The Jeckyll of Hyde Park & the Lady of the Lake (Part I but also Parts IV of ‘Fair Phantom’ & ‘like sky blue air’)

When I sign on to my blog it informs me that I am now on post number 120. Admittedly a few still sit in embryonic stages, but for the most part they’re all on show. Of these, the following article is the seventh I have written because of the death of one women during Samhain in 2006.

Adrienne Shelly was an actress, director & screen writer who was murdered by hanging. The accepted story regarding her death can be found all over the internet along with the venom spewed out upon the man who was charged & convicted of her murder. He was sentenced to 25 years.

I will take the last sentence as the opening for this article.

Diego Pillco was sentenced to 25 years.

I’ve just spent some time looking for a simple explanation of what a literary sentence is. As they don’t seem to exist & as I figure you already know what one is, I’ll just give a flighty overview & say that
a sentence is a group of words that paints a little picture in your mind.

Sentences weave stories. And it is stories that we are concerned with here.

I have always loved stories. They have been a constant & ever faithful companion in my life. However I have also always drawn (or felt) a very definite line between reality & the story world (apparently that’s a sign of sanity).

Unfortunately for sanity’s sake, I have been reviewing that viewing. The line has become more like twine & this twine seems to be rather more en-twined than I could ever have thought possible. I had thought that stories stayed in their wondrous world & while we struggled on in our rather fucked up one.

But what if the warp & weft of our ‘reality’ is created through the interweaving of two worlds long held to be separate?

What if the story world has a reality that is quite as valid as our own & not merely a product of our imagi-nations. What if characters or themes or events can & do step into our world & change it?

I have often looked at how mythology & life have paralleled each other, but given no ‘real’ thought to the idea that the myth may be as alive as the event.

When I originally found out the date of Adrienne Shelly’s death & combined it with some of the lines & characters in her movie, I felt suspicious. However it was a bizarre synch a little while later that committed me to looking deeper.

I had been reading a tremendous book called The Birth of Passion, which questioned why we seem so addicted to pain & betrayal in love. The book delved into two Greek myths, one to explain this scenario & one to suggest another way of relating. The myths were Oedipus & the tale of Cupid & Psyche.

It was while reading the tale of Oedipus that the synch came out of the blue & clobbered me. Oedipus was the lad fated (sentenced?) to kill his father & marry his mother. When the cat was let out of the bag & all revealed, Oedipus gouged out his eyes &, according to my book, his mother-wife Jocasta, went & “hanged herself on a curtain”.

It was the curtain that did it for me. Adrienne Shelly was found hanging from a shower rail in her bathroom. In my remembering, the thought of the shower rail had linked to a shower curtain, although in fact it was a bed sheet was used. Strangely, even now the synchs are still occurring, for as I write this my son is watching Psycho, famed for it’s ‘shower curtain scene’.

Since then I have travelled down many avenues in my research but never came across anything that could explain further, a possible link between Jocasta & Adrienne (well until recently). Nevertheless it was this synch which convinced me to keep looking & to write of what I found.

…… some time later…..

I got stuck on this article & went out. It just wasn’t flowing like normal, I think too many pressures & interruptions over the last few weeks & I forgotten that I must seriously play when I write.

I think the reason that synchronicity or any type of intuitive information can be such a ‘wow‘ experience is that it is so majestically personal. It is somehow sublimely relevant to you alone.

It was a variety of synchs that led me to connect the deaths of Heath Ledger & Ruslana Korshunova with Adrienne Shelly. To give even more substance to the links, a Google Earth image showed a Tyburn ‘Triple Tree’ effect – A triangular trinity of death in Manhattan, one celebrity dying at each corner of a triangle (give or take a street or two).

Bringing the ritualistic triangle in to view even more, we find that Abingdon (set)Square (at the top of the picture) where Adrienne died, is not a square at all.
Abingdon Square Park… is a tiny, luscious triangle within which, gated off and ringed with flowers, is a mound of grass so green and luscious that in the summertime it seems almost holy, like a sacrament. The park is dominated by the bronze statue of a soldier holding a flag, the Abingdon “Doughboy,” mounted on an imposing block of granite which explains that it purpose is to “honor the brave men who went forth from this neighborhood to join the armed forces of the United States during the World War”.

I think I smell the sickly aroma of sacrifice.

On a more sweet smelling note, the movie Waitress, has a central focus on these kind of triangles, known as Pie. If I was more knowledgeable I might mention Pi & Demeter ‘n’ Ceres things like that.

