"like sky-blue air" (part 1)

A little while ago, a visitor to this site left a comment regarding the apparent suicide of an actress. I have looked at a few Hollywood deaths because they came to my attention in one round about way or another. The information that comes my way does so via word of mouth. I followed Jaspal’s link & found Lucy Gordan whom I’m sure you all know about. It was her method of death that made me take notice as well as her linking with Heath Ledger – both synching up for me with the death of Adrienne Shelly in 2006.

Former Oxford High School pupil Lucy appeared in the 2002 film The Four Feathers with Heath Ledger, 28, the Australian star who died from a drug overdose last year. Lucy died two days before her 29th birthday and hours before she was due to be interviewed at the Cannes film festival.” (Adrienne Shelly was waiting to hear from the Sundance Film Festival).

I had thought this would have been a continuation of that Fair Phantom series, but instead a different path has opened up.

This last week has been a struggle for me. I’ve had the worst head cold I’ve ever had & it led to some nights where breathing was a struggle. Is it a coincidence that I should start researching hanging at this time?

I have to admit that in the beginning I was pretty immune to hanging, after all I grew up with it.

Hanging is very familiar to us as both as a historical fact & as a popular method of dispatching victims in murder mysteries. It also turns up from time to time in the news. I was also fairly desensitised to the siblings of hanging – strangulation & suffocation – I simply recognised the words & what they meant on a descriptive level.

Researching hanging has been the worst thing I’ve ever looked into. I was so afraid of slipping onto a site where I would see what I could not unsee. My friend Michael from Hidden Agendas has been helping me, as well as allowing a firing back & forth of ideas, so I owe him a big thank you for his strength & his ideas which are also a part of this article.

Hanging is ugly beyond words. Wiki states thusly: “Hanging is the lethal suspension of a person by a ligature. The Oxford English Dictionary states that hanging in this sense is “specifically to put to death by suspension by the neck.” I won’t be posting any pics.

Memories of hanging on tv or in stories has always been clean & tidy, with the sad but pathetic figure of a still body suspended by the neck. The often familiar suicide scene set in police cells.

Wiki on suicide: “In Canada, hanging is the most common method of suicide, and in the U.S., hanging is the second most common method, after firearms. In Great Britain, where firearms are less easily available, as of 2001 hanging was the most common method among men and the second-most commonplace among women (after poisoning).”

A little more fact “…There are four ways of performing a judicial hanging — the short drop, suspension hanging, the standard drop, and the long drop.”

The more I looked at hanging the uglier it became. The descriptions of the different methods of hanging, reeked of cold-blooded murder. I was informed that hanging was a blood free method that was easy to carry out & thus was adopted widely.


Recently historical mis-facts have been ‘coming to light’ & we are being ‘treated’ to ‘the truth’ – history is being cleansed of exaggeration. One such cleansing is the revelation that almost all witches were hanged rather than burned – ahh what a relief, that’s all right then.

Calculated hanging (a more recent invention) was designed to break a human beings neck – it required (cold-blooded) planning – “The standard drop, which arrived as calculated in English units, involves a drop of between four and six feet (1.2 to 1.8 m) and came into use from 1866, when the scientific details were published by an Irish doctor, Samuel Haughton.”

This being seen to be an improvement on the short drop – “A ladder was also commonly used with the condemned being forced to ascend, after which the noose was tied and the ladder pulled away or turned…The condemned prisoner dies of strangulation, typically between ten and twenty minutes. Before 1850, it was the main method.”

There are horrific variations of what people suffer & this includes loss of control of bowels & bladder.

Human history is shamefully full of murders & a huge amount of this was through hanging. I think it was writing so recently about air that made me sit up & start asking questions. All killing is wrongful, but I believe there are reasons to ask questions about why hanging has been such a ‘popular’ & worldwide sport for thousands of years.

When I wasn’t sure whether or not I should write about this topic I was inundated with synchs. I was drawn to a book at the library, called ‘The Way of the Dream.’ On opening it randomly, I found myself looking at a chapter entitled The Hanged Man. Within that chapter was a wealth of information. in particular we are told that hanging is a type of negative deification & we are reminded that the God of Western Civilisation was, after all, a hanged man. Indeed wiki says that hanging “… also referred to crucifixion and death by impalement in which the body would remain “hanging“.

gallows c.1230, pl. of M.E. galwe “gallows,” from… P.Gmc. *galg- “pole” (cf. O.Fris. galga, M.H.G. galge “gallows, cross“)… Originally also used of the cross of the crucifixion. Plural because made of two poles.

Hanging is one of the most ancient forms of execution. The Book of Esther, for example, centers on the hanging of the genocidal traitor Haman, and British and U.S. law have always incorporated death by hanging.”

So my question is this “Was hanging designed to impact upon the human psyche & if so why?”

You do not need me to include a picture of a noose, in order to understand what I’m referring to do you?

Well actually you do – here is one I borrowed earlier

noose: c.1450, from O.Fr. nos or cognate O.Prov. nous “knot,” from L. nodus “knot.” .”

A noose is a knot. A browse in the wikimarket aisle of death reveals: “According to popular belief, the hangman’s noose must have 13 coils… Also, tradition holds that nooses be wrapped in a left-hand spiral.Nothing strange about that then.

I remembered a little book I used to own on natural magic. I remembered that it had a chapter on knot magic. I went to the library & found it – magic! It told me that “knot magic stretches back “at least 4000 years.”

Then I went to the Internet as it’s easier to cut & paste, than type out passages.

Throughout history many different traditions and peoples have believed that knots in cords are magical, and can be tied or released to activate the spell. There is the famous Greek myth of Jason and the Agurnaughts , who had a magic cord, as he released the knots, it released the winds.”

