Southern X-Ross-Bow (or the Crux of the Matter) Part I

Is x a fallen ?

Or is t an upstanding ?

Just why does x get so cross about it all?

And why did the Greeks not serve their version of t with bikkies?

Tau …is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet... In ancient times, [it was] a symbol for life and/or resurrection, (surely that’s worth a chockie biscuit) ... whereas the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet, theta, …

was considered the symbol of death… In classical Athens, it was used as an abbreviation for the Greek θάνατος (thanatos, “death”) and as it vaguely resembles a human skull, theta was used as a warning symbol of death, in the same way that skull and crossbones are used in modern times (bugger, no biscuits there then!) In its archaic form, θ [theta] was written as:

a cross within a circle

… hmmm do you ever get the feeling we are going round in circles?

… Then again –

According to Porphry of Tyros, the Egyptians used an X within a circle as a symbol of the soul“.

Let’s wind up our morning or afternoon T with a cup of Grecian chai latte.

Chi (uppercase Χ, lowercase χ; …) is the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet … In Plato’s Timaeus, it is explained that the two bands which form the soul of the world cross each other like the letter Χ … Chi or X is often used to abbreviate the name Christ, as in the holiday Christmas (Xmas). When fused within a single typespace with the Greek letter Rho, it is … used to represent the person of Jesus Christ.

To complete our 360 degree El Greco tour we find that “The symbolism of the cross was connected not only to the letter chi, but also to tau.(Ita-licky bits courtesy of Wiki)

So many cross-words, so little time to mark the spot!

Where am I going with this you may ask? Why to my own treasure island of course!

First off I would like to acquaint any Northern readers, with the Southern Hemisphere – you may have heard of it, it’s that bit at the bottom of the world that contains

a total of 10 to 12% of the human population”, lower levels of industrialisation, and smaller land masses.

Not to mention copious quantities of salt water & a vast frozen continent, that is of vast interest to a vast number of ‘scientists’.

Next I want to introduce you to my homely country, New Zealand. I realise you may feel pulled to race off after vaster things, but why not take back a little of your time & spend it getting to know a few things about us (you never know when they might pop up in a pub quiz).

New Zealand’s native biodiversity is unique, born of long isolation as small islands in a vast ocean. The high percentage of endemic species (those found nowhere else in the world), make New Zealand’s native biodiversity both special and highly vulnerable…

After splitting from other continents 80 million years ago, evolution on land took an eccentric course, leading to plants, animals and ecosystems so distinctive that New Zealand has been described as the closest scientists will come to studying life on another planet

… From then, until the arrival of humans, it had the longest period of isolation of any non-polar landmass on earth.”

Since then, of course, this land, like so many others, has been savagely civilised. And not just civilised, mind you, but thrust out into the forefront of the world as a world leader in what may be the wickedest construct of civilisation – TIME.

When the Green-witch got her high heels stuck in the Primo Meridian, & couldn’t remember which direction showed her wickedest side to best advantage …

… New Zealand became her altar ego. Because her ass (& shoes) are stuck firmly in London, we get daily front row tickets to the dawn chorus. That is why whenever I publish an article in blogland, it is always thrust back in time.

Once Brutishly empirized, NZ was the first country to give women the vote & to introduce the 8 hour working day. Forsooth, never have democratic voters & slave labourers had it so good.

It is also more then halfway-likely that the first flight took place in Aotearoa, or the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ – I mean come on, with a name like that, is it even worth a five minute argument?

On or about 31st March 1903 a reclusive New Zealand farmer Richard Pearse climbed into a self-built monoplane and flew for about 140 metres before crashing into a gorse hedge on his Waitohi property . Even at half the distance Pearse must have felt the liberating but anxious exhilaration of flying. There is uncertainty about whether it met the definitions of sustained flight, but it came eight months before the Wright Brothers entered the record books at Kitty Hawk North Carolina on 17th December 1903

On top of that, it was a NZ’er who was crowned “Conqueror of Everest” in 1953.

And more recently we have expanded from mere world leaders to silver’d screen stardom, as the mythological centrefold of the world –

New Zealand is known as Middle Earth for its Lord of the Rings trilogy

It had long been on my mind to write an article about the woman who perished in the waters between the North & South Islands of NZ. This became even stronger when I ‘saw’ the outline of a woman’s face in the ocean coloured bits of a map at work. Musing about the woman gradually led to the scene of three other tragedies & from there the sky was the limit.

