Engdustrial Strength Languish – (re-threaded, re-woven, re-stitched)

“It has long been my preferring,
upon returnings to this sight,
that my eyes be feastly treated

with imagings,

graceful in my site.”
Thus it is, that we ope today’s article with a pretty scene from Romeo & Juliet, rather than with a portrait of it’s papa apparent, a man who just doesn’t do it for me.

Re-introducing the ‘word-smythe’ who needs no introduction, but is getting three anyway – Meister William Shakespeare.

His threefold face, hinting of something more than it’s creative creator might’ve envisaged.

You see it seems Mr Shakes Pear may have had a penchant for threesomes.

“ORomeo,Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo
Ahh Dewliett ma luv, ah am ovaer ere wiv da three leetle fishies.”

Let’s ask if Monsieur Shak Espère’s three fetish is a little fishy?

Three has been recognized as the first sacred number, the number of God, the number of the Western monotheistic religions, the number of divine order in the world. However … Shakespeare used the language and rhythm of “threes” in Macbeth 1.1. to turn the concept of threes on its head. Rather than being a sign that all is right with the world, the “threes” in the conduct and mouth of the Weird Sisters show the moral confusion of the universe

We areprepared by Shakespeare, then, to enter into a world of confusion and pain, of appearance v. reality, where an ordered world becomes a disordered world, though often retaining the patina of order … Whether or not the universe is made up of threes, or the human mind is structured to think it triploid patterns

uses of threes in literature indicates that the author is trying to tell us that things are orderly or stable … Thus it is striking to me that when Shakespeare opens Macbeth, with its 11-line first scene, he uses repeated patterns of threes. However, because of the last two lines of the scene (“Fair is foul, and foul is fair./ Hover through the fog and filthy air,” 1.1.10-11), we see that the threes will be used to precipitate moral confusion rather than moral clarity

the message … may simply be that this quest for order, manifest in our love for threes, is simply laying into the hands ofother wicked forces who are far more skillful than we at spinning out threes in speech and action. (from “The “Three”s of Macbeth” by Bill Long).

I couldn’t stop myself thinking of nasty modern trends when I read that last line.

And that’s pretty much why we are gathered here today.

This is not an autopsy of Shakespearean proportions – I don’t have the qualifications.

In this dissecting room, we are going to carry out anautipsy on the English language – this means you can eat, drink & smoke during the proceedings. The only qualification asked for is a pleasantly opened mind.

Scalpel please nurse.

English is the language I was born into & raised up with. I don’t stutter, am not dyslexic and have never had a problem with reading, spelling, comprehending or writing. Yet this language & I have had a deeply troubled relationship. From my angle of memory at this time, I would say that the greatest percentage of pain in my life has been tied to this, my native tongue. It has only been within the last couple of years of blogging that I have found a pathway to peace.

What follows is a mix of research combined with personal opinions & feelings backed by a lifetime of frustration & silent rage. I’m guessing that much of what ensues could be unpicked in seconds …

… by the modern world’s Factory Workers (aka ‘experts’) but let’s just say ‘bollocks’, make like a bullock & charge on backwards.

Here are some splendid thoughts from an olden thinker:

In the 1924 book “History of the English Language“, author E. Classen describes language as;
the autobiography of the human race‘.
He invokes ‘accent’ (i.e. pitch, tempo) as the;
very soul of speech
& he speaks of;

the relations which must necessarily exist between thought & emotions on the one hand and their outward manifestationlanguage – on the other hand.

The ‘Father of Modern Philosophy’, Rene Day-Cart, is “best known for the philosophical statement “Cogito ergo sum” (French: Jepense, doncjesuis; English:I think, therefore I am; or I am thinking, therefore I exist).

Thought/existence  = the art of language?

Does the Western/Modern World exist because of the English language?

This is my stop.