“…especially in Celtic lands where, it was believed, the Faerie folk could not be held in any knot, the skill of tying knots was a faerie gift. A very sacred and holy thing.”

“…some of the best knots are used for binding an enemy, symbolically tying up the enemies intestines, shortening someones life, or sending them to the gallows, and other such lovelies from the horror hit parade.”

Tying up an illness, binding a demon, securing someones love – for all these things and more, knots were used. In older times illness or misfortune was regarded as an evil Spirit to be bound up in cloth or rope, therefore inhibiting its progress.”

The gods, perceiving now that ordinary bonds, however strong, would never prevail against the Fenris wolf’s great strength, bade Skirnir, Frey’s servant, go down to Svart-alfa-heim and bid the dwarfs fashion a bond which nothing could sever.”

We can take another look at knot work, in the specialised skills of old fashioned midwifery. As soon as a child is born, and the umbilical cord is cut and tied, this is the first act of magic practiced upon the new born infant, and in older times, the midwife would have been responsible for giving the child his future good fortune, by saying a little prayer or blessing as the cord is cut and tied, securing his future health and happiness.”

It was believed that witches of old cast a death spell over a person by tying the knots and then hiding the cord, and the only way to undo the spell was to find the secreted cord and untie each knot.”

A bit far fetched you think?

Well… legend has it that the Prophet Mohammed was bewitched by an evil man & his daughters, who tied 11 knots in a cord & hid it in a well. Mohammed had all but kicked the bucket (though not the one in that particular well), when God intervened & sent an obliging archangel to reveal the secret location & the advise on the unspelling techniques.

In the Koran there is a request for protection “from the evil of those who practice witchcraft when they blow in the knots

A book entitled Knot Craft tells us that in a show of hands scenario, Plato would have raised both of his in favour of the death penalty for ‘those who injured others by means of magic knots.’

Witches & sorcerers were believed to have the power to bind the wind with knots & sometimes these were sold to sailors – “loose one knot, you get mild winds. Two knots gives stronger winds and three hard storms” – at last a way to make a little money on the side – I wonder if I’d have to pay tax on that?

In Western African witchcraft, the tying of a knot while saying a person’s name gave the ‘knotter’ power over the ‘namee’.

We cannot slip (knot) by this search without a little 1st degree look at la maison de masons

“…A hangman’s noose is then placed around his neck, the end of the rope hanging down behind him. He is blindfolded.” I couldn’t help thinking of this masonic ritual & rolled up trouser legs’n’things when I first spied this painting. (You have to click on it, it won’t come to you, but be warned it’s a painting of a hanging)

Seeking,(knot searching) elicited a few more images

From a carving at the da Vinci ..err sorry I mean Rosslyn Chapel “One carving may show a blindfolded man being led forward with a noose around his neck — similar to the way a candidate is prepared for initiation into Freemasonry. The carving has been eroded by time and pollution and is difficult to make out clearly

There are few known figures of the period showing nooses about their necks. The best known is the statue called ‘The dying Gaul’.”

I have also read that the common or garden variety neck tie is a variation on a knot theme

The tie is a noose turned upside down.It tightens around the neck. The closing tension is not caused by an intentional collapse-of-the-body-beneath-the-weight-of-the-world, but an auspicious and determined yank of the arm towards it.”

Should you still doubt there is weight behind knots just recall what happens when you get married & ‘tie the knot’. I don’t know if business mens ties come in red tape (they should do) for they are so often the purveyors of ‘binding‘ agreements. How often have you used the phrase that “something was bound to happen”?

For every article written there is a ton of information left out. This article has tested my endurance during a week when I have felt way below par. The worst thing was reading (but trying not to) about the effects of hanging on human beings, you know those people like you & me. With any luck I’ll now go to the wiki page on hanging for the last time:

It seems that on top of all the other atrocities of hanging, men often get erections when hung “It was a common belief in some countries that a mandrake plant would grow in the shadow of a gallows, where the semen of a hanged man dripped on to the earth; this would appear to be the reason for the methods employed by the alchemists who, in alchemy terms, “projected human seed into animal earth.”

Thus far in this article we have looked at an act of murder that has been accepted in human society for thousands of years. We have added the suggestion that hanging is a ritual (possibly a sexual ritual) using knot magic. I have to leave this for now. There is much more to come as we look at just why the neck has been targeted & what that has meant or means for humanity.

Now your cord must be programmed for a specific purpose such as healing or as a magickal storage system for use in any number of things in the future.”

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a world, a part

The ‘Western stern (n) c.1300, “hind part of a ship, steering gear of a ship world has been in the driving (steering) seat for quite a while now.

Yesterday I got an email at work that reminded me of how un-average the supposedly average human being is.

I was also delightfully reminded that while rulesrule (n) c.1225, “principle or maxim governing conduct,” from O.Fr. riule, from V.L. *regula, from L. regula “straight stick, bar, ruler, pattern,” are to do with putting life on a manage-mentally convenient straight & narrow course, life is about quirky travels with quirky people in quirky situations.

I was not able to transpose the pics on my email, so I’ve come up with an assortment along the same lines. Although the following pictures do not denote the hyped-happy lifestyle of successful western living, they do show that when boundaries are not finely drawn, they can be pushed a lot (creatively) farther than we may think.

I found this line at My Favorite Monsters & thought it very apt;

“…nor do we recognize the irrationality of this world and its frauds: that it lies to us.”

The pics above reminded me that there is no ‘right’ way to live & that choosing according to what serves me best, rather than by say how it looks, is an ok concept.

