a short rant before bed

Sorry, but if I don’t rant I probably won’t sleep.

It’s been an extended week, somehow an extra day seems to have been inserted along the way (& a work day to boot).

I decided to take myself off to the movies this evening, something I don’t make much time for these days. There was a new film that looked semi-promising. It was called Easy Virtue, & was based I was told, upon a play of the same name, by Noel Coward.

The reason I’m here tonight can be summed up in one word


For anyone unused to my blog, this is my epithet for the world’s most fashionably marketed & pharmaceutically popular disease, ‘cancer(small type used on purpose).

Here below lies my original article should anyone think I’m totally callous & not paying respectful homage to the ‘cult of the big sea’.


With that out of the way I proceed to my gripe.

Using wiki for speed – well it’s Friday night & I thought Id be reclining on a sofa eating grapes, instead of spitting out wrath.

Easy Virtue is a three-act play by Noel Coward. He wrote it in 1924 when he was 25 years old…The central characters of the play are John Whittaker and Larita, the American divorcée he has just married to his mother’s great disapproval…John soon arrives with his new wife, Larita, “She is tall, exquisitely made-up and very beautiful…Larita remains calm in the face of her new mother-in-law’s disdain – even admitting to being divorced.

Things go from bad to worse with the feisty new wife versing thedisapproving mother-in-law.

Things then go from worse to whatever comes after that when the new wife’s past is revealed

It seems that Larita once posed for a portrait. Her ex-husband, a jealous man, accused her of having an affair with the painter. She denied it, but the artist – tormented by unrequited love – committed suicide. This was presented as proof of infidelity at the divorce proceedings.”

Oh the shame. You know I think movie goers realise that in those days things like that were shocking. We could actually believe in it.

However what I’m choking on my grapes about is that the 2008 version of Easy Virtue, has the lovely young bride as a widow who’s husband suffered hideously & succumbed to what is known on this blog, as knickers.

In today’s version, her shocking past has been extended (like my week) to a story line that includes her being accused of & standing trial for the murder of her first husband by lethally injectiing him out of his misery. She was of course acquitted, so she could come & make this movie (because that’s what it is after all).

What thought I, after my initial wtf reaction, was that doing in a 1920’s movie. Just how many people even knew what ‘knickers’ was back then? Surely a more fitting one liner, for the times, would have been;

huh, what’s that, some exotic version of the can-can ?” (which actually was in the movie – with a shot the Rebel would revel in).

This movie was speaking loud & clear to today’s audience, to what we have been taught. I really doubt that many in the 20’s, would have been familiar with ‘knickers’- they were all still recovering from the War To End All Wars – ‘knickers’ would surely have been small fry compared to that.

Squeezing every last drop out of the audiences visceral connection to knickers, we are drawn towards the finale with a new (to me) basis for true love – do you love someone enough to kill them? HUH???

I thought I was going to the movies to see a ‘period piece’ with witty one liners & clever social commentary from the 20′s. The only thing missing from the modernising was perhaps poor uncle Bertie who’d recently died of Swine Flu after pigging out on bacon sandwiches & champignon.

This isn’t the only movie selling ‘knickers’, far from it – it’s just the one I paid $14 for. A couple of people actually walked out of the movie, although I don’t know why, afterwards I wished I’d thought to get up too.

My superbly trained catholic nose seems to be scenting out a new guilt strategy – the guilt of good health.

Knickers to that.

Continued… a morning after rant

Last night my son went to see the new Terminator movie. Although we were at completely different cinemas both our movies started at 6.30pm & that was not the only synch. This morning my son informed me that Terminator Salvation begins with Dr Serena Kogen, a woman dying of knickers convincing one Marcus Wright (Rite) to donate his body to medical research after he is executed by lethal injection.

Oh what a small (movie) world it is.

I wrote to a struggling friend today & in the thoughts that spilled forth I mentioned NZ’s rugby team, the All Blacks. From there it was a hop skip & short jump to the Haka – the now famous All Black opener to rugby games. I found a short clip on YouTube & watched it – I tell you what, I felt fire flow through my veins watching it – where oh where else do we see that sort of energetic expression these days (except occasionally in Prague). The Haka is not exclusively an expression of war, but I couldn’t help but feel it makes a wonderful antidote to the relentless poison of knicker marketing. Here’s a very short clip (please note that Adidas do not own the Haka).