Ruslana Korshunova
was a model who was known as the Russian Rapunzel because of her very long locks. Three days before her 21st birthday, she Grimmly launched herself from the balcony of her ninth stor(e)y tower & fell to her death in the moat? (Water St.) below.

Ruslana’s name which means Lion, had synched up magnificently with a theme that I’d been working on at the time I wrote about her. She had died in Water Street. Blending these two themes led me magnificently to Rusalkas;
According to wiki, Rusalkas are : “people who die violently and before their time, such as young women who commit suicide … must live out their designated time on earth as a spirit.
The ghostly version is the soul of a young woman who had
died in or near a river or a lake and came to haunt that waterway. This undead rusalka is not invariably malevolent, and will be allowed to die in peace if her death is avenged … Her hair is sometimes depicted as green or golden, and often perpetually wet. The Rusalka could not live long on dry land, but with her comb she was always safe, for it gave her the power to conjure water when she needed it. According to some legends, should the rusalka’s hair dry out, she will die..”

This leads me to why I found the information about Rusalkas so mind blowing at the time & still do. The understanding when it came was so personal. It has led me to questions that seem too big for answers, for this info would only have made sense to someone from New Zealand or Hawaii (which is where the Maori people are believed to have come from).

Lets look at Waitress again

In the Maori language ‘Wai’ means water & is commonly used in place names as in;
. Wai-kato: (full flowing river).
· Wai-rakei: (the place where the pools were used as mirrors).
· Wai-rarapa: (the glistening waters).

While ‘Tress’ = “A long lock or ringlet of hair or Archaic A plait or braid of hair.”

Suddenly a movie title about someone who serves food & drink, took on a whole new dimension. Looked at in a different light Wai-Tress became water + tress = wet hair. To me this image of Ruslana looked for all the world like her hair was flowing in water. What’s more she is not the only Rusalka in this story. But that’s for another ‘chapter’.

So lets return to the reality of stories. When I went out to clear my head this afternoon, I was listening to a murder mystery audio book in my car. The sleuths were a bit stuck, so it was suggested that they think of the case in hand ‘as a story.’ It was yet another marvellous synch with theme at hand. We do so see stories as something quite different to ‘reality’.

In Waitress, Adrienne Shelly cast herself a waitress called Dawn, who finds love along the way with a rather strange little man called Ogie. In speaking of him she spells out the words that make a death sentence;
Dawn (Adrienne Shelly): “I’ve found someone who loves me to death.
Jenna (Keri Russell): “Well hopefully not to death.

A quick search of the past lives of the man who ‘loves her to death’, Eddie Jemison, reveals some interesting aqueous connections. He starred in the three consecutive watery movies, Oceans 11,12,13. In those nautical days he went by the name of Livingston Dell (ding, dong & all that).

Deciding to leave no stone unturned, I upended Livingston & gave him a good shake. This is what fell off.
It was Dr Livingstone I presume, you realise, who gave one of the greatest waterfalls in the world, Mosi-oa-Tunya (the Smoke that Thunders)…

it’s Occidental signature, as Victoria Falls (or was she pushed?).

A number of internet sources give this breakdown of the name Livingston;
The name itself originates in Scotland … derived from Livingston in Lothian… This place name was originally named after a man named Levin who appears in several 12th century charters
Adrienne Shelly was born Adrienne Levine & took Shelly as her stage name. In keeping with our double H & single O theme, we find that Livingston has a residential area known as Ladywell (ding dong).

A final shake of the stone reveals an additional snippett
In addition to that source, Livingston can be traced to two other ancestors … [including] the Jewish surname Lowenstein, meaning ”Lion stone.”

As so often happens when I begin to write, I find myself inundated with additional informational side-treks. Thus it as that yet another route appeared. Originally the next few paragraphs existed as a space between two literary points but E suddenly equalled MC or some such thing & there arose a rip in the continuum of this article. Here’s what now fills that once small space.

As mentioned before, Rusalana means Lion. If you play (carefully) with her name then you will find a very famous lion watching from within – Ru-SLANA or ASLAN.