I hope you will come on a journey with me through some of my country’s strange past & see what outlines you would draw.

We start with the woman.

wahine (noun) woman, female, lady, wife.”

Although there have been worse shipping disasters in New Zealand with far greater loss of life, the sinking of the Wahine in 1968 is by far the most well known.

The tragedy can be attributed to one major cause – the weather. The storm which exploded upon Wellington was one of the worst ever recorded in New Zealand. Its ferocity was due to it being a combination of two storms which by chance happened to merge directly over Wellingtonthe two storms clashed together at almost exactly the same time as the overnight Lyttleton – Wellington ferry T.E.V Wahine approached the harbour entrance …

… Massive waves and hurricane force winds led to the ship being
forced on to Barrett’s Reef … Of the 734 passengers and crew on board, 51 people lost their lives.

The storm also marked the coming-of-age for television news broadcasting in New Zealand as camera crews rushed to report on events as they unfolded. The resulting footage was screened around the world.

The body of the woman lay exposed in Wellington Harbour for five years.

The captain of the Wahine was Hector Gordon Robertson, & although he survived, the fate of the woman echoed his Grecian namesake;

At that moment he realizes that he [Hector] is doomed and that the gods are now all in Achilles’ favor. But a warrior to the end, Hector decides that he will go down fighting and that men will talk about his bravery in years to come.

Hector pulls out his sword, his only weapon now, and charges.Achilles, knowing the weak spot of his old armor, which Hector now wears, is at the neck, stabs his spear through the armor into Hector’s throat … Hector, in his final moments, begs Achilles for an honorable burial. However, Achilles replies that he will let dog and vultures devour Hector’s flesh … After his death, Achilles … drives his fallen enemy through the dust For the next twelve days, Achilles mistreats the body

Come on now, just because we are at the outer limits of the world, you didn’t think the Greekly myths would loose their hold did you? We’ll come back to them & the fates in time, but for now I remind you of how the woman met her fate;

a combination of two storms which by chance happened to merge directly over Wellington … the two storms clashed together at almost exactly the same time.

I think the We-stern phraseology for such tragedies equates to something like “that was bloody bad luck.”

Of possible interest to readers, who find this NZ post of interest, is that the woman perished on a very symbolic sister date;

From wiki:

April 10 is the 100th day of the year (101st in leap years) – as it was in 1968.

Fifty six years earlier:

1912 (also a leap year) – The RMS Titanic leaves port in Southampton, England for her first and only voyage.

And for those with good memories;

On April 10, 1815, for the first time in about 5000 years, Tambora erupted

“… probably the largest eruption in historic time

We recall that Tambora’s ejaculation had a seminal influence on the world of literature. After an extended pregnancy & a Year Without a Summer, Mrs Shelley & Mr Byron proudly announced the birth of twin boys – Frank N Stein & Dr Acula.

We return to our story.

So far we’ve had a woman who perished in 1968 at the bottom of the North Island of NZ. Now we pack up our rucksacks & head off in a mirror’d direction.

We reverse the date, so that 1968 becomes 1986.

Then we reverse position – this time we are at the top tip of the South Island.

This time it is a man who is lost (this will be his second death).

In his first life, Mikhail Lermontov looked like a soldier, but his fame was literarily poetic. A

Russian Romantic writer, poet and painter, sometimes called “the poet of the Caucasus”, [he] was the most important Russian poet after Alexander Pushkin’s death.”

He was birthed & deathed on reverse dates, 1814-1841. Numbers are very important in this part of the tale, so no day-dreaming of vaster things.

On July 25, 1841, at Pyatigorsk, fellow army officer Nikolay Martynov, who felt hurt by one of Lermontov’s jokes, challenged Lermontov to a duel. The duel took place two days later at the foot of Mashuk mountain. Lermontov was killed by Martynov’s first shot.”

He was 26 years old.

The poet is no more! He’s fallen
A slave to honour –
Lead in his chest, for vengeance calling,
The proud head
bowed at last – he died!…

On 16th February 1986, his proud head bowed once more into Port Gore

“(gore (v.) c.1400, from Scottish gorren “to pierce, stab,” also gore (n) … Sense of “clotted blood” (especially shed in battle) developed by 1563.”

The Russian Cruise Liner Mikhail Lermontov – 16 February, 1986.

