I wonder…

I heard an old George Michael song on the radio this morning & as I mentioned him in my last article, I lent my ears to his spellyrics.

Because of them I was reminded of something I’ve wondered about for a while.

The song was Father Figure

and it ends on these lines

I won’t let you go my baby
I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will be the one who loves you
‘Til the end of time
I will be your father
I will be your preacher
I will be your father
I will be the one who loves you
‘Til the end of time

That song & those lyrics made me question better, stronger & faster than I’ve done before – well it is the six million dollar question we’re pondering here.

What other notion is there in this world that keeps us eternally hanging on & hanging round.

It must be…

well yes it is madness, but the correct answer is LOVE.

I think there is a general feeling amongst …errr questioners, that if something has been launched into the mass-mind by a precisely aimed-media barrage, that it may have alternative …ummm connotations.

Quite some years ago, when my son was about eight, he came to me & sounding slightly shocked, announced that all the songs on the radio were about love, either being in love or having lost it. I, who knew this well, but was so used to it, was forced to take a more conscious note.

There seems to be a general feeling that ‘Love‘ (well our modern version of it), arrived on a flower powered bus in the 60’s.

Actually I arrived then too, though not in such a psychedelic way & not on a bus.

From then until now, there seems (to me) to have been this highly intoxicating suggestion that ‘all you need is love’. This love thing has entwined it’s way into our lives in an extraordinarily virulent way.

Although I’m no expert on the 60’s, my historical senses insist on tying the birth of love to the birth of song (as I currently know it)

An inquisitorial discussion (not of the Spanish kind you understand) took place with my West African friend a few weeks ago. Ideas were toyed with & past memories elicited. The sum of this equation equalled the suggestion that music is used to ‘invoke‘ certain energies. When I asked my friend what he felt was invoked with Rock Music (using the Rolling Stones as a touchstone), he felt that an angry, aggressive or youth-filled energy was being called up. His feeling about the Beatles interested me mightily for he felt that their music would be used as an invocation of fertility.

At the time I was impressed for it seemed to me that, in the scheme of things modernly musical, the Beatles were most certainly of seminal import. The ’60s were certainly a time of mighty change.

In 1969 a huge contingent of two legged earthlings swallowed the idea that a man conquered the moon with a giant step.

Two years before this big day out, four fabulous footsteps led the world down another mind altering path

In a ritual invocation, the Beatles fertilised Our World with their love in the summer of 1967.

No. no. not our world, I mean Our World.

Our World was the first live, international, satellite television production.”

With seemingly unstoppable momentum during the summer of 1967 … The Beatles signed a contract to represent the BBC, and Britain, on Our World, the world’s first live television satellite link-up to be seen by approximately 400 million people across five continents… John Lennon wrote the song [All You Need is Love] especially for the occasion, to the brief given by the BBC: it had to be simple so that viewers around the world would understand it.

The satellite link-up was devised by the BBC … Personalities, including Maria Callas and Pablo Picasso, from 19 nations performed in separate items from their respective countries. The event, which lasted two-and-a-half hours, had the largest television audience to dateFor the first time ever, linking five continents and bringing man face to face with mankind, in places as far apart as Canberra and Cape Kennedy, Moscow and Montreal, Samarkand and Söderfors, Takamatsu and Tunis… The Beatles then performed All You Need Is Love… surrounded by various friends including Mick Jagger, Keith Richard, Marianne Faithfull, Keith Moon, Eric Clapton… All were dressed in colourful clothes, and were surrounded by flowers, balloons and placards… After the broadcast ended and the studio guests had left, The Beatles finished off recording the song ahead of its release as a single… All You Need Is Love was mixed the following day, and rush-released on 7 July 1967.”

The day that the world stood loved occurred exactly 42 years prior to the death of Michael Jackson this year on 25th June.

The date that recorded Love was released into the world is the now infamous date of the London’s 2005 bombings – 7th July.

I didn’t start out with any intention of writing about the Beatles, they just came out of the woodwork (as beetles do) whilst I dabbled a little sleuthily on the Internet.

As I was driving home from work tonight & pondering on love, a number of car licence plates seemed to seek out my attention. A Volkswagen called ‘Bug‘, made me think of love bug & ponder on the almost virus like characteristics of modern Love, while another car sporting an XP seemed to suggest to me that perhaps it is through that very word, that we have been conquered.

