyone who follows the forced unenforced guidelines of society, this is exactly what it is.

IF however, your mind is a little on the open side you may have wondered why it is so ‘bloody’ important that we ‘re-member’ the sacrifices known as War.

I’ve recently been doing some reading about time & the suggestion that the past is fluid & can be changed – one of the biggest thoughts that has sprung to mind with this concept is that IF this is so, does it help explain the enormous energy that has been put into creating & ‘re-membering’ the sacrifices, err sorry I mean wars of the last hundred years? Or does it at least show that there was something very important in their occurrence? What in history can compare to the psychic assault of WWI & WWII? Why are there monuments in prime positions all over the world that remind us to ‘re-member’?

Anyway I thought that for anyone who has not read it & as a gift of truth-seeking to those who suffered & lived or died, that I would repost ‘The Sacrifice.’


May all, living & dead, walk in truth & beauty.

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  1. Devin replied:

    Beautiful and wise-no pun intended thoughts as always! Such a fascinating theory for why we have to re-member the wars! Here in the states WWII is still something of a cottage industry as to the number of books churned out etcetera-well I am going to “re-read”;-) Sacrifice-best to you as always!!

  2. wise woman replied:

    Hi DevinThanks for your comment, I was a little worried it may sound harsh, but after a great deal of thoughts & researching for all the 'Sacrifice' articles, I find I do feel very angry for the hideous scarificing of these wars.On ANZAC Day 7 years ago I received a phone call that my beloved aunt had died. Yesterday my mother phoned me & suggested I go to church with her in 'memory'. This throws up a brilliant image of 'honouring' – for my aunt was actually rather allergic to going to church & went rather unwillingly from time to time – I think she was just too full of life to ever have much time for religion despite being brought up a catholic. One of her most favourite things when I lived in England, was for us to go out shopping on a Saturday morning & finish it off with coffee & a donut at Oliver's Cafe. This is how I would choose to honour my aunt today – in a way fitting to her personality & in a place she would have chosen to go. Where is humanity in monuments & religious buildings??Sorry getting carried away again!Many thanks Devin & great to see you here as always :)

  3. Devin replied:

    No I don’t think it sounded too harsh-and when I am gone I sure do not want to be remembered “church style” haha-in fact I don’t even want a funeral-what I would like most is for the people who loved me to 1) realize what a precious gift life is and do something enjoyable in remembrance of me 2) start questioning the “givens” of life more-I hope you are having a beautiful weekend! I am about done catching up with blog friends for the day-and won’t be online tomorrow-so folks don’t have to worry about an endless string of multiple comments from me;-)all the best!! ps -I understand about worrying about sounding harsh-I have felt the same about some of my posts-after 2001 in the states what you have been considered an “un-American” sentiment by many-went up to the level of being a traitor. I guess many in this effin country do not understand that we were supposedly founded on the principles of free speech and association-I am so sick of the hypocrisy of being thought of as garbage or a traitor by people who would get rid of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights-the warmongers are the worst of this bunch! Sheesh talk about getting carried away-look at me! haha! best as always!!

  4. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    I remember that article well, WW. As I said at the time, the whole culture of Remembrance is centred on glorifying the slaughter, what Wilfred Owen called “The Old Lie”.

  5. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wise,I remember doing one of my first articles on a Star Trek episode where I found an Elder Futhark rune symbol in it. During that episode, the people who had “passed on” told Picard as long as he “remembered” them, they would survive/live on.It’s an interesting view on the memorials and strategic placements of them! Perhaps we’re recycling that sacrificial energy they gave and bringing it back for future wars/sacrifices? Energetic cycles?Brilliant!Cheers my friend.

  6. wise woman replied:

    Hiya BenThe 'Old Lie' says it very well indeed & the dead do seem to be advertised as so much more impressive than the living – the phrase 'they gave their lives' is particularly loathsome, seeing how if they didn't 'give' they were liable to be shot for cowardice! What an 'uncivilised' world we live in.All the very best to you – I hope Oxford is blooming :)Hiya MichaelHow very interesting is that! – I have come across a similar idea before too – where it is stated that as long as something is remembered it still exists! You do find alot of telling things in Star Trek & SG.I think we must be recycling & rehashing as you said so marvellously in your latest 'rant' – that was excellent.Be well my friend

  7. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Oxford is lovely that the moment thanks, WW. We’ve had some really warm weather. A bit different from last year. I’m making the most of it because these memories will be precious if we go into Global Cooling, which I think we are.

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