Un-average humans do not all live in the same kind of homes & drive the same kind of vehicles & work the same kind of hours & live the same kind of weekends. Un-average humans are spectacularly creative & inventive & know that impossible things are the best kinds of challenge.

So how many people do you reckon you can you get in your car (or on your bike) then?

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A change of outfit

Sometimes a kick in the ass sets you off in a new direction.

A couple of days after I typed my last article I went back to read an article Matthew Delooze had posted. It was quite a strongly worded little post & included the butt kicking paragraph;

Maybe we should also open our eyes and look at ourselves, the sheep, the sad punters on the forums and the sad anonymous bloggers, which are currently and continually trapped in a comical loop simply seeking a messiah or a bit more info on this, that and the other. Are we becoming nothing more but a herd of suicidal Lemmings running from one website to another or from one book/DVD to another whilst pathetically thinking our destiny is sorted if we subscribe to a guru or a stable of speakers at a conference to tell us what to do, the climax being when we all jump of the same cliff.”

The rest of it’s here

Anyway my butt hurt after that. I’ve been blogging (anonymously) for over a year now. I write because I love it & because I would like to be a part of shuffling off this goddamn awful mortal hamster-coil that masquerades as living & to find out what real living is all about.

Way back when I joined blogger, I was unsure at first even about commenting, but step by step I got ‘braver’, felt the drive to say or do more. I took the name wise woman for a number of reasons – it had been coming up in my life for a while & I’d used it as a fun password at one time. I originally had some reservations about using that name as I figured it might sound rather pretentious. But there was a gut feeling that told me that the name was mine to use, so I took it.

It’s a funny thing, but in my life some of the most important things have come about via jokes. My son’s name was one of them. His name started out as a joke & then somewhere along the way, an intensity took over that would allow for no other name.

So it was like that with wise woman – you see it was a joke. A joke between my brother & me. We were both fans of the English TV series Blackadder & would often quote lines from it to each other (we still do). There was one particularly memorable episode where my brother’s name is mentioned & it became a kind of piss-take between us. The Wise Woman also appeared in that episode. Blackadder seeks her help when he finds himself attracted to his manservant (actually a woman in disguise).

Blackadder: No, no. No, it’s far worse than that. I’m in love with my manservant.

Wise Woman: I’d sleep with him if I were you. When I fancy anyone I sleep with them. Oh I have to drug them first of course, being so old and warty.

It’s ok I’m having treatment for the warts.

Anyway, this has been wise woman’s claim to fame. It was a name that allowed me to feel free enough to launch myself into speaking up in a way that I thought was not possible for me. I have drawn great strength from that name – somehow it allowed me to be more than I thought I could be.

However Matt’s words made me think again. They are timely words. They needed to be spoken. It is easy to go so far & then stop.

But surely we came here to do more.

I don’t know if 2012 is anything or nothing, but the control factor that’s at work in this world certainly seems to be reaching a frenzy. It is perhaps necessary to re-look at what we are working to achieve. As spiritual as we might like to be we are also thoroughly physical – somehow a balance between the two seems vital. This world is not something apart from us – the air that is outside is also inside of us & constantly moving back & forth – we are a part of all this or we are asleep.

So I’ve decided to become un-anonymous, however my aim is to integrate wise woman into the fabric of my life & not have her simply as an alter ego who comes out at that computer. I have no answers at all, but I do know I reject this recycling hamster wheel & I call on the return of life.

Much thanks to my friend Michael from Hidden Agendas who played around with my title & created this new look.

Best to you all


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On Matthew Delooze

I got a newsletter this morning from Matt Delooze – nothing personal, I’m just signed up to receive them. He sounded worn out & disillusioned (sounds I’ve been hearing from quite a few researchers lately).

I have mentioned Matt from time to time in my articles. I do not know him personally, I’ve emailed him a few times & he has almost always replied.

The thing is, I owe Matt a huge debt of gratitude – perhaps debt is not the right word – I hold an immense feeling of thanks towards him – immense is probably not the right word either, should be something bigger.

I found his work through the David Icke website. I remember spending about a week eating up his articles. It was in 2007, the year I played deadly serious & made the decision to live as opposed to merely keep on existing. That was the year I went to Hawaii, as I’ve written about before. Less than one month after that I was off again, this time to Sydney, again with my son, at the unbelievable (to me) invitation of my ex-husband.

At that time I had tried & failed to get a hold of Matthew Delooze’s then new book “Is it Me for a Moment’, so had asked my ex if he could get it & bring it with him (he lives in Europe). On my first night in Sydney I began reading. As with his other work, the book hit home.

As my son & his dad like to sleep in & I don’t, I got up real early & took to the streets. There were cafes open even at that time, so I could sit & sip & read. Then I’d go exploring . I only had sight-seeing in mind, but somehow reading Matt’s book I seemed to be seeing the sights in a whole new way. I felt then & it’s still the same now, as if I was inside a living documentary with this down to earth Englishman doing the narrating.

My (inner)sight-seeing began with being taking aback by a weird statue, all symbols’n’things wtf thought I! As I walked on, it seemed to me that everywhere I looked I was being met with high strangeness. Over the course of those 5 days, I walked & walked. I walked north, south, east & west. We were staying in the heart of the city and there was much to see.

Matt’s ideas on the use of ritual for farming emotional respect was with me as I walked around the ANZAC memorial. After the repulsion I felt upon viewing of ‘The Sacrifice,’ I must admit I was on high alert when my son & I walked into the little museum to the side of that statue.

