Looking under Rock(s)

I can’t help but remember the wonderful Irish comedian Dave Allen once talking of seeking directions in Ireland & being told;

Well if I were you, I wouldn’t start from here.”

So we won’t either, we’re going to start from over ‘there’ instead.

I was all set to wrap up the like sky-blue air series. I’d mentioned my line of investigation to my mate Michael from Hidden Agendas & I’d mentioned Elton John to him as a little aside line to that. His interestingly worded response about said minstrel combined with the strange (to me) affair of that said minstrel’s one night stand in Auckland last year sent me a-sleuthing.

I have been neither a fan nor a detractor of Elton John. For me he has simply been a strange little man who wore big glasses & sang some songs on the radio during my formative years.

Actually quite a lot of songs.

In his four-decade career, John has sold over 200 million records, making him one of the most successful artists of all time. He has more than 50 Top 40 hits, including seven consecutive No. 1 U.S. albums, 56 Top 40 singles, 16 Top 10, four No. 2 hits, and nine No. 1 hits. He has won five Grammy awards, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award and a Tony Award. His success has had a profound impact on popular music and has contributed to the continued popularity of the piano in rock and roll. In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked him #49 on its list of the 100 greatest artists of all time.”

However it was his funereal friendship with some of the unluckiest star studded names of the last (& this) century, that is the main reason we are gathered here today. Before we dig them up (not literally of course), let us travel briefly down that hallowed brick road from which I began pulling up paving stones last year in an effort to see what lay beneath.

A brief aside: You may, like me, have previously filed Elton in the slightly weirdo famous person basket & forgotten all about him. Therefore, if you have gotten thus far in this article, your hand may be sneaking towards your mouse with the Great Escape in mind.

So to cut a long explanation short we are going to take a look at Elton John, with some intuitively coloured glasses & see how he looks in an alternative light.
We are going to see if instead of an outrageous, weird or laughable performer, we have been wooed & crooned to over four decades by one who wears the title of chief priest.

Hopefully you either remembered or skimmed through the links I left under the Retelling heading & will know why I have retained a twinning of Elton & the god Mercury to this day.
Just in case you are a little hazy on Merc, let’s do a little run down, not of him obviously (well he’s fleet of foot & would probably outrun us).

Mercury is the Roman flavour of the Greek god Hermes – both have a penchant for the feel of the wind against their skin & who can blame them.

But there’s a lot more to them than mere showboys. Ands there’s a lot more connectivity, in my eyes, to them & the priest Elton Hercules John.

Mercury & or his twin Hermes will now make a short appearance on centre stage.

Hermes is the messenger of Zeus and the herald of the gods” “Most importantly, he is the “messenger” (Gr. angelos – Angel) of the Gods.

He was also associated with the Egyptian god of knowledge and magic, called Thoth” (wiki). Hermes & Thoth get all conjugated up together in the (too tricky for me) system of Hermeticism.

Hermes was considered the inventor of the religious sacrifices to the other gods, and hence he not only acts the part of a herald at sacrifices… but is also the protector of sacrificial animals” …errr doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?

he was a patron of poetry and music, inventing the lyre, the pan pipe, and the flute.” in other words has a musical bent.”

Later in life Hermes would give Apollo a flute in exchange for the Caduceus. The Caduceus was a winged staff with two entwined snakes which Hermes used to cast spells.”

Hermes was said to have invented fire (though it was Prometheus who gave fire to men).

If alchemy has a patron deity it’s Hermes, god of riddles, tricks and secrets; or as the Romans called him, Mercury; tutelary wheeler-dealer deity of trade, thieves and market places? The arch illusionist, the ultimate Tricky-Dickie, the fluid that is really a metal but behaves like a liquid…”

Being the herald (messenger of the gods), it was his duty to guide the souls of the dead down to the underworld.

Ok boys thanks for your time. Please give a big hand to the fastest lads in the West as they make their way off stage (you might just want to keep a strong hold on your wallets as they pass, mind you I guess they don’t have anywhere to hide them, so you should be ok).

Last week I bought a book I really didn’t want to (but research overruled me).

It was a second hand book on Elton John, it had lots of pictures & my intuitive eyes were seeking understanding.

