On Matthew Delooze & my friends

I got a newsletter this morning from Matt Delooze – nothing personal, I’m just signed up to receive them. He sounded worn out & disillusioned (sounds I’ve been hearing from quite a few researchers lately).

I have mentioned Matt from time to time in my articles. I do not know him personally, I’ve emailed him a few times & he has almost always replied.

The thing is, I owe Matt a huge debt of gratitude – perhaps debt is not the right word – I hold an immense feeling of thanks towards him – immense is probably not the right word either, should be something bigger.

I found his work through the David Icke website. I remember spending about a week eating up his articles. It was in 2007, the year I played deadly serious & made the decision to live as opposed to merely keep on existing. That was the year I went to Hawaii, as I’ve written about before. Less than one month after that I was off again, this time to Sydney, again with my son, at the unbelievable (to me) invitation of my ex-husband.

At that time I had tried & failed to get a hold of Matthew Delooze’s then new book “Is it Me for a Moment’, so had asked my ex if he could get it & bring it with him (he lives in Europe). On my first night in Sydney I began reading. As with his other work, the book hit home.

As my son & his dad like to sleep in & I don’t, I got up real early & took to the streets. There were cafes open even at that time, so I could sit & sip & read. Then I’d go exploring . I only had sight-seeing in mind, but somehow reading Matt’s book I seemed to be seeing the sights in a whole new way. I felt then & it’s still the same now, as if I was inside a living documentary with this down to earth Englishman doing the narrating.

My (inner)sight-seeing began with being taking aback by a weird statue, all symbols’n’things wtf thought I! As I walked on, it seemed to me that everywhere I looked I was being met with high strangeness. Over the course of those 5 days, I walked & walked. I walked north, south, east & west. We were staying in the heart of the city and there was much to see.

Matt’s ideas on the use of ritual for farming emotional respect was with me as I walked around the ANZAC memorial. After the repulsion I felt upon viewing of ‘The Sacrifice,’ I must admit I was on high alert when my son & I walked into the little museum to the side of that statue.

Was it just coincidence that we walked into that room just moments before the daily ritual rememberance ceremomy at 11.00am? I had no prior knowledge of it, yet it was that hijacking of our attention, with it’s commandment to face east & re-member in silence, that had me outta there faster than a jackrabbit – I was AWARE that something was happening, though I didn’t know what, only that I would NOT be a part of it. It was an intense decision at the time & I needed that intensity because it was a huge effort to break away from that scene – perhaps akin to how you’d feel being asked to do a strip tease at a funeral. This belief in the sacredness of sacrifice, pain & death is just so monumental.

Anyway there was much else in my trip to Sydney that has stayed with me, but it was that event that lead me here.

I emailed Matthew Delooze when I got back home, thanking him for his book & mentioning that I would like to send him some info about my experience. He kindly wrote back that that was ok but he was off to the Probe Conference.

So I sat down & put together as best I could what had happened, along with pics of The Sacrifice & surrounding areas in the hope of making more sense. When I’d finished, I stopped. I realised that if I sent that email that was IT – I would be committing myself to standing up – I didn’t know how I might do that, but it meant no more standing on the side lines gazing in. I hit the send button.

I never heard back from Matt, I figured in the end that perhaps I sounded like a right lunatic. Now I think differently – well I mean I might well have sounded like a lunatic, but if he had answered, the compulsion to write would perhaps have evaporated – in fact it may be that my decision to stand up necessitated my not hearing back from him – because here I am & have been for the past year.

The journey to writing included one other incident that involved this man.

I went to Japan to see a talk by David Icke – a decision that appeared in my consciousness one day, I had mentioned to a couple of people that it would be neat to go (as perhaps that was the closest he’d get to NZ & he had been a big part of my initial waking up). Anyway the evening after I said this for a second time, up from somewhere inside bubbled the decision prepackaged – all I could do was giggle with surprise & say “Oh shit, I’m going to Japan!”