This is where I jump off the reality train. Feel free to jump too or you can simply make your way back to the internet via your leetle mousse & no hard feelings.
Ok fellow leapers, let’s entertain some crazy thoughts to tea. Let’s imagine that there is something amiss & amok with, or within the English language.
If this fanciful fantasy held any truth, it would be of import because…
Modern English is the dominant language or in some instances even the required international language of communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy.” Wiki
So ……
What if there’s an angle to Anglish that’s just not ‘quite cricket’
A lingually mangling, strangling strait jacket,
An angst-wielding languishing tongue-tying potion,
An industrial strength killer of human emotion.”
What if English, as a language, comes in extra strength flavour? What if it’s too harsh for everyday use? What if it requiresvery special handling?
For as long as I can remember, I have felt words.
I’d gladly goes miles out of my way, than hear certain words. I avoid doctors & dentists like the plague because of the potency of their a-noun-cements – setting one’s fate in concrete.

I get queasy round Newsrapers, oops I mean Newspapers. I can feel positively ill listening to what spews forth from the mouths of ‘re-porters(porter – “doorkeeper, janitor,” 1180s, from Anglo-Fr. portour, from O.Fr. portier, from L.L. portariusgatekeeper“).Then there’s tone too of course – the soul of langauge.

Is it me or have you noticed also, that many speakers of English sound positively spark-less.

Tonight we present, for your viewing pleasure, a smorgasbord of spectacular speculations.
So without further adoLet the feast of a thousand conjectures begin!
What if the English language is a highly potent elixir– a potion for making things ‘real’, a real genie-us of a language.
Because English is so widely spoken, it has often been referred to as a world language, the linguafranca of the modern era.” wiki

Are you paying attention?

What if English is the supreme director of attention ……

… directing where to look & what to see.  Stating, rather than communicating.

What if English is an ‘Almighty’ language?  A gene-rator of life?

Looky at the anglicised letters of the ACT of Creation…….
GENE – IS IS (verb to be x 2)

Can the English language bring ‘things‘ to life?

Does the repetition of certain words cause their creation?

Tick, tock – do we really need it spelled out?

What if cancer is a ‘word’ disease?

What if there is a form-ula to all those nasty lumps’n’bumps? Perhaps something like this: –

I don’t suppose the religious business of Cancer Scientology would be too impressed.
Is this be where a cancer sell (cell) begins?
Is the Pen mightier than the scalpel?
Or is it a l-INK, in the p-INK, chain of command?
Cancer – the multiplicated ‘sell’ disease given life (& so(u)l’d) by the media.  OK kids repeat after me, “Knickers to cancer“.
The impact of the English language globally has sometimes had a large impact on other languages, leading to language shift and even language death and to claims of “English Language Imperialism” … the ‘English language is forever evolving’.”
Let’s now ponder a little upon the religion to which most of the modern world a-spires (a moreCeltic RElaBELling approach might be ass-pyres, butt hey let’s not go there).
Behold the stairway to Holey Wood, where initiates strive to enter attainment. The huge business of dreaming in this world, is composed in 100 carat English.
Is there a reason why the English language dominates the dreamy scapes of entertainment ?

Let’s play a while with the idea that this tongue is the lingua supremo of story-telling

Let’s suggest that it’s structuring, shaping, spelling & sounding spin wickedly fine webs …

… within the human mind…
Let’s suggest that this language is a living thing that connects deeply with & within us.

the ‘English language is forever evolving’.” wiki

The Global Language Monitor announced that the English language had crossed the 1,000,000-word threshold on June 10, 2009. The announcement was met with strong scepticism by linguists and lexicographers, though a number of non-specialist reports accepted the figure uncritically” wiki

What if English has an ability akin to a hypnotist’s persuasion?

Once upon a time” is a stock phrase that has been used in some form since at least 1380 (according to the Oxford English Dictionary) in storytelling in the English language,…

and seems to have become a widely accepted convention for opening oral narratives by around 1600.  These stories often then end with “… and they all lived happily ever after”, or, originally, “happily until their deaths”.”

I couldn’t help thinking of the ritual formats used to enter & leave the daily doom hypnosis session.

I do not have the linguistic ability to speak knowledgeably of language.  But I have noticed that English seems to have a very powerful ability to direct attention.  When I pay it extra attention I seem to sense strong forward momentum. A feeling of being on a highway, or perhaps in a strong current – very difficult to get to the sides & pull yourself out.

