Coffee, Muffins & Sun Worship

Girls and boys, are come out to play,
The moon doth shine as bright as day;
Leave your supper, and leave your sleep,
And come with your playfellows into the street

Come with a whoop, come with a call,

Come with a good will or not at all.
Up the ladder and down the wall,
A halfpenny roll will serve us all.
You find milk, and I’ll find flour,
And we’ll have a pudding in half an hour

I met up with my West African friend for lunch today.

Not only did he kindly pay for my coffee & muffin, he also allowed me to grill him in a (non-violent) Spanish Inquisitorial kind of way on what his culture gives importance to.

I’ve been playing with a hunch about the number 12 of late & started by asking if it had a place in his heritage.  The answer was ‘not really’ – the number 7 is far greater.

Would you believe that their (non-Westernised) ‘week’ is composed of 4 days –  with a month equalling 7 x 4 day ‘weeks’ – how refreshing is that?

I also asked if his culture views or viewed (the West has a lot to answer for) the moon as being as important as the sun.  The result was, that some very interesting ideas sat down & had lunch with us.

At first my friend struggled with words – as seems to happen in live conversations where one strives to birth understanding in the mind of another.

He said that the sun was seen as very harsh while the moon was seen as gentle And that when dark rituals are undertaken, they often occur under the harshest time of the sun noon.  He gave revenge as an example of the kind of ritual that might be undertaken then.  My understanding of this would mean that the sun’s energy is ‘best’ harnessed for the darkest of deeds/rituals when it is at it’s height.

Now this I find very interesting, because looking back into my televisually programmed memory I find I’ve been trained to see night as the time when dark forces get ready to go out out to work.

It seems we may be getting things a bit arse about face.

For rituals undertaken under the moon are seen to be of a more ‘natural’ nature.

When my friend was a child, parents would send their children outside during a full moon, to play beneath it’s rays. As much of their flesh as possible was exposed to the moonlight – with only genitals covered. Rituals performed during this time were of a far more ‘human’ & ‘humane’ nature.

He also heard of sex magic being performed at these times (no. he doesn’t have any pictures).

In these days of ubiquitously sneaky sun worship, I found it intriguing that he continued this discussion by speaking as if light & the sun were separate entities.

What if they are?

Please note the following is play with a twist – it’s not designed to bring on apoplexy…

So … what if the sun is NOT the bringer of light?  What if that is an illusion of extra-sensorial perception?

I’m not sure why, but I find this idea rather fantastically fun.

I think perhaps it is a reaction to all the murk …

… I’ve often have to trek through – murk that endlessly links sun worship to very great nastiness.

I was sitting behind a Holden car the other day.  Every time I see their logo I see three things.

I see a lion (sun symbol) possessing the real thing. I see, beneath the lions head, a snake with jaws akimbo, swallowing the sun. And, I see these beasties enveloped within another sun (& without the help of drugs too).

I mention this for no particular reason other than it seems to underline how convoluted & continuous the ‘big business’ of sun-grasping is throughout the world of control.

Insert Oh my God moment:

I had the (above) feeling to write about the Holden logo & while thinking it might sound a wee bit lame, but went ahead because the feeling was there.  Then I decided that I should also give you, dear reader, the ‘true’ account of the Holden logo.  So I went surfing & fished up this:

The logo, or “Holden lion and stone” as it is known, has played a vital role in establishing Holden’s identity. In 1928, Holden’s Motor Body Builders appointed Rayner Hoff to design the emblem. The logo refers to a prehistoric fable, in which observations of lions rolling stones led to the invention of the wheel.” (wiki)

So I guess you’d concluded that there’s nowt to do with the sun or sun worship in there & I’m whistling up a load of bollocks.

Or am I?

This is such a cool sync I’m almost too excited to write about it.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Robinsons, well this one anyway, you will know that I joined Alex the Celtic Rebel last Sunday at his secret underground lair.  He asked me how I got started & I told him (& anyone who wanted to listen) …

A sacrificed son of man upon a sacrificial sun

… about my run in (& out too, for that matter) with the sickening statue in Hyde Park, Sydney, called The Sacrifice. 

Alex chose to include that image in his write up & added to the theme as well.  When I read the (above) wiki info on the Holden logo, the name Rayner Hoff all but jumped out & bit me on the nose.

