a world, a part

The ‘Western stern (n) c.1300, “hind part of a ship, steering gear of a ship world has been in the driving (steering) seat for quite a while now.

Yesterday I got an email at work that reminded me of how un-average the supposedly average human being is.

I was also delightfully reminded that while rulesrule (n) c.1225, “principle or maxim governing conduct,” from O.Fr. riule, from V.L. *regula, from L. regula “straight stick, bar, ruler, pattern,” are to do with putting life on a manage-mentally convenient straight & narrow course, life is about quirky travels with quirky people in quirky situations.

I was not able to transpose the pics on my email, so I’ve come up with an assortment along the same lines. Although the following pictures do not denote the hyped-happy lifestyle of successful western living, they do show that when boundaries are not finely drawn, they can be pushed a lot (creatively) farther than we may think.

I found this line at My Favorite Monsters & thought it very apt;

“…nor do we recognize the irrationality of this world and its frauds: that it lies to us.”

The pics above reminded me that there is no ‘right’ way to live & that choosing according to what serves me best, rather than by say how it looks, is an ok concept.

Un-average humans do not all live in the same kind of homes & drive the same kind of vehicles & work the same kind of hours & live the same kind of weekends. Un-average humans are spectacularly creative & inventive & know that impossible things are the best kinds of challenge.

So how many people do you reckon you can you get in your car (or on your bike) then?

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  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wow, some ka-razy photos!! Neat!!Western society, what a joke that has become. The Medes/T.V. propaganda/and make believe Hollywood donate so much “crap” into the lies. I remember talking to a girl many many years ago online in a chatroom, she was from Mexico City, and she worked 6 days a week, 12 hour shifts in a factory. [Much worse than here]. To sum it up, later on I found out when she realized I lived in the U.S. and where, she “assumed” I had a house, 2 cars, money, etc. already. Later on, when I asked why she thought that she said “well, you see it on the movies all the time that people are rich in the U.S.” She was a very nice, sweet kind girl, but had quite a different idea of what Western Society was due to “big silver screen props” [or should we call it the Blue/Green Screen of Illusion?]Great write up Alex!Cheer!WV = dignop

  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hiya MichaelI must admit I carried round a similar kind of idea of life in the US – lately I've been wondering just how much I've actually 'experienced' in my life & how much has come via 'entertainment' – it seems life has gotten a bit like those times when you're not sure if you dreamed soemthing or lived it. So much of what I 'know' slipped in via the magic box in the living room- bollocks!Good cheer to you too :)

  3. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Hi Michael and Alex,I’m reminded here of the people during the Cold War who used to escape west through the Iron Curtain from the Communist countries in Eastern Europe. This involved a lot of danger, but they were willing to face it because of the “land flowing with milk and honey” lying on the other side that they’d heard whispered through legends. The Communist states indoctrinated their citizens to believe that people in the Capitalist West were exploited oppressed slaves who lived in grubby workhouses and toiled daya and night for the overfed ruling class. Of course this is an exaggeration… just… But when these people realized that their govt was lying to them they immediately polarized their views: “Westerners are not oppressed slaves, therefore they must be all fabulously wealthy and comfortable”. This of course is also not true. Many refugees from the Soviet block expressed surprise that, although the standard of living was undoubtedly better in the West, there was still poverty, homelessness, crime, unemployment etc.I suspect that this is how ALL people form popular images of foreign cultures: in terms of polarlities. And of course nothing in life is a polarity!

  4. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi BenSo how's life in the land of milk & honey where the grass is always greener? :)We are surely a race of people (asses?) who have struggled eternally? behind one kind of carrot or another. We have believed & believed & belived in one heck of a lot of bs & we're still hauling ass after a non-existant carrot located as always 22 seconds ahead of us in space & time. Perhaps it's time to ask do we even like carrots? Do we really like how life feels now & is there really anyting in this world worth killing ourselves & each other for?

  5. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Hiya Ben and Alex!Double-binded brainwashing b.s. from those nifty communists huh? Ouch!Just had a quick conversation tonight in the break room with a woman that had said “if this is life, this is bullcrap” about slaving for pittances and never having any free time to do what “you yourself” wants to do. Perhaps this bologna orchestrated economic collapse was intended not only to provide “escape cover” for the PTBs years of fleecing the public’s monies, but also to scare the public into thinking “oh my god there will be no jobs”…and as a result, the work standard could go down yet again…longer hours, less pay, no raises, etc. etc. benefits cut. Pretty soon, and I HOPE very soon, the public will catch on and start making demands upon the corporations. I know I wouldn’t mind a 4 day work week.Great points all around by the way. I know I do not like how “life” feels now, though I do continue my mantras of love and compassion daily, the materialistic society that drives our “economy” [what a fabricated LIE that is] is what’s leaving me feeling empty, drained, and like crap. But, that’s by design now isn’t it?Be well all!