How about a little English vinetasting?

Please take time to sup for yourself.

In the meantime, here is a little word bouquet for you  – it is flavoured by my feeling that English tells wonderful stories & by extension that that power, is being used & abused by the priests/preyists who are ru(i)nnig (amok) in this world.

A precocious & headstrong number that tends to
dominate other flavours, rich, boisterous, splendid
bouquet, potent, demanding, young, heady,
numbing, intoxicating, buttery, cloying,
candylike, brawny, lingering, nosey,
perfumed, powerful, fleshy, grippy,
resinous, robust, tarry, volatile,
woody, astringent, sharp,
fleshy, foxy, crisp, tight,
harsh, warm, prickly,
viscous, syrupy,
velvety, silky,
angular, steely,
green, sappy, mouth-filling.

An extraordinary method of directing attention would be a godsend for directors of attention.
spielA lengthy and extravagant speech or argument usuallyintended to persuade.  A fast excuse or sales pitch. hmmm not getting you ….. oh I see you mean a movie!

It is interesting to note that one who may have been the greatest English salesman of all time …

… “invented 1,700 English words or at least first recorded their use.”

Shakespeare’s writings greatly influenced the entire English language. Prior to and during Shakespeare’s time, the grammar and rules of English were not fixed. But once Shakespeare’s plays became popular in the late seventeenth and eighteenth century, they helped contribute to the standardization of the English language, with many Shakespearean words and phrases becoming embedded in the English language

This (potential) story-telling, scene-setting language par excellence, has moved into the fields of of science & technology & all things logical & factual.

Modern English is the dominant langauge or in some instances even the required international language ofcommunications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy

A working knowledge of English has become a requirement in a number of fields, occupations and professions such as medicine and computing; as a consequence over a billion people speak English to at least a basic level. It is also one of six official languages of the United Nations.”

Has the language of guided fantasy been shanghaied & set to work for the other side?  Our modern world is apparelled in apparent fact. Science & technology reign supreme.  If it can’t be explained it doesn’t exist.

But what if the language that’s been employed to present these facts, is in fact a creature from the realm of fantasy?

What if,
Behind the scenes & screens of modern life,
Black magicians are busily crafting.
Weaving definite articles of fantasy into FACT,
Cutting & pinning & sewing stories together,
Tearing & tangling truth into tatters,
Spinning statistics into gold,
Thro’ the use of linguisticalchemicals?

What if Babel was not the loss of one language, but rather the loss of many?

What if once we spoke many languages, but Babel buggered it up?

What if we are supposed to speak in many tongues – varying use according to need?

What if we were meant to love in French, argue in Italian, conduct business in Japanese, tell stories in English & philosophise in Greek?

Part of the reason English may be such a forceful scene setter, is it’s use of a few little magickal herbs …

… sorry I mean verbs;

the English verbs “to be”, “to do” and “to have” are very peculiar

Two verbs are normally ommitted from Arabic …. These two are to be and to have.”

the verb to be is … a verb of existence

I came across E-Prime some time ago on Dedroidify’s site. It popped up again on research for this article. E-Prime could be described as the non-surgical removal of the verb ‘to be’ – shhh, don’t tell Herr Shhhakes Pair or he may turn in his grave:-

To be or not to be– that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous media claims,
Or to take hold of the remote control
and by pressing, end them.”

If you’re game to continue,  let’s  play a little more in-sane-ly.

What if the linguistical over-Englishing of the globe, is the modern component of a long prepared for event?

What if this Englishing World-Cup was kicked off yonks ago through the wordy-works of Herr Shhh Aches Pair. How terribly amusant to recall just where the English language first went round the Globe.

Loquation, loquation, loquation

They’ve always been there you know. Those elegant of pointers to a lingua mystique – alchemical alphabetting, magical spelling & wizardly words, conjuring conjunctions & mortal sentences.

Take a peek at these three weird sisters:-

Rite – Write – Right
All for one & one for all eh?