For it is HE, you see, who designed that statue we now know, as The Sacrifice.

Here’s a little something extra of his too…

The Crucifixion of Civilisation

…  designed to sit in one of the outer alcoves of that same ANZAC memorial.  There was a public outcry & it disappeared.

When syncs like this come along, I take it as a strong suggestion that the info is of import.  I won’t stake my life on it, but I will stay open to further updates.

So where was I? 

Oh yes, I was giving my take on the sunny side of Hold-ons logo …
I mention this for no particular reason other than it somehow seems to underline how convoluted & continuous sun grasping seems to be in the ‘big business’ of world control.”

Funny isn’t it, how all the BIG boys’n’girls seem to come out to play under the sun’s rays.

Matthew Delooze consistently points out that we are being foreverly tricked into sun worship.  If this be so, why should that be?

What is so all important about the worshipping of the sun?
Or the Son?
And if the sun isn’t the bringer the light, who or what is?
Some random thoughts for your digestion.
Toss with salad dressing & serve for lunch.
Or toss out the window for a passing sheep.
Thanks for coming out to play.
Additional:  Ellis Taylor has posted some further interesting thoughts on the topic of this article (on his home page) & yet another sync occurs:-

coffee, muffins & sun worship: Alex Robinson glares at the sun as the potential generator of dark deeds in this solar system.

Strangely enough I was saying the same thing to a friend on the weekend

The rest of Ellis’ thoughts on the sun & moon can be found on his Home page..
Thanks Ellis :)

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  1. cecilia replied:

    hiit was the realisation that we are being sacrificed to something that started me looking, in a world that has always seemed not quite all it should be.That and having children. My boys are teenagers now and yesterday on british tv we had the spectacle of the bodies of '7 dead in 7 days' , boys not much older than mine, returning to be ritually given under the midday sun to whatever it is.Tributes are paid daily here. It seems the war is just cover for the paying of the sacrifice tax.


  2. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Excellent little birth here! Big shiny is out in full force today without a trace of real cloud in the sky….Great thoughts Alex, we have been duped haven't we? Revenge at High Noon eh? Is that like those Wild West gunslingers that always wanted a "Showdown" at High Noon?Those tricky PTBs know what they are doing. I wondered if "as above so below" contributes to those sacrificial sun energies? Meaning, what if the dirty deeds have to be done under the sun because it reflects that energy back ten fold? What if deeds done under the sun is direct, when as deeds done under the moon is transmuted– meaning the moons energy is different though the suns energy does reflect off the moon. The moon diffuses it or changes it and it's effects are altered? Not sure where I am going with this thought, but the Sun's energy is harsh and direct, perhaps its the fastest route and that's why it's used. Evil has no patience, they want it done there and now.Glad you went on your coffee and muffin trip with your friend! Great tidbits for new insights!WV – ingian


  3. Alex Robinson replied:

    Great thoughts Cecilia & I think that's perhaps the bottom line to this work – 'humanity' – that's what makes us look & question & dig with our fingernails if need be – this overpowering need to help our race & our world because we are willing to 'see' the atrocious pain that it's in.War does seem to feed the need to have blood flow – was reading something the other day about the difference between 'inner blood' & 'outer blood' & how much life force there is in the former. Sorry can't find it again now, but I think we need to understand what this blood spattering is really all about.Very best to youThanks MichaelI had a remarkably quick labour on this one :)Yeh I thought of ye olde gunslingers too!Excellent ideas on the incremental reflections of sun & moon! We have lost so much connection with the night sky, in cities we can't really see it, plus man has apparently been to the moon, so it's 'been there, done that, got the T-Shirt' – no more mystery. So I wonder why they had to bomb it last year?It's all wonderful speculation that has stretched my mind open another notch. I certainly liked what Ellis had to add & loved the whole syncronicity that was going on thro'out.So coffee & muffins all round? :)


  4. Devin replied:

    Hey Alex- wonderful thoughts- WRT to your thoughts about the Holden car logo -it seems that some sort of subconscious symbolism is involved in many "vehicle" logos – I always thought is so hypocritical that we have a car -Pontiac – named after a people we almost imperialistically wiped out (altho one was my first auto) your W African friend sounds so cool!!!! I completely agree that the Moon has been entirely suborned/ridiculed/forgotten? in Western "culture" a huge mistaker i thinklove yaxxoowv=subcopo