From wiki:
Aslan, the “Great Lion”, is the central character in The Chronicles of Narnia, a series of seven fantasy novels (…hmmm like my seven fantasy articles perhaps). Maybe you’ve read the books or seen the movie (no, no not mine, I mean the ‘Narnian’ ones) & remember that Aslan is sacrificed on a large stone table – a ‘Lion Stone’ perhaps? I went back to wiki & HAD to include this;

Deeper Magic Before From The Dawn Of Time
Susan and Lucy are explained the Deeper Magic From Before
Dawn Of Time which says that if anyone is killed on the Stone Table though he hasn’t committed a crime, the Stone Table Shall Break and The Man will come alive.
“…when a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor’s stead, the Table would crack and Death itself would start working backwards.”
This has a hidden moral in it. It says that “Death is also afraid of the one who is always on the path of truth, and willingly sacrifice their lives in a traitor’s hands on a purpose to save others”.
This again goes back to “Long Live Truth

Hmmm, well I’m all for truth, yet what is this fascination with sacrifice, perhaps it’s just that I’m short-sighted, but I have yet to see any sacrifice bring any of the wondrous for-centuries-spouted claims.

Isn’t this a stone table? I guess all the lines (lions) at the back were ‘practice’ sacrifices before they got it ‘rite’.

Anyway we’ve now completed that little side trek & returned to where we left off with Ed-die ‘Lion stone’ Jemison. It seems he is now set to to star in an HBO production called Hung, yes I did a double take when I saw that – but it’s ok (really), it’s just a coincidence after all. Apparently the title has something to do with the prefix ‘Well’, because of course they would not sink to any lower levels than that.

One yet further synch to round this off & lead on to the next side track.

Anne Heche was mentioned repeatedly in the Hung reviews. It was she who was brutally murdered in my lounge as my son watched Psycho (I’d hired the remake instead of the original by ‘apparent’ mistake). A quick investigation on her wiki page reveals that she was born in Aurora, Ohio. This led me to exclaim aloud in rare unladylike terms, because Aurora has become very familiar to me, for it is the Latin name for Dawn, aka Adrienne Shelly.

………. just back from another internet surf.

I tell you what, NEVER try to outdo your intuition & sense of play with logic or reason or you’ll miss the most amazing treasure. I find on re-looking at Aurora, that there is a synchronistic gem just waiting to be seen.

Here’s wiki: “In ancient Roman mythology Aurora, goddess of the dawn, renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun… A myth taken from the Greek Eos [Greek version of Aurora] by Roman poets tells that one of her lovers was the prince of Troy, Tithonus. Tithonus was a mortal, and would age and die. Wanting to be with her lover for all eternity, Aurora asked Zeus to grant immortality to Tithonus. Zeus granted her wish, however Aurora had failed to ask him for eternal youth. As a result, Tithonus ended up aging eternally. Aurora ended up turning her beloved Tithonus into a grasshopper.”

The ‘Grasshopper’ of course died by hanging just over a month ago. Two victims of hanging from our world woven together in one mythical story.

While researching hanging for my recent articles, I came upon a statement that said that Shakespeare had mentioned ‘hanging’ in some form or other in almost all his plays – at present I haven’t been able to find it again. However the stories written by the ‘wobbly skewer’ have been spectacularly interwoven through four of our real centuries.

Although familiar with a few of his plays, I only knew King Lear by name. In searching for the Shakespeare-hanging link above, I happened upon Cordelia, Lear’s youngest daughter. I was rather surprised, as was her father it seems, to find that Shakespeare had her hanged.

And on the same subject, what knew he of the future, when he wrote the following in Romeo & Juliet?

But all so soon as the all-cheering sun
Should in the furthest east begin to draw
The shady curtains from Aurora’s bed

This mingling of story worlds keeps reappearing for me, not least in regards to Adrienne Shelly’s husband’s because of his name – Andy Ostroy or O’Story. Within that name also lies one of the most famous stories of all time – Troy. Indeed, I’m of the opinion that much of the strife between the sexes may hail from that story – a future article perhaps. Nevertheless it too is supremely apt for this tale, woven as it is & will be, around the feminine elements of women & water.

In the next installment, we dig the time machine out of the garage, dust it off & travel back to another dawning time nearly two hundred years ago & visit with more Rusalkas …Unless I get sidetracked again, in which case we will follow the trail of a demon.

