Amber in the Wind

and we’re on the air in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Dearly Beloved we are gathered here today in the site of this blog to talk about bugger all.

You may think that talking about bugger all would be a waste of time, yet there are no-things in this world that make an extraordinary amount of difference. Take the ‘zero’ for instance – who’d have thought it would one day rule the world – well you just try putting six ‘zeros behind a 1 & see what you get – of course you need to a magic sigil to make it $acred & £’eagle’ in silli-visation.

Anyway the nothing that’s been drawing my attention lately is AIR.

If you’re going to try telling me that you’ve given it a lot of consideration in your life, I shall expect to see a herd of pigs gliding majestically past my window any moment now.

It’s funny but it’s been damn hard to get a grasp on air long enough to write about. I’ve been delving into ‘ological’ books but science does not warm any cockles in my heart – from what I can see it has made Air, midling to downright ‘boring’ with it’s talk of gases, weather jargon, ‘o’spheres, ‘o’zones, & ‘carbon(e to pick with you) dioxide’. For any dearly beloved insomniacs out there, a surefire remedy to get you to sleep is by reading wiki-on-air;

An atmosphere is a layer of gases that may surround a material body of sufficient mass by the gravity of the body and are retained for a longer duration if gravity is high and the atmosphere’s temperature is low.”

So is there more to air than meets the eye – actually that’s a bloody silly question isn’t it? We can’t even see it. AND YET, and yet, it is a part of every moment of our lives. With our first breath we become an inhabitant on this planet, we get in by breathing. A baby who lives for only one breath will be granted a birth certificate, a baby who fails to take that breath is given only a death certificate. It is air that grants us ‘life & right’ to this planet.

Without air there would be no beginning – this is a Maori myth – or is it?

“Ranginui, the Sky father, and Papatuanuku, the Earth mother, held each other in a tight embrace.

They had many children who, lost in the darkness between their parents, began to wonder how it would be to live in light. They talked amongst themselves whether it would be better to slay their parents or push them apart.

Tumatauenga, the fiercest of Rangi and Papa’s children, spoke first: “Let’s slay them” he suggested but Tane Mahuta said “No, it is best that we push them apart to let the heaven stand well above us and the earth lie under our feet. Let the sky become like a stranger and the earth remain close to us as our nursing mother.”

All the brothers agreed except Tawhirimatea, god of winds and storms. Fearing that his kingdom was about to be overthrown, he grieved at the thought that his parents were to be wrenched apart. However the others put their plan in to action.

Firstly Rongomatane, god of cultivated food and crops of man, rose up and pushed at his parents to part them. Next Tangaroa, god of sea and reptiles, rose up and he too tried to push his parents apart. Haumiatiketike, god of food that grows without cultivation, was next but he had no affect either. Each brother tried in vain including Tumatauenga, god of fierce human beings.

Lastly, Tane Mahuta, the god of forests, birds and insects, tried to part his parents. He paused before planting his head firmly on his mother earth, Papatuanuku. He stretched his feet upward to his sky father, Ranginui. With all the strength of his legs and back he forced, pushed and struggled to wrench them free from each other. With each tear, Rangi and Papa cried out with grief and pain, frightened by their impending separation.

No sooner had heaven and earth parted, than the multitudes of human beings created within the darkness were discovered.

Then Tawhirimatea, god of winds and storms who had wanted to keep his parents together, began to feel a fierce desire to wage war on his brothers; he dreads the world will become too beautiful so he ascends to his Sky father and dispatches his brothers to the four ends of creation to become the four winds.

The Earth mother and Sky father remain separated to this day. Yet Ranginui and Papatuanuku’s love continues and their grief ongoing. The soft warm sighs of Papatuanuku and her loving bosom still rise up to meet Ranginui, ascending from the beautiful mountains and valleys. These sighs, men call mist. And from the vast heaven, through the long nights of separation from this beloved, Ranginui drops frequent tears upon his wife’s bosom: man calls these dew drops.”