When I’d done I showed it to a friend of mine, who hails from West Africa. From my point of view, he is blessed with ears that can hear the kind of questions I like to ask. In this instance I was interested in his knowledge of African Traditional Religion. I asked him what impressions he got from viewing the costumes Elton has worn over the years.  He knew the direction my research had taken, but he is a very up front kind of guy & has never agreed with me just to keep me happy.

You have already read his answer, for it was he who gave us the title chief priest.

I was reminded Credo Mutwa, a man who is what he appears to be, a Zulu shaman.

What I am not so sure of is Mr Elton John.

Does he have an outrageous sense of costume or does he dress for the rituals he oversees?

Obviously not Elton John, but the glasses reminded me of someone…

Feathers from the Eagle or other birds (as swan, owl, raven) symbolize the ability of the shaman to travel the spirits world with his soul… The headdress is an instrument for inducing trance-states, also. By wearing the headdress only during shamanizing the shaman is actually programming himself (subconsciously) for the shamanic trance.

The costume of the shaman almost always includes feathers to symbolise the shamans power of soul flight” –

It’s lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight
And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
Till touch down brings me round again to find
I’m not the man they think I am at home…”

The symbols on the shaman’s costume and drum can refer to animals (as helping spirits), or the rank of the shaman. There were also examples of “mutually opposing symbols”, distinguishing “white” shaman practicing at day contacting sky spirits, and “black” shaman practicing at night contacting evil spirits for bad aims.”

That the piano is such an integral part of this man’s performance leads me to wonder…

… about the power of the ivories or 88 keys – that’s a lot of potential locking or unlocking n’est-ce pas?

Perhaps the most important aspect of the shaman costume was its function as a storehouse of power. Forms and objects were sewn or attached to the costume, some merely symbols, but others actual power objects. Spirits would give power to the shaman through these objects, allowing the shaman wearing the costume to directly profit from these powers during his ceremonies

the shaman made an important statement by wearing his costume, one which in many ways contradicted traditional societal rules, as their costumes were primarily androgynousTo become a shaman, one had to be both man and woman
… because a person should be the sum total of all human experiences. This idea was taken very seriously in many Siberian – and some Native American – tribes…
Homosexuality and traditional – Siberian – shamanism have always been connected...Many traditional shamanic cultures offered their homosexual members the possibility of living with a partner: a gay or lesbian could become a shaman and change sex, afterwards being able to marry a person of the same biological sex. Usually such transformed shamans would be looked upon with awe, fear or suspicion. They were considered to have very strong and special magical powers.” 

Elton John ‘married’ his partner, David Furnish in 2005. As one would expect of a chief priest, this occurred on a highly significant date21st December, Winter Solstice – their 7th wedding anniversary may just take their breath away.

The different symbols found on most Siberian costumes can be divided into seven groups:
feathers and wings,
bones and skeletons,
antlers and horns,
human and animal figures,
bells and other small hangers,
chains and ropes.

Lets have a creative look then.

Feathers & wings anyone?

Pop king Elton John is set to swap his sequinned jacket for a feather cloak (korowai) at his concert in New Zealand next month… John reportedly met a New Zealander overseas wearing one and liked it.”

Just a funny costume or invoking the ‘magic’ of Disney?

Among his many honours, John was named a Disney Legend for his numerous outstanding contributions to Disney’s films and theatrical works on 9 October 2006, by The Walt Disney Company It is the company’s highest honour.

John was instrumental in creating the songs that accompany another animal magic ritual, The Lion King.

Bones & skeletons anyone?

Antlers & horns? … or perhaps antennae?

Human & animal figures or just cuddly costumes?

ELTON JOHN once terrified a doped-up IGGY POP when he stumbled on stage during a THE STOOGES show wearing a gorilla suit. The punk icon admits he still remembers how the sight of Elton as a gorilla over 30 years ago had him trembling

But that wasn’t all. Five different-colored pianos were opened up and released real doves, Elton came down in an outrageous silver get-up, and during “Crocodile Rock,” a real crocodile was walked around stage on a leash.”

Bells & other small hangers? – will jewelry do?

SIR ELTON JOHN stunned fans at a recent British gig by wearing explicit jewellery for his onstage performance. The YOUR SONG singer, 57, shocked audience members at soccer team Bristol City’s stadium by wearing a diamante necklace bearing the words “f*** off” and a penis-shaped necklace.

