Fair Phantom – the tail biting finale

While travelling in the vicinity of today I collided gently but firmly with a series of hints that suggested I get my butt on my computer chair & bring forth that which follows.

Originally I thought that I would merely put a link to the first in a series that began this time last year – a small gesture to the upcoming upHeavelloween. I’m going away this weekend & therefore my mind said there would be no time for writing.

But that was before reading through the latest at Ellis Taylor’s site & being blown away by his dedication to bringing forth as much info as possible, prior to that Hallowed Fest. He has already pointed out astounding time correlations between it & the late symbology twins Apollo & Artemis aka Michael Jackson & Princess Diana.

Last year, on November 1st, I posted the Ist in a series based upon the death of actor, director & screen writer Adrienne Shelly. There were many reasons why I felt her death was so much more than the media generated ‘tragic-death-slash-murder’ by ‘evilmonster-slash-illegal-immigrant’.

For me the date was a very significant factor.

Up until today I’d thought I’d delayed finishing this series because interest was waning, I had perhaps gone on too long! Now, however it seems that it was just a waiting game, waiting for the right time – the 3rd anniversary of a stolen life.

If Ellis Taylor is right about this coming Halloween, then it seems a good time to check under previous Halloween rocks.

The naming of the series Fair Phantom came from the name of the main character Jenna Hunterson (played by Keri Russell) in Adrienne Shelly’s last movie, Waitress.

The meaning of the name Jenna is Fair Phantom

Somehow this felt exactly the right description for the woman whose ending, for me, echoed down the corridors of myth to Jocasta. There was also the thread that led to Rusalkas, & thus it seemed even more fitting.

Another reason I looked into Adrienne’s murder was because of a line in an excellent article from the now quiet, Atlantean Times on the death & times of Heath Ledger:

Ker is never far away either is it Keri.

Gavin was speaking of Keri Russell. The Ker he spoke of was the 40ft owl that hangs out at Bohemian grove & has things sacrificed to it.

Skipping through the fertile meadows of internet-land we may also come across another death sprite;

Ker (PL. KERES, CER) In Greek belief, a destructive or malevolent female spirit of the dead. Although some sources seem to refer to a single Ker, the more common belief was in a host of Keres. They were said to be the daughters of Nyx and Erebos.”

It is possible that a connection exists between Keres and the Valkyries of Norse myth…

…Both deities are war spirits that fly over battlefields during conflicts and choose those to be slain.”

In one of the sections of this series I linked three deaths – Adrienne Shelly, Heath Ledger & Ruslana Korshunova – all died within a neat triangular area of Manhattan, within the spacing of 18 months.

Keri Russell’s starring role in Waitress had her acting with Adrienne Shelly. Here are two lines from the movie that was awaiting acceptance at the Sundance Film festival, when it’s writer was murdered.

Dawn (Adrienne Shelly): “I’ve finally found someone who loves me to death
Jenna (Keri Russell) “Well hopefully not to death.

Keri Russell also links to Heath Ledger. She was there in the beginning for him-

Ledger kicked off his career by playing the warrior hero Conor in the Dark Ages TV series Roar (1997). The series lasted only one season, but established Ledger as an up-and-coming heartthrob.

Russell played the love interest who laid down her life for him, stepping in front of her father’s sword. She dies sacrificially in his arms, but not before marking his face with her blood.

In fox hunting it’s called blooding, a:

sort of gruesome parody of the rite of baptism.

Captain Elwe’s two children being present at the death of a fox on their father’s preserves, the old hunting custom of ‘blooding’ was duly performed by Charlie Beacham, who, after dipping the brush of the fox in his own [sic] blood, sprinkled the foreheads of both children, hoping they would be aspirants to the ‘sport of kings.’

Russell also fairytale-links with Ruslana Korshunova, the Russian Rapunzel who leapt from the ninth storytower of her apartment last year. She died in Water Street. Her crowning glory was her extremely flowing locks. In the fairytale Rapunzel, the ever present wicked witch trims her locks before evicting the maiden from her Tower-home.

Keri Russell gained much fame through her hair & much infamy through the snipping of it when something wicked her way came.