It was an amazing trip for me, really helping me see that I could depend on myself, as I went alone & found my way round very well in a country where English is not ‘god’. I’d left myself an extra day after the talk to do a bit of normal sight-seeing.

However a train trip to Asakusa introduced me to a wtf building, La Flamme d’Or, also known as the Golden Turd. Antennae rippling I went in for a closer look. Pretty weird n’est-ce pas?

La Flamme d’Or (the Golden Flame – completely unsymbolic) –
also known as the Golden Turd.

On the return train journey to my Ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel), my eye was caught by a theme park with Ferris wheel & dome & pyramid – all symbols I’d learned about through Matt’s work. Here was an opportunity to take a few snaps to send to him as a ‘token thank’ you for all the awakening he’d inspired in me.

Ferris wheel pyramid & obelisk all situated right beside Tokyo Dome just as Matt Delooze predicts.

A fun ride or rather interesting symbol?

It was persisting down that day & after re-affirming that my shoes were not waterproof, I returned to my hotel & did a bit of drying out & Internet researching. I found that the ..err ‘creator’ of La Flamme d’Or, Phillipe Starck had another masterpiece in Odaiba in Tokyo Bay – a golden obelisk, plus there was a whopping great Ferris Wheel there – well what could I do but go forth & investigate.

Starck’s career started to climb in earnest in 1982 when he designed the interior for the private apartments of the French President Francois Mitterand” otherwise known as the man who ordered the bombing of the Greenpeace vessel, the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour in 1985 in Operation Satanic.


I was due to fly home the next day & needed to vacate the hotel by 2.00pm. To get to Odaiba in Tokyo Bay required 4 train changes. I got up real early that morning.

The first thing that stands out as you cross the Rainbow Bridge is The Ferris Wheel

The Odaiba Ferris Wheel is the largest one in the world with a diameter of 100 meters and a height of 115 meters above ground. It is the symbol of the Palette Town. … The whole of Tokyo Bay can also be seen, with the highlight of the ride being the magnificent Rainbow Bridge, which is regarded as the symbol and pride of Tokyo Bay. Rainbow Bridge lights in the evening and with a little imagination, appears just like a huge rainbow stretching across the bay, with the cars like shooting stars dashing through the rainbow. The Ferris Wheel itself also lights up in the evening, and by itself is a very pretty sight.” Note: I’m not sure if this is correct about it being the largest Ferris Wheel, but certainly one of the largest.

The rest of Odaiba was an eye opener, full of wtf symbolic buildings – I mean this is Japan – what was the Statue of Liberty doing there, or a Rainbow Bridge or a Venus Fort (shopping centre)- all too, too weird unless of course there’s a little more to what we see than what we see.

Both these events condensed into articles along the way. I don’t know that I’d be writing today without my experiences of them. My gratitude to Matthew Delooze & others like him, who give their time & knowledge freely is unbounded. None of us are in this alone, others can add immensely to our lives, mostly just by helping to keep our eyes & minds open. I am wary of answers, they close doors & minds.

I thank all those I have learned from & continue to learn from. Ellis Taylor opened my eyes to other worlds. Aferrismoon opened my eyes to playing with words. Michael from Hidden Agendas taught me about friendship & Devin from My Favourite Monsters about keeping going no matter how great the challenge. There are many others who have added & continue to add to my life. I thank them sincerely.

When I wrote my first Sacrifice article, I mentioned Matt Delooze’s influence only briefly – in part because I’d had years of people changing the subject as soon as I began ‘I read this book…’, but also because I felt the topic I was talking about required full attention.

It has been my policy that my blog is about the sharing of & playing with, ideas. I feel free to write about what calls me because there is no one paying me to say what they want. However it is my choice today to bring Matt’s upcoming talk to anyone who can go because he has put out a heart-felt plea for support, not financial, but physical & spiritual – a man who charges $4 for a 3 hour talk & includes tea & bikkies is not after your life savings. He is giving his time which equals his life to reach those who are ready to open their minds, as are all who give their time so freely on these blogs. I know the stories behind a number of writers, am aware of serious health issues yet still they they come & share their time & their energy.