… & in case you think that I’m s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g things a little with the 3rd sister, I think you’ll find that the hoitiest of society, court her presence:-

Dieuetmondroitis the motto of the British Monarch. It appears on a scroll beneath the shield of the coat of arms of the United Kingdom … refers to the divine right of the Monarch to governThe motto is French for literally God and my right.”

Could Shakespeare’s riting be wrapped up in ritual & divine rule?

Certainly it is interesting that the name attributed to ‘greatest play-rite of all time’ should be composed of words (words = sword = sharp weapon = spear).

Will. I. Am. Shake. Spear(e)
“I AM” = popularised by another divinity that dabbled with the Rite Hand.

Here’s some bit’s’n’pieces’ I found upon a rosy cross site – I have picked & pickled what interested & left the rest – take or leave as you see fit:-

After God,” writes Alexander Pushkin, Russia’s greatest poet, “Shakespeare is the greatest creator of living beings. He created an entire humanity

for the mighty creative impulse that manifested in Europe as the Renaissance and found its primary English expression in the brilliant literary lights of the Elizabethan Era — the greatest of which was Shakespeare. Thus Shakespeare becomes a link in a chain of inspired mediators through whom the race of men have come into possession of an ever-increasing knowledge of the divine Mysteries...

Shakespeare has been called “The Rosicrucian Mask

People see and read the plays for pleasure and pastime. In doing so they expose themselves to a magic that, by its very nature, works upon their inner being, imparting to it basic patterns … charging it with impulses

When I mentally leap back to what feels like the beginning of our modernish history, I always seem to stop at Elizabeth I …

… her father is simply lost-in-space somewhere in a room titled ‘Dangerous Bastard‘ & doesn’t get a look-in.

If you peer closer into those Elizabethan times, you will see strange repeating patterns – Renaissance means rebirth. Was it spelled ‘rebirth because it’s all been done so many times before?

On 25th August (Ludwig II’s future birthday) 1530, one of the most powerful bastards of all time was born – he would become known as Ivan the Terrorist, sorry I mean the Terrible.

His long reign saw the … transforming Russia into a multiethnic and multiconfessional state spanning almost 1 billion acres … Ivan oversaw … the transition from a medieval nation state to an empire … and became the first Tsar.”

Two weeks after Ivan’s 3rd birthday party, Elizabeth I made her bonny wee appearance – the year was 1533:-

Out you popped, out of your mummie’stumkin and everybody shouting,
‘It’s a boy, it’s a boy!’
And somebody said,
‘But it hasn’t got a winkle!’
And then I said,
‘A boy without a winkle? God be praised, it’s a miracle. A boy without a winkle!’
And then Sir Thomas More pointed out that a boy without a winkle is a girl, and everyone was really disappointed.
(Marvellous humour from Nursey in ‘Blackadder’)

Liz & Ivan’s reigns laid down monumental foundations for two huge-to-be modern empires. These monumental monarchs had twinning beginnings.

– Both had father’s whose first marriage failed to produce a lusted after son.
– Both manoeuvered their first wives into a controversial divorce & then remarried.
– Both second wives conceived, although to Anne Boleyn’s detriment, the girl child she bore nominated her for a death sentence.
– Ivan’s father Vasili III died when his son was three years old.
– Elizabeth’s mother Anne died after three years as queen.

It was during Elizabeth’s reign, that the Emperor of English, rose to power

Twas in the reign of Lizzie the First
That on to the stage, young Willie burst
The crowd were delighted
By all they had sighted
The bard gave a bow & reversed
When Lizzie eventually bowed out, she was replaced by the not particularly bonnie King James.
Thanks to Wille the Spear Shaker, James survived an assassination attempt by a guy with some explosive forks.

Willie of course invented the word assassination, which gave Guy something to aim for & James something to run away from.

James went a big step further in bringing modern English to town when he called for a new improved version of the famous old classic Harry Potter & Holy CruciBible under the pen name KJ Royaling. It became a best seller.