Never has a haircut caused such a stir. After Keri Russell’s Felicity character chopped off her long ringlets, fans angrily petitioned the WB network and one top exec was quoted saying, “Nobody is cutting their hair again on our network.

It’s been nearly 10 years since Keri Russell famously lopped off her lusted-after locks — yet ask any girl who started mailing tape recorded messages to friends, and they’ll remember it like yesterday… “No one could have predicted just how unfavorably Hollywood would react.

… & a little pisstake to highlight the cutting impact;

(A black TV screen. Suddenly, the image of a globe appears, over which is superimposed the ABC logo, along with the words “America In Crisis: Keri Russell’s Hair Held Hostage – Day Two”, while overly dramatic music blares. Then a familiar face appears…)

Ted Koppel: Good evening, this is Ted Koppel, reporting to you live from Leon’s House of Follicles on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Tonight we bring you Day Two of our continuous coverage of the story that has gripped all of America, and indeed the world. I speak, of course, of the recent, tragic shearing of the famous – some might say infamous – hair from the head of TV’s Felicity, Keri Russell.

Keri Russell-ka perhaps?

Her [Rusalakas] hair is sometimes depicted as green, and often perpetually wet. According to some legends, should the rusalka’s hair dry out, she will die

She {Rusalkas] may also appear naked, wrapped in her wet hair

Ruslana (lion- think ‘mane’) Korshunova (K + Horus + Nova (new) – Horus of course can be twisted & plaited into ‘hours’ of fun!

It interested me greatly that the actress whose name echoes the Keres should have such intimate connections with this trio of death.

But that’s not all folks, for she links mightily with a fourth ‘ending’. The one that came during the Great Halloween ritual of 1993, when the Phoenix was killed by the snake.

On October 31, 1993, [River] Phoenix collapsed from a drug overdose of heroin and cocaine (known as a speedball) outside the Viper Room, a Hollywood night club partially owned by actor Johnny Depp.”

After looking into Rusalkas & the Serpentine River in London, I was much interested to learn from my African friend that in African Traditional Religion snakes are very much associated with water & water goddesses.

Snakes were a common feature of many creation myths, for example many peoples in Africa and Australia had myths about a Rainbow Snake, which was either Mother Earth herself giving birth to all animals or a water-god whose writhings created rivers, creeks and oceans

Snakes were also commonly associated with water especially myths about the primordial ocean being formed of a huge coiled snake as in Ahi/Vritra in early Indian myth and Jormungand in Nordic Myth.

The unforgetably named River Phoenix had his name usurped (or was reincarnated) a couple of years ago by Miss Russell-ka. River is the name she gave to the son she bore in June 2007.

As Gavin from Atlantean Times pointed out last year, Ms Russell got her start in the Mickey Mouse Club – not widely viewed in certain circles as indicative of a healthy past.

In 2005, several reports claimed that Russell was set to adopt Scientology, after working with actor Tom Cruise, who is a Scientologist, on Mission: Impossible III. Russell’s representative subsequently threatened to sue the reporter who first made the claim. Stories about the incident had noted that Russell is of Jewish heritage; older reports, which had originally suggested her conversion to Scientology, had mentioned that she was once a member of the Mormon church.

The actor named for both fire & water, himself had an unsavoury past attached to a cult called the Children of God. The fire-water that was River Phoenix was born on a fire sacred day;

Vulcanalia was a festival in ancient Rome held on August 23 each year in honor of the Roman god Vulcan. During the festival small animals were burned alive in homage to the god.

In spite of the brutual summer heat, many citizens of Rome gathered in the Forum Romanum to observe the time-honored festival. Sacrificing live fish and lighting bonfires at night were part of the festival…People sacrificed fish, which were thrown live on the fire, or drove animals into the fire as substitutes for human lives.

What an interesting mix of fire & water symbolism (fish).

River Phoenix was 23 when he collapsed outside the blackhole known as the Viper Room on the Halloween of 1993. We were tolled that it was a self inflicted overdose & we always believe what we are tolled.

I see from a this year blog, that the Viper Room re-members the dead

Driving pass the Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard, part-owned by Johnny Depp, where River Phoenix died of an overdose one Halloween night, I noticed their sign, which read “Michael Jackson: R.I.P.

hmmm the Viper Room on Sun Seth Boulevard…

Where am I going with all this? I really don’t know!