As is so often the case with creation stories, this myth is remarkably similar to the Egyptian version, only in their world the roles of male & female were reversed. What remains the same however is ‘the middle man.’

I guess that makes Tane or Shu or whatever name he is given, the original Air Force.

Recently a number of things have been catching my attention about the air.

My son, who has been having flying lessons every 3-4 weeks since he was 11 years old, recently returned from a low-flying expedition. He explained to me how they had taken the plane low & close to cliffs and he was taught about & experienced how air flows. What amazed me was his descriptions of the air movements – they were just like water, invisible water.

Since then off & on, I have contemplated this invisible substance. There is a cafe I like to go to & sometimes I get to sit alone in the garden. Somehow the air there seems ‘different.’ Perhaps it is simply the quality of light filtered through the overhanging trees, but on a number of occasions I have seen-felt an almost liquid substance – especially as birds fly by, they seem to glide in some nearly perceptible fluid.

I kept thinking of how air was like water & realised that if this was the case then we are living at the bottom of an ocean. For some reason this idea churned me up – I was used to the concept of living on top of the world (albeit ‘Down under’).

In researching I found that I was not alone with these thoughts, a little earlier (all right a lot earlier) Evangelista Torricelli wrote “We live submerged at the bottom of an ocean of air.” (1644).

Does this perchance explain why our old favourites the Egyptians, popped Ra in a boat, because they knew we lived at the bottom of an ocean, while a ship sails on top. The picture below does appear to have a rather nifty display of our not very thick atmosphere.

Lately I have been watching the air play with the world around me & again & again I recall the sea.

The soft wind blows

Across the snows,
And turns the palest face to rose;
The wind it goes
Where no one knows,
Like water round the world it flows;

Is she in air or water?

According to the Navajo “Wind is a unitary phenomenon that is the source of all life, movement, and behavior... Before the Emergence, winds are said to have given the means of life (i.e., breath) to the inhabitants of the underworlds. After the Emergence, mists of light were placed along each of the cardinal directions and four sacred mountains were created in each direction. Each direction is said to have an “inner form” as well as a closely associated wind. From the four directions these winds give the means of life, movement, thought, and communication to the natural phenomena, the Holy People, and the Navajo themselves. Wind’s Child is sent to guide and advise the Earth-Surface People. Finally, each Navajo also has a “wind within one” that enters at birth and guides the individual.

We have become numbed to air. Should a room be without furniture or people it is called ‘empty‘ despite the fact that every nook & cranny is filled with air. A stupid person is an ‘airhead‘. Someone who talks a load of bollocks is said to be full of ‘hot air’ (oops apologies to all bollocks). Who hasn’t quoted the glass is ‘half full / empty‘ formula without realising that where the liquid ends the air begins & it runneth over.

So is there a reason that air has been relegated to the very, very back seat of life.

While scouring a number of books on air, a feeling arose that our atmosphere is to our world what the amniotic sac is to a fetus.

As I sat at the beach yesterday contemplating the air, a thought sailed majestically into view. As a baby readies itself for it’s birth, it manoeuvres itself into the head down position. I thought of our world, if we were in the process of ‘birthing’, that would make Antarctica the ‘head’ of this world. I recalled images I’d seen recently of the hole in the ozone over Antarctica – in fact just the other day I was telling my son how strange it was that the hole should be so perfectly focused over Antarctica (at least it was in the image I saw) – so could this hole be some kind of (dilated) birth canal for our world?

SUN INDUCES STRANGE ‘BREATHING’ OF EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE: SAN FRANCISCO – New satellite observations have revealed a previously unknown rhythmic expansion and contraction of Earth’s atmosphere on a nine-day cycle.