So if you haven’t read Matt Delooze then for absolutely no charge or commission I highly recommend him. Should you be anywhere within the vicinity of EUROPE on June 20th this year, go hear & support him.

From Matt’s site
Hello, I will be in Leicester on the 20th June 2009 doing a full Breaking the Serpent’s Spell Talk. I will be including two half hour spells of special focus on ‘life and death’ (Had enough of living – Had enough of dying) and ‘who should we trust’ ( Soul saving Gurus?… or simply greedy sheep in wolves clothing?). Everyone is welcome. The admission is only £4. This admission charge is made to attempt to pay hire costs and transport costs etc. I am hoping to provide free tea coffee and the odd biscuit too. I need your support so please purchase your ticket in advance if you can.”

Matt Delooze’s talk is from 1pm – 4.30pm at the British Legion Club, 13 Main Street, Corner of Tennis Court Drive, Humberstone, Leicester, England (very close to the rest of Europe) on the 20th June.

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  1. Jaspal replied:

    I’ve been to that part of Tokyo as well a couple of years back, the whole area is called ‘Palette Town’ I think?And would it be a big shock to you to know that I live in Leicester?’Of all the gin joints in all the world’Hu(a)mber-stone…

  2. wise woman replied:

    LOL Jaspal that's awesome – so you will be going?? (You can go to his site to pre-book, then he knows another person is coming – if you want to of course)You are quite right – 'Palette Town' it is. What did you think?You know you actually synch up three times with me because both my son & I have been quoting variations of the Casablanca catch phrase to each other over the last couple of days!As I was writing this yesterday, I was virtually mobbed by the number 1 – I just happened to notice 11:11 on my computer as I was working then later when I went into the kitchen it was the same time again on my stove (it runs 20 mins slow), when I signed on to blogger I was on to my 111th post & was told I had 11 followers, plus seeing it elsewhere around the place & now I see you are my 1st commenter :)I'm so glad you left this message, there was so much energy flowing yesterday & I see it is still here today.All the best to you

  3. Jaspal replied:

    That 11:11 energy is still around, as I read your reply at 23:23 (the time on my laptop) here in the UK.I’d like to go, and I’m trying to rope my NZ loving mate into going with me.My trip to Tokyo was before I got into all this ‘alternative’ stuff, so I didn’t pay much attention to the symbols. But I did find it strange, to have a Toyota showroom next to a film studio, and that giant ball on the Fuji studios building was weird, as well as the mini statue of liberty and a really out of place mall. The experience itself was negative in a way, as it rained and I argued with my gf over my insistence that we only bring one umbrella!I’ve been reading some of your old posts and had a few thoughts I wanted to share with you before I went to sleep (funny that I sleep while you wake, it has a very ‘underworld’ feel to it. There is a book by Will Self called How the Dead Live, in which the dead just go and live in another parallel city on the planet when they die, guided by an Aborigine of all people!).I had a few thoughts on Batman, you mention the Joker as his ‘twin’ and this set off a few trains of thought in my head. Christian Bale was in a film called The Prestige, where he played a twin, with whom he pulled off a magic trick of appearing to transport from one door to another. Now the Batman logo reminds me a lot of the Double Ax, which is a lot like Janus, the double headed God of doorways. Wikipedia also mentions that the Double Ax is associated with Zeus and his thunderbolt, and in The Prestige, Bale’s rival, Hugh Jackman, uses Tesla’s electrical bolt to teleport and beat his rivals trick. Hades and Zeus were rivals as well, in a Godly sort of way. Other links include Christopher Nolan directing both films, and the Double Ax being known as a Labrys (David Bowie plays Tesla in The Prestige, and was the main character in Labyrinth the film). There is also this game I used to play called Golden Ax http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Axe which has a little bearded bloke wielding a double ax ‘Gilius THUNDERhead, from the mines (underworld) of Wolud, whose TWIN brother was killed by the soldiers’.I always thought the Joker syncs more with Hermes/Mercury/Thoth as the patron of thieves and liars, the ‘trickster’ like Loki who tries to get you to do evil. The whole idea of Hermes bringing those Souls to Hades could be seen as the Joker making all those criminals for Batman to deal with, as he did with two face ‘Janus’ in the film.