  6. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi MichaelYour rant is heard AND understood! 'The many' do seem to be becoming more & more fearful for their jobs – giving more & getting less – I've seen it myself. In the driving seat of the fearmobile (as always) is the media – I'm wondering if there's anyone left in that 'business' who could honestly hold their head up anymore.

  7. aferrismoon replied:

    Buckminster-fuller in his volumes SYNERGETICS goes into the inaccuracies of averagism and the very debilitating thought processes it engenders.With Averagism it proves very easy to induce shock as people are not used to experiencing extremes [ amny can be hidden under the wadding of the Average]500 people get a suit of clothes based on their average height which of course fits no-one. Anyone who complains = troublemaker , whose still in his clothes gets ironed out.Coincidentally the STERN gang were Israeli terrorists, while one of the mighty averaging studies of all time , the MBA ,you can learn it at NYU STERNcheers

  8. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Exactly!In that same period of time in the breakroom, the t.v. was on the news, the Medes, and the “weather man” [right!] was discussing how the weather went “unexpectedly and unexplainably” from 80F degrees Monday to 60F degrees with extreme winds. I sat there and laughed and said out loud “that’s because your not mentioning the chemtrailing jets that flew overhead all that day”. People looked at me like I was daft, except for a few that shook their heads and knew. Weathermen here aren’t allowed to mention the “geo-engineering” poisons overhead, because it’s not supposedly happening. Another part of that damn control mechanism. We accept so little don’t we? Is this part of a push to squeeze us down into a smaller box and see if we revolt? I know the PTB’s are bored beyond belief, which I cannot understand, but why they get their kicks out of torturing us I do not understand.Be well all!WV – aptooflo

  9. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi AferrismoonAn Averagemoon you are not! Had an average etymological looksie – "average (n.) 1491, "financial loss incurred through damage to goods in transit," from O.Fr…Sometimes traced to Arabic 'arwariya "damaged merchandise," – wow that's a new take & perhaps sums it up in an articulate nutshell – labelling beings as 'average' damages them – not surprising they 'ave rage!Buckminster was fulla fine thoughts.CheersHi MichaelYour lunch room sound abominable – I could not stomach having to listen to the news as I ate, as it is I either turn off the radio or walk away. Djs spewing forth proclamations on the meaning of life are another indigestion source.Apollo jumped out of your word veri & I have creatively linked him to the media via his Oracle at Delphi – lol can also make out "A poo flo(w)" – which strikes me as the most wonderful description I've ever seen of today's media – thank you my friend :)

  10. Devin replied:

    What a splendid series of images and thoughts yet again!!! this article was great-i think we all need to be reminded now and again that there is no “normal” no “average” etc -how much better would the world be if people realize average is the enemy along with conformity!! i am so glad you enjoyed the PKD quote!! The photo of the small either sedan or station wagon with that mountain of luggage on top made me smile-I hope however I was smiling at the right thing and this was not a refugee family!!! as always love your photos and thoughts -we modern humans are programmed so well i think we need more reminders of this-now that i think of it maybe even one a day wouldnt be bad!! best to you as always!!

  11. Alex Robinson replied:

    Greetings my excellent & very un-average friend Devin – great to have you drop by. I see that the word 'average' also hides the word 'grave' – not a word one associates with live people!I do not know the story behind the piled high car, but I was impressed by what people can make possible – it showed me the freedoms available in a society not so repressed by the rules & demands of appearing ordinary.I wish you an extraordinarily good day :)

  12. Michael Skaggs replied:

    All the mentioning of “average” reminds me of one of the episodes of Millennium, where an evil entity abducts kids that have high skills and persona and tries to convince them they are nothing but “average”, it was a very creepy show, but makes sense with all the word play!

  13. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi MichaelThat makes me wonder if the term 'average' is behind the creation of the 'herd' – the command that the shepherd gives to the sheepdog to round them up & pop them into the pen – …hmmm if 'average' is a word spell, it is a 'pen' which writes that spell.Have a super human day my friend :)

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