This “breathing” corresponds to changes in the sun’s magnetic fields as it completes rotations once every 27 days, NASA and University of Colorado, Boulder, scientists said Monday at the American Geophysical Union annual meeting. “ (from a ‘sciency’ site)

I do not sleep I am a thousand winds that blow

In racking my brains to come up with a splendid description for air, which I’ll explain below, I inadvertently discovered that I, (along with a large percentage of the species on this planet) was in fact an air head, with three fifths of my brain being made up of air! What you don’t trust my scientific expertise? … oh well the equation is fairly simple – Brain = B+ RAI + N – rearrange RAI & you get AIR. Hmmm… I see we also have moisture in there with bRAIN – water & air just like in the ‘in the beginning’ myths. Well I guess I can’t leave the ‘B’ out as I don’t want to be accused of being a letterist in these Poletterically Correct times.

Bet, Beth, or Vet is the second letter of many Semitic Abjads, including Phoenician, Aramic, Hebrew Syriac and Arabic alphabet. This letter’s name means “house” in various Semitic languages…” – how about that, your skull is a castle of air & moisture. All the more wonderful when you consider yet another Creation myth…Ahhh lovely… I was going to filch the myth I was looking for from a mythical site, but I found a wonderful warm article in Science Musings by Chet Raymo, & so have filched from there instead;

A creation myth from Egypt of the third millennium B.C. has God bring the world into being with a sneeze. It’s not a bad image for the Creation as currently described by astronomers. Fifteen billion years ago the universe began with an outward explosion of pure energy. A blaze of gamma rays, x-rays and light. Then particles, atoms, stars and galaxies. A spray of material creation.

Ahh, ahhh, ahhhh–CHOO!

The Big Sneeze. Better than the Big Bang. More poetic, more firmly grounded in the ancient human quest for origins. And more evocative of an explosion from nothing. “Big Bang” suggests a firecracker exploding in preexisting space and time. But space-time came into existence along with the universe, the way a sneeze sometimes comes out of nowhere.”

Is it a coincidence that the Egyptian god of air is called Shu (bless you!)- ti-Shu anyone?

Tucked into a previous article I also re-found this

The symbol is also a hieroglyph which represents the sound ´nh (ankh) and the word “life” or “breath of life.

Now we’re talking “Air is the breath of life.” Etymologically even our spirit is a part of air – from L. spiritus “soul, courage, vigor, breath,” related to spirare “to breathe

So how is it that our spirit is umbilically corded to this life – I thought we were meant to suffer & be spiritually sculpted in this life in order to earn our place in ‘the next’ (non-breathing) world. Is air spirit? Certainly if we take things into our own hands we can re-sculpt Air to read ‘I Ra.’

Thankfully this leads me at last to the secondish part of this article (the one I keep nearly getting to, before being blown onto a side-track).

While contemplating the golden-lion-sun of the Mil-LION Man series, I got to thinking of the air as ‘golden‘ – for surely sometimes I could see-feel gold in the rays that reached my face.

Finding the sun god Ra, hiding in the air, was actually no surprise. But I wanted to go further. Try as I might, I could not get air to ‘condense’ enough to get a grasp of it.

I got to playing with the idea of Air as a sticky substance, something like honey or molasses. I sought out ideas & names for I wished to re-picture this intangible no-thing. I chased after sticky words (a word of caution to the pure of heart – be careful what you type into google), and eventually found resin, ah yes I like the feel of that, wandering a little further down that viscous path, I arrived at Amber – the resin that resin-ated.

So without further ado I would like to introduce you to the idea of contemplating your air, your atmosphere as a resinous amber substance. For a little while I call upon your wonderful imagination to now see yourself as seated here before your computer, bathed in a this glowing resinous substance (…ahem please keep any lascivious thoughts for later).

Remember that air has weight “This air weight means that, at sea level, there is a load of about a ton across your shoulders. But you do not notice it because pressure is pushing in equally on all sides of your body.” We do not feel the weight of air, we do not feel the spinning of the world, so now let’s also pretend that our air is a glutinous concoction – albeit one we are able to move in. In order to get into the sticky flow of things, I feel it is necessary to temporarily relabel our mucilaginous breath of life. Recently I recalled the liquids that allow our sight – vitreous & aqueous humour, & felt here was a worthy descriptor – I would definitely like to be swathed in a humourous substance. Therefore I propose (& I’ll second myself) that for the rest of this article air shall be known as the Gooey Amber Humour (or for short –atmoshumour).