Modern English, that includes the works of William Shakespeare and the King James Bible, is generally dated from about 1550, and when the United Kingdom became a colonial power.” wiki

The coming of the second extra long-lived Queen, saw another huge leap forward in the staking of the English claim.

Queen Victorias’ reign, would see the injecting of the English language into a host of nations.

At its height it [the British Empire] was the largest empire in historyand, for over a century, was the foremost global power. By 1922, the British Empire held sway over a population of about 458 million people, one-quarter of the world’s populationat the time, and covered more than 13,000,000 square miles (33,670,000 km2):approximately a quarter of the Earth’s total land area. As a result, its political, linguistic and cultural legacy is widespread
Could the spread of the British Empire have been necessary to further the spread the English language?
Two world war’s later confirmed that winners spoke with the queen’s tongue – not literally, that would be gross.
Ahhhh…. ‘A Frikken Queen’
America became super-dooper powerful & made daring moves & movies that further furthered the spread of the queen’s genioglossus muscle.
The growing economic and cultural influence of the United States and its status as a global superpower since World War II have significantly accelerated the language’s spread across the plane.”
Music rocked as long as it lingered in tones of dulcet l’anglish …

… & just about everything progressive & successful seemed to be supplied in the lingo of l’Angleterre.

And so it continues today…
Ok kiddies it’s nearly bed byes time.
We’d better pack our game away. I hope you have had some wondering fun – remember we’re not here to find answers, we’re simply playing with what we’ve been told & sold, reality is.  Maybe by playing, we’ll find it isn’t what we thought.  Maybe we’ll find a way to rite our own rules & so we can get a really good game going.

Is English a language of hyp-GNOSIS?

A Jedi of a force?

Can we make up our own New Stories instead of being force-fed News Stories?

You bet!

OK it’s YOUR turn to play.

Additional:  A short show of a rather interesting Shakespearean playing (Thanks Aferrismoon)

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  1. aferrismoon replied:

    There's a site called -Light-of-Truth.comwhich uses Shakespeares sonnets to uncover a code. This code implies that William Shakespeare = Francis Bacon = WILLIAM TUDOR, supposedly the secret son of QE1Also ACGTAries Cancer Gemini Taurus cheers

  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks Mr Moon – would be most interesting if Will Chew d'Or was spear rattling royalty – certainly he'd have access to the finest tudor tutors.I'll put a link to that.That was a splendid g-act of letter work. On this page:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrological_signthe **** signs are the first named of each of the four 'elemental' signs – Fire, Earth, Air, Water – that's bloody magic!Muchas grassy arse

  3. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hi Michael & CeciliaI've gone back & brought your comments here into the future – Thanks again & sorry about the muck up! :)And thanks Wise Alchemist for your support – it's always appreciated :)Michael Skaggs said…Hey Alex!To be honest, I always got a funny gut feeling when we had to read Shakes Pear in High School, you have to ask why they have it "required reading" here in the U.S. Hmmmm.I always thought the English language was alchemical, looking more like symbols for alchemy than anything else. Perhaps it solidifies the 3D experience, and that is why you must be careful and choosy of what you speak in this language!I loved what you added about loving in French, arguing in Italian, etc. etc. that was great! So maybe English/Anglish cuts into the veil a lot more sharply than people real-eyes. Great little tidbits, thank you for sharing!!Cheers!WV = dishnessJune 2, 2010 8:16 AM Alex Robinson said…Guten Tag Herr Dishiness :)Merci for your 'mots' my dear. I read somehwere about being wary of all the things that have been 'lifted on high' in society. We are foreverly reminded that there are but a few geniuses? geneii? – …hmmm what is the plural & what is the collective noun for that matter – could be fun to formulate!Partout je regarde, I see genius in the 'average' person – all it takes is for them to be engaged in their passion – that's why I can't buy this warped world – there's so much genius out there – but it's strapped up in underpaid jobs, criminal mortgages, 'managed' ill health, & mental prison bars.Wunderbar to see you in this leetle platz of mineEssere ben!!June 2, 2010 2:42 PM cecilia said…hilike reading your stuff..puts into words thoughts I've never been able to pin down.Is that what words do?..pin down thoughts. Words are weird, different pitches are felt in different parts of your body.Artificial tv words hit you in the stomach.. feel tense and queasy after a while.Written words are scary. As a child I used to turn the book I was reading face down before going to sleep..was scared the words on the cover could get out, especially at night.Spelling is, of course, magic spells.The german word for a letter, Buchstabe, Stabe(sticks) of Buche(beech wood), originally the word for runes. Buchstabieren(spelling)=casting the runes.Have you ever wondered what it was like to speak before you learnt to read?No letter shapes in your head as you spoke. Just sounds and feelingsthanksJune 3, 2010 1:53 AM Alex Robinson said…Wunderbar Cecilia!I loved the bit about turning books over before sleep – the child in you understood the jedi of words!We are indeed 'showered all over' by words everyday & the thing is they 'get in' – I think of being forced to hear unwanted words as a kind of rape, something that is 'forced inside you'.I didn't know that background to German letters – very telling. Here's a link to a site I found when researching my last article – I thought I'd found a fascinating connection between Beech trees & Hitler, but I had a wrong translation of Berchtesgarten:http://www.thegoddesstree.com/trees/Beech.htmI would think that before we learned words we must have loved the sound of our voices – playing with sounds like toys.Thanks for your words :)June 3, 2010 7:08 PM