Chains & ropes?


Aug. 11, 2009 NEW YORK – Alice in Chains thought it would take a miracle to get Elton John to play on the band’s tribute record to their late lead singer, Layne Staley. But it only took a listen to the song to get the rock legend on board

It’s easier to lose a rope around a fool
Easier sometimes to throw a rope around a fool
A ring of your indifference thrown anywhere you choose
Easier sometimes to throw a rope around a fool

(Rope around a Fool – Elton John)

I got a ball and chain hanging around my heart” – (Elton John – “Ball & Chain”).

Ok the fashion show is over – I actually had a hard time finding the pics in my book that I wanted. This simply gives another way of looking at someone whose persona has thus far been cemented into our memories simply as a strange little man who composes & sings & plays the piano & likes dressing up & well, he’s gay so it’s not surprising

From magical costumes we move to magical music. Unless you are very old, deaf or grew up in a cave, music has been your constant companion in this life. We all know who & what we like & don’t like. You will have exchanged your hard earned money for your favourite merry melodies. You may have got emotional, uplifted or danced round the room like a lunatic to certain ditties, well I know I have.

However looking at Elton has made me look at music. It has made me wonder.

I know there has been talk of backwards lyrics & hidden messages & all sorts of nasties, but we do tend to excuse the music we like from such exploration. I asked my African friend about music in his childhood world & he told me that it was important in ritual, it was used either to invoke or appease the gods. From what I have found in my research I would have to agree, that the endless, blood-soaked centuies of sacrifice are to do with invoking or appeasing.

The word music is born from the muses who were (of course) “Greek goddesses who presided over the arts and sciences. They were believed to inspire all artists, especially poets, philosophers, and musicians. The Muses were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory.
Let’s look at the words of others, & as we do keep in mind the energy that is invoked by music, all music, both in your life & the that which is created & magnified at a rock concert;

I learned the value of music in ritual nearly 20 years ago. I remember a Samhain ritual in Colorado where the priestess and those calling the quarters sang over a recording to cast the circle. I can’t remember the actual song, but I do remember the energy that was raised and the sense of power I felt as their voices reached to the cold, starry sky.

I found that when we dimmed the lights and processed with candles and incense around the circle to powerful music, the ritual participants were put in a different state of mind, separate from the mundane world and open to the energies of the elements, deities and magick that we would be working that night… Most of us were already in the habit of using song to raise energysinging up the energy and then walking backward with it to draw it out over the larger circle.”

“... I found that rather than looking for a song to fit a ritual, I couldn’t even write the ritual until I found the music… Music had become the inspiration and focus of the ritual, rather than an addition to it.”

There is something deeply spiritual about music. Our Celtic ancestors understood this, and they gave poets and musicians a place of honor they deserve..
I imagine that rituals were very musical and that most of their prayers and words of praise were sung. The legends and stories of the Gods and heroes speak of the magical power of their music.

The deeper truth here is that music is magic. Music is prayer. “Music,” says Beethoven, “is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” It is no less than the universal language of the Gods.”

The discovery of song and the creation of musical instruments both owed their origin to a human impulse which lies much deeper than conscious intention: the need for rhythm in life… the need is a deep one, transcending thought, and disregarded at our peril. ~Richard Baker”

“… the period of Samuel, David, and Solomon was the golden age of Hebrew music… Music was now for the first time systematically cultivated. It was an essential part of training in the schools of the prophets (1 Sam. 10:5; 19:19-24; 2 Kings 3:15; 1 Chr. 25:6). There now arose also a class of professional singers (2 Sam. 19:35; Eccl. 2:8). Solomon’s Temple, however, was the great school of music

My African friend also made mention of the need for drugs to help those who become the focal points to the vast amounts of energy created during rituals. The feeling I got from this was that the stars are a type of transformer – whether they are stepping up or down the energy I know not. Look at Elton in the picture above, what kind of strength or ability would you need to keep from burning out or up? Can’t you almost seeeee/feel the energy.  Man, imagine if ‘the peasants’ (that’s us apparently), could use that energy to heal ourselves & our world!