Part of the reason I wanted to condense Gooey Amber Humour was to feel able to get the feel of what takes place in this substance. As long as I retained the empty-feeling word ‘air,’ I found myself struggling.

If I look with imaginative eyes that are filled with Gooey Amber Humour, I can see that every inch of this world is filled up with this atmoshumour & glowing. I see it flow in & out of every breathing creature. I see the constantly moving currents. I see that we live in a world where enormous buildings & monuments thrust themselves up into his substance. I wonder are they built to somehow capture & contain this humour?

What else do I think of, when I consider the substance that has flowed in & out of me all my life? Why I start to wonder about it’s life. I reacll what has been done to it & in it – is this the same thing?

And what is being done in it, to it now?

And just what purpose do all these ridiculously high building really have?

By watching nature’s attention to Gooey Amber Humour, I have come to the conclusion that she revels in it. How could I have believed that plants merely grow upward to reach the sun. I’m sure that’s part of the reason, but look at any tree & watch how it & atmoshumour interact. The other day I watched a willow as the wind carressed it’s tendrills OR was it the willow that caressed the wind – methinks ’twas both, & what a glorious sight it was.

Surely Gooey Amber Humour is no haphazard substance.

I rather think that it is ‘knowledge‘ – which is why plants open their branches to it. Atmoshumour is the story of our world, we are meant to read it, to hear it & to add our own stories to it. If you have played with this resinous theme then I think you must have felt as I have done, that we can not be isolated individuals, when our being floats in a substance that enfolds the globe. I find it wonderfully appropriate that the energy that allows connection all round the world gets it’s name from Amber.

The Greek name for amber was ηλεκτρον (Electron) and was connected to the Sun God, one of whose titles was Elector or the Awakener… The modern term electron was coined in 1891 by the Irish physicist George Stoney, using the Greek word for amber.”

The Greek name for amber is elektron, or the origin of our word electricity.”

Another thought that springs to mind as I conceive of a more condensed atmosphere, is how like a woven substance it is – the suns rays shine & weave their way through earth’s atmoshumour – I have vague ‘unscientific’ recollections of how lasers shone at intersecting angles create holograms.

The humourous horizontal encircling of earth also reminds me a an old vinyl record…

in which case, does that make this pointy thing one of the needles that can read it?

I have read somewhere that animals fur is the equivalent of an antennae. There is a cat who lives with us, she is forever washing herself. Occasionally she has licked my fingers – her tongue has a very strange rough-grooved feel – is it really ‘washing’ that she does or is her tongue another stylus that picks up & reads what her fur has collected on the wind? I have read that cats are protectors of humans from forces that we cannot see – perhaps their fur traps negative energies & their licking is a way of neutralising or disposing of it?

Once again viewing our imaginary sticky atmoshumour, I wonder what happens when we speak – imagine if our words don’t just vanish into ‘thin air’ – what if they get trapped like insects in amber. The New Age tells us we create our ‘reality’ – is this is how it’s done – is our atmoshumour the philosopher’s stone of creation?

So we’ve been wrapped in this substance from the day we were born, we cannot survive without it. It perhaps holds every story ever lived. It may hold all the information we need to break free from the hamster wheel of the mulberry busha-tis-hu, a-ti-shu … hmmm I think we’re done with falling down – I reckon it’s about time to stand up, sneeze out a new world & fly.

I shall leave you with beauty. Although I can’t find it now I’m 99.9% positive that I read that looking at the paintings of Turner (Joseph Mallord William) increases the power of your immune system. I leave you look & decide for yourself. One thing interests me greatly is how the man, who is considered England’s greatest painter, so often painted magnificent amber atmoshumours.

He [Turner] was a proto-impressionist master of atmospheric effects … He executed so many paintings in shades of yellow (lemon, ochre, buttercup, mustard, amber) that even a friend of Turner’s wondered whether he had been “afflicted by yellow fever.”