Just as in his previous life, Mikhail Lermontov’s body was ripped open by the actions of a man who seemed intent upon his destruction. One man & a ship died.

On 16th February, Captain Don Jamison, the very experienced Marlborough Sounds Harbour Master threaded the Mikhail Lermontov through the patchwork of sea & land that is the Marlborough Sounds. They stopped for a brief visit in the the township of Picton before heading out again around 3pm, this time through the very picturesque Queen Charlotte Sound. Again Captain Jamison was piloting the ship. Approximately two & a half hours, & three close calls later, the ship would be mortally wounded.

In the interests of research I have recently read a book & a half on this subject. Before that I knew nothing except that a Russian cruise ship sank somewhere between the two islands. I was living in Australia at the time & I’ve always been a slack arse about following the news. So my reading of the book Death of a Cruise Ship was all News to me.

I knew that one man had died & as I read, I figured it must have been the New Zealand Harbour Master/Pilot Don Jamison – that, I thought, would explain why this whole event is so totally unbelievable – he must have died & so the truth could never come out.

I was wrong.

Here is a link to a telling of the tale. Although it doesn’t go too deeply into the mind-boggling strangeness of this event, it will give any curious chipmunks a more coloured-in picture. I still have far to travel with this post & this incident, & don’t have the time or inclination to write it all up myself.

What I will mention is my fantastical sensing of a duelling match – one where numerous ‘shots’ were fired at this ship, until one finally hit home.

How could a pilot run a ship onto the rocks, in his own water, in clear weather? Sergey Gusev, Second Mate aboard the Mikhail Lermontov

Within a few hours of departing Picton, and after three close calls which took the ship perilously close to the shoreline, Captain Jamison made the fatal decision to take the Lermontov through a passage which had never been used by ships of its size.

Mock up re-enactment of the ‘firing’ of the fatal shot at Cape Jackson.

As you can see, it’s theoretically possible that a ship the size and weight of the Mikhail Lermontov could navigate through the channel unharmed; the same way it’s theoretically possible to park a car in a garage at a speed of 80mph. You just wouldn’t want to do it.

If Captain Jamison was firing shots at the Mikhail Lermontov, I think she also had a go at self defence;

Jamison … wanted to give passengers a view of the remains of the historic sailing vessel ‘Edwin Fox’ … Shakespeare Bay was a very small area for a ship of the Mikhail Lermontov’s size to manoeuvre in and a tight turn was required. The ship did not respond as Jamison had anticipated and the engines had to be put full astern to prevent another grounding. A crew member on the bow estimated that the ship came within 30 meters of the shore. The Pilot had assumed the bow thrusters were available to assist in turning the ship. In fact they had been turned off but no one had informed him of this, and it took 30 seconds from first switching the system on before it could be used.
In the midst of all this Jamison slipped and fell, hitting his head in the process. He recovered his composure and appeared to have suffered no obvious injury

And now for something completely different. Well not quite – how about a duo of duel connections.

Almost one year ago, I posted an article on the death of an American actor. His name was Pete Duel & he died from (an apparently) self inflicted gun shot wound to the head, on the very last day of the year that was 1971.
His body was found under his X-mas tree, that plus a number of numbers just didn’t feel rite

Date of death – December 31, 1971


Time [of death]: 01 33

Filming had just been completed of the 33rd episode of the show that brought him stardom Alias Smith & Jones“.

If wiki & one other site are to be believed then the Mikhail Lermontov, (named after a poet shot in a duel), was launched on 31st December, 1970. Exactly one year later, for no apparent reason whatsoever, an actor by the name of Pete Duel (who also wrote poetry) dies from a single gunshot wound.

Of the 738 people aboard the Mikhail Lermontov, 330 were crew members “Only one person was killed: a 33-year-old Russian engineer.

Steven Spielberg is said to have launched his career through a duel, one that aired just six weeks before Pete Duels strange death.