I have come across the description of the lyrics of Elton John’s songs as cryptic, personally from what I know of them I’d have to agree. Bernie Taupin has written a great deal of Elton’s words & yet it was mostly done in separate times & spaces. I don’t know why I find this strange, perhaps it reminds me of artificial insemination, when the creative energies never meet – somehow it seems to me the energy of music demands the physical presence of it’s begetters. Then again perhaps it’s just another instance of my “knowledge” of how things should be done, coming from the school of television.

Ok, finally we come to the suggestion that Michael from Hidden Agendas made, that got my attention, some weeks back.  That of Elton John being a herald.’

In NZ, the Herald is our big newspaper. In the dictionary it’s quite big too – “To introduce, or give tidings of, as by a herald; to proclaim; to announce; to foretell; to usher in” – it’s the latter meanings that we’re toying with here.

We are now going to attempt to a big leap. We are going to see if Mr John might not only fit the Mercurial/Hermetic role of a herald, but also undertake another this god’s roles – that of psychopomp.

“Psychopomps”… literally meaning the “guide of souls“) are creatures, spirits, angels or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly-deceased souls to the afterlife. Their role is not to judge the deceased, but simply provide safe passage.” (wiki)

For surely there’s no other superstar (deity?) that has anything like Elton’s record for guest appearances at funerals for friends.

So where to begin…

Let’s not start from here, let’s go over there to the man-made-god who ‘was’ Mercury.

Freddy Mercury voted”Top Rock God” – the god who was Queen died on 24 November, 1991. His death sentence was heralded to the world just a day earlier. It was during that most auspicious of times for a man-made-god to die. perhaps we could call them the Kennedy days.

Just a very, very few were granted audience to the Zorastrian finale that was Freddie’s leave-taking, among these of course, was Elton John.

In all these, perhaps preposterous, presumptions, I cannot say if I believe Elton consciously fulfills his roles or if it is done uncosnciously. These ‘great ones’ who live among us are not like us. They seem capable of holding & generating a power that most of us cannot even imagine. Could you, would you, walk out on a stage in front of say twenty thousand people & bewitch them to such a degree that they become a single emotional entity? Really??

I cannot go on without inserting this rather bewildering, synchronistic (to my recent articles) find.
No one knows for sure what became of Freddie’s ashes. He was cremated at the West London Crematorium. Some say that Mary has the urn, others think he was taken back to Zanzibar, and yet others think he was scattered over a south London cemetery. There is one unconfirmed report that his ashes were scattered over Lake Geneva, in Montreux, Switzerland. Queen did own a recording studio there, and Freddie was very fond of the place. I can tell you that Freddie’s friends believe that is entirely possible. There is a statue of him, uh, erected at the site.”

I have come across a number of internet head scratchers wondering why a 3 metre high statue of Freddie Mercury would be placed in a small town in Switzerland, not exactly the ‘rock capital’ of the world. However Lake Geneva interests me more every day! I can’t help but wonder if Freddies ashes might not lie in or under his symbolic statue.

It was unveiled in 1996 & left in relative peace for several years. However as of 2003, a new celebration (invocation?) has been taking place there every year – it’s called Freddie Mercury’s Montreux Memorial Day & it’s held annually in the first week-end of September. What is it about the worship of memorial statues that is so very important?

If you & your mouse are still with me, I congratulate me, personally I’ve had enough of Elton John to last a life time, but I must finish what I started. Doth not the Mercury below remind you of the Freddie Mercury Rising above?

Let’s back up a bit & turn the clock back to 1974.
28th November 1974 was Thanksgiving Day as well as the date that an Elton John concert at New York’s Madison Square Gardens turned into a very special event. Towards the end of the evening Elton was joined onstage by close friend and fellow musician John Lennon. Together they performed three numbers -‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’,’Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and Ï Saw Her Standing There’. Lennon’s performance of the last number surprised many as he has never been known to sing a Mccartney song before. This was the last concert appearance by John Lennon.

It was Elton who heralded (announced) that Lennon’s new album would get to number one. And he made a bet to the effect that Lennon would have to get up on stage with him next time he performed. That performance was Lennon living up to his part of the bet.

Ok fast forward 6 years.

On 13 September 1980, [Elton] John… performed a free concert to an estimated 400,000 fans on The Great Lawn in Central Park in New York City. Elton sang and dedicated “Imagine” to his friend, John Lennon, at this concert. Three months later Lennon would be murdered in front of his home building

and just across the road a memorial would be created, with this focal point, & at the heart of this focal point would lie one word “Imagine“.