Was it just coincidence that we walked into that room just moments before the daily ritual rememberance ceremomy at 11.00am? I had no prior knowledge of it, yet it was that hijacking of our attention, with it’s commandment to face east & re-member in silence, that had me outta there faster than a jackrabbit – I was AWARE that something was happening, though I didn’t know what, only that I would NOT be a part of it. It was an intense decision at the time & I needed that intensity because it was a huge effort to break away from that scene – perhaps akin to how you’d feel being asked to do a strip tease at a funeral. This belief in the sacredness of sacrifice, pain & death is just so monumental.

Anyway there was much else in my trip to Sydney that has stayed with me, but it was that event that lead me here.

I emailed Matthew Delooze when I got back home, thanking him for his book & mentioning that I would like to send him some info about my experience. He kindly wrote back that that was ok but he was off to the Probe Conference.

So I sat down & put together as best I could what had happened, along with pics of The Sacrifice & surrounding areas in the hope of making more sense. When I’d finished, I stopped. I realised that if I sent that email that was IT – I would be committing myself to standing up – I didn’t know how I might do that, but it meant no more standing on the side lines gazing in. I hit the send button.

I never heard back from Matt, I figured in the end that perhaps I sounded like a right lunatic. Now I think differently – well I mean I might well have sounded like a lunatic, but if he had answered, the compulsion to write would perhaps have evaporated – in fact it may be that my decision to stand up necessitated my not hearing back from him – because here I am & have been for the past year.

The journey to writing included one other incident that involved this man.

I went to Japan to see a talk by David Icke – a decision that appeared in my consciousness one day, I had mentioned to a couple of people that it would be neat to go (as perhaps that was the closest he’d get to NZ & he had been a big part of my initial waking up). Anyway the evening after I said this for a second time, up from somewhere inside bubbled the decision prepackaged – all I could do was giggle with surprise & say “Oh shit, I’m going to Japan!”

It was an amazing trip for me, really helping me see that I could depend on myself, as I went alone & found my way round very well in a country where English is not ‘god’. I’d left myself an extra day after the talk to do a bit of normal sight-seeing.

However a train trip to Asakusa introduced me to a wtf building, La Flamme d’Or, also known as the Golden Turd. Antennae rippling I went in for a closer look. Pretty weird n’est-ce pas?

La Flamme d’Or (the Golden Flame – completely unsymbolic) –
also known as the Golden Turd.

On the return train journey to my Ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel), my eye was caught by a theme park with Ferris wheel & dome & pyramid – all symbols I’d learned about through Matt’s work. Here was an opportunity to take a few snaps to send to him as a ‘token thank’ you for all the awakening he’d inspired in me.

Ferris wheel pyramid & obelisk all situated right beside Tokyo Dome just as Matt Delooze predicts.

A fun ride or rather interesting symbol?

It was persisting down that day & after re-affirming that my shoes were not waterproof, I returned to my hotel & did a bit of drying out & Internet researching. I found that the ..err ‘creator’ of La Flamme d’Or, Phillipe Starck had another masterpiece in Odaiba in Tokyo Bay – a golden obelisk, plus there was a whopping great Ferris Wheel there – well what could I do but go forth & investigate.

Starck’s career started to climb in earnest in 1982 when he designed the interior for the private apartments of the French President Francois Mitterand” otherwise known as the man who ordered the bombing of the Greenpeace vessel, the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour in 1985 in Operation Satanic.


I was due to fly home the next day & needed to vacate the hotel by 2.00pm. To get to Odaiba in Tokyo Bay required 4 train changes. I got up real early that morning.

The first thing that stands out as you cross the Rainbow Bridge is The Ferris Wheel

The Odaiba Ferris Wheel is the largest one in the world with a diameter of 100 meters and a height of 115 meters above ground. It is the symbol of the Palette Town. … The whole of Tokyo Bay can also be seen, with the highlight of the ride being the magnificent Rainbow Bridge, which is regarded as the symbol and pride of Tokyo Bay. Rainbow Bridge lights in the evening and with a little imagination, appears just like a huge rainbow stretching across the bay, with the cars like shooting stars dashing through the rainbow. The Ferris Wheel itself also lights up in the evening, and by itself is a very pretty sight.” Note: I’m not sure if this is correct about it being the largest Ferris Wheel, but certainly one of the largest.

The rest of Odaiba was an eye opener, full of wtf symbolic buildings – I mean this is Japan – what was the Statue of Liberty doing there, or a Rainbow Bridge or a Venus Fort (shopping centre)- all too, too weird unless of course there’s a little more to what we see than what we see.

Both these events condensed into articles along the way. I don’t know that I’d be writing today without my experiences of them. My gratitude to Matthew Delooze & others like him, who give their time & knowledge freely is unbounded. None of us are in this alone, others can add immensely to our lives, mostly just by helping to keep our eyes & minds open. I am wary of answers, they close doors & minds.

When I wrote my first Sacrifice article, I mentioned Matt Delooze’s influence only briefly – in part because I’d had years of people changing the subject as soon as I began ‘I read this book…’, but also because I felt the topic I was talking about required full attention.

It has been my policy that my blog is about the sharing of & playing with, ideas. I feel free to write about what calls me because there is no one paying me to say what they want. However it is my choice today to bring Matt’s upcoming talk to anyone who can go because he has put out a heart-felt plea for support, not financial, but physical & spiritual – a man who charges $4 for a 3 hour talk & includes tea & bikkies is not after your life savings. He is giving his time which equals his life to reach those who are ready to open their minds, as are all who give their time so freely on these blogs. I know the stories behind a number of writers, am aware of serious health issues yet still they they come & share their time & their energy.

So if you haven’t read Matt Delooze then for absolutely no charge or commission I highly recommend him. Should you be anywhere within the vicinity of EUROPE on June 20th this year, go hear & support him.