Duel is a 1971 television movie about a motorist … on a remote and lonely road being stalked by a large tanker truck and its almost unseen driver. It was the first feature film directed by Steven Spielberg.
“David Mann … is a middle-aged businessman driving to an appointment in his Plymouth Valiant. On a two-lane highway in the California desert, he encounters a faded and grimy tanker truck, a Peterbilt 281…The dinosaur roar sound effect that is heard as the truck goes over the cliff is also heard in Jaws … as the shark’s carcass sinks into the ocean. Spielberg has said that this is because he feels there is a “kinship” between Duel and Jaws … He has also said that inserting the sound effect into Jaws was “my way of thanking Duel for giving me a caree

The aftermath of the sinking of the Lermontov is almost as strange as it’s occurence. In a sense nothing happened. There was a preliminary inquiry which decided there would be no more inquiries. This inquiry was run by a man who had been the best man at Captain Jamison’s wedding. Jamison admitted liability, surrendered his pilot’s licence & continued his seafaring career. No charge of manslaughter for the missing crewman was ever laid. Indeed 15 years later (& one day after the World Trade Centre fell down), the NZ Herald announced his retirement.

According to Michael Guerin in The Mikhail Lermontov Enigma, any findings of the preliminary inquiry were expertly packed into the National Archive boxes & marked “Never to be seen again.

So those are the factually bits, but I would never write if I was forced to stick to factually bits.

In the places I’ve gone looking, I’ve found so much inter-connecting-weird-ness. The sinking feelings I get with this particular tale are otherworldly – as if another realm was at the helm. I simply do not have the sense that Captain Jamison was in possession of himself during the times he Pilate‘d this ship.

Was there a darker side?

Witnesses described the deafening roar as the ship went down, crashing, banging and hissing

The noise was deafening when the Mikhail Lermontov sank to the bottom of Port Gore

… hmmm remember this

The dinosaur roar sound effect that is heard as the truck goes over the cliff is also heard in Jaws … as the shark’s carcass sinks into the ocean. Steven Spiel-BERG (mountain/hill)

Since 1986, the wreck has has claimed the lives of three recreational divers.

Somewhere along the way between Investigative Alley & Sleuthing Street, I chanced upon the following which referred to a royal visitage of queenly proportions;

22 February (222)- 2 March 1986: A routine visit which coincided with the centennial of the New Zealand Police.”

The funny thing is that now I can’t see what I saw in that.

I thought I’d read the word ‘coincidentally’ which always sets off big flashing lights. Who knows, perhaps I did, for the journeying it prompted was worth the effort.

Excuse me a second.

Just hopped over to the GOE (Garden of Eden), as the Tree of Knowlege had a fruity little number that was ripe for picking.

Do you dare to take a bite?

Oh all right I’ll do it for you, mind you, the original wahine nibbler, will be popping up later in the series.

The number on the dessert menu today is ‘Twenty six’or in shorthand26

Here’s some wiki bits’n’pieces;

26 is the gematric number of the true name of god – YHWH

According to Jewish chronology, God gave the Torah in the 26th generation since Creation

Twenty-six is a repdigit in base three (222) and in base twelve (22).

The atomic number of iron (The Iron Curtain was officially christened by the frequently appearing Winston Churc-HILL in Westminster in 1946). …Hmmm perhaps it was no accident that Margaret Thatcher was called the Iron Lady.

“[26 is] The number of spacetime dimensions in bosonic string theory.”

The movement of the sun, hence the planets through the signs of the zodiac, is affected by the precession of the equinoxes, which is due to a very slow rotation (26,000 years for a full circle) of the earth’s axis round that of the ecliptic.

Many people have felt uplifted and inspired by the proportions of King’s College Chapel in Cambridge (built 1446-1515). Its founder, King Henry VI, gave precise stipulations for its dimensions and design, and it turned out to be one of the last Gothic churches built entirely to geomantic principles…

The very Gothic Kings College Chapel at her moorings
in Cambridge (you know Oxford’s ever so slightly, lesser twin)

… Among other things, its component parts repeatedly reflect the number 26, which in gematria is the name of God in Hebrew, the tetragrammaton JHVH. Nigel Pennick has written that King’s College Chapel “embodied in its fabric, dimensions, proportions, colours and geometry the basic mysteries of the faith. … Numerologically, the number 26 is dominant.

… There are 26 great stained-glass windows, 26 structural uprights, 26 ribs in each pair of fans in the stone vaulting of the roof, 26 apertures in each panel of side-chantry tracery, etc. … Twenty-six represents the ineffable name of God, in Hebrew. This word permeates the fabric of the chapel, as the spirit of God was believed to permeate the earth, making the chapel indeed the divine body.

& continuing for those of the mathematical persuasion;

The Jehovah = 26 current also leads us once again to the Squaring of the Circle, as the Hermeticists discovered, in light of pi equaling 22 sevenths, which when added to the 4 corners of the Square or Cross, yields the number 26. Moreover, the number 26 is also intimately related to the Cube of Measurable Space, made up of 6 faces, 8 corners, and 12 edges, said components adding to the Number 26.