  4. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Lovely write up WW!I thoroughly enjoy Matt’s works, I stumbled across his work quite awhile back when doing comic book symbolism research, back when Hidden Agendas was barely born. He comes across as a very real and sincere researcher. And as you alluded, not out to steal our life savings!I’ve had quite a few odd syncs following me around the past couple of weeks, and 11:11 happens to be one of them! Happy to hear that I contributed in a positive way to your blog and especially to you. You too, have given so much, more so than you know, and to many. I thank you for your tireless endeavor of playful and inspirational research! Certainly there is more to this world than this fabricated society, and your readers certainly could say you have your “thumb” right on what’s behind the veil, disguised right in front of us all.Very happy your part of the blogosphere my friend!Cheers!WV = baetrabl Hmmm, I saw that as “be trouble”, certainly your eye opening posts could be that for the PTBs!

  5. wise woman replied:

    Hi JaspalSo you got rained on too in Tokyo :)You had some excellent thoughts there on Batman & the double axe. I've seen The Prestige & your connections & ideas are great there too – perhaps you might like to turn your hand to some writing! I must admit since I saw the Prestige I do tend to link Jackman & BALe (LABrys) together – dunno just some kind of psychic twinning feel about them (or something!).Thanks for your thoughts, hope you had a good nights sleep.Hiya MichaelThanks for adding your thoughts re Mr Delooze.So we synch up with times again – not bad considering the little matter of 10,000 miles.Thanks for your kind words, not always 'tireless' tho' often pretty knackered actually :)I hope you are very well my friend, always a pleasure to see you hereATB

  6. Ed replied:

    The statue of “the sacrifice” looks really spooky, like it’s a human sacrifice that’s about to get it’s heart disembowed.I enjoyed your post.

  7. wise woman replied:

    Hi EdYes, awful isn't it. The place that it's in is designed to force you to bow your head to look on it – very sneaky! There's symbolism everywhere – it's human sacrifice laid out for all to see, if only they would see.Glad you enjoyed & I hope you are well :)

  8. Devin replied:

    I definitely enjoyed your article wise woman-you are correct-for what he charges for a talk he is definitely not after anyones money!! You sound like you got as much inspiration from him and Ellis Taylor as I did from Jeff Wells-he is definitely the first writer/blogger I remembered that got me to accept that incredible-and some of them incredibly scary things are real-I also enjoy Matt’s thoughts and find his theories about energy exchange and the like fascinating-best to you as always my friend!!

  9. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks DevinI remember you have mentioned Jeff Wells, he sounds very interesting indeed, there are people who just make a real difference in our lives & we always remember them.I have decided to come out of my blogging closet, so you are my first reply using my name, which of course you know anyway :)All the best my friend

  10. matthewdelooze replied:

    Hey Alex,First of all I never got the emails with the sacrifice stuff after probe. I don’t know why . I answer all emails to me if I can… sometimes I lose some in drafts and spam folders but I do try.You are spot on about me i am very jaded and under stress. i’m still kicking and screaming though.i did not get your email and i’m the last person to assume you would be a lunatic. :)I looked at your comments and the pics and I am excited for your future cobber.Behold a girl that can see. You are no lunatic.I am sorry I did not seem to see your email after probe I must have had a lot or something.I would have answered a genuine one like yours.If you have it please send it again and i will respond.I’m glad you wrote what you wrote even though its a big embarrassing for a shy boy like me. awww shucks!but one things fer sure fer you lass.. tha’s on the right track.just don’t get a fetish for ferris wheels or you will sound daft to your friends.keep smiling.much love to you and thanks.mattplease resend email if you still have itmatthewdelooze@aol.com

  11. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Nice to see Matt here!Glad to hear I am not the only one that loses email!! Spam is such a waste of time.Alex has such a strong “real” intuition Matt, quite refreshing in the blogosphere!Be well all!

