Ellis the Tailor

This morning I tried on an unmissable woven fabric by Ellis Taylor. He has sewn together a multi coloured cloak of lunar fabric, sows ears & star spangled gods & goddesses.

You know how it is with syncs, they often come a-calling a few days in advance when there is something to pay attention to. Thus it was on Tuesday past, my eye was caught at the library, by a book about Ellis Island in New York.

When I had to click out of this post wee while ago, it was at 11.22 (my time) – you will find the number 33 aplenty in his article. LOL I just looked at my time again & it is now 12.12pm.

Here’s a link to “A Year of Tears & Tears

Ha! … would you believe as I finished editing the time showed itself as 12.21pm
Many thanks Julie for sending me the link.

July 28, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Alex Robinson replied:

    …Testing, Testing – for some reason this isn't showing up! Could the pixies please bugger off & leave this alone, it says things that need to be read.

  2. Devin replied:

    I will try to get the pixies to lay off Alex!! havent had much probs with them lately!! all the best:) WV=dystri

  3. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks Devin – do you ask nicely or do you have to use a spray? :)I hope you are very well

  4. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Nicely posted WW!Glad you took the time to do this so your readers can mow-zie on over to E.T.'s site and browse that brilliant piece!Cheers my friendWV = truziess

  5. Alex Robinson replied:

    Cheers MichaelHere's hoping you have an awesome Fry Day!For wv I found Zeiss (with a slight twist)…German: nickname for a gentle person, ‘tender’, ‘kind’, ‘graceful’So WV = 'true, gentle person' – that works for me :)All the best

  6. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    I didn't know Ellis "Tailor" lived up to his name! He's a dark horse.Sorry I've been offline for a while. I've had the dreaded Swine Flu. You know, the one the government is telling us to be scared of. But I survived! I'm alive and well. Yes, this really is me writing; it's not channelled by a medium!

  7. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    BTW: Did you know that at 12.34 pm and 56 seconds today the date and time will read: 12.34.56 7/08/09 (Can we dig up a 10 somewhere too!)

  8. Alex Robinson replied:

    Ben so very, very happy to hear you are ok. I have had the flu a couple of times in my life, once so bad I really thought I would die, something in me changed after that experience, but I shudder to remember it.Yes I'd heard about all the numbers in a 'line-up', – I'll toss the 10 in for you being back 'on-line' :)All the very best to you & hopefully Louisa is fine.

  9. Devin replied:

    Trying my "live" links skills haha-my friend-although I hope this link can help with your latest research!!Andrew Cunanan & Gianni Versacehope this helps and link works-all the best to you!!

  10. Alex Robinson replied:

    Your skills may become legendary – worked great – thanks my friend.I hope this means you are feeling better xx

  11. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Thanks Alex. By some miracle I haven't passed on my Swine Flu to either Louisa or my housemate. Good job I went to stay at my dads!

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