Setting the Scene

Using intuition & synchronicity as twinning track’n’trace mediums has very often led me rite off the path I thought I was travelling, but I would never leave home without them.

That is why it may seem as if I veer off track a bit too often – all I can say is that usually at some point the tracks lead back together again or makes sense in a new way & the old track no longer suffices.

Thus it is that, although I still have the finale of The Crux of the Matter, Part III of the Master of the Sea, the 7 Deadly Queens of ’97 & a mil-Lion Man still outstanding, I must beg your pardon yet again as we cut a new trail over olden ground.

Remember, everything is intimately connected.

That’s why I’ve gotten comfortable with writing about events that happen at the end of the world (aka New Zealand).  We may look separate, but we are not.

The new story thus far…

While researching my previous languishing article, I came across a DVD about the unsolved disappearance of a young Kiwi couple, that took place twelve years ago, while I was living in England.  Preliminary occult-carbon dating as to the date of their vanishing called very loudly for further investigation.

I investigated.

A trail of bodies ensued.

Last week I was visually accosted by a book at the library called ThRoman Triumph.

Actually I was accosted by it’s author, Mary Beard.

Her name had rather an itchy unfeminine feel. It lingered a little uncomfortably.  Just as it had lingered the first time I heard it, a week earlier. Only then it had belonged to a 25 year old English hitch-hiker whose badly decomposing body was found under a bridge during the brand new weeks of 1970.  Her name was Jennifer Mary Beard. She died at the same occultly-significant carbon-dated-date that a young couple would disappear without a trace, 28 years later.

And they’re not the only ones.

Jennifer Beard however seems to form the crux of this route change. It was her name that called & caught my attention.  So while I continue to follow the trails that are presenting themselves, I thought I’d give you a link to her story.  There are some inaccuracies in what follows, but the retelling sets the scene.  The actual cause of her death has never been positively established, but she died on the very last day of the ‘Swinging Sixties’.

 Haast Pass-t 1969

More to follow…

June 12, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Hey Alex!!Am anxious to see what syncs you encounter and where the roads lead!Good luck in your sleuthing!Cheers!WV = bangenes


  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    Well I hope you didn't 'bang your knees' too much with PJ pouncing on them! :)Thanks MichaelI've gotta go edit the past first & redo my last story. I wonder if we can do that with 'real' life too – I wouldn't mind that at all :)Wonderful chatting to you!Be very well


  3. katnken replied:

    sync, anyone???!!!beard lady = mary beard??? DOG STAR


  4. Alex Robinson replied:

    Exactly so!Many thanks Katnken, I went forth & read – it was a rewarding journey.Very best to you


  5. cecilia replied:

    hi,definitely dangerous when frosty! frosted hair= blonde, Jennifer was blonde. Jennifer= Guinevere = pure,white,fair.In ancient Egypt queens wore false beards as a sign of sovereignty, divinity. a sacrificed queenand to connect to your english post Shakespear's weird sisters had beards.thanks


  6. Alex Robinson replied:

    Greetings fellow sleuth!Excellent point on Egyptian beards – I have wondered before about those – you might like to try reading the post that katnken (above) gave me a link to: think the Guinevere angle may well be worth further investigation & many thanks for reminder about the wyrded bearded sisters – perfect!


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