You see for a while now my somewhat distrusting mind has wondered if the spell that the word love casts is of a destructive nature. I have wondered if it’s vibration or frequency could convey a very different message to the one played out to our conscious ears. What if it vibrates to a different tune?

One of the reasons I wonder this is because of the frequency with which this word is used – which is incessantly.

Is it just a word that the marketers of all things material have swooped on or does it invoke something more? Is some energy ‘raised’ each time the word is used? Remember it is a word that is very much tied to emotion – the vital component of all invocation.

And should this sound too weird, I remind you that there is a rebellious Celt who is firmly convinced that the universal symbol of ‘love’, the heart, is in fact a symbolic depiction of the vagina. Bearing in mind the power of all things sexual to attract & hold human attention & keep it in the programme it’s accustomed to, this should not really be too surprising or unexpected.

If that symbol is a cheat, then what of the word itself?

Perhaps the best thing to do might be to look at the experience of love. If the word was a loaded gun, might we not expect to see evidence of injury amongst ‘users’ of such a weapon?

I know these refer to the programme of ‘romantic love’, yet they are eloquent all the same.

If we had eyes to see, might we see that this ‘spelling’ of love invokes an energy that comes with barbs to wound & hooks that bind too tightly – for these seem to be among the greatest harvests that are reaped when this word is in progress.

As the western world continues it’s insatiable conquest of all things living, that emotion-feeling-energy, purported be love, is supremely noticeable by it’s absence. We are entombed in a civilisation that spouts love, but enforces artificial isolation.

Anyway this is really just meant to be a little wondering session.

I feel a great tiredness of late amongst those who have shone brightest & it worries me. We did not come here to put our lights out. I do believe that there is a vast trickiness at work within this world. Therefore let’s leave no stone or word unturned. I’m simply offering a suggestion that there could be more than one level to this word ‘Love‘ & it might pay to wonder what energy may be being created, magnified, or harnessed with each emotional repetition.

I return to where I started & why I decided to put these thoughts into words. If words & music are used to invoke more than we realise & the word Love has a particular & possibly unhealthy frequency, then how might we re-read or re-hear the lyrics of George Michael & to who or what might they be aimed?

I won’t let you go my baby
I will be your father figure

Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will be the one who loves you
‘Til the end of time
I will be your father
I will be your preacher
I will be your father
I will be the one who loves you
‘Til the end of time

Incidentally, George had his 4th birthday on the day the World got loved by the Beatles.

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  1. Devin replied:

    What a fascinating article Alex!! My hat and heart go out to you for originality and creativity!! I think the way the 60s mutated into the world of today is a fascinating topic -not that the 60s were a perfect era -or even about love-but the thing that is so different from then as opposed to now-is people were (some of them) trying to chant down Babylon and really get some different things happening on the planet -was the "real" spirit of the 60s co-opted ? I mean god forbid peace love and brotherhood get outta control!! again I am not saying that all people and certainly not all events of the 60s were making us better-I mean my god-we had some horrible state-sanctioned murders of some decent and good men here in the US then-it just seemed to me at that time there was a group of people questioning the PTB and trying to change the world for the better-and now?? sometimes it seems to me that the final curtain is coming down on our little world -I think it is so intructive of where some thinkers thought we might be by the year 2000 and what actually happened-they thought we would have regular space flights for regular folks-bases on the moon-an almost infinite supply of energy and goods to go round the whole world-what happened in actuality-well we all know that story-havent even been back to the moon since 72-much less bases and space flights and all sorts of goodies-people-an ungodly and awful amount of them go through such privations and horror each day just to live -kids eat what are supposed to be inedible roots in Zimbabwe (and other places i'd imagine) just to stave off hunger-it seems as if one moment in history humanity was set to go exploring and then someone-or something said get back in your effin cage monkeys! I hope it can be changed -all the best to you my friend!!xxps -maybe all of the questions asked in the 60s were not the "right" questions or directions-but do people question anything (in general) anymore?-nothing to see here folks-move along-get onboard the Brave New World Express!