From Matt’s site
Hello, I will be in Leicester on the 20th June 2009 doing a full Breaking the Serpent’s Spell Talk. I will be including two half hour spells of special focus on ‘life and death’ (Had enough of living – Had enough of dying) and ‘who should we trust’ ( Soul saving Gurus?… or simply greedy sheep in wolves clothing?). Everyone is welcome. The admission is only £4. This admission charge is made to attempt to pay hire costs and transport costs etc. I am hoping to provide free tea coffee and the odd biscuit too. I need your support so please purchase your ticket in advance if you can.”

Matt Delooze’s talk is from 1pm – 4.30pm at the British Legion Club, 13 Main Street, Corner of Tennis Court Drive, Humberstone, Leicester, England (very close to the rest of Europe) on the 20th June.

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The amberical cord

Although the following notice is not of the cheery email type I prefer, it took my breath away.

1st NOTICE: The following item/s have not been returned by the date on which they were due. Please return them promptly. You may be charged a daily fee for each item

AUTHOR: Bernstein, Peter L.
TITLE: The power of gold : the history of an obsession

The book in question was part of my research for the Mil-Lion Man series. I’d had the book in my home for the maximum time allowed, had read many of it’s words & gained a lot of insight without ever realising that it contained treasure on the outsight.

My second to last article led to a virtual unification of air & amber & while I thought I’d finished with this topic, I kept turning corners & running into resin-ating synchs. My overdue library notice was no exception especially as I’d returned the good book in good time the day before. Thus I resi(g)n-ed myself to continuing the amber trail. You see the author’s surname Bernstein is the German word for Amber (something I had only learned recently).

Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name from German Bernstein ‘amber’ (from Middle Low German bernen ‘to burn’ + stēn ‘stone’; it was thought to be created by burning, although it is in fact fossilized pine resin)”

On the subject of resinating, Peter Bernstein author of the alleged overdue library book has a birthdate of January 22 – a quick mix’n’search of the names Heath Ledger & Amber unearthed this;

Heath Ledger Helped Model Amber Smith Get Clean
“Former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Amber Smith said that Heath’s sudden passing due to an accidental drug overdose played a part in her getting clean

Interestingly, there is an identically named amber man who was a Stravinsky of “Stargate SG-1.

Hurry down to your local music shop for The Best of Stargate 1′ while stocks last.

A little further truffle snuffling, unearthed more precious amber from the astral egress show. There was an Amber Rothwell who played a character named Jennifer Clark & the there was April Amber Telek who plays a character called Sallis

THE STARGATE OMNIPEDIA- SALLIS Alteran (an altar?)… village woman and closet historian… Her body was taken over by Vala Mal Doran …Vala, in Sallis’s body, was burned to death”
Vala/Sallis was being brought forth to be placed in the sacrificial altar to be burned.” alive” – remembering of course that the German word for amber translates as burn stone

As we’re following a meandering amber route lets take the sacrificial Sallis’ name as the trail blaze to our next destination in the Baltic(where amber has washed up on the beaches there for centuries).

I found Sauleunder a heading I could not ignore – “SPINNING & WEAVING GODDESSES”

The greatest goddess of the Baltic peoples—the Lithuanians and Latvians—is the shining sun, the sky weaver, the amber goddess Saule. She rules all parts of life, from birth into her light to death when she welcomes souls into her apple tree in the west. Saule is worshipped each day when her people bow to the east to greet Mother Sun.”

Saule (pronounced SEW-lay) is the Baltic sun Goddess, ruling all parts of life and light. She is married to Meness, the moon God, and together they created the earth and the stars. When Saule found out that Meness had raped one of their daughters, she slashed his face with a sword, leaving the marks we see on the moon today. She then banished him from her presence, and they are no longer seen together in the sky. Saule continues to drive her sun chariot across the sky every day, drawn by two white horses, and travels in a golden boat by night, trailing a red scarf and collecting the souls of those who have died during the day.

The sun is represented as a jug of golden light from which Saule pours her warm light and blessings onto all. It is also a golden thread which Saule spins on her spinning wheel…

to the Balts, the connection between the sun and spinning is very old, and the sun-stone, amber, forms the link. Spindles of amber have been found in the most ancient burial
“mounds. Amber was considered a magical substance for a spinner; as the light never tangles in the sky, so an amber spindle protected the new thread from snarls caused by unhappy or malicious spirits.

For more on Saule click here

Just to make sure you are up to speed –

Amber is the fossilized resin of ancient trees which forms through a natural polymerization of the original organic compounds. Most of the world’s amber is in the range of 30-90 million years old.

Another name for it is Northern Gold.

A stone borne from water, a stone which imprisons life, with its inclusions of insects, a burning stone, a stone which attracts light objects after craping?, amber is an ambiguous material which inspired various legends

It was Jurassic Park that made amber westernally famous.

The book and the movie used the idea that amber containing an ancient mosquito might be the key to recreating dinosaurs. The basic goal was to remove blood from the gut of a mosquito that had fed on a dinosaur just before being trapped in tree resin which later became amber.”

This is the amber
That oozed down the tree
That trapped the mozzie
That supped on the DNA
That belonged to the dinosaur
That got cloned in the movie
That Spielberg made

OK so that’s a taster of the resin-ating substance, now lets reflect on it from a more colourful angle.

Until a short while ago I gave amber no mind – silly me, for it has been a part of my life, for all my life.

Two of the world’s three most popular beverages are the colour of amber – millions of people literally drink amber every day of their lives. Can you guess or are you going to sneak a look or did you already whizz to the end to see how long it was going to take to read this through & thought wtf are they doing there?