I got fired up by Ellis Taylor’s dedication to setting the table with truth. I recalled that Adrienne Shelly was done to death at this veil thinning time. I recalled that I had not finished her tale. I have also left loads out & it does not seem so important now to cross all the tau’s & dot all the eyes.

But I did want to round this off by returning to where I started. In a great many cultures around the world the dawning of November is known as the Day of the Dead.

It is a time when those who have left these material shores can get up close & personal for a time. So I leave you with this tale biting (ouroboros) link to the first in the series Fair Phantom. One more side-topic spurned by that event is still to be written – but here, where I started is where I lay Adrienne Shelly (to what I hope) is rest.

Here is a link to Ellis Taylor’s site – he’s burning rubber & midnight oil to make as much relevant info as possible to the eyes & ears of all questing pixies.

Additional: I just nabbed this from Ellis’ “A Year of Tears & Tears

The 24th of June is a Freemasonic high day (as well as Christian and other faiths) allied to the summer solstice. Once it fell on midsummer day – the solstice – but now it almost coincides with when the sun appears to start to move again – to the south” –

As mentioned in a one of the Fair Phantom series – 24th June was Adrienne Shelly’s date of birth. The lady of the So(u)lstice was hung on the Day of the Dead – the day that follows Halloween, in 2006. That was also the date & year that that Alexander Litvinenko was so famously poisoned. And Halloween was the date that the Viper claimed the life of the Phoenix.

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Playing with personages of historical significance

One Dane once asked, if he should be or not be, little realising that he was trifling with the most aberrant verbin the English language.

Etymologically speaking, the …

… with only one ‘e’
goes like this;

be O.E. …”be, exist, come to be, become,”… It is the most irregular verb in Mod.E. and the most common it has eight different forms in Mod.E.:
Be Am Are Is Was Were Being Been

‘The Ogdoad of the wordy world, found in all the best sentences in town.

I was rather reminded of the above set of eight matching Egyptian godlies & couldn’t resist a little play – eye see our most irregular verb contains a couple of atoms of AtuM & ISis.

Anyway just to keep things all neat & modern, I thought a spot of godly renaming might be in order – henceforth, shall the to-be’-verb-god-collective be known as Toby (or not Toby).

As luck would have it I ran into Toby earlier today on a quiet street corner. After a brief struggle I managed to subdue him long enough to get him under a microscope for a close-up look. Notice the amazing super cellular construction…

…one squeeze of Toby turns a casual sentence into a concrete structure – once a ‘pronoun-cement’ is made, all ifs, buts & maybes are sent straight to Hades, without passing GO or collecting $200 .

This takes us to what we’re going to play with today.

With ‘History.’

That topic has gotta be an award winning concrete construction if ever there was one!

Just look what it’s done to us…

… backed into a narrow historical corridor absorbing tales of a past that is for the most part, diabolical.

From what I can see, much acceptance of our today world comes from comparing what we have now with a past that exists for the most part only in that double edged sword, WORDS – big fat factual words superglued together by the god Toby (aka the verb to be).

Fancy a change? Without too much further adoing, lets put Toby in the bin & beegin again. Let’s play with history from a different angle (actually its more a curve than an angle).

What if the same historical figures keep returning to play the same roles – a kind of historical type casting.

Take this world renowned & glittering figure

Set within our mass consciousness, does not this image instantly trigger the 100 carat Di-mind?

But what if there’s more to this instantly recognised figure than meets the eye? What if she is a part of a repeating pattern, one that turns up again & again to play a central role in historical (pre-set?) course changes.

Lets paint a bigger portrait. A not so still-life of three Annes.

Anne Boleyn (beheaded)

Marie-An(ne)toinette (beheaded)

(It was also first reported that a paparazzo who saw Diana described her as bleeding from the nose and ears with her head rested on the back of the front passenger’s seat.)

What I’ve been wondering is if these three portraits portray the same royal personage?

I don’t know how this world works, but for me reincarnation seems probable. A friend of mine suggested another possibility in regards to the theory du jour – that of exceptionally long living entites reappearing throughout time, but house-sitting new bodies. Exalted bloodlines however, do seem to be a key ingredient, whichever way you look.