  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hey Devin thanks for your thoughts. Its funny but i get a kind of feeling that this world 'started' in the 60s. It seems rather hard to relate to the world before then – I guess that kind of slots in with the whole tv & programming regime that was carefully inserted into millions of living rooms hmmm I think perhaps we should rename rooms with tvs in them, as not a lot of living goes on in them!I liked your comment about how the future world was so differently presented – was that so we wouldn't look too closely at what was going on under our noses & so we would absorb a kind of 'she'll be right' & 'they'll look after us' attitude to the future? Or was it to stop us noticing how dulled down living has gotten? Or then again was it to prevent us envisioning the kind of future that WE ourselves wanted?Stay tuned for even more questions,… or run away quickly while I pause for breath :)All the best of everything to you :) xx

  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Wow that was painful [pun intended of course!] I loved it, but this concept of wuv both confuses and infuriates me! Very interesting twist on the subject, agreed that the "heart shape" is a definite sexual symbol. Hmmm. More ponders required!WV = inkrovit

  4. Devin replied:

    Pause all you need to my friend! Just wanted to say -I agree with your thoughts about this era we currently live in having its origins in the 60s -both the good and the bad -I do think there was a "hey sit back -meditate and it will be all right attitude" back then-and our govt here in the US literally threw a bunch of mind altering drugs on the streets of ths US -so instead of people acting in concert trying to change things in this reality-you had the beginning of a self-centeredness to the whole movement-again it is very hard for me to talk of this era as i wasnt even born until 65-but for all the bad that went down in the 60s -that era still seems so much more "real" in certain ways than the simulacra/matrix world we live in today-great to see Michael and anyone else here also-if anyone disagrees with me please let me know-I think people dont grow if they stay stuck in the ivory towers of their own making-and again I so dont want to be misread as taking a puerile view that everything that happened in the 60s was peaceful and good-I think a lot of "mass" social engineering could have been born at this time also -and thats a bad thing to say the least!! all the best to you my friend -hope you are having a beautiful friday!!wv=rethac

  5. Alex Robinson replied:

    So Michael, how's things on Omicron Persei 8?The wuv things confuses me too, I reckon we need to try & get a good look at the mechanics that are running it, because they have been wired up all wrong – on purpose, methinksAs to your wv – perhaps a need to look even more at words & their meanings – s-'ink'-ronicity lol I just went looking for a futurama quote to finish & found myself on a site called 'inkyville' – not a bad s'ink' at all :)"If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominos will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate" :)Hi DevinThanks for those thoughts – you made me think some more about the 60s – I think it must have been a huge arena of mass programming, so many changes & 'advancements' that people would not have had much chance to step back & 'consider' – there's a kind of a feel of kids going crazy in a sweet shop! But it's all guess work, I wasn't there in any slething capacity :)I appreciate your excellent thoughts my friend.I mixed up your wv & got 'Thrace' which took me back to Gallipoli – I got a book out on that the other day, it made a powerful statement about how that war was never going to be won – was painful to see my feelings about that confirmed (to me) by someone else.Wishing you & Michael every good thing

  6. aferrismoon replied:

    LB , pronounced Lev, in Hebrew means 'Heart'. Has a numeric value of 32cheers

  7. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi AferrismoonI have wondered about that word too. 'Heart' reshapes to 'Earth' – the only planet that didn't get a godly name. Funnily enough I've being playing with Love a bit more – if you mirror the 'L' on Love you get a 'J' which, by Jove, gives you "the patron deity of the Roman state" – one I am increasingly coming to think is the state we are living in.Cheers & I hope you are having a colourful Autumn

  8. Jaspal replied:

    Nothing like being told by 4 multi-millionaires that "all you need is love", perhaps Barack/Barry Obama/Osama can do a song after his Noble Peace Prize win called "all you need is more Nuclear weapons that the other fella".I also heard Lennon’s "Imagine" while out today, I looked at it in a whole new light. The "no countries" is very One World Government, with the "no religion" extending to Buddhism and all other Eastern faiths that tell you to stay away from materialism, leaving the world to worship money as its God and making Lennon's Masonic brothers even more rich and powerful. Like every Socialist and Liberal, the man was a hypocrite.I have also toyed around with the word Love and thought of it backwards as Evol, as in Evol-ve. I believe it is through love, pain and suffering that we grow, and how we learn the harsh reality of what this world really is, hell.I’ve also finally got a job in HK, and I’ll be working with a Kiwi of all people! A miserable git called Damian (the devil?).