The significance of light was to Turner the emanation of God’s spirit and this was why he refined the subject matter of his later paintings by leaving out solid objects and detail, concentrating on the play of light on water, the radiance of skies and fires. Although these late paintings appear to be ‘impressionistic’ and therefore a forerunner of the French school, Turner was striving for expression of spirituality in the world, rather than responding primarily to optical phenomena

There’s something magical about Turner’s art. His Angel Standing in the Sun (above, from 1846) provided the title for one excellent biography, in tune with this magical aura surrounding Turner that, unfortunately, discounts the hard work and hard thinking that went into his works. Constable, again the foil of a Turner anecdote, reportedly once said to Turner, “I do not see nature that way.”

Turner’s late water-colours offer a vision of the world before the advent of things, a place made out of pure light and atmosphere, whose essence is a kind of heavenly instability: sky and sea become abstract washes of colour; a mountain at sunset, pink as a prawn, looks more like an explosion than a solid object...”

They envisage the world not as an agglomeration of physical stuff, but as a process: they are pictures of flux, of a constant making and unmaking. They are as changeable as their subjects: light, weather, the sea.

Turner was great because he dared to paint pictures of nothing, of a world dissolved into light and colour.”

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  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wow Wise what a post!Interesting viewpoints! I enjoyed this thoroughly–the play with thoughts and words. Indeed, an “ocean of air” and how it flows and changes, and the undetectable pressures from it. Incredible how most never give it a 2nd thought but it’s so invaluable to our survival.Lately I have been drawn in by coppers, golds, yellows, and perhaps unknowingly amber as well. Amber is a unique substance and thanks for the entomology! I did not know it was named after the electron, which is a significant piece in Quantum theory. Turner’s paintings are beautiful and soothing and very enjoyable. I was reading recently about a painter, Constantine Nicholas Roerich, how he had done over 3,000 ethereal paintings and how some of them were supposed to have healing qualities.Well done, I could almost feel and definitely imagine sitting in that cafe’ with you. :)WV = neromine uh oh NERO MINE, how about I play with the letter like yourself and replace the N with an H and get HERO MINE or rather,MY HERO. Cheers


  2. wise woman replied:

    Hiya MichaelLOL you definitely wouldn't want a Nero – you might get burned (or should that be fiddled?).Thanks for your thoughts & comments as always. Yep I was going to steal one of your pics but in the end I was so tired I didn't have the energy to scale the massive walls of THA :)There is indeed something 'divine'? about Turners paintings. I'll check out Roerich – thanks for the tip.Wishing you a wonderful golden, windy day in the land of Erica :)


  3. Devin replied:

    wise-your posts are part of the reason I am so hoping my puter lasts as long as it possibly can!! I got out of bed today in a very melancholy-depressed mood-couldn’t put my finger on it -but after interacting with people it has lifted-really enjoyed this post tremedously -should say article-You are right we never do think of air and I have often wondered if fish have any conception of water-beautiful images as always -I don’t know where you find them all!! well thanks for being a part of the day that has lifted what I thought was going to start another series of days being deeply depressed!! I didn’t realize you had updated-would have been over sooner-great article and thanks for getting my mind going also-your friend forever!!ps hehe Nero is definitely not someone you would want to be the fiddling while Rome burned is probably apocryphal -but he was a tyrant who killed his mother!! I guess being friends with one of the great thinkers of anitquity-Seneca-didn’t help our friend Nero much at all:-)thanks again for beautiful article!!