  5. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hiya DevinThanks for your thoughts, as always.Absolutely agree on les logos de voiture:-… they remind me of the 'seals' that 'regality' used to used hope you (& Arizona) are having a splendid day :) xx


  6. raffi replied:

    now that's turning an idea on it's head. reminds me of that disney classic apocalypto where the solar eclipse casts a shadow on their sacrifice part-y (btw, "fine" job by mel gibson in presenting the mayan's achievements like sacred geometry, social order, medicine, education, etc…. bravo). almost like the moon is serving as a shield from the sun's rays/raze. but, maybe that bastard of a man in the moon is also in on it?wv – allyma [like (k)ali ma from sacrifice scene in temple of doom]


  7. -waking-dreaming- replied:

    Does the sun perpetuate different, specific energies to certain peoples at various times of the day? Or does it shine on all people equally, all the time?


  8. Alex Robinson replied:

    Hiya RaffiI must admit I couldn't even tempt myself to watch A pack of lypto – Mel sure swings in mysterious-sways.My friend suggested that the moon transmutes the harshness of the sun – I really have no idea, but the fact that his culture deliberately sent their children out to play under the full moon, makes me wonder … (most) parents having a very strong sense of protectiveness towards their children, so somewhere/how they have a reason to believe that this is beneficial.At the end end of the day it's all good food for thought & play & we need as much of that as we can get!Good to see you again :)GREAT questions waking-dreaming – perhaps we are DNA coded to recieve a lot or little of what that shiny thing has to take or offer?Very best to you


  9. aferrismoon replied:

    Carlo Suares puts the Moon at the centre of the 'Cube of Space' as he claims it represents our psyche through which all energy passes.'All of the earliest versions of the Sepher Yetsira place man in the center of the cosmos and Lavanah, the Moon, in the seventh, "hidden direction" of the Holy Palace, in the center of his experience in the Cube of Space. The Moon is inner, psychological energy and structure, defined as free/bound states of energy. The idea that the human psyche (always represented by lunar symbolism) is the center of our experience seems to have been met with strong resistance from both the post-Lurianic kabbalists and their western Hermetic re-decoraters, who claim that either Jupiter or Saturn belongs in the center of our being. The strangeness of these ideas apparently does not affect their survival, despite their uselessness for a scientific metapsychology.""Another departure from the classical model is found in the solarized Christian hermetic tradition, which apparently wanted to put the Sun of God in the center of the hexagram. This displaces the Moon to one of the six extremitities and is based on an incomplete understanding of the tradition being adopted, especially the significance of Tav [the final Hebrew character]."Anyhow its a bit complicated but essentially the Moon resides at the centre of the system [us].I assume the various alternative planets put about by the 'pop-occultists' to be the usual covering up of info.heard the radio show. Yes its good to play.Thinking of the Aussie-Kiwi six-sex thing perhaps the Porn Industry lies behind the number of the Beast – sex , sex, sexcheers


  10. Alex Robinson replied:

    Thanks Aferris, for those excellent Moon muffins! I have always found what you have told me of Carlo Suares, to be very 'healing'.Devin has been putting up info re Kabbalah & I was reading up on Tiphareth yesterday – the difference between what I (have understood) of what I read & what you have given is quite phenomenal to me.Well it's not all sex, sex, sex down here – we do stop to eat & sleep :) Seriously tho' those words are very close to each other 'spell' wise. In this site Tiphareth is said to relate to the 4 sixes of tarot: there's a quote from Bucky (which I don't understand) that begins "The sixness phenomenon tantalizingly suggests its being the same transformative sixness…" – I thought his choice of words connected in with your six play ideas very well. Very best to you


  11. ViølatoR replied:

    Very interesting and completely obvious when stated aloud (or in print!), as reading up on alchemy and magick, the best time to do things is when the moon is waxing; and these "things" that one would do are a far cry from ripping out hearts and tossing them down pyramids.


  12. Alex Robinson replied:

    Splendidly well put JeremyI do so love the obvious – amazing how hard it is to find these days – maybe because it's at ground level & doesn't involve crawling up things like ladders, pyramids or other holey thingsHope your life is currently magic :)


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