  4. Devin replied:

    wonderful article or artickle :-) as always alex- if there is a "first among equals" wrt numbers or numb-ers -it is the number three – i do think the master magicians of this world create the spell (and actions) they say and do using the english language – wrt reading – reading for pleasure has been a lifesaver (literally) for me – for however many hours i read i can get out of this fucking reality for that time- fascinating that Shakespeare created 1700 words in english — had no idea – love ya!!!!wv=varev ps will try to read mr moon's artickle also again joyous and thought-provoking work from you as always!!!!

  5. Alex Robinson replied:

    Haha Devin, I just popped by here & you popped up at the same time – I think our ships must have crossed – funnily enough I was thinking of you not 10 minutes ago!Agreed on the life-saving ability of books. If there is trickery wrapped up in the 'mother tongue' I reckon we can use it to our own advantage – here's a (short) really cool link Michael sent me on sound vibration – which spoken language is:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvhuc2DLOp8Thinking of you – bee well & stay cool! :) luv ya too!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Loved the revamp my friend,added nice little curiosity tid bits for me.I am sure there is some force to English, why else push for this to be the Universal language, rite? I liked how you question Alex, even the shapes of the English alphabet. Time to get out an old Alchemy chart and compare! Nicely stitched!WV = KNOSTEN(Yup, I kid you knot!)

  7. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Alex & Devin,Don't know if you've seen anything on Cymatics, but in the intro he mentions the medium of "OIL", HMMM.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05Io6lop3mk&feature=relatedHope that link works!CheersWV=LOGINIST

  8. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hiya MichaelI see you've got 26 degrees today or whatever it's equivalent is in 'American' – very nice!Glad you managed a second helping – I have loved the great info you've been supplying about sound waves. And yes that oil comment sounds HUGELY significant!Sure you don't feel like re-entering the blog world?Enjoy your summery weather my friend. Very best to you & all yours :)

  9. Accidental replied:

    HeLLo hell-low?, HIGH!^^^!Fun as always, here with the English language. Very cool thoughts.Morgan Freeman made an interesting announcement on his newest TV document-tree called "Through the worm hole"He said scientists are starting to unveil that all of this could be an ill-us-ion. That the theories being written in regards the physics of the mysterious 'black hole' are showing more and more that this all may be a construct of thought.Reminds me of one of the few books Ive read called 'TechGnosis' which basically sums US up as being information or math. How in the age of information/internet we find ourselves being decoded at the speed of light. Our compulsive structuring of data in turn constructing the infant/baby/babel that is the AI interweb. We're stacking them bricks faster and faster and/or fabricating a virtual hexagonal hive. I dunno…We are evolving through our expression of communications. Efficient communication could mean less problems in the world. Like before the Babel/babble tower confusion. Perhaps we were close to figuring it all out because we all communicated so well. Then the ant farmer poured in more sand to confuse and fluster our attempts at escape.And to wrap up my babble…words/sword brings to mind Revelations of course."And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God."Rev 19:15 KJBNice one Alex, as per.