  4. wise woman replied:

    Hiya DevinThanks for setting our history straight – didn't realise Nero was quite so anti-social!I am so very pleased to hear your mood has lifted – blues are better when they're colouring the atmoshumour.LOL -the word veri when I signed in was Phosel – 'fossil' – which went rather well with nero as well as being the kind of thing you might find in amber. i read that Jurassic Park made amber famous again – with the potential of digging prehistoric DNA out of it.Keep smiling my friend & write anytime you need to :)


  5. aferrismoon replied:

    I often think that the Polynesians were the ones who took their religion and developed it in Egypt, in fact most places of the world.Possibly why pyramids dot the globe – secrets borne by world-around sailoring.Just been reading about some hawaiin ‘myths’ as LOST is filmed in Hawaii and set in the South Pacific and features a fair bit of Egyptian symbology.Apparently Maoris consider the sea as male and the land femaleOdd that we sat Red-Amber-Green for the Traffic lights , not orangeHere in Prague there are shops full of Amber, all different sorts too.Amber and Garnet seem quite popular here.Cheers


  6. wise woman replied:

    Hi AferrismoonThe researcher & author Robert Argod had a similar theory on the Polynesian – although he saw them a coming originally from Antarctica – Maoris are seen as having come from Hawaii – both languages have many of the same words – one in particualr will be part of the (last?) Fair Phantom post.The amber traffic lights interest me muchly, as a little more amber exploring seems to be in the offing – had an awesome synch the other day, so decided to delve a little deeper – in doing so am 'unearthing' some wonderful tidbits. The traffic lights are officially called amber – car blinkers too appear the same colour – that's a lot of amber in the world. I see the Baltic sems to be the place for amber – there is a museum in Palanga (I think that's right) with 28,000 pieces!All the best 2 U


  7. VegasAnomaly replied:

    Wise Woman,How appropriate your moniker; I enjoy and am uplifted by your work. I have to say, is that why the PTB drill into us that saying “don’t be carried by the wind, rather plant your feet on the ground?”. (or something to that effect) Planting my feet may “root” me to this world, and all it’s entrapments?? Also, have wondered for a while about the term “over the airwaves” in terms of the media, and their “breaking news” Questions, questions. Anyhow, I follow your blog, and the insight I continue to receive is greatly appreciated. Kindest Regards,Jax (in the Desert)


  8. Devin replied:

    Well I am still enjoying coming back to this great article!! just wish I had something intelligent to add-there was something in a book I read the other day about the “Aethrys” but I am going to have to look at it again to see if it is remotely in tune with what you are saying here-all the best to you my friend and maybe I can think of something better when I feel better! I enjoyed reading the comments also-all the best!!


  9. Devin replied:

    Ooops another multiple from the queen of multiples-I agree with Vegas’ thoughts about finding your work very uplifting!! ATB!!


  10. wise woman replied:

    Hi 'Jax of the desert' – that makes me think of a jackal (the friendly variey of course :)It's funny how the words we use for air, we also use for other very powerful forces in our world – i.e water, money & electricity – words like flow & currents (currency), waves too – I thought I was pushing the money bit with that but lo & behold I found a newspaper heading – "Riding a Currency Wave."Good spot on 'breaking news' – had not given thought to that phrase.I hope the wind is flowing wonderfully in Nevada.DevinDoubly good to see you here my friend. I did think about aethyrs but my head was so full of air, it floated off – if you come by that info with ease that would be great otherwise I'm sure I can do some sky diving & pick up some windy clues.I hope you are having a wonderful day in Mecca :)


  11. Little Jon Kidd replied:

    Hi Wise, Relative to my recent schooling I can tell you that Air or O2 combined with a fuel source creates the oxidization effect. Basically speeding up the time it takes for something to rust. Burning = time accelerated. I have also played with the idea that we at one time lived in a more balanced and fluid environment. A ratio of atmosphere that would enable a longer life and ease of movement.Your fetus picture further resonated and justified my following explanation.Just think how much easier life would be living under water. Lifting and moving about would be easier. We would take in less oxygen slowing down the aging process and life would thrive on a greater scale. It is proven that our oxygen consumption is the main factor in aging and eventually death.I believe that our 9 month cycle of birth proves that we were meant to be submersed in oxygenated water. I mean think about how many mothers choose to give birth submerged in water. Think about how babies take to water like fish.I look at my own son’s movements. I lay him on his belly on the floor and he kicks as if he was under water. When I change him I’m astonished by the symmetry in the movements of his legs. Your air post brought back these old ponderings. Thank You!Uh oh….WV in red ‘innsin’We are living in the sin inn…