Well lets start with a goddess I found on my travels.

Second runner up in the Great Sips of the World contest is Ninkasi

Sumerian goddess of brewing and beer and head brewer to the gods themselves. Her name means “the lady who fills the mouth” and her birth was formed of sparkling-fresh water.

Her father was Enki, the lord Nudimmud, and her mother was Ninti, the queen of the Abzu. She is also one of the eight children created in order to heal one of the eight wounds that Enki receives. ‘She is the goddess made to “satisfy the desire” and “sate the heart’

With a resume like that, she should have no trouble finding employment – mind you the outfit probably helps..

Beer is one of the world’s oldest beverages, possibly dating back to the early Neolithic or 9000 BC, and is recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Beer colour is determined by the malt. The most common colour is a pale amber produced from using pale malts.

Today, the brewing industry is a global business, consisting of several dominant multinational companies and many thousands of smaller producers ranging from brewpubs to regional breweries. More than 133billion liters (35 billion gallons) are sold per year (the equivalent of a cube 510 metres on a side), producing total global revenues of $294.5 billion (£147.7 billion) in 2006.

Did your parents ever tell you there was money in amber?

First runner up in the Great Sips of the World contest goes to Camellia sinensis, no, no I said Camellia not Camilla

ahhh the poetry of tea…

…specializes in Flowery Orange Pekoes and Orange Pekoes that have well-produced, regular-size leaf and give an amber golden liquor with a scented aroma

… full of flavor and rich amber color

Darjeeling black tea, with an amber color and a fragrant aroma


In case you were wondering the winner of the Great Sips goes of course to water, a major contributor in the creation of our two amber runners up.

So where are we going with all this? Well I’ll still not quite sure, but let’s not let that stand in the way of a trail that may have been overlooked for too long.

Lets look at ambrosia – I am told, etymologically, that ambrosia is not related to amber

ambrosia  1555, “favored food or drink of the gods,” from L. ambrosia, from Gk. ambrosios, lit. “of the immortals,” from a- “not” + mbrotos, related to mortos “mortal.”

b-u-t why let apparent fact stand in the way of the great twin sounding vibrations of amber & ambrosia, especially when play is to be had.

AHA no sooner had I written the above than I ‘chanced’ upon a site that has this to say

The classical scholar Arthur Woollgar Verrall, however, denied that there is any clear example in which the word ambrosios necessarily means immortal, and preferred to explain it as “fragrant,” a sense which is always suitable. If so, the word may be derived from the Semitic MBR (“amber”, compare “ambergris”) to which Eastern nations attribute miraculous properties. In Europe, honey-colored amber, sometimes far from its source, was already a grave gift in Neolithic times and was still worn in the 7th century AD as a talisman by druidic Frisians, though St Eligius warned “No woman should presume to hang amber from her neck.” W. H. Roscher thinks that both nectar and ambrosia were kinds of honey, in which case their power of conferring immortality would be due to the supposed healing and cleansing power of honey…

Obviously this does not make the following connecting of amber & ambrosia correct, but does point to the power of playing with words & following where they lead.

Anyway I was about to pour a little honey on to this page.

First we tie honey to amber (a sticky business) –

The various honey colours are basically all nuances of yellow amber“,

then we add a sprinkling of gods

Honey was and still is known as the nectar of the gods.


HONEY, honey cake and honey drinks played an important part in all mythologies. Ambrosia (honey and milk) was the food of the Greek and Roman gods and the celestial Nectar, the drink of Mount Olympus. The nectar of the gods, compounded of fermented honey and spices, was considered a delicious and salubrious drink and was poured by Hebe and Ganymede, the cupbearers of Zeus… Nectar possessed wondrous life-giving properties, the power to prevent decay and corruption and secure immortality.

Zeus, the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent father of the gods, was brought up on honey

Here’s a great little honey god site if you enjoyed this taster.

The amber-ambrosia sound connection intrigued me, but all the more so on this amber venture when realising that this apparent nectar, so popular with the big boys on high held an interesting twist.

I wonder why it is that NECTAR can be re-blended to form ‘TRANCE’?

Further along on my travels I came across something that will be familiar to those residing in the United States of Am(b)erica.

Wiki says an Amber Alert is

a child abduction alert bulletin in the United States and Canada, as well as other countries, issued upon the suspected abduction of a child. AMBER is officially a backronym for “America’s Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response” but was originally named for Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old child who was abducted and murdered in Arlington, Texas in 1996.

There were too many synchs not to look more closely at this case, not least of which came from a dvd I was watching the other night. It was an old Ruth Rendell murder mystery, I’d picked up from the video store last week without reading what it was about. Before long I started noticing ‘Missing’ posters slotted into the background & sure enough the story involves a missing girl whose body is later discovered. A little further into the story we find that Chief Inspector Wexford’s daughter has just given birth to a baby girl & she is to be named ‘Amulet’ – an amulet is

any object intended to bring good luck and/or protection to its owner. Potential amulets include: gems or simple stones.

The timing of my viewing, the amber resin-ating amulet, the mention of Arlington in Aferrismoon’s latest post & something more that tugged at my gut left me with a strong conviction that Amber’s story should be a part of this article.

Right from the moment I read about the Amber Alert, I started wondering. I guess it was because I was looking through amber coloured glasses – I was on the alert for amber.