Lets skip forward to a year that is so darkly occult, I’m surprised we navigated our way through it without headlamps. 1997.
On 15th July that year, the fashion designer Gianni Versace, is murdered outside his front gates. To be honest, this is where this article was supposed to start. For now I can only spare a few lines, but I’ll be back.

Elton & friends gather to say farewell in the cathedral of Milan. It is time for Versace’s trek to the underworld.

Six weeks later Diana is dead.

Elton turns in the performance of all our lifetimes. …Uh Ok I’m getting the inner tug that says to stop here – a rush to the finish line will leave too much unsaid, for this performance is the culmination of a chief priest’s life’s work…

Lest we forget, Elton John serenades the newly deceased Pharaoh Hermenthotip in the Futurama’s “A Pharaoh to Remember. ” He sings the pharaoh to his rest with a revised version of Crocodile Rock. Elton is then tipped into the tomb, presumably so he can fulfil his role as pychopomp.

More to follow…

Well I didn’t think I’d be back so quickly
I finally remembered something that Freddie Mercury’s statue has been trying to remind me of every time I pass this way.

The town of Montreaux on the shores of Lake Geneva has yet another claim to fame. On 4 December 1971, Montreax Casino burned down during a Frank Zappa concert. We are ‘told’, that a fan fired a flare gun into the ceiling.

In the middle of Don Preston’s synthesizer solo on “King Kong”, the place suddenly caught fire.”

Camping out just down the road were Deep Purple;

The “smoke on the water” that became the title of the song (credited to bass guitarist Roger Glover, who related how the title occurred to him when he suddenly woke from a dream a few days later), referred to the smoke from the fire spreading over Lake Geneva from the burning casino as the members of Deep Purple watched the fire from their hotel across the lake. (the words belong to wiki, but the emphasis is mine)

We all came out to montreux
On the lake geneva shoreline
To make records with a mobile
We didnt have much time
Frank zappa and the mothers
Were at the best place around
But some stupid with a flare gun
Burned the place to the ground
Smoke on the water, fire in the sky
22 years later on 4th December, (the date of the fire), Frank Zappa dies. 

The 4th December is the Roman festival of Bona Dea, “the perpetually virginal goddess, associated with virginity and fertility in women


the Roman mythology, Vulcan (god of fire) shared his realm with Bona Dea“.

Bona Dea (‘the Good Goddess’) is a Roman fertility goddess, especially worshipped by the Roman matrons.”

Frank Zappa’s & the Matrons Mothers, were playing the night Montreaux Casino on the shores of Lake Geneva was set alight…hmmm.  Just to give an inkling of how famous “Smoke on the Water” (or “Fire over Lake Geneva”) is – when I type it into Google it comes in with 12,800.000 results (that’s just a fraction more than this blog gets).

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  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wow I love this!! Super sleuthing Alex, amazing stuff, and all "hidden in plain sight".So many archetypes eh? I will have to ponder this tonight and leave another comment as it sinks in!Cheers!


  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi MichaelSo pleased you enjoyed – thanks for steering me in this unexpected direction – I won't mention the long hard slog that accompanied it :)Things are still sinking in for me too.Cheers right back at you :)


  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    I had an intuitive feeling that music is indeed more powerful than people know or real eyez. ;)For instance, waking up in the morning with a ditty/popular song running in your head before your even conscious? What's that all about right?Interested necklaces that Creedo character has dangling around his neck. So is the subliminal adrodgenous push meant to create more shamans or create more conduits to/for the other side to pervade our side with?So many questions! And that statue of Freddy Mercury near Lake Geneva, wow! I think MJ was supposed to have some sort of ritualistic funeral at Lake Geneva but it was scraped for some reason or another.I'm going to mull this info over at work tonight and see what I can come up with! Thanks Alex!CheersWV = mentecu