The number 26 is also the number of the proportion of the Golden Rectangle, which was utilized by Classical and Renaissance artists as a symbol of perfection, for this rectangle is measured as 5 by 8 units, and 5 + 8 + 5 + 8 = 26. 26/8 is a karmic number.

26/8 brings events with karmic implication.

There are 26 letters in our alphabet, the extent of our ability to communicate verbally and through the written word.

26 is the number of the cube, an ancient symbol for the human body, and the world of form. Salt crystallizes in cubes and we are said to be the ‘salt of the earth. A 26-degree angled hallway leading to the Queen’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid revealed, upon first opening, walls mysteriously encrusted with up to half an inch of salt.”

All this & so much more at this fascinating site.

So why you ask, did the fruit of today’s Tree of Knowledge, look like this – 26

It started simply enough with the date that the Mikhail Lermontov began her/his last voyage.
That date was February 66/2 in my world (2/6 if you’re of the American persuasion). That date/number then became like a queen rabbit on fertility treatment, spawning rabbitlets of 2‘n6 wherever she went.

I seem to recall “A 26-degree angled hallway leading to the Queen’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid” – hmmm a fertility clinic perhaps? Sorry I’m rabbiting on instead of getting to the point.

The point is that somehow Mikhail Lermontov got cross-pollinated with the Queen, through the numbers 2 & 6. That this took place in New Zealand also appears to be highly significant.

Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov is shot & killed in a duel age at 26 (on 27 July, 1841)

The Mikhail Lermontov leaves Sydney on fatal voyage – 6/2/1986 (Feb 6)

Elizabeth, the woman who will be queen, is born on 21 April, 1926

George VI dies & Elizabeth becomes Queen of England & Commonwealth on 6/2/1952 (Feb 6).

She is 25 years old but turns 26 two months later. “In 1952 at age 26 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was made Time magazine’s “Woman of the Year.”

Elizabeth’s coronation takes place on 2/6/1953 (June 2)

TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1953. On her coronation (c-oro (gold)-‘nation’) day, the Queen set off from her Palace with a smile of great happiness upon her sweet face. At twenty-six minutes past ten… she left from the Grand Entrance in the Inner Quadrangle.”

Signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, establishing New Zealand as a British colony” – 6/2/1840 (Feb 6). Both this date & the Queen’s Birthday are public holidays in NZ. Interestingly though, the latter is played out on the first Monday in June, echoing the date of her coronation, rather than her 21st April birthdate.

A minor planet ‘2222 (2+(3×2) or (6) Lermontov’ discovered in 1977 by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Stepanovich Chernykh is named after him” [Mikhail Lermontov].

There were 222 (2s ‘n’6) days (7 months, 7 days) between the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour, in 1985 & the sinking of the Mikhail Lermontov.

There’s a mountain of info yet to weave together & lots of crosses to mark our way. In the process we will travel to hell & back & also to heaven (pack a light lunch).

The ritualistic nature of the past we thought so conventional is just mind boggling;

The Coronation of the British Monarch is a ceremony (specifically, initiation rite) in which the monarch of the United Kingdom is formally crowned and invested with regalia(The emblems and symbols of royalty, such as the crown and sceptre).

 Why is this?

Stay tuned for more kiwi based holiday reading, complete with imperial trimmings.

Additional: You know how it is, you always leave something out!

According to wiki the Mikhail Lementov was ‘in service’ from the regal date of 21 April, 1972 – i.e. the Queens birthday.

April 21 is the 111th day of the year.

It is also the date that Rome was born & the date that the Henry VIII set sail in his kingship.

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  1. aferrismoon replied:

