A retelling

I am presently up to my elbows in research for a new post.

In the meantime I have decided to re post two articles from last year as they revolve around & around a mercurial character that will be reappearing on this stage in the nearish future. They are interlocking articles, so if you have the time & inclination you can start with the mercurial minstrel & if the mood takes you, follow on to the tale of the thief

Best wishes to all

September 4, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Devin replied:

    Wow Alex-Me of all people didn't know about the Mercury-Elton connections-or would never have thought of them anyway-also another weird thing for me not to know but now I do thanks to you is that Wednesday=Mercury-I also didn't know about Mercalia either-had heard many times of "Saturnalia" but not the other-very interesting as always Alex-now I am off to read the other article you mentioned -good luck with what you are working on now also!! your friend always!!hehe WV=ronch:)


  2. Devin replied:

    Wow alex-those comparisons took my breath away-regarding the fellow who escaped by linen:) I agree with your assessment of the image at the end of that article-plugged in-but plugged into what exactly?? I always think its so great to hear of people's reactions to news in other countries where everyone's knickers dont seem to be in a twist like right now in the USA!!Here is a bit from Harpur's Daimonic Reality "Like Coyote, Raven and Hare-those North American Indian clown-cum-culture-heroes-Hermes is a Trickster. It is as difficult for us to countenance Tricksters as it is daimons; our monotheism, whether of Christianity or Science, has excluded them. So Hermes is forced to operate from the Underworld, to shadow Christianity in esoteric-"occult" Gnostic and Hermetic philosophies. As his Latin counterpart Mercurius, he is the soul of alchemy. He returns to torment scientism with paranormal phenomena and maddening anomalies-all daimons are tricksters, as the fairies are; all are in the pay of Hermes-Mercurius. He unsettles our lives with all manner of impish tricks and pixilations, the more we ignore him, the more he bedevils us, until his tricks begin to look sinister. He becomes, in fact, the Devil." again that was Patrick Harpur's Daimonic Reality off pages 166-167-best to you as always my friend!!WV=ingave


  3. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi DevinThanks so much for your info, that was very interesting indeed & helps to keep my mind open to even more possibilities.Until I reread my own article, I'd forgotten just how mercurial Elton was/is. It's funny how you write about something & think it's finished & then it comes back later with lots of new twists & turns (or should that be 'tricksters & pixilatins':)Wonderful to (virtually) see you as always.Having a lovely Saturday here, I hope your Friday evening is 'a breeze' :)Best of everything to you my friend.


  4. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Good luck with your new articles. Alex. I enjoyed your research on the IRA bombing. I remember that poor horse Sefton surviving after 100's of nail-bombs. I get very upset when innocents like animals and children get caught up in things like this. Saw a horrible video from the late 19th century of an elephant being electrocuted by Thomas Edison to gain public support (!) for his own system in the "Battle of the Currents" with Nikola Tesla. I'd stop paying my bills and be cut off if E-On did that!


  5. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks Ben – that helps :)It's ALWAYS the innocents who get caught, isn't it? Those who do these things either don't care or else the innocents are a part of 'required outcome'. I had no idea about the elphant -that's horrendous. I join with you in rejecting ALL these despicable acts.Re your email, I found it very interesting that you felt something was up about Sefton!Al the best to you from NZ :)


  6. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Heya Alex,Am "chomping at the bit" with anxious and bated breath waiting to see what magic you weave this time!May your investigations be fruitful!WV = retteCheers!


  7. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Alex, the film of the elephant being killed is shown in the documentary "Tesla- Master of Lightening". It's on Google Video… if you've got the stomach for it. It was part of Thomas Edison's exhibition to promote the use of DC-direct current, as opposed to Tesla's AC-alternating current. It was AC that won in the end and it's Tesla's system that we use to this day, but it's shocking the depravities Edison stooped in order to try and prove Tesla wrong.You're rigtht, it's always the innocent who suffer; they're seen as expendible pawns in "The Game". The guilty ususally remain safe and live to a ripe old age, like Augusto Pinochet, Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe etc. I'm sure Bush and Blair will collect their full pensions too.Pro-Big Brother dupes naively say: "If you're innocent you've nothing to fear from the govt." On the contrary. History indicates that the innocent are the ONLY people who have anything to fear!


  8. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks Michael, I recommend chomping on a few NZ apples in the meantime as I'm still researching & you may get hungry :) Be well my friend & thanks heaps for the encouragement.Hi BenI can accept your word on the Edison 'experiment', not something I could watch with ease – interesting how it is not a 'known' part of his work – it does make you wonder about the whitewashing of history!I thought this statement of yours was brilliantly brilliant; -"History indicates that the innocent are the ONLY people who have anything to fear!" – a sentence which if taken to heart might actually awaken the m'asses!I think I'm going to have to borrow that quote for the future :)Very best wishes to you


  9. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Glad to help, Alex. Hope you find the phrase useful.


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