I tied these ladies together for a number of reasons.

Firstly for echoing theme of early death: Diana 36 (1997), Marie Antoinette 37 (1793), & Anne Boleyn (year of birth uncertain but believed at death to be either) 29 or 35 (died 1536).

Two of the trio were undeniably executed, while the third has so many questions around her demise that it’s just plain ‘logical’ to wonder.

All three have a French connection.

Die-Anna died there as did Marie Antoinette – indeed Diana passed the place of Marie Antoinettes’ execution, Place de la Concorde just minutes before heading into the lunar tunnel of death.

After crossing the Place de la Concorde they drove along Cours la Reine (approx translation Queens Court) and Cours Albert 1er (the embankment road running parallel to the River Seine) into the Place de l’Alma underpass

In the true ritualistic style we gave come to know & …umm, expect, the Place de la Concorde sports a grand Egyptian erection.

The center of the Place is occupied by a giant Egyptian obelisk decorated with heiroglyphics exalting the reign of the pharaoh Ramesis II… The obelisk once marked the entrance to the Luxor Temple. The Ottoman viceroy of Egypt, Mehmet Ali, offered the 3,3 00-year-old Luxor Obelisk to France in 1829. The obelisk arrived in Paris on December 21, 1833. Three years later, on October 25, 1836, King Louis-Philippe had it placed in the center of Place de la Concorde, where a guillotine used to stand during the Revolution.”

Etymologically speaking this is kinda interesting : “concord c.1300, from O.Fr. concorde, from L. concordia “agreement, union,” … lit. “hearts together“.” A little while ago I came across this informative snippett regarding Marie Antoinette’s 10 year old sun:

“The heart, … was cut from Louis XVII’s body following a tradition of keeping royal hearts separate from their bodies.”

On August 31 The Queen of hearts passes the Place where the former queen’s stopped beating – two hearts beat as one? I wonder what lies beneath the place of hearty togetherness? I also recall reading recently the suggestion that Diana’s heart was removed from her body after death.

The third member of the Three Graces, Anne Boleyn, spent many a year in France during her formative years.

The meaning of the name Ann is ‘Grace; favour’.”

Although Anne Boleyn did not die in France, the coup de grâce was delivered from there:

her life was cut short on 19th May 1536 when her head was cut off in one stroke by a French swordsman from Calais

A death in the French style may have been requested by Anne herself; it was certainly intended as an act of grace towards her, to add to the kindness of a death by beheading, instead of the accustomed fire of the female traitor” – …

… errr at the risk of sounding a little naive, I can’t help thinking that kindness should perhaps lean a little more in a life enhancing direction.

A great strangeness now occurs in this narrative.

In the beginning (of this article) we started out with a depressed Danish prince. This was in order to introduce the idea that, by the use of the verb to be, (aka Toby), our history has been cemented in time & place. I played with that verb as is my won’t & put in a picture of a wee beebeing. That pic related to a weekended visit to a land of milk & honey – well ok, a honey centre actually, but I’m sure they had milk on the premises too.

Today I’m finding myself beeing hounded across the internet by the little b(ee)lighters. I have also re-membered the curious incident last week of a pair of bees absailing down my chimney & creating a stir in my unlit fireplace. Plus I keep running out of time of late & have been repeating a pattern of dining on dollops of the nectar of gods (on toast of course).

Returning to & connecting with, our French theme, we find that bees:

were considered … the oldest emblem of the sovereigns of France.”

And connecting with the death of Marie Antoinette, we find the little man who would bee king, (well actually emperor) of France, was a lover of bees (though not in the Monty Python sense you understand).

Napoleon had a veritable mania for the industrious insect, which he had made into a symbol of his own reign; even made it into a flag and a cloak, wearing which he was painted by David. Bees long standing symbols for immortality and resurrection, they linked the new dynasty to the very origins of France, more Merovingian than Napoleonic

In a glass-sided carriage beneath a crown supported by four silver eagles, Josephine blazed with diamonds in a white satin gown ornamented with golden bees, and Napoleon’s cloak was also embroidered with them

And connecting with our three little maids…

The god Apollo speaks of three female seers as three bees or bee-maidens … These sacred bee-maidens with their gift of prophecy, were to be Apollo’s gift to Hermes, the god who alone could lead the souls of the dead out of life and sometimes back again… The Greek word for ‘fate’, ‘death’ and ‘goddess of death’ is e ker (feminine); the word for’heart’ and ‘breast’ is to ker (neuter); while the word for ‘honeycomb’ is to kerion (neuter). The common root ker links the ideas for the honeycomb, goddess, death, fate and the human heart, a nexus of meanings that is illumined if we know that the goddess was once imagined as a bee.”

