Bloody Blogger!!!

My apologies – the simply smashing article, Engdustrial Strength Languish – has disappeared from the face of the earth.


I am currently resurrecting an almost finished copy that I was wise enough to make – with some adjustments it should be up & running before too long.


May 29, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Hey Alex!To be honest, I always got a funny gut feeling when we had to read Shakes Pear in High School, you have to ask why they have it "required reading" here in the U.S. Hmmmm.I always thought the English language was alchemical, looking more like symbols for alchemy than anything else. Perhaps it solidifies the 3D experience, and that is why you must be careful and choosy of what you speak in this language!I loved what you added about loving in French, arguing in Italian, etc. etc. that was great! So maybe English/Anglish cuts into the veil a lot more sharply than people real-eyes. Great little tidbits, thank you for sharing!!Cheers!WV = dishness

  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    Guten Tag Herr Dishiness :)Merci for your 'mots' my dear. I read somehwere about being wary of all the things that have been 'lifted on high' in society. We are foreverly reminded that there are but a few geniuses? geneii? – …hmmm what is the plural & what is the collective noun for that matter – could be fun to formulate!Partout je regarde, I see genius in the 'average' person – all it takes is for them to be engaged in their passion – that's why I can't buy this warped world – there's so much genius out there – but it's strapped up in underpaid jobs, criminal mortgages, 'managed' ill health, & mental prison bars.Wunderbar to see you in this leetle platz of mineEssere ben!!

  3. cecilia replied:

    hilike reading your stuff..puts into words thoughts I've never been able to pin down.Is that what words do? down thoughts. Words are weird, different pitches are felt in different parts of your body.Artificial tv words hit you in the stomach.. feel tense and queasy after a while.Written words are scary. As a child I used to turn the book I was reading face down before going to sleep..was scared the words on the cover could get out, especially at night.Spelling is, of course, magic spells.The german word for a letter, Buchstabe, Stabe(sticks) of Buche(beech wood), originally the word for runes. Buchstabieren(spelling)=casting the runes.Have you ever wondered what it was like to speak before you learnt to read?No letter shapes in your head as you spoke. Just sounds and feelingsthanks

  4. Alex Robinson replied:

    Wunderbar Cecilia!I loved the bit about turning books over before sleep – the child in you understood the jedi of words!We are indeed 'showered all over' by words everyday & the thing is they 'get in' – I think of being forced to hear unwanted words as a kind of rape, something that is 'forced inside you'.I didn't know that background to German letters – very telling. Here's a link to a site I found when researching my last article – I thought I'd found a fascinating connection between Beech trees & Hitler, but I had a wrong translation of Berchtesgarten: I would think that before we learned words we must have loved the sound of our voices – playing with sounds like toys.Thanks for your words :)

  5. Accidental replied:

    Damn blogger!I'm sure the re-rendering will be that much better.good luck

  6. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thank you oh wise apothecary, you are right – 'twill be bloody amazing :)I appreciate your encouragement!Very best to you & yours

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