  4. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi MichaelI do think your intuition on music was spot on – I am trying to listen with questioning ears – I read one site which suggested that it was the music rather than the words that held the power, so I'm trying to notice that too & see what feelilng come from that when I listen – perhaps the words are a camouflage or used as a sweetener 'to help the music go down'! – it is Elton who writes 'the music to his songs.There are stories about Credo's necklaces, I tried to get you a link but my computer is doing a go slow – but you can do a search on the internet.Interesting point about the andorgynous agenda. I've been wondering if it's like the drugs that these energetic transformers need – their bodies require them somehow to transmute energy, whereas the 'peasant' drug takers body does not require them & therefore become harmful & perhaps open them to energies that they are not prepared for. Likewise being pushed toward an androgynous state may also do the same thing – the shaman is working with energies, whereas the 'peasant' is initiating something that he is not able to work with, both of these may be there to keep us 'peasants' in a state of imbalance. I remember reading of someone in NZ who bought a Lamborghini & crashed it on the first day – he was not able to handle the energy!very interesting about MJ – will have a nosey :)Thanks for all your thought my friend, your visits are always very welsome :)


  5. Jaspal replied:

    The duck or Ibis was one of the animals of Thoth, as well as the baboon, it might explain Reg's choice of costume.It is also interesting that the date of 13th of Sep was chosen for an adoption:http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2009/09/13/2009-09-13_elton_john_and_partner_david_furnish_interested_in_adopting_ukrainian_toddler_na.htmlWhat on the surface may appear as a blessing to these children by the outside world, isn't the case as who knows what occult rituals are performed on them.Hope all is well Alex, I've recently changed my energy centre and emigrated to HK for a year, and just witnessed my first Typhoon! I know your onto something with this idea of energy and flow, how "chi" flows and maintains a Yin Yang balance:http://www.geologia.com/foto/typhoon.jpg


  6. Alex Robinson replied:

    Welcome to my side of the world Jaspal :)I hope the hurricane wasn't too scary! I've never been to Hong Kong – Japan would be the closest. Feel free to send some photos if you ever feel 'snap'-happy.Thanks for the links – I guess that would be 'Levon' – "He was born a pauper to a pawn"This whole theme still feels kind of strange, but you can't go back once you have allowed the possibility of something, no matter how strange or improbable – this world is so full of the improbable & yet we pay it no heed, even when the most awful things happen & keep happening.I'm just going to post a bit I forgot, so you might like to check it out at the bottom of the article.All the best to you in your new (for now) home.


  7. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Good article, Alex.I often marvel at the way Elton John came up with the new lyrics for "Candle in the Wind" in time for Diana's funeral a week after her death. The song was originally a tribute to Marilyn Monroe and is poignant to listen to. A lot has been said about the similarities between Marylin and Diana. Jill Dando is another similar person who was murdered. She was probably assassinated by a Serbian secret agent in revenge for the bombing of the Belgrade TV studioes, but Blair covered it up so that all the firmer Yugoslav nations could join the EU without any fuss. The patsy in this case was a classic profile: an unintelligent loner with a love of guns. He's been freed now. He's called Barry George but called himself "Barry Bulsara", Bulsara was the real surname of Farukh Bulsara aka: Freddy Mercury.I'm interested in the idea of androgynous shamans, because Credo Mutwa is bisexual. He became so after an alien abduction experience in 1959 (See his interview with David Icke.


  8. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    I've picked up a really old book, first published 1981, called "Lightening Bird" by Lyall Watson. It's all about African shamans and features a chapter on Credo Mutwa. I'll let you know what it's like. (Lyall died last year so hopefully they'll issue some new memorial editions of his books)