    YHVH – here's a wee description acc. to Carlo Suares:(The schema Yod-Hay-Vav-Hay translated as "the Lord" or Jehovah, which appears in Genesis ii, expresses an existence fulfilled by two lives (Hay and Hay) of psyche and body mutually fecundating one another. When this happens YHWH is alive in us.)CoG p55YHVH first appears in the bible , not from the narator byt from ChVH-Eve who says:' I have begotten [acquired] a man from the Lord'.ChVH = 19 and YHVH = 26 , so that reiterates, kinda, the date 1926.Oddly ADM = 45 = 19+26[1926+45 = 1971, takin' it a bit far]Happen to have a leaflet about NZ , history , culture, famous people etc. and noticed that ERNEST RUTHERFORD famously SPLIT the atom, which seemed to go with duels, duals, split ships and shot bodies, as well as the X-shape.This snippet from Suares seems to highlight 'partnership' through time, the idea of Eve and Jesus as part of the same 'atom'."Since she (Hheva/Eve) appears at the beginning of this phase of the story, she must be understood. From the outset, she represents in womanhood everything which, much later on, Yhshwh (know as Jesus) reresents in manhood. This is evident from her letter-numbers Hhayt-Waw-Hay, which are a projection of YHWH. If it is understood that Hheva thus embodies in her very nature the supreme archetype of womanhood, it will be seen that there is no need to deify any woman, virgin or otherwise. Hheva being a materialized counterpart of YHWH, this archetype is show to be at the very core of life-in-existence. Esha, still in the womb of Eden, is the inexhaustible flame, always alive. Hheva is that flame in existence: the complete archetype. In fact, all the personages of Genesis iv are archetypes." cheersštastni novy rokCrux = JesusMatter = Eve

  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    Kia ora AferrismoonThat was great – thanks, I knew you would be in the know."Since she (Hheva/Eve) appears at the beginning of this phase of the story, she must be understood. From the outset, she represents in womanhood everything… – the 'Hheva/Eve' – made me think/see 'ova', that plus the rest of that sentence really ties in with a 'vast' part of the next part.Have no probs with taking things as far as they will stretch esp as everything is connected – am constantly amazed at how so many things I've trifled with keep coming back & forming more cohesive loops.Forgot all about Rutherford, partly due to not knowing much about him. We had another famous sciency man named Pickering too.Have decided to ignore the western new year & go with Maori timing- "The Maori New Year begins in June, after the star formation known as Matariki (the Pleiades) reappears in our skies. Around New Zealand, Matariki is a time of great festivity as well as reflection and planning for the year to come." – sounds very good to me!I did like your crucial leave taking thoughts.Very best wishes to you

  3. Devin replied:

    Well another wonderful article Alex!!I enjoyed aferrismoon's commnent too-It is so odd lately with the reading material I have chosen from the library-and then what someone does an article about a few days later-this is happening a lot lately!Last month I got a book from the library about "Pi" and didn't look at it until just a couple of nights ago-and it had a portion where it went into the Greek alphabet-and how it only had 24 letters but they needed twenty six or twenty seven-(haha I started to get the book when I saw your bit about the Greek tau and all that-already forgetting I turned the book in today)because it went into much more than that -and all of the strange coincidences (synchronicities?) with pi-that is why I picked the book up in the first place because the number fascinates me -only reason i turned it in is I had other books out that I am more immediately involved with-will definitely have to get it again now!!I have always thought those reverse birth and death dates so interesting so it is good to see someone talk about it!! Now I know a "new" one with Lermontov -Marilyn Monroe (MM) (2000-roman :-) is usually the first the comes to mind-1926 to 1962and finally just recently on aferris' site -I had mentioned a bit about Pope John Paul 1-and his "ruling" for 33 days -until his supposedly -ahem "natural" death-what a joke!!what the hell is it with these people and their damn 33??!!very interesting as always and i will come back to this one-i learned a lot of history I didn't know of from this and that I always love to find out -no matter what relation it is to anything else.I had once mentioned the British 1987 sinking of "The Herald of Free Enterprise" a "ferry" I believe in the English Channel-in fact it possibly was on your site or aferrismoon's -this was quite a while back-and now I would like to see if there are any weird number synchs with that-or names -as far as the captain etc and things of that nature.Chernobyl being in 1986 flashed through my mind when I read about the Lermontov here too-maybe just because of the "Russianness?" or something deeper?As always loved your "humour" too:-) and will come back to this one-I hope you are having a beautiful holiday season, time off and will have a beautiful year next year!!Oh-just remembered one of the "cool" pi things-in every grouping of 10 digits after every 7 groupings-all of the numbers (0 to 9) will appear in the decimal expansion!sometimes i wonder if Clifford Pickover was onto something when he wondered if we "live" in the digits of pi or something-whatever is going on-it is absolutely impossible IMHO-that some of these numbers "coincidences"-and names are indeed "coincidental!"all the best my friend!!xx

