one small thought for man, one giant belief for mankind

You know I wonder if we should be more concerned with the black holes in our lives as opposed to the possible black holes in space – ha that’s funny really isn’t it, I would have said space was a black hole (sorry sometimes I can’t help myself slipping into non-scientific jargon).

Anyway, I’ve been contemplating wordy black holes – you know those letterly arrangements lurking in far too many (life) sentences, waiting to suck the unwary reader (or speaker) into the twilight zone.

The particular black whole that has brought forth this short (yes you can relax, I shall be brief(ish) this time) is that lying little bugger believe (it can also be found lurking in trees disguised as a ‘beleaf’).

I suggest this word could do with a loooong period of confinement in a wtf-holding-cell somewhere in way-outta space.

Can someone tell me what it means??

Surely it’s an arrangement of seven letters that leads nowhere. I’d say it actually belongs is in a seven worded sentence

I do not know what I believe.”

And that’s the whole point of it! The instigation of this word ‘believe‘ is a cunning device to get you thinking you know something that you do NOT. AND this process of thinking you know something you know not, leaves you literally & metaphorically tied up in nots & knots.

According to the online etymology site that is a favourite haunt of my Mus musculus, the ancestry of the word believe goes like this “O.E. belyfan … (W.Saxon) “believe,” from P.Gmc. *ga-laubjan “hold dear, love,” from PIE base *leubh- “to like, desire“.

Now this little noword has one of the largest followings of the humankind – it’s power sweeps unhindered across the great divides of religion, race & sex & is unanimously accepted. Once implanted (no need for microchips here) it turns it’s followers into a pack of questionless disciples. It’s certainly not only religion that has it’s flocks ‘believing’ what they are tolled.

And lest we forget, ‘belief’ has become the catch phrase of the ‘New Age’. Come on I’ll bet you’ve said it too, I’m know I have & Google certainly has (many times) – “Results 1 – 10 of about 174,000,000 for you get what you believe in“.

You can have anything you want if you give up the belief that you can’t have it” hmmm…

So let’s make like a pathologist & perform a little auto-spy on the Noveau Temps slogan.

You get what you believe in“.

If we’d stayed with the origin of the word, then to get what we held dear would be very grand indeed. But belief got taken by over by religion (FYI religion is also worth a backward glance- “popular etymology among the later ancients (and many modern writers) connects it with religare “to bind fast” – hmmm…

Sorry I digressed. We were looking at the ‘B’ word – “belief had by 16c. become limited tomental acceptance of something as true,” from the religious use in the sense of “things held to be true as a matter of religious doctrine“.

So that’s pretty much where we stand & dither on belief today – “mental acceptance of something as true“. What’s missing here is experience, because it’s all just in the mind. Perhaps that’s why it’s gotten to be such a good little earner for the New Age gurus, well who hasn’t got a penthouse suite of the mind.

The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just” A-Bee Lincoln said this double-speak was so.

Something I’ve been wondering is how much we can really ‘create‘ without some kind of physical experience or body knowing. Lately I’ve been looking into the physical world & also looking into rituals – always some kind of hands on experience is required, it’s not a mind only job.

I’ve been wondering if the masses have been fed a lot of stale air ‘words’. Verbs are supposed to be doing words – but verbs like ‘believe’ & ‘hope’ don’t go anywhere. They are waiting words. Have you noticed how much of our lives revolve around ‘waiting’ (wait (v.) c.1200, “to watch with hostile intent, lie in wait for”). Do the words that keep us waiting have some form of hostile intent?

Another waiting word is faithc.1250, “duty of fulfilling one’s trust” – a rather bizarre wording, n’est-ce pas?

I suggest that these words could be viewed as peasant food for the masses – a glutinous substance that binds the mind & weakens the body/soul.

I got started thinking about beliefs because of the extremely popular self-bashing system whereby we acknowledge our ‘destructive beliefs’, yet are completely unable to make the most basic changes – we can see the truck of life that’s about to hit us but are unable to step aside. I’ve been hit by many of these life trucks & am amazed at my inability to either avoid the impact or launch a missile & blow the bloody thing up.
This dilemma has led to the idea that we are not victims of the mental black holes called beliefs. Instead what we are dealing with is a very definite set of inner ‘instructions‘ – we don’t move out of the way of the truck du vie because there is within us an override-order to stay put.

Matthew Delooze has written a stunning article which I’ll link to at the bottom. He tells of a dream whereby people with mouths stitched shut absorb words in a way similar to how we breathe air. With each word absorbed they become more & more lifeless.

Is that what these words do do us?

There is one more word, well phrase I want to mention before I go.

A conversation with my friend from West Africa a little while ago led to his revealing his irritation with the phrase ‘making love’. He told me that he often translates words back into his native language in order to get a better understanding of them. He told me that in his language it is impossible to translate that phrase – that you cannot ‘make’ love. He sees it, & I agree, as a marketing device. That phrase has been inserted deep into the Western World’s psyche – why?? When two (or more!) people get together & make like a sewing machine, love is NOT being made, rather sex is being had. You may have extremely deep feelings for your playmate, but love is not being made.

This phrase may well be behind much of the male-female discord, for VERY different things in-deed seem to be being sought by the parties involved. Another friend of the male persuasion has told me that ‘he has never made love.’ Research across the generally male dominated blogosphere has introduced me to ideas of a very similar nature – the male of the species DO NOT make love, they seek out & enjoy sex (well when they can get it :)

The more I look into words the more I seem to see a wor(l)d of spells.

Why is it that our world of words echoes the management committee of Planet Earth – a very select few, in in-your-face-positions, overseeing the many?

Perhaps it’s time to spell our own words?