Aphrodite, revered as the queen bee by her priestesses, was worshipped at a honey-comb shaped shrine at Mt Eryx. The hexagonal shape of the honeycomb was the holy geometric shape of cosmic harmony. The honeycomb represented the perfect union of the macrocosm with the microcosm. In many ancient Egyptian, Indian and Greek cultures, bees represented the divine spirit or soul … In the ancient Minoan culture they were a symbol of immortality and rebirth. In Celtic myth, bees were regarded as beings of great wisdom and spirit messengers between worlds. Honey was treated as a magical substance and used in many ancient magical rituals.”

The 3rd century Greek philosopher and mathematician Porphyry of Tyre believed that souls arrived on earth in the form of Bees, having descended from the moon goddess Artemis, and that they were lured to terrestrial life by the promise of earthly delights, such as honey.

The Honey-moon?

The Mayans had the Ah-Muzen-Cab (the Bee God), designating honey-producing cities (who prized honey as food of the gods). The Kalahari Desert’s San people ascribe the Creation of man to bees: A bee carried a mantis across a river, but when exhausted it left the mantis on a floating flower, simultaneously planting a seed in the mantis’s body before it died. From that seed grew the first man. The Egyptians believed bees to grow from the tears of the sun god Ra when they fell on the desert sand (much like the foam of the sea was considered by the Greeks to be the sperm of the cut genitalia of Cronus from which Aphrodite emerged). The bowstring of the Hindu love god Kamadeva is made of honeybees and Vishnu is often depicted as a blue bee

Bees in Ancient times were also the symbol of the Goddess Artemis. This was because she was once the Great Mother who created the world without the help of a male God. The ancients believed that bees created themselves through parthenogenesis, so bees became a symbol of the Virgin Creatrix Mother

Sooo all honeyed out?

How about a light sea voyage?

If you look sideways at Anne Boleyn or Marie Antoinette or Princess Diana you might be forgiven for thinking you can make out the outline of Helen of Troy.

One woman who powerfully captures the imagi-NATION of his story

We are told that it was Henry VIII’s desire to marry Anne Boleyn, that led to his sacking of the Roman Catholic church & setting up his own DIY business. He patented a number of creative products.

Who can forget ‘Monks Away’, the most effective Monastery disolvent known to man.

And then of course there was the extra strength (& cost effective)
Henry’s Spray & Wife

Removes stubborn wives without harsh scratching

Henry’s marriage to Anne, and her subsequent execution, made her a key figure in the political and religious upheaval that was the start of the English Reformation.

Further down the track we come to the Queen of the Gateaux Chateau

No one really remembers her husband. It is just this lady that holds the dubious claim to fame. Her name exists in history as monumentally as the obelisk that marks the spot where she lost her head.

Not far from that spot is the underground Moon Temple where she may well have died again.

Well why not?

One day I’m going to go up in a helicopter and it’ll just blow up. MI5 will do away with me” – Princess Diana

In 1995, two years before her death, Princess Diana warned of a plot to kill her in a “Staged Car Crash

The possible ‘whys’ of her death have been gone into extensively, along with the possible who’s.

But what if she is, (& has had), a reincarnational career as sacrificial ‘queen’? What if her fears of death were re-memberings of dismemberings?

What if the lives & deaths of this queen bee have an intregal part of circulating or recirculating (or recycling) an energy that is not as infinite as we have been led to believe.

What if public rousing tragi-dramas & horrific destruction are what turns the hamster wheel of this cough, cough ‘life’?

What if emotions such as human rage & agony are among the methods by which energy & time are eternalized in this world?

If we were all happy for a day would this world go away? What might we see?

I had loads of other personages of historical signifigance to twin up reincarnationally speaking, but I gotta go!

I leave you with this.