  9. Devin replied:

    Beautiful article as always Alex!! And this one was so cool to me in a way -but I feel like it was in the wrong way so to speak! Here is what happened-you know I am a fan or horror fiction-well the role that Elton played in this article almost reminded me of the great plot of a horror story!! I never knew that about his 13 Sept 1980 bit about Lennon and of course Lennon dying such a short time later! actually there was a lot that was new to me regarding Elton and his relationship with other rockers especially-the Freddy Mercury statue compared to Hermes/Mercury was just plain eerie. I wasn't a fan but I remember Layne Staleys death in 2002. The thing about "music is magic" couldnt be more true-music provokes feelings and memories in me that nothing else can. And o Man what you wrote about imagining getting up in front of 20000 people or more and blasting their NRG to high heaven and more or less "melding" with them (not to go all Star Trek on you:-) I could no more imagine that than being named the King (or maybe in my case Queen-hey there is a small synch of Holland or Romania haha) I always love your articles so much because you do your own original work which is a lot more than I can say for myself. And what is more-each and every article I have ever seen you write has given me something new to think about-and I think Jeff Wells is the only other person I know whose articles stay with me so long after I read them-sometimes years-no kidding-and I am sure it will be with you also -I just havent known you quite a year yet-but it seems like we have known each other longer no?! I loved the comments on this one as I usually do -Michael's first comment is great as are all of his and everyone else's -I need to say hi to Ben-will try to get over to him tomorrow somehow-I think I am going to try to start the "Bloody Mary" article tonight so I probably need to get going-but I will continue to think about this one-just maybe for once I can come up with something useful for this. I was "spooked" to say the least when Andrew Cunanan started his rampage and had thought of Elton being at Versace's funeral and then Diana's-Youve really got me going now-actually I typed in know first haha-maybe thats a slip:-) of a good sort. I wonder if Elton is some sort of psycopomp/shaman that "heralds" new arrivals wherever it is those Gods and Goddesses among us mortals go-notice I didn't say good Gods/Goddesses-but I have just noticed that lately in the last 20 to 30 years that these folks literally seem "Above" us almost like the old gods of Olympus-I would love to see what Celtic or Justin Russell think about this-I hope they stop by. As always best to you my forever friend!! and I really enjoyed Michael's Ben's and Jaspal's comments-ATB!!!WV=pleeirps very much agree about new direction you mentioned in regards to "hidden in plain sight"!!


  10. aferrismoon replied:

    Smoke on the Water was a fave of days gone by as well as FZI find one thing that turns me off these 'stars' is they're introverted world which the gen.pub can glance at every so often, [ in awe if at all poss.] when much of their music is just the same hash rehashed.Nevertheless they do seem to have enormous followings. Zappa always tried to compose music, and didn't take drugs, thus his lack of commercial success, compared with faux-musicians like those mentioned.Did a psot called 'Casting out nines to the octave wave'The Pill[ar]s of Hercules?U mention Credo Mutwa and Androgeny in the week the SouthAfrican runner has been found to be hermaphroditecheers


  11. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hiya BenMany thanks for your comments.From what I've read it was Bernie Taupin who re-spelled the lyrics, but Elton who cast the spell. I haven't looked deeply into Jill Dando, I'd returned to NZ after 10 years in England that year, yet I remember how 'wrong' it felt – never sat well with me. The renaming of Barry George to Bulsara is most interesting – thanks for that, will have to peer closer.Funnily enouogh I was reading an excellent book by Lyall Watson myself, earlier this year – what a great writer! I'd be glad to know what you think of your book.I hope your leg has mended now & that Jessie has 'gone stright' :)Very best to you my friend.Hi DevinLovely to see you :)I do so benefit from 'creative descriptions'- they say in a few words what otherwise could not be said in a thousand – so thanks for the horror story analogy (esp with your knowledge on that subjec)t, that seemed to unlock some more thoughts in my mind!I've come across mention of Layne Stayley in my research but didn't look, actually had never heard of this person & don't even know if it's a man or woman, will have to take a look – also if you have any feeling pls feel free to let me know.I agree that these people are most definietly 'made' & marketed as 'above us' – I have a thoery to come on that :)I haven't had a chance to see that YouTube clip on Elton yet that you emailed me about, but that I HAVE to see – will let you know what I think.THanks muchly your excellent & thought provoking ideas. I hope Mary wasn't too bloody tiring for you – sorry for the terrible joke, but hopefully it made you smile :)Have a great day my friendHi AferrismoonI must admit I'd only ever heard his name & don't know if I know any of his songs – not a radio 'god' as you say. I agree on the music rehash, the whole thing is market driven from where I stand – keep putting the 'right' people in everybodies face & ears day & after day & just just beat then into some kind of worship submission.Thanks for the mention of the hermaphrodite, that is food for thought. I had a quick re-look at your post & see that I have to have a proper l look, I spotted a 'face familiar'.Al the best to you, I hope Pargue is sunny side up.