  4. Alex Robinson replied:

    Haere Mai DevinI must admit I wouldn't know what to do with a book on Pi unless it had cooking instructions but I do know that feeling of having to surrender library books cos you've gotten out more than you can chew on lol.So Marilyn & the Queen were born in the same year – dare I play with that?? I forgot about Chernobyl being that year – I have gotten a lot more interested in things of a Russian flavour since writing about Litvinenko. One thing I found, but never wrote about when I linked up his death with Adrienne Shelly was a sync with the name/meaning of last character she played which was 'Dawn' – to my mind, that is who was killed – 'the Dawn' – anyway the sync I found was that she/Dawn or to be more specific the ship "Aurora' fired the shot that opened the Russian Revolution in 1917. I thought you might enjoy that snippet :)Anyway somehow ships are hugely symbolic, so am playing with thoughts of 'why' at the moment.Wishing the very best to you & Clementina & I hope your back pain is taking an extended holiday!

  5. Jaspal replied:

    A happy new year to you down there in NZ. I can add my own little fact on the history of NZ, as told to me by my mate who is knowledgeable on all things Kiwi. Did you know that the lands of NZ were once part of Kashmir, which is where you get your beautiful mountains and landscapes from?Eric Bana, the Aussie actor, played Hector in a movie with Brad Pitt as Achilles, he also happened to play King Henry VIII in a movie a few years later.I have been delving into the work of Jordon Maxwell, who goes into a lot of detail regarding the shipping terms used in everyday life that we are not even aware of. I never knew that the ‘birth’ of a human and a boat is the same under commercial law, and that ‘christening’ a boat and giving it a name is also the same as our naming. So perhaps the relationship between people and boats that share a ‘christening’, is not all that surprising?

  6. Alex Robinson replied:

    Top of the Year to you too Jaspal Sorry for the delay in replying, I was having a most excellent adventure in the wilds of Wanganui :)As so often happens, we were running along a similar track re boat berths & christenings – this was something I had been wondering about – just how much is a boat 'an entity' – so that info was very useful – thanks.I had never heard of the NZ/Kasmir connection – another extremely relevant point to the direction of current research! lolI saw Eric Bana for the first time the other day in the movie 'The Time Travellers Wife' – didn't know he played the desTROYed one – he had a hard time in the movie I saw too! This is going to sound really thick but I've only just clicked that his name & his hulky alter ego were twin sounds Bana/Banner – what a coincidence!I hope you have had a brilliant start to the year & that it just keeps getting better (add 'stronger' & 'faster' as you see fit :)

  7. Jaspal replied:

    That sounds great. I'll have to make do with the urban jungles of Hong Kong for now!I would definitely recommend the work of Jordan Maxwell, because he goes into so much detail on words and the meanings of words. He mentioned that Church comes from the Scottish Kirk, and that from a Greek Goddess called Ceris (not sure on the spelling) who would fool men into her house and turn them into Pigs!That then brings us to another ship, or 'star' ship, the Enterprise. It is amazing how much of this stuff is just out there in the open, the very method by which we are controlled is an Enterprise, a Corporation, headed by Captain Church! Those words in Latin on a Dollar bill note, 'our Enterprise has been blessed'. All those shipping terms used in court rooms, approaching the Bridge, being in the Dock, the black robes of the Judge representing Saturn, the agents of order/time.I could go on and on, this stuff is fascinating. The ship being the vessel which carries us all, always feminine, perhaps Mother Earth herself is just one big giant ship? I did have the strange thought after listening to Manly P Hall that perhaps our round earth might be two Pyramids, and we are the trapped souls inside, because all those ancient cultures made Pyramids, but that is something I am still developing.I did note the Eric Bana/Bruce Banner connection, and joked about it with my brother quite a few times when I first saw the film, this being a long time before I got into the whole sync stuff. Wow syncing boat, now that isn't a nice thought!I did have a great last couple of weeks, nothing to do with the new year actually, I just went home to see the family and I got to the point where I was having so much fun that I forget what day it was! I found it so liberating, it was just a day, the Sun rose, I had an adventure, the Sun set and I went to sleep, I was no longer tied to any concept of day or time. I now try and maintain this thought with me, I try to say every day is Wednesday because in my culture that is the day of the Buddha (Wednesday/Woodin/Odin/Buddha), and I guess that is the day I would like it to be everyday, rather than worship all those other 'gods'.Be well Mrs Robinson!