  10. Alex Robinson replied:

    Greetings AK Sid'n'tell or is it Acid Dental :)ThanQ four yore werds!I LOVED that last bib-lickle passage or should I say your REM-ember-ing of it – so I'm One-dering if English could be the sword-words that come out of that Guy's mower-th – mowing down nations with words? Does English contain Iron? Do the words we speak using that language form some kind of metal lattice work that locks us down? By using it do we become 'the man/woman in the Iron Mask'?Simply marvellous food for thought!!I am not anti the English language, I simply have the feeling that we don't know what we're messing with – powerful stuff & we've been dumbed down so much we use it for bickering'n'bitching'n'boring conversations. It might be likened to having an aeroplane & being 'sold' the idea that it's an outdoor storage cupboard. If we knew how to use it we could soar!!!It would not surprise me if any universal langauge would be internal – some kind of telepathy – external langauge could be for the creation of form – sound being so 'creative' – perhaps different langauges are REQUIRED by the earth because they create 'sound minerals & vitamins', perhaps they are the basis of certain life forms, perhaps breeds of animals die out when a language dies because they were mutually-existent? I really like that last idea – THANKS for your thoughts that have allowed me to play – yipeeeeeee :)May you always have the kindest & happiest words in your life Mr Kidd!

  11. celticrebel replied:

    My ears are ringing again. Actually, seeing that you mention it, "ass-pyre" is really just another way of saying "ass-immolation," the process of selling out one's individuality. By the way the latter part of the word is based on the latin "to sarcifice."There are no coincidences. The priests of Wood have made it so that giving up one's anus is the route to our perverted sense of moving on up. Look forward to having you on…

  12. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hmmm I hope your SN-SN(sinsin)-nabulation clears up soon Mr Re-bell :)I concur – there are no coincidences!I can see why, when one is climbing the ladder to success, it is almost impossible to 'back down' – one's butt would be on the line, so to speak!See you at the Church of the Holy Rebel on Sunday :)

  13. raffi replied:

    Very thought-provoking & well done post. The greatest royal colony, the USofA, has done a grand job in promoting Project Hang-lish/Eng[ineer]lish to innoculate those resisting or striving to preserve their indigenous roots/routes/wroots. There is an under/overlying purpose, which is subjugation & stagnation of the spirit.When HoleyWood's sliver screen tactics are ineffective, it calls for stronger measures… those like our friendly neighborhood Elizabeth & Ivan embarked upon almost 500 years ago. Hooray, Afghanistan will be saved by Petreus :)I do remember as a youth my 87 year-old neighbor telling me to avoid the word "not", "can't"…. basically any word that was negative as it not only promoted thinking along that polarity, but also attracted outcomes as such. Obviously, you did a wonderful job taking it to the next level.shieh shieh

  14. Alex Robinson replied:

    Yes indeedy Raffi,the entrainment biz, downloaded thro' & via U-SofA has certa-inane-ly done it's work well. What I'm a-hoping is that we can turn the (Augean s)tables around & send that shit right back where it came from via our own powerful use of language!I've heard that talk of knot using knots – makes sense – tho' I am partial to using the word 'Reject' – as in "I reject this or that" – it seems to have a powerful presence, a sort of holding back the Red Sea kind of feel – hmmm… perhaps it's time to try it on the oil spill – I wonder if enough of us said that, if we could halt the flow? Care to join me?All the best to you & thanks for dropping by :)