Shortly before her (latest?) death, Princess Diana was cruising the Mediterranean in a yacht called, or should I say ‘spelledSokar

In Egyptian mythology, Seker (also spelled Sokar…) was originally… the deification of the act of separating the Ba and Ka from the Ha, roughly the separation of soul from the body, after death.”

Perhaps it is time to play with history.

To look & wonder if famous names & great ones might not have an air of familiarity.

A little extra on the bees that leads to wondering how important a role they may have to play in these strange times.

For if they are not courteously kept informed of everything that happens, they will take umbrage, swarm, and fly away, or die of grief or resentment. In the British Isles and all over Europe, the folk continually keep the bees abreast of the news, at national as well as local level; decking the hives with crepe or ribbon, whichever fits the case. On one occasion, an ancient great-aunt of mine, hieratically assuming a head-dress of feather and globules of jet, required me to accompany her to the beehives. ‘But you surely don’t need a hat, Aunt Jane! They’re only at the end of the garden.’ ‘It is the custom’, she said, grandly. ‘Put a scarf over your head.’ Arrived, she stood in silence for a moment. Then – ‘I have come to tell you,’ she said, formally, ‘that King George V is dead. You may be sorry, but I am not. He was not an interesting man.”

& how about this?

For the Bee has at all times and places been the symbol of life – life as immortality. In the Celtic languages, the Cornish ‘beu’, the Irish ‘beo’, the Welsh ‘byw’, can all be translated as ‘alive’ or ‘living’… So, the Bee stands for – or is a manifestation of – the fundamental verb ‘to be’. ‘I am, thou art, he is’, it declares, as it goes humming past.”

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I wonder…

I heard an old George Michael song on the radio this morning & as I mentioned him in my last article, I lent my ears to his spellyrics.

Because of them I was reminded of something I’ve wondered about for a while.

The song was Father Figure

and it ends on these lines

I won’t let you go my baby
I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will be the one who loves you
‘Til the end of time
I will be your father
I will be your preacher
I will be your father
I will be the one who loves you
‘Til the end of time

That song & those lyrics made me question better, stronger & faster than I’ve done before – well it is the six million dollar question we’re pondering here.

What other notion is there in this world that keeps us eternally hanging on & hanging round.

It must be…

well yes it is madness, but the correct answer is LOVE.

I think there is a general feeling amongst …errr questioners, that if something has been launched into the mass-mind by a precisely aimed-media barrage, that it may have alternative …ummm connotations.

Quite some years ago, when my son was about eight, he came to me & sounding slightly shocked, announced that all the songs on the radio were about love, either being in love or having lost it. I, who knew this well, but was so used to it, was forced to take a more conscious note.

There seems to be a general feeling that ‘Love‘ (well our modern version of it), arrived on a flower powered bus in the 60’s.

Actually I arrived then too, though not in such a psychedelic way & not on a bus.

From then until now, there seems (to me) to have been this highly intoxicating suggestion that ‘all you need is love’. This love thing has entwined it’s way into our lives in an extraordinarily virulent way.

Although I’m no expert on the 60’s, my historical senses insist on tying the birth of love to the birth of song (as I currently know it)

An inquisitorial discussion (not of the Spanish kind you understand) took place with my West African friend a few weeks ago. Ideas were toyed with & past memories elicited. The sum of this equation equalled the suggestion that music is used to ‘invoke‘ certain energies. When I asked my friend what he felt was invoked with Rock Music (using the Rolling Stones as a touchstone), he felt that an angry, aggressive or youth-filled energy was being called up. His feeling about the Beatles interested me mightily for he felt that their music would be used as an invocation of fertility.

At the time I was impressed for it seemed to me that, in the scheme of things modernly musical, the Beatles were most certainly of seminal import. The ’60s were certainly a time of mighty change.

In 1969 a huge contingent of two legged earthlings swallowed the idea that a man conquered the moon with a giant step.

Two years before this big day out, four fabulous footsteps led the world down another mind altering path

In a ritual invocation, the Beatles fertilised Our World with their love in the summer of 1967.

No. no. not our world, I mean Our World.

Our World was the first live, international, satellite television production.”