  9. Alex Robinson replied:

    By jove Jaspal, my condolences! Working with miserable gits is a very harsh sentence indeed – maybe something else will turn up for you – i hope so. I know only too well how much gloom those bastards can spread – gits, you understand, not Kiwis!I did take a backwards look at love, but with my 'ears' & got the sound – 'Evil'. The main thing IMHO is to play with these things, 'buying' answers supplied by whatever system runs this show is just too damn costly.Looking at your comment again I see a sync as I've been playing with Lennon as well – but that's for my next post, which takes a sideways route before lining up once more on the gods & their toys!Go do something fun & forget about gits for a while – that's my plan for today anyway :)ATB

  10. The Celtic Rebel replied:

    Really good, but just needs more anger. :-) Nah, I put out enough for both Alex's. Sounds like Giogors Mikelakis is speaking of the big dude. And, I'll spare your readers my plans for that guy. :-)Love hurts, but only the first time. It's not so bad after that. Well, at least via this twisted rendition [hm, rending, tearing] of love we are indoctrinated with an constantly reMinded/reProgammed with. Your son is right to wonder. His soul is talking to him and he's listening. If it seems unnatural, then it is.Some great points leading to ground zero there. Wouldn't that be WoodStock? "Woodstock" is what the butt of a gun is made. Didn't the beatles also CON-fess that "Ha-Penis is a WARM gun?"Oh, and here's a semi-direct link to the visual evidence you mentioned. Don't worry, it's complete with secondary warning. I'm not gonna shove anyone's face in it [grimace].

  11. Alex Robinson replied:

    Greetings Mr Ire :)I went hither to your link – I liked very much your take on romantic love (the pics however are not quite my cup of tea :), if there is a spiritual cancer then I think romantic love could be it – it's a totally fabricated & poisonous concoction. I have come to believe there is no higher human 'realationship' than friendship. Also have been playing with the idea that sex should be looked at as a form of 'science' where specific energy is created – those in the know will be light years ahead on the most effective use of 'elements' (us) & the compounds they create. Ha! I've not heard the Beatles lyrics put quite that way before'Burn long' & prosper :)

  12. Jaspal replied:

    Something to bring to your attention:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1219727/Boyzone-star-Stephen-Gately-partner-asked-Bulgarian-1m-apartment.htmlLooking for Giorgio or George?And then there is the appearance of The Messenger of the Gods i.e Elton in all this:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1219729/Stephen-Gatelys-secret-life-drove-lies-pills-depression.html'It was Elton John whom Gately credited with bringing him back from the brink after the pop star heard of his plight and invited him to stay at his South of France villa.'After meeting Elton, he was 'cast' as Joseph and Jesus, and Elton's partner introduced him to his partner who was the first at the scene of the crime. He died at the age of 33, the same age that Jesus was crucified, one could read that last article as a metaphorical crucifixion in the press.He has a sync to Christian Bale/Baal as well. He did the song for the movie Billy Elliot, about a boy who wanted to do ballet, a boy who looked a lot like Christian Bale. When Mr Baal was younger, he also did ballet!

  13. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi Jaspal – thanks for keeping me updated!I'm with you on your thoughts & will mull this one over. Was reminded of Mama Cass who until a minute ago I had always thought choked on a ham sandwich – I wonder how that got to be such a strong image when it was false? Let me know if anything more comes to your mind on this.All the best. How's Hong Kong working out?

  14. Jaspal replied:

    Mama Cass, who died in the same room that Keith Moon died in (also at the age of 32), funny that most of these famous people die at 32 or 33, what is it with those ages?I'm having a great time in HK, I've had two months of not working and it's done me the world of good. I remember you mentioned how we were tied to the whole Monday to Friday, 9-5 thing and being free of that seems to have given me my life force back! I even found this shampoo endorsed by Jackie Chan that has made all the hair on my bold patch grow back! It's either that or my lifestyle of sleeping 10 hours a day, healthy-ish food and regular exercise with lots of swimming (preparation for 2012!). It’s something about living close to the sea, I guess living in Auckland is the same. But I do miss my family back in the UK.I saw a really good film today called District 9, I recommend you give it a look

  15. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi JaspalI didn't know that! Yes theres far too many deaths around that age for coincidence.I'm very pleased to hear that you are having fun in HK. So you rckon 2012 is going to be a swimathon – you don't have any ark building desings by any chance :)My son saw district 9 & enjoyed it too.All the very best to you :)

