A visit to the Rebel

I shall be visiting  have visited the 
Celtic Rebel at his
Secret Underground Radio Lair this upcoming Sunday today for a chat about life, death & the meaning of underwear sorry, I mean the universe.

If you are weren’t in the neighbourhood of
the Rebel Lair
then here’s a link


June 24, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    It would be a long bus ride for me, Alex. Enjoy it though. I'll catch up on the website.


  2. Alex Robinson replied:

    haha Ben, but you know you would be most welcome!Thanks for that :)


  3. raffi replied:

    good show last night. being my first time on a podcast, i found/made it difficult to actually carry a two-way conversation and lost my train of thought so many times b/c of the delay. but, i found your ideas to be refreshing and optimistic. i will be visiting this site more often and look forward to your ideas :)WV – menawlge (as in menage a trois;)


  4. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks Raffi,It was my first time too. I thought you spoke remarkably well & the train your thoughts did take were first class – you menaged very well:)Neither of us realised it was you at first as we both misheard your name – Raffi is a great name!Very best to you


  5. Devin replied:

    Hi Alex- just listened to your radio show with celtic – you were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!at first i was like "3 hours -what the hell did i get myself into" but the time literally flew by!!!!!!!!!!!You have superb insights to so much that is going on – and a very positive voice -which is needed desperately i thinkmy "specialty" – lol- as you know is "straight" another small lol- research- altho i don't blog about it much- and it is depressing as hell- or worse- and i forget to come up for air!!!you talked with celtic about the concept of play and how it has been taken out of life-and that was a huge "BINGO" for me – the other day i was trying to help my mom with a name for this gang in her fiction novel – or what i hope and believe will be a fiction novel if she keeps at it- i approached the problem like -O man -must think of something-work work – think dammit!!!!!but had i looked at helping my mom from the standpoint of play -it probably would have taken 3 minutes as opposed to 2 freaking days!!!!!!!i also very much hope that women listening into the show who want to blog involving this "kind' – i wont say categaory or genre- that boxes it in – will start now -way to few women in this field – and many others too- i hope you start –women need to trust what they have so much of – intution- and start writing about it=i thank "G" {-) that you are a huge female voice out there – you are huge to me the movies anymore- are so stupid they insult your intelligence by even the first minute or two- or so dark that they are like a toxic sludge i watched (stupidly should have just clciked it off the DVD player) WEs Craven's "Last House on the Left" a few days ago – big mistake – horrifically dark – people please do not poison your minds with this stuff-you have a wonderful speaking voice too!!!!!!!!!!i will also have to tell Michael S he has the sexiest male voice i have ever heard-i know he doesn't play on my team and never will- but listening to his voice i felt like an icecube evaporating in the hot sun – that is the only way i can describe it!!!!!!!!!!!!love ya lots and super-wonderful jobxxoowv=prestsly- priestly?


  6. Devin replied:

    damn – i am really awesomely stupid this eve- – the previous comment said i meant to say "straight" conspiracy research – and where the hell did i get "fiction novel" that is truly bizarre-as i prob read 2 to 5 books a month- sheeshbloody hell- they really are dumbing us USAans down :-)love yaxxoo


  7. Alex Robinson replied:

    Haha Devin – thanks my Friend!Very glad you enjoyed, I had fun too :) & Michael can maybe look at doing some sexy voice overs :)You do great research from whichever angle you choose, I always appreciate your great gift of honesty in how you write.And no worries on awesome stupidity, I visit that place all the time :)Love ya right back xox


  8. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Hiya Alex!Indeed the show was fun, glad the Rebel invited you to be on! I hope this opens up new doorways and creates new fun and adventuresome pathways for you! I understand what Raffi meant, the delay was difficult at first, plus you had to tune out the show when you were on the phone too, not to get too lost!Personally, I thought I sounded like a doofus Devin, but thank you for the compliment. I sounded nasally IMHO. Great work Alex, and your the one with the truly awesome voice!wv – safteme


  9. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks MichaelYou were great & I really appreciated the support. I will send along any requests for the man with the ice melting voice. Do you do oil too? I do wonder if the rite words/swords could cut thro that!Have a sparkling day! :)


  10. Devin replied:

    thanks so much for your comment back Alex!! man i was flabbergasted when i saw "fiction novel" glad i always re-read my long comments haha- altho this time it made me feel a fOOL:-)love ya and hope you and yours are doing beautifully!!!!ps enjoyed the comments too- great show!!!!wv=stersid


  11. Alex Robinson replied:

    Devin, thanks & you are always welcome :) xx


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