Because I’d been finding that amber plays a huge part in our lives, I found this new angle curious. On the Amber Alert wiki pageI found an image of Mrs George W Bush encapsulating Rae Leigh Bradbury, the first child to be recovered using the Amber Alert system. Very interestingly, on following up the sci-fi writer (well I couldn’t help myself) I found him also encapsulated with the same former first lady-in-red & accompanied by a bushman. The christian names of this first child (to be rescued) can be translated thusly – Rae as a shortened version of Rachel means ewe & Leigh is a meadow, clearing – so perhaps a little lost lamb was found by the good (amber) shepherd? A famous names website did actually feature Mr Bradbury – for Ray it stated;

First name origin: Hebrew
First name meaning: Little lamb, ewe; one with purity.

To put it as briefly as possible, Amber Hagerman was a 9 year old girl who was abducted in Arlington, Texas in 1996. Her naked body was found four days later. Her killer was never found. After her death the Amber Alert scheme was begun.

Amber’s story fits neatly into the ‘sad case of abducted children’ scenario that has been media fodder for quite some time now as well as being popularised through the entertainment channels. If you asked your average tv viewer or thriller reader how they’d think Amber died, I’m guessing they’d say strangulation, it seems to be the most popular method. This however was not the case, I was rather shocked to find that her throat had been cut – somehow this seemed to my, I must admit, entertainment-informed mind all wrong, it felt somehow calculated. I questioned my son as I often do for the sensible teenager’s ‘take’. He too was surprised, his opinion, was that you just don’t kill people that way, it’s too messy & awkward, so much blood, there’s so much easier ways to kill people – don’t ask me what he’s been reading. Then these words followed ‘You cut a throat to make a point”. He also suggested blood sacrifice, which had crossed my mind too.

Amber’s abduction on 13th January, 1996 was viewed & reported by a man with a rather ominous name

Eyewitness [Jimmie] Kevil said he watched the man drive west out of the parking lot and disappear.

It was apparently a totally random abduction

Police theorized it was an impetuous crime of opportunity since Amber had no established pattern of riding her bicycle there at that time of day.

The man likely watched Amber and Ricky ride into the parking lot together. He pounced on the girl just moments after her brother left to ride back to his grandparents’ home

Very impetuous indeed.

The abduction was front-page news in Texas. Police were hopeful that other witnesses would step forward—perhaps someone who had seen the feisty girl struggling with her abductor as he tried to drive

Police and the FBI formed a special task force to investigate, and the girl’s smiling image became omnipresent in the Dallas Metroplex.

Now here’s a word you just don’t see in the media every day –

Coincidentally, a local TV station had been working on a story about Donna Hagerman’s struggle to get off welfare, and the station released videotape of the girl to other media outlets.

So this child was not an ‘unknown’ – she was already part of a media story.

At the time, WFAA-TV (Channel 8) had been working on a story about families struggling to get off welfare, and Amber and her mother were two of the subjects. The station provided the police with hours of video that was distributed to other television stations. While Amber was missing, thousands of viewers watched footage of her blowing out birthday candles, playing with her brother and being tucked into bed”.

In those four days, she became a very real person,” Sheriff Anderson said. “She wasn’t just a photograph they were looking at … It was almost like she became Arlington’s child.

Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson, then the Arlington police spokesman, said the kidnapping devastated the city unlike any other case he’s seen in 25 years.

Her image became so widely known during the investigation that the local police chief would later call Amber Arlington’s child.”

Now here’s a small sideroad that appeared as I was completing this article – while Googl-y-magingArlington‘ I came across it spelled thusly- ARlington, – oh thought I, there’s RA backwards (again), I wonder if there’s anything else to be seen & so googled Ling & came upon Ling Bouvier of Simpson fame (I don’t watch it & am only aware of the main characters). I’ve since found that, like the daffodils, there’s a host of Bouviers, fluttering & dancing in the breeze. Chance wordplay? I also found an Amber Simpson – Homer’s

“‘Vegas (Vega – arguably the next most important star in the sky after the Sun) wife’ who gets offed via a drug overdose.”

Before we go on, here’s a little info on Sagittarius – Amber’s birth sign (born November 25th) –

“Early Sagittarian(born November 23 – December 5) …Power Stone: Amber – Wear it or carry it with you for short periods of time. Ancients believed that this fossilized resin trapped the sun.”

She loved “America the Beautiful” for the line “amber waves of grain.

The name Arlington is synonymous with the sacrificed sun king JFK – he’s buried (trapped?) there, well not there there, he’s in the one in Virginia, nevertheless I feel we can look on them as ‘one‘ –

The city was founded in 1875 and is named for Arlington, Virginia.”

Amber’s life was taken 33 years after JFK’s assassination.

JFK lies beneath an eternal amber flame IN Arlington Cemetery.

Amber Hagerman was called Arlington’s Child IN Dallas – the place famed & remembered for delivering death to the 35th president. Amber’s surname Hagerman resin-ates very strongly with the other man who put Dallas on the map & into the minds of the world – Larry Hagman aka J.R Ewing.

Arlington & Dallas are joined in a sacred union – the (Most Holy) Trinity River runs through them. Trinity is

a 710-mile long river that flows entirely within the U.S. state of Texas…The name “Trinity” came … in 1690 from Alonso De Leon, who called the stream the “La Santísima Trinidad” (“the Most Holy Trinity“).

Dealey Plaza has not always looked like this. Before Dealey Plaza was built (1936), the area contained 3 city blocks, full of buildings and businesses. Another street, named Broadway, ran north-south (left-right from this view) through the middle of it. West of Broadway was the railroad tracks. All three streets were straight prior to the Plaza being built. Where the Triple Overpass is was once the banks of the Trinity River, until the Trinity River Levee project in the 1920’s moved the Trinity about 1/2 a mile further west. The train tracks were right beside the river, and most of this area was severely flooded in the Trinity flood of 1908

The city acquired the Plaza for construction of the Triple Underpass, which opened in 1936 (or 63 reversed) and sits east of the former bed of the Trinity.