  15. J. William replied:

    "There are no coincidences."^This is why you guys will always keep chasing your tails further and further up your own rabbitholes, to mix metaphors.The English language definitely has codes. And you guys definitely get some great insights.But you lack the will and capacity for self-criticism to actually evaluate your findings. Your thinking is, EVERYTHING that MIGHT mean something…DOES mean EVERYTHING.Steven Spielberg has a last name that sounds like "spiel"? Then that MUST mean that there's some deep esoteric connection there!And ALL words with an "as" sound in them MUST point toward "ASSES"! Because the Celtic Rebel is obsessed with asses to the point that most of his insights about Hollywood are undermined or compromised. He seems to think that "butt-sex" in and of itself is what he needs to think is so important, not SO much about the cultural degradation that lies behind it.But, honestly, YES, the English language has codes in it. But if your mind is so colonized by pop culture trash that you need to reference your album covers and movies all the time…then you just don't have a clean or sharp enough evaluation process.You guys are SO desperate to show off any little thing that you might find out, that you just lower your standards so that anything goes."Durrr. 'Celtic Rebel'. That's a 'CR'. He's saying he's a 'seer'! But he also wants to 'SEAR'! 'CR' also sounds like 'see our'. He wants to 'see our' ASSES, I think! And he wants to 'sear' our ASSES! OMG it's all a code and it must be true because 'there are no coincidences'!"You guys do good work but you need a higher standard for your findings, otherwise you just get lost in a la-la land.The English language does have codes in it, and it was engineered, and it IS made for imperial conquest in a sense. But language itself is so huge that you can play word-games to reveal almost any meaning that you're looking for. You need a more careful historical perspective with a rigorous self-checking process before you spout out this stuff, or else you're just doing amateurish teenage-level 'Nancy Drew' detective stuff. That doesn't mean "only academia can give you the answers", but it definitely means that you need higher standards than "there are no coincidences" and "everything is about asses".

  16. Alex Robinson replied:

    J dot WilliamI think you are in the wrong place – this is a PLAY ground – it's not meant for grown-ups.

  17. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Someone that doesn't like to show their profile certainly likes to pee in the sandbox….CheersOKETST – WV

  18. Alex Robinson replied:

    Like your friendship, dear Friend, the mighty 'OKE' stands the TEST of time! xx

  19. Chris replied:

    first was sound,then number,then the word and the word is Pi. That is the code of English…Pi,the circle and its relations.26 letters,52 weeks…ZODIAC=CADOIZ=3.1415926…SUN=365 ect.Check out Illuminatus Observer for more info on codes of English.

  20. Transcend Designs replied:

    Simply Brilliant…:)

  21. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks Chris I'm not a mathematician, but I would definitely agree that 'pie' makes the world go round – I wonder how much movies with 'Pie' themes could be connected to your equationsie American Pie, the Waitress (whose writer was murdered) & am also thinking about the emphasis put on cherry pie in twin Peaks … sorry my mind went wondering!I will check out that link, thanks.All the best to youTranscend Designs … Thank you :)The Accidentalchemist once explained to someone that what we do is an art form – that felt so right & left me buzzing for ages – I think that the path ahead cries out for beauty in every imaginable (& yet to be imagined) form.Very best to you

  22. ViølatoR replied:

    Quite fun! I've been putting off an article which was going to use E-Prime and mention the magick of words! :D Great minds and all that. I have been thinking that we must take care about what we say aloud. Perhaps taking a vow of silence for a year would make people more mindful of what comes out of their mouths. I love phrases like "Those who know the least, know it the loudest." and "Those who know, don't speak. And those who speak, don't know." It does seem like you can spend your time thinking or talking, not both. So, those who spend more time thinking will have a higher quality "talking" when it comes time for it.Attended the Celtic Rebellion last SunnyDay.. err.. night. Nice to put a voice & accent to the words. Now if you can just call me every night before bedtime and say "brilliant" in your accent, that would be great! :D Maybe after Lenon Honor reads me bed time stories… Must I be the only person in this community with a comical voice? D:<

  23. Alex Robinson replied:

    Brilliant! But when are you going to get off your Prime ass & get that published? :)I have wondered what it would be like if we had to pay for our words – there'd be a lot less noxious fumes in the ether methinks!I heard you were playing with boys out back while the show was on :)There's nowt wrong with your voice lad! :)ATB

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