Either way both roads will be travelled……

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  1. Jaspal replied:

    All I can say is WOW, your writing and investigative skills, as well as your playing with words(swords), is just awesome.Funny that you talk about the blurring of fantasy and reality, when two films out this year, Bedtime Stories and Inkheart, touch on that very subject. That words are quite powerful, and can leap out of the fantasy wor(l)d.I was also reading this: thought of you instantly. This image also caught my attention Mrs Robinson: Robbins stepping out of the film world, with a film strip in the shape of a noose behind him!Another sacrifice that has been playing on my mind is the Air France flight from Rio to Paris. I keep thinking of that diagonal from Rio to Paris, and what might be important about it. After watching that Nassim Haramein video, he mentioned the Tropic of "kickers" and how it is a powerful layline that goes all the way around the world. I looked at that line and where it intersects the route between Rio and Paris, and there was my answer, the country of Mauretania! I am sure the flight path would have taken it over what was once Lusitania as well.You've already linked those two boats with sacrifices and Troy Story (pun intended!), the RMS Mauretania was used to take troops to Gallopoli. It was built to win the Blue Riband, which had 33 holders, first of which was Sirus! Canis Major is one of the constellations on the Brazil flag!The Tropic of Knickers also goes through Hawaii, and the Mauretania’s nickname was Mauri! The Tania bit makes me think of Titania from another of Shakespeare’s works, as well as another sacrificial boat, the Titanic!The Paris syncs keep appearing for me, as I've been asked to go to Paris next week for a job interview (long story). I won’t be wearing a tie of course!

  2. Christopher Darrin Horn replied:

    Neato! I had to stop reading your article a moment when I got to this part about "hair". How death occured "should the rusalka's hair dry out, she will die". Interesting tales and laws concerning "hair" in the bible. Samson and his strength, laws concerning women and the covering of the hair, beards etc…. Interesting stuff. My dream about Titi and combing her hair are syncs as well. Really cool stuff. I absolutely love reading your articles.

  3. Christopher Darrin Horn replied:

    Had to stop again, LOL. Sorry if I am commenting too much. I really like the "lion stone" portion. I have always been wondering about sacrifice myself. Many laws in the bible about it, tales about it, but what was it for. I have thought that sacrifice was a way to feed man's evil inclination. His propensity for evil. I believe that this, serpent, LOL is eternal, it will always be with us and has to be fed. Sacrifice was a way to do this. Not literally, by that I mean drinking the blood or anything, the blood had to be poured out. Dust is what this serpent, evil inclination will be fed with instead of blood and I believe that has been happening exponentially. Computer chips, electronics are all made with sand, silicon, or dust. They, through computer games, movies, radio, allow our evil inclination to be fed without the need for real blood to be spilled. I believe this evil inclination, serpent, in man is going to be fed, with blood or with dust. The choice is up to us.Neato blog post, LOL, still reading and enjoying.

  4. Christopher Darrin Horn replied:

    Holy Cow, LOL. Just got to the part about Aurora. A neat sync that I remember, and strange that I did after all these years is from an episode of "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends", LOL. Anybody remember that old cartoon? There was a one time character (heroine) called "Lightwave". Her real name was "Aurora Dante" (I remembered her name after all these years) who turned out to be Iceman's sister. Wiki: an episode called "Save the GuardStar", can you believe that, holy ministroni, LOL.

  5. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks JaspalGood luck on your job interview (should you want the job that is :).I haven't heard of Inkheart, funnily enough I found a new comment on an old article by someone of a similar name just the other day – will have to check it out!Thanks for the link, very interesting – the images said a lot esp Time Robbings. I must admit in my mind I connected that plane crash to the Air NZ one not so long ago, but have not, so far been drawn to look at them. Maybe you might like to try your hand at something – I have found if something needs to be said, it'll come out somehow. Initially, before I ever started writing I tried to pass on the info about Adrienne Shelly when it seemed to fit into other bloggers posts, but it didn't go anywhere. Somewhere along the way the words wouldn't hold back any longer & I just had to say what was on my mind. You have some very interesting points & you are getting a lot of info on it perhaps it's time for you to play with words? Just a playful thought :)All the best

  6. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi ChristopherThanks for your comments. Yes it's funny how much of our current lives is so interwoven with such an old story as the bible – on the woven fabric of time I'll bet it would make an exceptionally intense part of the pattern!You know my friend I don't see humans as evil, I see that so much harm has been done & yet time & time again I find that without imposed cruelty, humans seem to return to open, creative & amazing spirits. I think cruelty of humans is something that is repeatedly & artificially created – something else is at work IMHO. I've been reading a book an the effects of the alphabet on the course that humanity has taken, it's something I've been wondering on, how we are manipulated away from our 'natural grace', for I do feel that is what we are.Thanks for the Spiderman-Aurora tip esp as I'm still looking into the Dawn.All the very best to you