Link to Matthew Delooze’s brilliant new article

November 16, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. annemarie replied:

    This dilemma has led to the idea that we are not victims of the mental black holes called beliefs. Instead what we are dealing with is a very definite set of inner 'instructions' – we don't move out of the way of the truck du vie because there is within us an override-order to stay put.Methinks that we are programmed this way, to believe that someone or something outside of ourselves is needed to *save* us. That is patently false. If there's any saving needed to be done, we must do it for our-selves. Also why "they" want to keep us childish, immature, and dependent. Gawd ferbid we grow up, mature and realize that we can stand, think and live on our own two feet. We are only victims if we choose to be. Tis just another mentality. sighLying to our-selves is what causes (leads to stupidity). I also see how "making love" can be a marketing term. We can make/have sex with those we do or don't love. We can also make love and sex doesn't have to be in the equation. ;)Nice treat this piece. ta, oh my. haha, the word veri is:enticewLove it! haha

  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi AnnemarieGlad you were 'enticed' here for a visit :)Excellent point re being programmed to 'believe' we need someone to save us – the numero uno attack on humans always seems to revolve around how thoroughly flawed we are – bollocks to that! – I reckon it takes a shitload of programming & trauma to turn humans into the dregs they appear to have become. Perhaps we're just suffering from the effects of mental viruses? Surely all healthily crazy persons do indeed want to stand on their own two feet & direct their own lives!Sorry getting carried away – better go before another article pops out :) Be very well!

  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Brilliant as always Alex Guru!The victims of spells, hmmm, maybe the English language and its symbols are indeed devious! I noticed how many letters resemble numbers too, like the L an upside down 7, etc. etc. I remember reading on a blog long ago about the alphabet/English language being used against us, I think it was by some Kemelion type person. ;)Bravo for airing this out, have to agree that Making Love is a completely marketed term to feed the female mind and male v.s. female agenda. Emotions can be crazy things when out of control for certain, but our body knowing is so ignored in todays society.Keep up the amazing work!CheersWV = shuctwo

  4. Devin replied:

    Michael I wonder if you are referring to "Bryan Kemila" or there used to be one on the net anyway -haha not sure you might be talking about something completely differentgreat post as always alex and i think a lot of things get back to beliefs i think that beliefs weave the background consensus reality and why it is so important to have all these false beliefs shoved into our minds all the time so people don't think for themselves thats the last thing the power structure wants from what i see they are getting away with it toohopefully not forever thomaybe the hundredth monkey thing will come true for humanity with the "100th person" that wakes up and realizes that they have been sold a crock since the day they came out of their mother's womb thanks again for the fantastic articles !!all the best to you from Arizona!!wv=vitatou vi tattoo vita two who knows haha

  5. Alex Robinson replied:

    lol Michael – le chameleon raises his (ugly?) head again :)I do think our langauge hides much & is used by those who understand this, which generally does not mean the good guys.I would agree that the term love making is aimed directly at the female to direct her to romantacise sex, mind you I reckon the male has also been led on a 'detour' too – the idea perhaps being that 'never the twain shall meet'!How about this for your wv (X 2 of course :)"Shakti (Devanagari: शक्ति) from Sanskrit shak – "to be able," meaning sacred force or empowerment, is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that move through the entire universe. Shakti is the concept, or personification, of divine feminine creative power, sometimes referred to as 'The Great Divine Mother' in Hinduism. On the earthly plane, Shakti most actively manifests through female embodiment and fertility – while also existing in males, in its potential, unmanifest form."hmmm… not a bad answer to the sex question?? – perhaps us 'off the track' humans might do better contemplating 'the manifesting of creative force' (altho' I don't mean making babies) rather than 'love-making' or 'fucking' which I think is what sex is kinda about. All power to you my friend! :)Heya DevinYes that is who Michael was talking of, I once got stuck in some psychopoo from a link to him on Michael's site, & our Mr Skaggs was one of a few kind souls who gave me a helping hand out, that's how we became friends :)"i think that beliefs weave the background consensus reality" – very nicely put Devin – yes it seems like there is a sea of beliefs that we're all swimming in, but because 'answers' don't have an experiential reality, we can take hold of them, unfortunately we do seem to be able to 'swallow' them.Loved your wv my friend, it has a gift for you"The girl's name Vita…is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "life"." I second that & I know Michael will third it :)so 'Vita to U' :)

  6. Jon Kidd replied:

    Adam and Eve made love…Belly-Eve it. We were born out of love. We hopefully become love. And we hopefully try to make love. I see that my children are love concentrated.I loved this little write up.I'm starting to get my wave of manic focus again. Its gonna be nice to go back and read posts from my favorite bloggers and gain something out of it.You sound good Wise. I hope love is strong in the realm of the "real"Until then I'm just another disembodied voice in your virtual headspace.Peace sisterHA! WV 'tightero' in red!

  7. Jon Kidd replied:

    couldn't resist the next WVin red 'Sistrair' Rare sister… wordplay is fun in English. I hope other languages get to enjoy it like us.

  8. Alex Robinson replied:

    Wonderfully good to see you Jon :)& I certainly would not be without the brilliant 'disembodied voices in my virtual headspace'!!Great to hear that your manic focus is returning – mine seemed to get knocked sideways with the June Solstice & it's been a bit of a struggle since then, but all is good, – I don't know about you but I feel that the focus has kind of shifted sideways or someways – I presume that that is for the best (well actually it doesn't have a choice, it SHALL be for the best! :)Ha loved the wv's! English just sets itself up for word play & who can resist the challenge – 'twould be a sin to resist it :)All good things to you & your family!

  9. Daria replied:

    Wow! You never cease to amaze me. I need some time to digest this one :)

  10. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks DariaIt's a pleasure to see you again. I hope all is very well in your world :)

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