  8. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks for that Jaspal – I really enjoyed your thoughts & especially resonated with your time away – every holiday (holy day) I have had in the past few years has had that effect on me. I was only away for two nights this time & yet time disappeared & it could have been a week or a month for the richness of the experience I bring back with me. I love it when I don't know what day it is. The 'weak' is a nasty little mouse-trap!That was most enlightening about the enterprising cruise ship – I have indeed heard of Mr Maxwell, but not read. It's a funny thing with my writing, I am generally completely ignorant of the things I write, but once I get a scent all sorts of info turns up & with it all sorts of ideas & I have found that I am literally 'steered' away from answer-full sites – my feeling thus far is that perhaps questions are far more potent than answers & that it does not matter if we find the answer but somehow snuffling about & finding exciting scents keeps us alive. In the Mystery of the White Lions, Credo Mutwa will only ever give out a small bit of info to the author, after which he will say "That is something of which we may not speak" – I have come to feel that it's not because it's sacred but that 'answers' take away our powers as humans – I never feel so powerful as when I'm on the scent & playing without rules. I think other people's answers are perfect at the right time, but that needs to come because we have been asking questions that energise us. It is always interesting to me how often you drop info my way that syncs up with my current questions – I'm sure that is how things are supposed to work, when the question is strong, the answer appears :)I wish you a year of Odin days my friend :)

  9. Jaspal replied:

    The two Holy days when I felt time disappear the most was the trip I told you about, where I also went to Copenhagen and got totally absorbed in Tivoli Gardens, a famous amusement park right in the middle of the city. If you ever go to Europe, you just have to visit this place, you will love it. The other time was when I was in Australia, I went to Sydney, the Gold Coast, and Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef, and I lost all concepts of time! There is just something so special about that land, even in the state those damn aussies have left it in! The first day in Sydney, when me and my girlfriend walked along the harbour in the morning, and there wasn't another soul in sight, is one of my happiest memories. We sat under this tree and just looked across at the opera house, wondering why no one was there at 11 am on a Saturday!If you have ever seen the film I-Robot (maybe I've told you this before), there is a professor who is murdered and leaves behind a computer programmed hologram. When Will Smith asks the wrong question, it replies 'my responses are limited, you must ask the RIGHT questions'. And eventually it says 'that was the RIGHT question', without any further response.Maybe Eve taking that Apple is the engine that powers everything, curiosity may have killed the cat, but at least the cat learned something!Don't forget that Odin/Buddha both meditated for days looking for answers, perhaps at the end they decided that the question was far more important!Bought a house/flat today, looks like I am going to be in Hong Kong for a while now!

  10. Jon Kidd replied:

    Welly welly well…Loved this post.My birthday is June 2nd 1982 so the 26 is strong.I was in the Jehovah's witness cult from the age of 13 till about 15. Eventually I woke up to the brainwashing. I used to think I had to abandon the teachings, now I use them and stack them.Nice bit on the brick or divine rectangle with 5/8 proportion becoming 26.I don't really have anything to add. I WAS gonna mention the 26 alphabet but your just so damn thorough.Happy new year Alex. Happy 2010 the year we hopefully make contact with rational existence. Rational, but not boring :^)

  11. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hiya Jaspal, so when's the house warming & do I get an invite? :)I googled Tivoli & it looks like fun! I do love those timeless times that come from being somewhere unknown.Am very glad you brought up I Robot in response – I shall watch that again from that point of thought & see if anything else pops up.I like your thoughts on Eve, perhaps there is something to be said for curious, nosy women :)Very best of wishes for a great life in your new abode!Mr KiddywinkleIt is a delight to see you taking time out for your elders :)So you were born on a coronation date & 19 days earlier than the next sun king, William … Use the Force Jon :)In truth I stole the maths & pasted as it was without understanding, but I knew there were those who were far more learned than wot I am, that would appreciate it :)haha ok here's to rational exitence with, of course, a wonderfully weird lemon twist :)Best to you & all yours!

  12. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Fantastic sleuthing! A vast amount of knowledge here ;) to absorb. Well done and well "played". Incredible how the sinking of ships coincides [co-inside?] with people's "deaths" and tragedies eh?You've dog-gone done it again with another amazing piece Alex, kudos on the brilliant down underverse work!!Be well my friend!

  13. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hiya MichaelMany thanks for the thumbs up – good to see you computerially mobile again.I hope all is very well, warm & snuggly in your new head quarters :)

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