  12. Da WWWiz replied:

    Hiya Alex,If Elton is a High Priest, what I wonder is Bernie Taupin's secret id.Tau-pin: Hebrew Tau-Vav = 406. Means Lynch pin or Cross pin (as in nail).Bernie: The first word of the Torah is Bereshyt. Bernie = 260.Bernie Tau-pin = 666. Word and Logos.Pax


  13. Devin replied:

    Hi alex!! Just wanted to say that I hope you are having a beautiful friday on your side of the globe-and enjoyed reading the new comments from aferris and Ds WWWiz-I thought your comment was funny-especially in that my "Bloody Mary" post number 4 was all ready to go -I had stolen a pic of Michael Skaggs (believe it or not stealing from somebody besides you:-) (or nicking hehe) pressed publish-well the post vanished into the ether of blogdom!! So perhaps Bloody Mary is giving me a "bloody awful" time-that little bit on post number four prob took an hour and a half to type-thats how slow I amI did come back to say something-dont know if it has the slightest value or not-all of us on this planet-be they important or nobodies like me-I think may be playing at least one if not several more "roles" in our lives that we may be entirely unaware of consciously playing! So if what Elton is doing is "sub-or "unconscious" that would make it all the more fascinating to me! I think it is also interesting how the politicians -many of them around the world-starting perhaps with our own Ronald Wilson Reagan sometimes seem more like "game-show" hosts to me (i think "Sting" said exactly these words in a song) I think they are picked by an Elite (perhaps "huge" entertainers such as and Elton and Madonna-many others and even in the sports world) to play some role that they themselves may be entirely unaware of. Very interesting food for thought as always here at TLITP!! all the best!!


  14. Alex Robinson replied:

    Greetings Wise WizardBrilliant! He's a very vague fellow indeed – wiki doesn't even have a picture of him. I think most people know his name & yet I get a sense of 'lack of substance', perhaps of something behind a veil. Even before I started writing this I wondered if his words might be channelled – I seem to have the same feel about him that I do about JK Rowling, a sense of very flat personalties. Your numbers certainly put an interesting spin on that idea.Nice to see you againHiya DevinGreat thoughts – it would not surprise me at all if we are all playing one or many roles – it possible that these other roles are only called on at certain 'auspicious' times – the rest of the time we are free to be our pre-programmed little s'elves living our very little lives.My feeling would be that some know the roles they play or at least part of them, but also many don't, perhaps it depends on whose team you decide to pitch in with. I also feel strongly that we are on a hamster wheel that keeps us right where we are. I've another post in the offing which is going to play outrageously with that one :)Thanks for your excellent thoughts my friend


  15. StrangEye replied:

    WW!A key on the piano for each of the 88 constellations and a maestro to play them all.~SE~WORD VER: cyclian


  16. Alex Robinson replied:

    Oh that is superb StrangEye & ties in brilliantly with some Ellis Taylor Youtube vids I was watching yesterday with mention of Universal music.Thanks a lot for that, it puts extra impetus behind the rest of this archaeological Rock dig.Great wv by the way – mind you after toying with the godfather I was inclined to see 'Sicilian'


  17. Michael Skaggs replied:

    88 Constellations on the piano, a herald/Priest to weave the spell, and a chorus of sheeple to donate the much needed energy perhaps?Un-believe-able! It's starting to make more sense now is it not!WV = nowebonCheers!


  18. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hiya MichaelIt is indeed taking very lyrical shape – I am happily a-musing away.I saw newborn in you wv – which is kind of how this info feels – birthing some amazing new ideas or perhaps it's re-connecting with hidden knowledge.Thanks for your enthusiasm & interest my friend, it means a lot.


  19. Jaspal replied:

    While I was re-reading your post I just happened to be listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ngf5Oo_XrjIImagine my shock when I found out Lady Gaga is rumoured to be an hermaphrodite! Just watch the music video and see the strange Egyptian theme, two large dogs (Anubis) while she comes out of a lake. Then the whole eye patch thing, which links her to Queen Nefertiti, there a theory that Akhnaton might have been bisexual and Queen Nefertiti is just his female form! Sorry if I've gone off the beaten track. I'm also quite concerned by my word veri: 'flayed'!


  20. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi JaspalDon't worry i've put my whip away :)I had not heard of this lady(ish) person – was thinking of the song Radio Gaga by Queen – funnily enough this syncs up with a phone call from my mother earlier in the week. She was looking for the answer to a crossword clue – a word from french that means insane – the answer of course was 'gaga' – so I must pay attention!All the best to you :)


  21. Bobert replied:

    it took me for ever to find the futerama pic lol may he rip


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