  16. Jaspal replied:

    I'm still leaning towards the metaphoric interpretation of a ‘wave’ of cosmic illumination, but it doesn't hurt to hedge your bets and be prepared! When I saw the trailer for the 2012 movie, I had the feeling that its all been made up, as I see the Hollywood silver screen as an exact mirror of ‘true’ reality. I mean the Conquistadors did a pretty good job of burning anything useful, so if this little tit bit has got out, it was meant to get out, and perhaps by causing panic and alarm to our conscience minds, it will bring fiction into reality.I do know there is something to it, as I went through a period of seeing 11:11 everywhere, but a positive event or negative event I can’t say. With the Olympics and the possible new King of England/the world, it might be some energy harvesting ritual on a grand scale. As for building arks, I thought the Celtic Rebel is making one? His interpretation of Order Out of Chaos with the Uranus/Saturn story got me thinking that ‘end of time’ might mean ‘end of order’, and there is that thing going round the sync web that we actually live in hell and are the un-dead, so perhaps the dead (i.e. us) will rise in 2012?The reason I mentioned District 9 was that you had a picture of Credo Mutwa once, and a lot of the things in the film sync up with what he said, such as Aliens visiting S Africa, eating the flesh of the Alien to get their power and Alien DNA being compatible with Human DNA.

  17. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi JaspalI like your take on 2012 – I agree with you – my current feel is that we are 'conductors of reality' – transferring stories from worded-images into 3-d experience.Ha of course the 'Rebel Raft'!I find the undead theme an excellent opening to so much more wondering – there's too much damn recyling – I cannot understand how we are not a race of epic & genius proprtions!My son thought I might not like District 9 for the goryness – but I didn't realise that the story echoed Credo's story – that is interesting.Thanks for all the feedback & new info Jaspal, much appreciated!

  18. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Alex/Jaspal,Great conversation going on here! I've been seeing alot of 11:11 again lately, so whats up with that Another 'ascension cycle' or what? I seem to go through cycles lately, am hoping its not a hamster wheel cycle though!Have not seen District 9 yet, but sounds loaded. Is the 2012 movie out yet?Be well all!

  19. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hey Michael, lovely to have you join us, pull up a keyboard :) Have also seen a fair bit of the old elevenses – I do so wonder what's behind that – have read different things, but for myself I dunno!Was also wondering about 2012 – internet says that spin cycle is set(h) for 13 November – do you have a wetsuit? :) Very best to you my friend

  20. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Right now 11:11 and 333 is following me on a steady basis, so am wondering again, why?Why–the most basic and powerful word in the world, do not children use this as soon as the age of 2? And stump adults I am sure.I am not a good swimmer so no wetsuit and HOPING one won't be needed. Am still concentrating on it being a mass consciousness shift rather than anything destructive, but anythings possible.WV = numples;-)

  21. Jaspal replied:

    Hi Michael. I really don't know what the 11:11 thing is, and I can't remember if I started seeing it AFTER I heard about it, or if I just developed a reflex habit of looking at the clock at certain times. But there was one period of time where I just saw it everywhere, and Mason master numbers. I did have a really weird sync while driving and listening to the Beatles song "come together”. I had my head down at a junction and as the song went '1 and 1 and 1 is three', I looked up and I saw a truck in front of me with 111 on it!I’d hold off buying a wetsuit, even if the world does flood and get destroyed, I doubt if even Michael Phelps could survive!

  22. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hiya MichaelThat's thing with those numbers, they come, they're seen & then they bugger off again & we still don't kow what or if they are saying something – if the true depiction of a three is a traingle that gives you three triangles – I got 111 today, which creates the three lines of a triangle, but I'm still none the wiser!! Your wv could be said to sum it up quite nicely as nonplussed (or even number plused?)Agreed that the place to start is with a good healthy 'why' :) I hope you & 'the gang' are very well & that the chill isn't setting in too soon.All the bestGreat sync Jaspal :)

  23. ViølatoR replied:

    "Our fathers were our model for God. If our fathers failed, what does that tell you about God?""God is Love."

  24. Alex Robinson replied:

    My God that's dashed clever! :) I was forgetting the 'instruction' about the big guy. I wonder who first spun that particular yarn? We seem to have been saying it for a long time, but into whose bank account do the royalties go?Do you think we could swap it for 'God is fun' – so much more condusive to 'life' I feel :)

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