A change of outfit

Sometimes a kick in the ass sets you off in a new direction.

A couple of days after I typed my last article I went back to read an article Matthew Delooze had posted. It was quite a strongly worded little post & included the butt kicking paragraph;

Maybe we should also open our eyes and look at ourselves, the sheep, the sad punters on the forums and the sad anonymous bloggers, which are currently and continually trapped in a comical loop simply seeking a messiah or a bit more info on this, that and the other. Are we becoming nothing more but a herd of suicidal Lemmings running from one website to another or from one book/DVD to another whilst pathetically thinking our destiny is sorted if we subscribe to a guru or a stable of speakers at a conference to tell us what to do, the climax being when we all jump of the same cliff.”

The rest of it’s here

Anyway my butt hurt after that. I’ve been blogging (anonymously) for over a year now. I write because I love it & because I would like to be a part of shuffling off this goddamn awful mortal hamster-coil that masquerades as living & to find out what real living is all about.

Way back when I joined blogger, I was unsure at first even about commenting, but step by step I got ‘braver’, felt the drive to say or do more. I took the name wise woman for a number of reasons – it had been coming up in my life for a while & I’d used it as a fun password at one time. I originally had some reservations about using that name as I figured it might sound rather pretentious. But there was a gut feeling that told me that the name was mine to use, so I took it.

It’s a funny thing, but in my life some of the most important things have come about via jokes. My son’s name was one of them. His name started out as a joke & then somewhere along the way, an intensity took over that would allow for no other name.

So it was like that with wise woman – you see it was a joke. A joke between my brother & me. We were both fans of the English TV series Blackadder & would often quote lines from it to each other (we still do). There was one particularly memorable episode where my brother’s name is mentioned & it became a kind of piss-take between us. The Wise Woman also appeared in that episode. Blackadder seeks her help when he finds himself attracted to his manservant (actually a woman in disguise).

Blackadder: No, no. No, it’s far worse than that. I’m in love with my manservant.

Wise Woman: I’d sleep with him if I were you. When I fancy anyone I sleep with them. Oh I have to drug them first of course, being so old and warty.

It’s ok I’m having treatment for the warts.

Anyway, this has been wise woman’s claim to fame. It was a name that allowed me to feel free enough to launch myself into speaking up in a way that I thought was not possible for me. I have drawn great strength from that name – somehow it allowed me to be more than I thought I could be.

However Matt’s words made me think again. They are timely words. They needed to be spoken. It is easy to go so far & then stop.

But surely we came here to do more.

I don’t know if 2012 is anything or nothing, but the control factor that’s at work in this world certainly seems to be reaching a frenzy. It is perhaps necessary to re-look at what we are working to achieve. As spiritual as we might like to be we are also thoroughly physical – somehow a balance between the two seems vital. This world is not something apart from us – the air that is outside is also inside of us & constantly moving back & forth – we are a part of all this or we are asleep.

So I’ve decided to become un-anonymous, however my aim is to integrate wise woman into the fabric of my life & not have her simply as an alter ego who comes out at that computer. I have no answers at all, but I do know I reject this recycling hamster wheel & I call on the return of life.

Much thanks to my friend Michael from Hidden Agendas who played around with my title & created this new look.

Best to you all


May 20, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Ed replied:

    It’s nice to meet you, Alex Robinson.

  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    And it is my pleasure to have met you Ed Thanks :)

  3. Devin replied:

    Great Post Alex-this really hit on a lot of things I have been thinking of lately!! from your friend in arizona!! Devin Allred:-)ps I thought the Blackadder vid was hilarious!! as to the methods of control -its the central computerization of everything that worries me so much and that so many are willing to give up so many of their liberties for a phony war on terror-sending hugs to you!!

  4. Alex Robinson replied:

    Mr Allred, a great pleasure, as always, to see you here :)Glad you enjoyed Blackadder!I'm with you on your concerns – it just seems so damn obvious that 'liberty' is not on today's (or tomorrow's) menu.Hugs to you my friend & hi to Clementina :)

  5. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Very hearty, and heart-felt, article. Matt’s comments are understood, as the frustrations mount, people are so afraid of taking charge of their own lives and not caring what other’s think, or what “society” thinks. Nobody has answers, people need to just learn to do what’s right for them sometimes.I think you’ve definitely evolved into the the knickname. WV = mycaphy Surprise me!