  12. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi MattMany thanks for your comment & I'm so very pleased to hear you are still kicking & screaming:) No probs at all about the Sacrifice, it led directly on to me writing & I can't thank you enough for that for it helps me immensely, though I can't quite explain how.I have always been well aware that you reply to emails & my friend Julie would also attest to that – sometimes things just go awol.I don't have that email but here's a link to the sacrifice which was based very much on what I wrote in that email if you want to have a gander.http://toolonginthisplace.blogspot.com/2008/03/sacrifice-part-1.htmlGeez your warning about the ferris wheels may have come too late, they're just so damn 'hot' :)Thanks so much for all your work over the years – I came to it late but man it's potent stuff.with love & thanks to youAlexMichael – Thank you!If your kindness & energy could be bottled & sold you'd be a 'materially' wealthy man – as it is however, & where it really matters, you are one of the wealthiest people I know.Be well my friend

  13. INK1 replied:

    Alex, thank you for the info on Matthew DeLooze. I also feel much gratitude toward him. I'm American, live on the East Coast, and have spent some time in Washington DC, which is so rife with "their" symbols, it's just incredible. The last time I was there it just blew me away how obvious it is. I think many more people are waking up and we will soon reach critical mass. I hope so, I feel very weary as well, and sometimes just want to smack everyone upside the head and yell "WAKE UP"! but I don't. Now I'm going to continue reading your blog instead of doing housework. It was an easy choice :)

  14. INK1 replied:

    Hi Alex, I'm enjoying reading your blog while I should be cleaning my house. Oh well, just wanted to thank you for the Matthew DeLooze info. I also feel a great "debt" to him for pointing out what's been right in my face all the time. I'm American, live on the East Coast and have spent some time in Washington DC, the symbol capitol of the world. It's just amazing what is right in our faces, but if I hadn't read Matthew's finds, and a few other really awake people, I would have just thought it was me :) So happy to see so many more people becoming aware. I believe we will soon reach a critical mass of awakeness, but in the meantime, I'll be reading the rest of your blog, cleaning can always wait!

  15. Michael Skaggs replied:

    This was a powerfully unique article Alex, well done, so good I had to re-read!A word to INK1, if it hadn't been for this incredible blogger [and friend], my intuition would have gone wayward. She is extremely gifted in seeing beyond the veil.Alex, hope your health perks up and your journeys continue to be playful!CheersWV = rofunsed

  16. Alex Robinson replied:

    Oops sorry Ink1 I only just spotted your comment. Am glad you found Matt Delooze too, he's like an express wake-up train :)I must admit housework is secondary or perphaps thirdary now – my motto is heartwork before housework – mind you any excuse will do really :)Best to youMichael, my excellent friendI'm sorry I missed this & your interesting 11.44 post time. Thanks for your well-wishes & I'd say your intuition was always there, it's just not valued in this world & that's gotta be because it is so potent IMOBest to you always

  17. Transcend Designs replied:

    Great article and pictures!I just stumbled here after a search on Mr. Delooze as I just poted this topic:http://www.aeoluskephas.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=373I've been officially weirded out for a while now as far as this type of 'Psychic Energy Harnessing' goes, but after this past weekend I had to post something and get some feedback…Looks like I have to look into Mr. Delooze as well….(like my reading pile isn't toppling over all ready!…) ;)

  18. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi TDSorry for the delay in replying, I don't go back in time very often :)A world of weirdness it is indeed tho' I wonder if that's simply because our eyes are so dimmed. Matt still has great stuff at the One Ball Radio link on my site – in fact he's just put out another article – this ones on Bono & U2 – I have yet to read it but he has always impressed the socks off me!All the best to you

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