With seemingly unstoppable momentum during the summer of 1967 … The Beatles signed a contract to represent the BBC, and Britain, on Our World, the world’s first live television satellite link-up to be seen by approximately 400 million people across five continents… John Lennon wrote the song [All You Need is Love] especially for the occasion, to the brief given by the BBC: it had to be simple so that viewers around the world would understand it.

The satellite link-up was devised by the BBC … Personalities, including Maria Callas and Pablo Picasso, from 19 nations performed in separate items from their respective countries. The event, which lasted two-and-a-half hours, had the largest television audience to dateFor the first time ever, linking five continents and bringing man face to face with mankind, in places as far apart as Canberra and Cape Kennedy, Moscow and Montreal, Samarkand and Söderfors, Takamatsu and Tunis… The Beatles then performed All You Need Is Love… surrounded by various friends including Mick Jagger, Keith Richard, Marianne Faithfull, Keith Moon, Eric Clapton… All were dressed in colourful clothes, and were surrounded by flowers, balloons and placards… After the broadcast ended and the studio guests had left, The Beatles finished off recording the song ahead of its release as a single… All You Need Is Love was mixed the following day, and rush-released on 7 July 1967.”

The day that the world stood loved occurred exactly 42 years prior to the death of Michael Jackson this year on 25th June.

The date that recorded Love was released into the world is the now infamous date of the London’s 2005 bombings – 7th July.

I didn’t start out with any intention of writing about the Beatles, they just came out of the woodwork (as beetles do) whilst I dabbled a little sleuthily on the Internet.

As I was driving home from work tonight & pondering on love, a number of car licence plates seemed to seek out my attention. A Volkswagen called ‘Bug‘, made me think of love bug & ponder on the almost virus like characteristics of modern Love, while another car sporting an XP seemed to suggest to me that perhaps it is through that very word, that we have been conquered.

You see for a while now my somewhat distrusting mind has wondered if the spell that the word love casts is of a destructive nature. I have wondered if it’s vibration or frequency could convey a very different message to the one played out to our conscious ears. What if it vibrates to a different tune?

One of the reasons I wonder this is because of the frequency with which this word is used – which is incessantly.

Is it just a word that the marketers of all things material have swooped on or does it invoke something more? Is some energy ‘raised’ each time the word is used? Remember it is a word that is very much tied to emotion – the vital component of all invocation.

And should this sound too weird, I remind you that there is a rebellious Celt who is firmly convinced that the universal symbol of ‘love’, the heart, is in fact a symbolic depiction of the vagina. Bearing in mind the power of all things sexual to attract & hold human attention & keep it in the programme it’s accustomed to, this should not really be too surprising or unexpected.

If that symbol is a cheat, then what of the word itself?

Perhaps the best thing to do might be to look at the experience of love. If the word was a loaded gun, might we not expect to see evidence of injury amongst ‘users’ of such a weapon?

I know these refer to the programme of ‘romantic love’, yet they are eloquent all the same.

If we had eyes to see, might we see that this ‘spelling’ of love invokes an energy that comes with barbs to wound & hooks that bind too tightly – for these seem to be among the greatest harvests that are reaped when this word is in progress.

As the western world continues it’s insatiable conquest of all things living, that emotion-feeling-energy, purported be love, is supremely noticeable by it’s absence. We are entombed in a civilisation that spouts love, but enforces artificial isolation.

Anyway this is really just meant to be a little wondering session.

I feel a great tiredness of late amongst those who have shone brightest & it worries me. We did not come here to put our lights out. I do believe that there is a vast trickiness at work within this world. Therefore let’s leave no stone or word unturned. I’m simply offering a suggestion that there could be more than one level to this word ‘Love‘ & it might pay to wonder what energy may be being created, magnified, or harnessed with each emotional repetition.

I return to where I started & why I decided to put these thoughts into words. If words & music are used to invoke more than we realise & the word Love has a particular & possibly unhealthy frequency, then how might we re-read or re-hear the lyrics of George Michael & to who or what might they be aimed?

I won’t let you go my baby
I will be your father figure

Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will be the one who loves you
‘Til the end of time
I will be your father
I will be your preacher
I will be your father
I will be the one who loves you
‘Til the end of time

Incidentally, George had his 4th birthday on the day the World got loved by the Beatles.

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