  6. Jaspal replied:

    So you are a Robin as well? Acting as a guide to those lost souls.Funny that you mention the 2012 thing and your doubt over it, I left a very similar comment to someone I was talking to on a forum (with my real name), that I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but whatever it is, I only want to give it ‘positive’ energy.My housemates brother has just flown off too NZ, he’s moved over there and I am sure he is going to love it, after being cooped up the UK all these years.A news story just came to my attention as well, this actress just committed suicide and there are some interesting syncs that I thought I should bring to your attention.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1185450/British-Spider-Man-3-actress-commits-suicide-Paris-apartment.htmlBorn in OXford, where the river Thames becomes the river IsisShe died in ParisI am sure the 21st of May is a date that I saw in one of your articles.She is best known for being in Spiderman 3, but has just played Jane Birkin in a film. On the radio I heard some talk about a film called Antichrist, staring Jane Birkin’s daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, along with, William Defoe (baddy in Spiderman 1).Ms Gainsbourg has also been Jane Eyre (air) and Anna Oz. I know there is something in this but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I thought with your history of putting peaces of the puzzle together, especially with suspicious deaths, you might see something that I missed.I am off to Korea this evening so I might not reply for a while.Word Verifiction ‘realy’

  7. Jaspal replied:

    Someone left this interesting fact on IMDB on Charlotte Gainsbourg:’She has a small cameo as herself at the end of the movie, at the Cannes Film Festival. She’s in the audience and she applauds Willem Dafoe’s movie.’So a link between my waffle and Rowan Atkinson!Oh and some more ‘twins’ that I’ve thought of:Sarah Michelle Gellar – Jennifer Love HewittAudrey Tautou – Audrey HepburnShai Labeouf – EminemPaul Hogan – Greg NormanAnd I’ve just remembered that you ‘twinned’ William Defoe with Arnold Schwarzenegger!

  8. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks Michael & thanks so much for your fabulous artwork :)Brilliant comments my friend – we are all packed like sardines, into this concept of society – I really feel for all those trying so hard to break free & fly.As to word veri – why of course it's arcahic Estonian for 'My cafe' – so would you like to join me & a few great friends after work for a "slap up tea at Mrs Miggins Pie Shop?" (the last bit's from Blackadder :)See you there!Hi JaspalI hope you have a splendid trip.I'm gald there are questions & questioners about 2012 – how can anyone know what it will be, but some perhaps do have knowledge that the rest of us don't OR is it all a big mindfuck??Thanks for the info you included – I will check out Charlotte – I'm sure many other blogers will do so to.Cheers too for the twinning spots – so many twins, so little indivi-duality!Cheers

  9. Alex Robinson replied:

    Sorry Jaspal – I see I got my wires crossed & it was Lucy Gordon who died. May she go with love.

  10. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Hi Alex. Well done for “coming out.” I rather liked you being called “Wise Woman”. Did you ever drown Middlesex in a butt of wine? Not a bad way to go! :-) However if you think it’s the right thing to do, go for it! Matt doesn’t sound like a happy camper at the moment. There are some morons in cyberspace, but most of the “anonymous” and “sad forum” people he refers to are actually very sincere groups and individuals whom I admire. At least they’re speaking out and thinking outside the fortress walls! Whatever is bothering Matt I hope he feels better soon.

  11. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Jaspal. Jane Birkin presumably had Charlottle with Serge Gainsborough. Have you heard their song “Je t’aime”? It’s brilliant because the vocals are of the two of them making love! It was banned from “Top of the Pops” in the UK; we Brits are such prudes!I wonder if young Charlotte was conceived during the recording? :-)

  12. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hey Ben, you can call me wise woman any time you like :) – it was the first time I ever had a nick name & I enjoyed it :)Matt's comment just got me thinking deeply & I'm glad of it, I find that every so often I get kicked somewhere, but it seems to lead on to 'wider vision' – if we weren't so dumbed down I'm sure we'd grow through play as we are supposed to (IMHO).That's an interesting idea on Lucy, re conception – I wonder if that's another area that should be looked into with other seriously dodgy deaths.All the best to you, I do hope Oxford is in full bloom :)

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