  12. wise woman replied:

    Greeting Little JonI like your way of thinking. I have read thoughts that the earth once had a far more moist atmoshumour.I know I have always come alive in water – put me in some big waves & I'm in heaven. Awhile ago I used to go swiming before work at a heated pool, but gave up because we were made to swim in lanes & it's very disconcerting to have the human equivalent of several spawning salmon racing up behind you – very strange to have such a wonderful medium to move in & people just want to do repetitve movements in a straight line ….ahhhhhhhh.I have looked into the Alexander Technique which tries to help people re-learn the grace of movement they had as children – I'm stunned sometimes just watching kids move, their whole bodies are a part of each & every movement – it's wonderful that you have the eyes to see the grace of your child.wv = very 'humour'ous :)ATB


  13. David Stewart replied:

    Wise Woman – Thank you for this poem/song. You are the mermaid swimming in your sea of golden humour – and I am so happy that tonight I heard the mermaid singing!You made me think of the aether, the quintessence, the light bearing medium alternative physice still suggests is real. It is named for Æther the elemantal Greek God who was the personification of the sky and the pure upper air.I don’t necessarily presume that friends of mine all care about the blogs I love reading – but this one I am going to post on my facebook page – it can’t fail but to cheer anyone who take the time to read itThanks


  14. StrangEye replied:

    Very timely WW.Turner also reminded me of the Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada wildfire.See my blog for links.~SE~


  15. wise woman replied:

    Hi DavidThanks for your lyrical words.I definitely choose to believe in the 'quintessence or light bearng medium' & that it is in THIS world & that we are meant to connect with it & it with us.Thanks for gliding in for a visit :)Hi StrangEyeI see what you mean – once again the stories of the world reveal themselves in dream-like strangeness.ATB


  16. Jaspal replied:

    Hello WW, it’s my first time venturing into this part of the sync web, I feel a bit like James Cook on the edge of OZ!Thank you for a wonderful post, the reason I’m replying is that reading what you wrote set of a chain of thoughts in my mind and I thought it only fair that I share those with you. The Amber traffic lights, they signal a change, you’re either going to stop or you’re going to go. The same as car indicator lights, you’re going left or right, you’re just letting other people know. Phrases like “winds of change”, and “the answer is in the wind” come to mind, like that annoying alternative energy advert with the Bob Dylan song.I think you’re onto something with animals as well, as they are known to sense a weather change far quicker than we can, just as they know they are being taken to an abattoir to be killed. Cats can also tell when someone is about to die. Maybe the “sixth sense” is literally your “hair standing on end”, that ESP that we are told we “lost” might just be the ability to sense things from the air, with our “junk” DNA being the receiver.I love you analogy of the wind being like water, Bruce Lee’s famous quote “be like water, it becomes whatever it is contained in”, can also apply to air. The Indian creation myth is that world started with a sound, OM (from this we also get AUM and AMEN. H2O, the symbol for the sun is the same as Hydrogen, Oxygen is air that we breath and the word, so that’s why they combined it with RA, to make AMEN-RA!), And we are always told how the likes of Jupiter (42, the answer to life and everything) is just a big lump of gas/air. Wikipedia:’A gas giant (sometimes also known as a Jovian planet after the planet Jupiter, or giant planet) is a large planet that is not primarily composed of rock or other solid matter. There are four gas giants in our Solar System: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.’So the three planets of the Greek creation myth, and our old friend Poseidon, who of course is linked to our sea.You also made me realise that the glass is neither half empty, nor half full, but completely full!


  17. wise woman replied:

    Hi JaspalCongratulations on navigating your way down to the Land of the Long White Cloud :)I’m glad you’ve come in at the end or you might have given my next post away – your amber spotting is spot on!Thanks for all your wonderful info, I enjoyed the great gusts of ideas that blew through your mind and onto this page.All the best to you


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