I’ve got tired trying to find corroboration of just where the Trinity River originally flowed but it seems it’s path was interestingly close to JFK’s future sacrificial site.

OK time to hit the road again & this time it’s all about the journey, not the destination – really, I’m serious, this is no New Age cliche spouting – amber is sooooo very much a part of our journeying.

Sorry there’s not many pictures out there for amber traffic lights & amber car blinkers & amber bus signs & amber traffic works signs, but if you’ve got this far you’re probably going to start noticing them now, A LOT!

I’ve spent the last few weeks being drawn to amber lights. Amber is an interesting colour, it has a kind of luminescent feel or look to it – a dull or flat amber colour just doesn’t work – it needs to ‘glow.

Each & every day my eyes have been drawn to a very large amber arena. I don’t know if I should be worried but I think it’s starting to have an affect on me..

I’ve been trying to figure out ‘why amber’? Perhaps it’s just a good colour to use, you know stands out a lot, but other lighted colours stand out too, otherwise we wouldn’t stop & go at traffic lights.

I’ve been thinking that, of all traffic light colours, amber is the ‘bastard’. Green’s good (although if you think about it, all too often it’s just leading you on to somewhere you may not want to go – like work or the bank). Red is stop, a kind of fait accompli, it’s done & you put up with it. But amber is the ‘oh f**k’ colour, the heart sinking in your boots if you’re already running late or else it’s the panic scramble to see if just maybe you’re close enough to slip through without getting caught, all so you can just miss out on the next amber light round the corner.

Then there’s the flashing amber blinkers at every intersection & every part of your journey. The click. click sound in your car & the hypnotic blinking of the cars in front.

I’ve been wondering if amber has become the symbolic colour of the western world. I remember being in Egypt years ago where the only blinking going on was done by the eyelids of the inhabitants – all turning was signalled with constantly beeping horns.

Is amber the colour of conformity, ‘civilisations little instructional colour’?

This color is the color of fast changing street lights This is part or the grid lock alert in NYC you better be on the other side of the light when it turns Amber, or you’ll be stuck in the middle ..First all the other cars will be screaming profanities at you and then those traffic police break out their pens

… would you believe that’s from a nail polish ad! – but they use it because they know we’ll have a visceral reaction to it – we know exactly what they’re talking about.

Amber goes deeper & darker than this though, for it is the god of the long dark night of civilisation.



Cool! I’ve flown over Chicago at night before…it’s amazing…like a constellation of stars arranged in a perfect grid with the occasional line of an arterial road cutting across diagonally. The stark and immediate blackness of lake michigan contrasts the bright amber of the sodium vapour street lights.


He said yesterdays photo looks like the whole city was on fire. Throw in the smoke, I understand exactly what he is talking about.

Looking out my window one evening, I noticed the street light shinning through the ice cycles that were hanging from the roof of my home.”

Late Night Blues with Amber Light Pollution – 4 lights pic Polaroid SX70. Polaroid 600 film. No filter.

I never used to think about it, but now I can’t help but see that the night, is alight with amber.

The Hubble telescope has provided in a low key, yet powerfully persuasive, manner a sense of the scope of the universe. Yet, counterintuitively, the contemporary era has seen our personal relationship with the universe shrunk by light pollution. Photopollution prevents us seeing the night sky in anything like its true magnificence as street and ambient lighting vies with and usually overcomes the stars. And this problem is a design problem. Because there has been a profligate approach to the use of energy and the design of street lighting in our towns and cities for decades.

…, ‘light pollution is the scourge of astronomers around the world as it washes out the sky and makes it much more difficult to see fainter objects, particularly the Milky Way. It also deprives the public of the full pleasure of seeing the sky at night’.

Was it design flaws that led to the amberisation of civilistaion? Could there be more to it? Just how important is the night sky to us & our wellbeing? We know the ancients were fixated upon the night sky, yet we city dwellers are barely aware of it. Why is sleeping under the stars considered a romanic & desirable notion?

TUCSON, Ariz. — The world’s first and only known therapeutic moonlight reflector, a 30-ton, 50-foot tall collection of parabolic mirrors in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, has drawn hundreds of people to the site outside Tucson in hopes of curing their ailments, according to Richard Chapin, its inventor.

Chapin’s company, Interstellar Light Applications, has poured $2 million into the venture it believes has “unlimited benefits for the medical, agricultural and industrial fields,” according to its Web site.

Chapin said extensive research has shown that different wavelengths of light have beneficial therapeutic effects at the cellular level

Different tissue and cell types in the body each have their own particular light absorption dispositions — they will only absorb light of a specific wavelength, the company said. Different frequencies of light have distinct benefits and applications, ranging from treating problems such as wounds, scars and infections to arthritis and acupuncture, the company said

Whether or not the above actually works, it does draw attention to the possibility that the night sky may have as much importance to us as our day sky….BUT our night sky is washed away in amber rays.

In Saule’s shining presence, people feel safe to go about their businesses and tasks, but once She leaves the skies, certain work must end. To continue, without her guardianship, would be inviting trouble from dangerous spirits.”

I’m wondering if the articfical sunshine that lights our nights is throwing our bodies into some kind of chaos – contributing or leading to the vast western businesses ..err sorry I meant diseases. Could the chronic tiredness, lethargy & disillsionment that stalks so many be a result of our bodies never getting to rest. How much amber light shines into our bedrooms at night? Does it restrict our dream journeys?

I don’t know of course, I just wanted to throw out some moonbeams to finish.

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