  7. Devin replied:

    OOH wanted to mention just one thing before I continue reading Alex-dont know if it will help or not-imaginary numbers-based on the square root of negative 1 (an "impossible" number in "our" reality) are necessary to describe physics in our actual world! sorry to rush this comment-i have been really forgetful lately and was worried if i waited til the end of article i would forget about the "imaginary" numbers that are so important to the everyday workings-or at least some of them-of our reality-love ya-looks like a beautiful article will continue reading!! WV=dednes

  8. Devin replied:

    Alex I also wanted to mention how much I enjoy the other commenters here! this was a really really intriguing article for its air of mystery alone!! I love exotica-forteana-anything different than humdrum and this article had that in spades!! tithonus was a name mentioned very recently in something i read-and it irritates the crap outta me when i cannot remember where-I almost want to say a short story collection of all places-i was so intrigued cause i had never heard of Tithonus bfore then-and then a matter of just a week-week and a half later he is mentioned at your site!! how cool is that??? I must also mention-that I think on an intuitional level-many thought that the young Russian beauties death was more than what it appeared to be-I mention Jeff at RI mentioning something about it-altho not along sycnh lines or anything-just suspicion-I also mentioned-on some site-in an email?? maybe that when i first heard about the death of M Hutchence-I knew on an intuitional level that what they were saying was BS-and back then I wasnt a hundredth in tune to the things I am now-altho I still need people like you and "My two Michaels" as I call them and others to put things together for me-and probably always will-the comments at various sites including yours help me enormously also-I feel like such a dumbass sometimes with the comments I leave-so sometimes I stop leaving them-this was a fantastic article -and i loved the part where you had the weaving and talked about how our reality could be inter-"twined"- twinned perhaps:) with another -this is something just a few years ago i might have thought absurd-but i can really believe in it now-great investigation on the deaths of the ladies and the word meanings-i thought wait-TRESS was a great catch and others you made-I definitely agree with Jaspal's first paragraph in the first comment and others are awesome too-all the best to you as always my friend and enjoy your monday off!!! WV=uncias

  9. Alex Robinson replied:

    Devilishly good to see you here Devin :)I wikied The Imaginarium of Imaginary Numbers & got a wee bit flummoxed, but I can play with the idea of it & that's magic, & I thought science was based on fact lol.Am very glad to have intrugued you, I can see why writing mysteries could be such fun :)Tithonus, in name, reminds me of Antinous, altho' both had notable endings – well in the case of Tithonus, it was transformation. That's cool that the grasshopper has come calling on you already. Hang on a minute …ok back again -this is for you!!"In Native American Indian symbology and tribal lore (specifically the Iroquois nation) grasshopper symbolism deals with messages of glad tiding. In this context, the grasshopper is a harbinger of good news." & "The grasshopper moves to its own rhythm and tune, indicating this creature is a advocate of intuition and listening to our inner voices. The grasshopper encourages us to listen to our own stirrings – those beautiful chirping lullaby’s that sing in our hearts are indications of our inner beauty and creativity. The grasshopper totem reminds us these inner musings must never be silenced – rather, they should be nurtured, and always remain as the background music to the performance of our lives"Here's the whole page to you always my friend & yep my Monday has been great :)

  10. aferrismoon replied:

    Chord – eliaFinely strung together [ 'scuse le pun]The grasshopper is a character in Finnegans Wake, with the Ant.Its 'jumps up' so it links to resurrection , the Egyptians liked it.In Czech its called Konik [ Konyeek] , a little Horse. Well its one name.CiaO4Now

  11. Devin replied:

    thanks for your reply alex!! I also hope you are having a lovely Tuesday:)! I had no idea that the Maori word for New Zealand -"Aotearoa"? meant "Land of the Long White Cloud" I thought that was neat for some reason-it was in an answer to my daily trivia game that comes to email-I had got the question wrong by answering "Land of Two Green Islands" all the best to you as always-hi to aferris and everyone also!! WV=drverse diverse? or Dr Verse:)

  12. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi AferrismoonYou are sharp :) well spotted!It interests me just how many thready words we use in communing.You had a 'big' horse on one of your more recent posts, I did wonder if that was real or reel?Maybe the Gyptians liked it's osirian colouring.All the best to you in your BohemiaHaere raHaere mai DevinLOL I like your double take on NZ – I have wondered if there is a deeper meaning to be found in the naming Long White Cloud.I guess it sounds a lot 'cooler' than AZ :)All the very best to you