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  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    WOW Alex,Sorry to hear your venture out on a FRYDay night was fraught with Eugenic style brainwashing!Seems Eugenical subliminals are everywhere! Reminds me of an episode of STTNG where people were required to commit suicide when they reached a ripe old age of 60 I think it was, to keep the populace down. HMMM. Knickers to that!Why do we keep supporting Hollyweird? So tough to break that habit, I am feeling much the same way, hoping there are some hidden gems, and then when you watch it, you see the crap and think WTF?Enjoy some relaxation on a beach somewhere, listening to the waves and recharging your SOULstice NRGies!!WV = neting

  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks Michael, that sounds like a great idea.You know I've been thinking this morning that I bet the people who walked out of the movie had actually had experience of 'knickers' & could see through the shallowness of the perfectly maniucred widow's words – this movie was aimed at people whose lives have not been deeply touched by that disease – an advert for it you might say & keeping it 'holy'.The eugenical 'sub'liminals are getting less 'sub' methinks.I hope you get to enjoy your own soulstice energies my friend

  3. Devin replied:

    I so agree with Michael Alex-sorry your nite out was a bummer!! i cant believe -well actually i can that they did this with a 1920s play!! you are right they may as well have thrown in swine flu or SARS for good measure!! all the best to you my friend and I hope your day is much better today!!!

  4. Alex Robinson replied:

    Good one Devin, I didn't think of SARS – hey look at that one letter short of StARS – that should have been a shoe in!Am wondering if Shakespeare is now due for a revamp – a whole new twist to Romeo & Juliet perhaps?Today got better thanks, esp after watching the Haka :)Hope you had a 'beaut' day too :)

  5. aferrismoon replied:

    I have a Haka saved. Kia Ora

  6. Jaspal replied:

    I wonder what you make of Dracula getting a Nighthood?http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1192725/Arise-Sir-Dracula–assorted-stars-Christopher-Lee-Delia-Smith-awarded-Queens-honours.htmlI think you are onto something with how modern adoptions reveal the extent to which popular culture is designed to cultivate emotions and feelings, most of them negative. I know how important good health is, but I don't feel guilty about it, I just value it higher than money and material things, and part of that is a healthy mind. You also reminded me of something I read by this Canadian woman called Mary Elizabeth Croft. She was writing about how she freed herself from our system of control (the document is called ‘How I clobbered every bureaucratic cash-confiscatory agency known to man’, the whole banking con, money as debt and ‘freeman on the land’ thing is quite long to go into).Just that one of the things she mentioned was how this chap got throat knickers and she cured him, and it was all down to the fact that he had felt guilty about something he said, or something he wished he had said. She goes on to say “For years I told people, ‘Curing cancer is as simple as releasing the emotional trauma which caused it’”.I certainly recommend you Google this document and give it a read.

  7. Alex Robinson replied:

    Haere mai AferrismoonYou are a wise man :)CheersHi JaspalKnighting of Drac seems somehow very fitting – I do wonder if getting knighted is something akin to handing over your soul or some part of it.I know of the Lady Croft & have read some of her work – I didn't know about her knicker work – it makes me wonder how adept the emotion churners really are at their craft – are they able to unlock & activate our emotional traumas with their sorcerers weapons -various media (mediums?)? – when knickers was not dinner table conversation it was in rather more short supply.Cheers & thanks for the info

  8. Alex Robinson replied:

    I thought I'd post this comment from my friend Julie as it gives extra punch to the Haka energy idea"Oh my dear. I loved your latest article. Especially the link to the HAKA. My only dismay is the fact that I didn’t get to experience it first hand when I was in NZ.I swear on my heart that when I watch those rugger warrior guys that I get a very intense energy forcing through my whole body, and then I am reduced to tears???? What the heck is that all about,,, maybe I was a fierce warrior in a past life? I love their facial expressions, on the one hand, they put fear into any foe, but at the same time the foe has total respect for them. Totally amazing. I especially liked a youtube vid that was the All Blacks V’s The Irish team… got I laughed so much I fell of my chair. There’s the Kiwis, doing the HAKA, and there is the Irish team, looking very bloody scared, thinking. What the feck was tha?????????????????? Link Herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHW1K2LeQXE&feature=related"Many thanks to Julie for this

  9. Devin replied:

    I enjoyed reading the article again alex and the new comments!! I think the child/cat picture is absolutely adorable!! when i first did a "rant" i was kind of like "O no-people are going to think I am psycho" haha-but it turns out I think they are not only good to do now and then-for people if they choose-but also good and informative to read other people's rants!:) thanks again and your friend always in too hot Arizona!!o wow-try doing something with this wv=ickiede-Icky Eyed?? all the best!!

  10. Alex Robinson replied:

    LOL Devin I saw Ickey eyed as in the David of that name.I don't think the cat was too impressed with wearing underwear, but the picture said a lot of words :)Sorry to hear you are sizzling in the Mesa frying pan – there'a a chilly wind here I could send your way :)Hope you are otherwise having a great day my friend

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