Ride easy stranger

Alone we are born
and die alone
Yet see the red-gold cirrus
over snow-mountain shine
upon the upland road
ride easy stranger
Surrender to the sky
your heart of anger.

I had thought that last night I would finish & post the next part of my article. Instead I sought the solace of true friends after the climax of some very trying times.

I feel these are BIG times right now, I have seen buried things rising eerily to the surface, I have seen voices that were quiet for TOO LONG, ringing out, shakily, but bloody strong. I have felt that this is a time when we must choose to live or we die. I don’t mean physically die, something much worse – emotionally, spiritually, humanly.

I take a course of action today that has taken many years to reach – I am one of those shaky voices that is speaking out because I choose to live.

I will be back shortly with the second part of my post, but first I have to go & “Surrender to the sky my heart of anger.”

I wish life to ALL of you

(Poem at top by NZ poet James K Baxter)

January 13, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Devin replied:

    Extremely beautiful thoughts as always Alex-if a lunkhead like me can sense a 'disturbance in the force' I can't imagine what more psychically sensitive people are going thru right now!!!!We are 200 percent behind you now-I think you are doing the absolute right thing- this "system" wants people to more or less feel like they are "whores" and worth less than s@#t – we can't let it do this to us anymore!!!!love and hugz and all the best!!!!xx

  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    Bless you Devin, even before I read this you were with me. I took the Xmas card you sent me to work, for it's powerful support & I showed it to another wonderful friend at work. Straight after that I go to my desk & there is an order sitting there for a company in the town I just had an awesome experience in – it was on 'Devon' St & the order number said "Joy" – what more could I ask for :)You are one of the most honourable people I know & I thank you a thousand times for all your support. Always your friend xxx

  3. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Indeed there are mighty changes afoot Alex, and you are experiencing these first hand I GNO. That shaky voice will become strong and grounded and your authentic true self won't allow any scampering away, for sure! Never forget how truly awesome you are and how powerful YOU are! Your friends will provide that cornerstone of support and many blessings from the Universe will provide a path to what it is you need!!Am happy to note this is MY FIRST blog comment of 2010 and I have the privilege for it to be on the blog that has helped me grow the most.Be well my darling friend!!

  4. Alex Robinson replied:

    Michael, my excellent friend, my heart & I thank you most humbly & deeply for that – your words made me cry. The rewards of friendship that I have found thro' my blogging go way beyond this world. I don't have anything else to say, for your kindness has left me speechless (for a change :)Thank you!!

  5. The Dreamed replied:

    Hi Alex,I thought of you today. After a long time away from blogging, I decided to start mine up again. I don't know why, just for fun and enjoyment more than anything.I walked away from the synchronisity and conspiracy stuff out of necessity for my sanity.While still unsure of what is what these days, I've decided that, for me, it's all misinformation from every angle. Well intentioned or not, we can never really know.I'm trying to find my way, just being in my life, and enjoying the little things. I hope you are doing well, I used to really enjoy your blog, and your comments on mine when I was Mr. Know, or Know Nothing.For some reason I was compelled to stop by here today. My father is in NZ right now, riding his motorcycle around your beautiful country.Surrender to the sky, it will always be true to you.I hope you are well.

  6. Alex Robinson replied:

    Greetings once more Mr Know, I thought that might be you even before I got to that part :) I knew you had to walk away & I have wondered how you were. This writing must be for ourselves or it is passionless & useless. I wish you joy with your rekindling.I too am trying to find my way or perhaps I should say to create a new path – my world has turned on its head of late & as I don't know where I am, I'm just doing the one step at a time thing too. I feel there are huge energies of change or birth sweeping over us now & we either sink or learn to surf!I wish the very best to you & hope your dad has a great time, which I'm sure he will. Right, I'm off to buy a surfboard :)

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