  13. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wowed by the Weave Once Again!Just brilliant. Your sleuthing with the best of them Alex, well done.Perhaps the "stories" given breath and life in our consciousness/minds does begin to manifest and reveal itself in the physical wheel we're all traveling after all.Now what happens if we pull the needle off the record?Will have to come back and re-read as it's late here and I want to read all the comments left here too.CIAO for now my friend!WV = beatereo

  14. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi MichaelThat's a wonderful way of putting it – it amazes me just how big our world gets when we start to play with it – so yes I wonder what would happen if we pulled the needle off the broken record & perhaps started sewing a tapetsry with it instead :)Yep lots of excellent comments as always for your perusal.Hope you slept well :)

  15. Jon Kidd replied:

    Very good read Alex.Its good to see someone on a track. Intuition aligned with mystical logic. I appreciate these works.Cheerswv in red the second try 'troyin' :O

  16. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi JonGreat to see you again & thanks for the comments.Yep that damn 'Troy' just keeps popping up all over the place.All the very best to you & the littl'uns :)

  17. Devin replied:

    Alex i enjoyed reading this again and also the comments made since i was last here!! thanks so very much for your interest at my place-I will continue to blog even if it gets to one or two people interested in my blog as long as they are great intelligent people such as yourself!! I hope that other folks in blogland will not be feeling i am giving them the cold shoulder-i simply do not have the time anymore to log on to the puter and comment at up to 10 maybe more blogs a day like i used to-of course the reason i hope my puter lasts the most is cause of communicating with friends;-) cant wait to see your next article alex-all the best!! WV=bedici well i typed in bedici incorrectly and the new wWV is inest-dont even want to go to where it sounds like-unless i can expand it to interest!! all the best!!

  18. Da WWWiz replied:

    Dear Alex,I remember coming to your blog some time ago, in a blurry and frantic search.Thanks to your generous comment at Da WWWiz, I was able to reconnect with your work.About this article… simply Awe-some.Your writing is so airy, I felt I was dreaming.As for the details themselves, I am compelled by the themes of Hanging and Water. You know, I'm sure, that in Tarot, The Hanged Man is also called The Drowned Man.And the 'stars' hang in the sky.To this I think there is a connection to the Zodiac murders, which as you recall, had a distinct Water mythos. My spidey-sense, is tingling on this, although I don't know why.I need time to distill think it all over.Can't wait for the next installment.

  19. Alex Robinson replied:

    DevinAlways wonderful to see you & where would I be without My Favo(u)rite Monsters & my other blog friends??? Up shit creek as they say – I depend on the constant outflowing of other bloggers to nourish me, where else can I find my soul food – so please don't disappear anywhere!!But I also understand that you can only do & read so much, that's why I try to use my intuition & flow where & to whom it leads me, sometimes I get a very strong sense to pull away from certain sites & I listen to that, there could be lots of reasons for that, even maybe that I'm too tired, but amazingly the internet doesn't seem to have suffered from my inattention :)wishing you more dreams than you could wish for my friend & big thanks to you for everything :)Greetings Mr WizardI just loved your last article – I'd need a long while to come up with the appropriate words.I listened to a murder mystery a while back where a man was murdered by being hung upside down – he drowned – according to the author, the lungs fill with water, so perhaps the hanging man/drowned man is based on something factual.I read Aferrismoon's latest with his watery connection & that also got me thinking. I'm only vaguely knowing on the smiley faced murders – I have avoided the news for a long time, & let stories find their way to me, this one has popped up a little lately however.I very much look forward to your next instalment too :)All the best to you

  20. celticrebel replied:

    How convenient. You weave two incomplete strands into a new begining. One, it is wrong. Two, I'm jealous. :-)How wacky. We sync on King Lear, Anne Heche and Hung, which I'll be expounding on from my perspective. I'll sync to depths you [a]void traversing…

  21. Alex Robinson replied:

    Well Mr Rebel, sometimes there's no limits to the depths I'll sync, at other times I must leave it to your very capable hands to boldly go etc…I started but got interrupted with your new article, but yes the synchs were doing a flying fish impersonation & leaping off the page, I shall of course be returning shortly.All the best to you & Party On Dude :)

  22. Darren replied:

    Thank you for your article!
    In a tangential vein regarding
    Please watch Guillermo del Toro
    First feature film from 1993 called,
    “Cronos” and pay attention to Aurora!

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